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  1. 2G tail lights

    For sale 2g 2G tail lights

    Real nice shape set of tails. Price is shipped to lower 48 text or PM 937.554.1881
  2. ist dwa

    16g oil restrictor ofh

    You should not run a restriction on a journal bearing turbo, run it straight -4an from the OFH to the turbonium!
  3. ist dwa

    The 14b Drag Race Discussion Thread

    That real fast, how much NO2 were you running?
  4. ist dwa

    Using Wheel Spacers on Road Courses? Do a Paper Test

    Uhhhh, what? That makes zero. Zero sense. 1. That's why you have 5 lugs and torque them to 80ft lbs.2. When the hub, rotor and wheel heat up that's also gonna change.Fear porn. To date I don't really know anybody that has broken a wheel off that was properly setup and torqued. A piece of...
  5. ist dwa

    ECMlink 2G gets Richer with RPM

    More update I have gone through the entire air path setup looking for possible restrictions. The head is 100% brand new, changed OEM intake manifolds, solid upper IC pipe, good TB, brand new ETS FMIC, good lower IC pipe, turbo is good, new intake pipe, air filter has been cleaned, I even pulled...
  6. ist dwa

    My wife wants me too sell it :(

    Your wife has more car sense then you do. She has the clarity to get rid of a NA 2g and you don't.
  7. ist dwa

    ECMlink 2G gets Richer with RPM

    Still working on this.I have changed AFPR same result. I have installed a good set of FIC 1650s, better but still just creeps rich, it is probably only better because the injectors are smaller.I have identified a similar problems between the two injectors. The 2150s scaled out to be 1650s...
  8. ist dwa

    ECMlink need dead times for FIC 1100cc hi-z

    Just try a dead time of 250 + or - 50 it should be close, all this perfect voltage nonsense.
  9. ist dwa

    Talon digest veterans?

    Ahh the talon digest, where I came for the info but stayed for the war stories. I met Todd in 2000 at the shootout, not really sure what happened to him, he just kinda disappeared, had he stuck with it he would have been the owner of ecmlink instead of Dave and Tom. This is one my...
  10. ist dwa

    DSM Stock Replacement Manifold Back-to-Back Dyno Testing

    And suck it....... I've forgot more about race cars than most will know, it's almost tiring being right all the time.
  11. ist dwa

    1G ets race fmic install

    If I did it, IT IS THE OFFICIAL WRITE UP, and for the record a 1ga can not use that stupid straps setup because of the body stuff for the clear corners besides the straps are by far the lamest and stupidest way to mount a FMIC.
  12. ist dwa

    ECMlink VE table issue

    Everything you need to know is right here.
  13. ist dwa

    1G ets race fmic install

    I just went through the same thing. Here is the official write up for an ETS Race FMIC, WELDING AND BRACKETS FAB IS NECESSARY.Step 1. Remove the Front bumper, lights, etc.Step 2. Remove the OEM support bar that connects the hood latch assembly and the bottom core support.Step 3. Fabricate...
  14. ist dwa

    Rest in Peace Tom Noonen

    I am always saddened by DSM deaths. My condolences, any chance he took the vaccine shot?
  15. ist dwa

    STM tuned

    Right, STM actually shipped you junk and blamed AEM.Two words: EXTREME PSI, there is no reason to buy anywhere else other than them, PERIOD!! I have spent thousand upon thousands from them over the years. Niu gives me instant email replies on any questions, will help me pick out OEM parts...
  16. ist dwa

    STM tuned

    OK so you are claiming that STM dropped shipped it from AEM but in reality it actually came from STM and they lied about it coming from STM when in fact they shipped you junk and blamed it from being dropped shipped from AEM.
  17. ist dwa

    STM tuned

    I am confused, are you saying STM had an AEM unit dropped shipped but it never came from AEM but some scam company that STM uses??
  18. ist dwa

    2021 28th Annual The Shootout

    Just did a weather check, looks PERFECT, like low 80s, no rain and low 60s at night.
  19. ist dwa

    2021 28th Annual The Shootout

    I got a lot of tuning sorted today. I'll be giving the 14B record a shot if all goes as planned. For the record I am aiming for the MPH record more than the ET which is 131mph.
  20. ist dwa

    ECMlink 2G gets Richer with RPM

    Update, I switched my AEM AFPR to a fuel lab. I don't normally throw parts at problems but there was really only way to know. This fixed nothing, same fuel curve. I also turned the boost way down from 36 to 25 and the fuel curve again is super rich at top. I have really been working on this...
  21. ist dwa

    2021 28th Annual The Shootout

    Nice I plan on participating in that, nice!!
  22. ist dwa

    Missing head dowels

    Yes, because any moron that's forget those sucks at building motors hence......
  23. ist dwa

    ECMlink 2G gets Richer with RPM

    At 7K to 9k it goes from 13.0 to 10.9. If I take any more global out it starts to run at 14s before 7k.My fuel pressure is spot on at boost. It's an AEM AFPR. It's a full blown double pumper. 255s -8an feed to -6an return line, I can lower the FP down to 30 psi so I don't think the return...
  24. ist dwa

    2021 28th Annual The Shootout

    I have a suggestion for those that are coming, I don't know how we could do this but it's been a pipe dream of mine. t I would like to section off the pits area by DSM types. All 1gs part together, 2gs, EVOs, etc.I understand that a lot of people have their pits setup but the majority of DSMs...
  25. ist dwa

    2021 28th Annual The Shootout

    I just called Buschurs, looks like they are trying to get a MAX effort or Auto X class but nothing is confirmed to be happening.
  26. ist dwa

    Ohio Kentucky Indiana meet/cruise

    CinciDSM died a long time ago. If you want to do car meets and street racing hit up Middletown, OH White Castle on Saturday nights.
  27. ist dwa

    older FP turbo ID help

    More than like an FP 3052 or 3065. I believe the 65 had a 61mm inducer and the 52 had a 57 mm inducer.I've ruled out the the DSM 82 or 86 because the compressor covers usually had the A/R.70 logo embossed on it.
  28. ist dwa

    1G 1G frt sub frame bolt fine thread

    They are 12 x 1.25MM
  29. ist dwa

    CA to test for ECU tunes at smog checks

    The only way the commies can check this is they have a massive database of every single car's code and it if doesn't match it would be flagged. OH don't forget all the ECUs that have TSBs that are flashed from the original OEM code for patches and updates.I mean honestly I don't see how they...
  30. ist dwa

    1G Power steering shaft leak

    Rebuild it with a new OEM seal kit and it will be fine. OH, you aren't waaay overtightening the belt are you.
  31. ist dwa

    CA to test for ECU tunes at smog checks

    Just when I thought I couldn't see more Montana license plates for tax evasion purposes now it will be race parts. LOL.
  32. ist dwa

    CA to test for ECU tunes at smog checks

    2020 Election by county, see any correlation between this map and your list above by state. STAY OUT OF BLUE COUNTIES AND ESPECIALLY BLUE STATES.Eventually cars will be all electric but that has nothing to do with the race car parts and ECU tuning stuff.Learn to grow and brew your own...
  33. ist dwa

    CA to test for ECU tunes at smog checks

    Actually in OHIO we had smog check and we decided as a state it was stupid and a waste and got rid of it (except wait for it.....the 5 blue counties that still do it), that was 10 years ago. And for the record, TX, AL, MS, SC, NC, GA, FL are all red states where it is warm year round, but cool...
  34. ist dwa

    CA to test for ECU tunes at smog checks

    This is social media... and BIG TECH is censoring all FREE SPEECH discussion about:Election fraud : Trump won by a lot, GA audit has proven that in the last 48 hours, just wait till AZ release it's reportThe plandemic was a hoax- proven fact; grand total US deaths from 2019 mirrored 2020...
  35. ist dwa

    CA to test for ECU tunes at smog checks

    LOL, COMMIEfornia at it again. Anybody with a half a brain that lives in that $hithole country gets everything they deserve. STAY OUT OF BLUE STATES, MOVE AWAY NOW WHILE YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE. When the country breaks up the red states WILL NOT let you blue state people in. See East/West...
  36. ist dwa

    1G Earliest Production Date

    There are multiple dated parts on DSMs like pictured above.
  37. ist dwa

    USA always pay before fill?

    Pump and runs is ultimately what killed that.a few bad apples.....
  38. ist dwa

    1G Earliest Production Date

    Here ya go. You may be on to something here with the sequencing, I just looked at my other 90 and it was made a year later and it is 142xxx serial #
  39. ist dwa

    Melted upper timing cover

    I just found this while doing a head swap, I was like how in the heck did my timing cover melt. Welp I found a 2 of the 4 turbo to manifold bolts loose and was doing some serious street racing a while back, like street car take over stuff. DSMtuners still kicking ass at providing good info...
  40. ist dwa

    1G Earliest Production Date

    Can you post a pic of your build sticker in the drivers door frame.
  41. ist dwa

    1G Replace rear sway bar links on AWD?

    Here is another easy option. These are from a 1994 Nissan Sentra (Front links).You just bench grind the Sentra one to the OEM height as pictured.'' OEM on the left/ Sentra on the right.
  42. ist dwa

    1G Early 1G power steering pump rebuild

    90s is all cast iron the others (91+) is half aluminum.
  43. ist dwa

    what kind of paint to use to paint transmission

    Never, and here is a 2nd benefit, if you scratch it up etc, you can just touch it up so it always looks new.
  44. ist dwa

    what kind of paint to use to paint transmission

    Aluma blast is your best bet for a silver TRANS paint, but honestly it all looks like shit over time.I paint all my trains either Duplicolor semi gloss black, cast iron, or just flat black primer. Three years down the road they look just the same!!Uninstalled is a black with a metallic...
  45. ist dwa

    Made my own phenolic spacer

    I have one of those FRH intakes on my other DSM so I am familiar with those, hence me wanting another one. It really is the same thing except those are 1" thick.
  46. ist dwa

    A word from David Buschur about the shootout

    I do not do that shitty social commie media crap. But here is my response and I have been to 24 straight SO in a row. So if Dave is reading, here you go. Dave PM me if you would like to discuss.1. Shrink it from 3 days to 2 days.2. Dave I know you make the $ on the dyno, but the Wakeman...
  47. ist dwa

    Made my own phenolic spacer

    Jay Racing no longer has any 6 bolt spacers in stock and won't be making anymore. I really like phenolic spacers, so I made my own.Bought it from Interstate Plastics in CA...
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