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  1. Who has the WORST job here?

    I know a lot of us have some job to complain about, current or awhile back doesnt matter...I've been doing dishes for 7 months, 10 u.s. an hour but should be more for a 5 star place... before that i did shipping and recieving and loved it but they gave the dishies there more than me so i...
  2. Importing cars

    Anyone have a good recent site that ISNT shut down from japan that sells skylines/sylvias/supras?A co-worker and I are seriously thinking about shipping 3 cars and a few engines over since they charge by the container.Maybe a little info on what safty inspections we have to do as well...
  3. Whats a stage 2 turbo?

  4. 1g Wheels and Tires Size Questions [merged]fit fitment

    Its not a major difference, but with prolonged use, it will take effect on your whole suspention set up, being that the slight difference causes the set up that was configured one way to be off, causing less reliability in the long run... learnt this on my 93 talon, didnt take a chance on the 90 :)
  5. cv joint replacement?

    Depending on if you have the tools, its really not that hard to do yourself...Someone else it would probably be 1-2 hours MAX.
  6. good buy for first car? 1990 eagle talon tsi awd

    Lol just call him a poor guy with an automatic tranny and leave it alone. J/kYes, 5 speed cars have cruise control, you must figure out how cruise control works first to understand the concept...AC- Checked the level of the frion? Dent- Had this on my Lebaron and it was horrible...
  7. Defiant... did you ever know-

    Reading about all those things almost brought a tear to my eye lol :cry:I just dont find it the same as it used to be, i'm not here too much anymore because all the oldies know that it will never be the same as it used to be. Its kind of sad but i grew up for a year and a half on this...
  8. You will all be jelous of this- working hatch struts

    lol 2 1/2 years i wanted to change them. they dont work on my dsm's but they do on my 240's, and they're origionaland what are you talking about? the only time mine actually start working is in winter, but of course its going down to zero every night :mad:
  9. anyone know about 240SX's?

    Along with my 3 dsm's i also own 2 240 sx's, both 1990. they both dont run. but thats okay because of the serious potential with the cars. a replacement engine is dirt cheap, a sr20det is REALLY cheap in Canada (i got good hook-ups :shhh: ) Selling one to a friend and keeping mine, and we're...
  10. How do I explain my car to my g/f?

    GOD i couldnt agree with you more.If she cant respect your loves, especially if you respect hers, whats the point. the car will break your heart less.
  11. Hey What's Up Everyone!

    with a setup like that you should have hundreds of pics...
  12. What did you have for breakfast this Saturday morning?

    wow, this thread is still alive?this saturday i had beer. same for dinner. same for today as well.
  13. My GOD its been awhile...

    at least someone knows where i'm coming from. you on same member name, maybe we can combine tercels loli own that many for that exact reason explained.
  14. My GOD its been awhile...

    Hey people's, its been what 6 months since i've been on this site?My car problem didnt go away either. with the burden of my talon still not getting worked on i also kind of aquired a 83 camaro, 91 caravan, 2 240 sx's, a tercel, topaz and still have the laser lying around.How's life? :D
  15. Anyone else have this addiction?

    wow.i'm one to crack them open. Yes, it'd be nice to get money for them 500 years from now, but face it, there's about another million or so people out there that have the same collections, i know 4 people at WORK that have over 500 cars, so they arent really worth keeping them sealed, i...
  16. Winter Beater Cars [Merged 11-8]

    I bought my topaz last year for 300$ canadian and used it for 4 months until the starter went on it, then it ran into my girlfriends house. i'm currently lowering it, full body kit and high flow exhaust (parts from my other winter car, saab 9000 turbo) i cant wait to get it finished. i also...
  17. listen to this 8 year old play the drums

    what band is that? that music just cheered me up from my shitty mood now i'm violent lol
  18. Best way to pull an engine????

    man, i can get a new cherry picker for 150$ canadian...
  19. Dreamcast, want one?

    no problems, yo :cool: :rolleyes:
  20. Dreamcast, want one?

    lol thats why i'm not jumping on it the second i saw it... maybe you can get a quote for me?postal code j0p1p0
  21. Importing Cars [Merged 5-8] import skyline evo wrx Canada

    sweet, it sounds like an even better idea now :thumb:
  22. Importing Cars [Merged 5-8] import skyline evo wrx Canada

    Anyone have a good recent site that ISNT shut down from japan that sells skylines/sylvias/supras?A co-worker and I are seriously thinking about shipping 3 cars and a few engines over since they charge by the container.Maybe a little info on what safty inspections we have to do as well...
  23. Dreamcast, want one?

    it'd cost more than that to send it here...
  24. You wont beleive this.

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  25. So I need some...

    lol and with a post like that i know what else is up too HAH :D
  26. Projectile cannons

    i love the idea of the fiberglass, i've never heard of it before. sounds like a large nesessity more than anything, i've heard some horror stories....thanks for the info guys :thumb:
  27. Question for all Canadien Dsm'ers

    REALLY? MAN am i EVER going to go live in BC, you just put the icing on the cake!!! :thumb:
  28. Projectile cannons

    Anyone have the BEST and SAFEST way to make a potato cannon, and what ignition should i use? psi or hair spray/wd40?mostly going to be used at work on break, i do have access to a compressor, but would like the conveniance of having a prtable cannon...war stories also encouraged :D :thumb:
  29. Question for all Canadien Dsm'ers

    Unless you go to Quebecdrink at 18, bars at 17, driving at 16 and able to buy cigarettes at 14 (18 but no one cares)and bars are open to 3, unlike some provincesvive la Quebec :rolleyes:
  30. Sick of it already!!

    Its the same damn thing either way. UPS will be there to pick it up and bring it to the depot THEN they sort it there, i dont see a problem here?
  31. mother fockers learning to drive...

    i learnt in 3 minutes by stealing my parents car while they were away. i was racing my friends who actually had their lisence a week after. learnt standard a month after that in about 5 minutes, god i miss that suzuki swift.
  32. What did you have THIS saturday morning?

    Anyone have anything more interesting to eat for breakfast this saturday?this time i had ice cream and orange juice. Wasnt the best of idea's... :barf:
  33. This kind of stuff has to STOP!

    yeah, but 15-20 pounds of boost with no intercooler? i'd hate to see the results, especailly running better than good ol Shep :laugh:
  34. 1997 Eclipse on Tuner Transformation?

    Half of the wheels on that show come from the company i work at, Fast wheels. we just sent out 3 sets last month now that i think about it, not bad when you get FREE 18's :rolleyes:They are nice people though, i'm in the process of getting a couple of deals from them from being one of...
  35. What do you do when you get depressed?

    1) alcohol is not a depressant unless something makes you remember why you were drinking in the first place2) women shouldnt get you down because they like that. theyre evil even when they dont mean to be3) marilyn manson, rob zombie and NIN were my aids in getting angry instead of...
  36. Loosing your license in one town and not another... HRM...

    I'm still trying to make good grammer sense out of your post...I'd dignify this with a reply if you didnt put a fake thread name for NO APPERANT REASON, why??when i finish your sentance its like you lost your lisence you didnt have.:confused:
  37. So I need some...

    i didnt think car women were ever single. especially driving a 2g. I'd be all over that girl in a second. :Dlooks like i'm too late, maybe you can keep me company when i have my garage sale next couple of weeks :cool:
  38. How far can you drive with a blown HG?

    right now i'm looking at using CN rail, the main train system in canada... it shouldnt be TOO expensive... i have a buddy that could tow a doll for me, but it would be the same as renting one with the gas and such, plus feeding him and paying him for use of the deadline is today...
  39. How far can you drive with a blown HG?

    Alright, looks like i'll be towing it *sigh* i'm gonna pay almost as much as i did for the car for towing... thanks for the replies!
  40. How far can you drive with a blown HG?

    thats what i thought... in theory, it would be better. but in the long run it would mean that i could prolong the agonizing payments...what would you think about driving it maybe 250 miles then towing it? i'm just trying to find the cheapest, and easiest way to do this as i have to get the...
  41. How far can you drive with a blown HG?

    is it possible to drive 500 miles with a blown head gasket?i just bought a car for a really good deal, i'm wondering if its possible to drive it that far with a blown head gasket. it blew because a rock hit the rad and all the fluid came out. i'll be taking the rad off my talon and bringing...
  42. Are you going to HELL test!

    lol my best friend used to hit on me (verbally) until i actually hit him a few times. thats as far as i got for anything fruity. and as for the bestiality thing, i knew that sheep would go and gloat....AHAHAHA I made a funny :laugh: :cry:i'm still the highest, yay lol I do...
  43. Are you going to HELL test!

    I cant believe i'm the highest so far. Than again i always knew i was a little different lol i'm 21, maybe i've done more than i thought, here i was thinking i waisted my youth lol :thumb:236 and no lies.
  44. What to do with one (good) tire?

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:actually i have one lying around doing nothing too, i'm doing the logest burnout i can. that and the engine is almost toast anyways...
  45. Paige from Trading Spaces **pics**

    she's pretty hot but damn annoying. I had to watch that show for 3 moths straight.
  46. Like hearing of stupid people's behaviour? another statistic for the ages...
  47. What did you have for breakfast this Saturday morning?

    lol wow, this thread is more entertaining than i thought :D
  48. What did you have for breakfast this Saturday morning?

    Taking a break, thought it'd be yet another great tidbit of knowledge :rolleyes: :DMe, Toast and beer :D oh, and its 4 in the afternoon... Gotta love Fridays :thumb:
  49. Wanna see something cool? click here

    By far one of the most interesting threads ever :thumb: Especially for 3 in the morning... i got owned thrice :D
  50. holy crap... first turbo awd ride

    I still havent been in one... maybe soon. looking at a 3rd member of the dsm family as we speak...
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