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Search results

  1. Evil94Evo

    Any true DSM'ers still out there?

    At one point I had 14 awd dsm's in my backyard. They dont call me thedsmguy for nothing.. I'm in Vancouver Wa so hanging out might be tough but I'd lend you any tool you need.
  2. Evil94Evo

    any 2g awd shells?

    I have access to one. Its a friends. It has motor that runs (knocks) and a 5 speed trans. It is awd, has no "major" body issues but really needs some small body work and a paint job. Its been sitting for a LONG time. I replaced the gas tank and FSU to get it to run again. The interior needs a...
  3. Evil94Evo

    WTB 1g or 2g turbo Maf

    I have 1g, 2g, and evo maf available. PM me. Not interested in trades.
  4. Evil94Evo

    Tranny bolt BIG problem

    You can weld a smaller bolt to the end of the broken belt and hopefully the heat expanding and contracting the metal will allow for the piece to be backed out. Otherwise drill and tap (ugh)...
  5. Evil94Evo

    Should I buy a Galant VR4?

    No 5th gear could be a easy fix.Double check that the reverse sensor has the correct washer under it. If it does not have it the sensor sticks down to far and actually blocks 5th gear out. It potentially is your problem, to check easily just unscrew it half way and see if 5th works or not...
  6. Evil94Evo

    03.03.12 - boss; pics are up

    Wheres the beef? aka pictures.
  7. Evil94Evo

    questions about FWD and AWD

    The clutch will be the same clutch. The flywheel is different. Obviously trans and Tcase are specific to each car. Ecu's have very minor differences but they are basically unnoticeable. Sounds like you have a bit of a project!Best of luck!
  8. Evil94Evo

    FS: 1991 mitsubishi eclipse gsx

    You claim a transfer case is $60 at autozone?Maybe telling a lie should be cut out of your ad. Doing a quick check at shows a transfer case to be $1050 with a $280 core.
  9. Evil94Evo

    FS: Garage Cleanout to fund Upgrades

    Honestly, if you take the fenders in to Fedex and pay to have them packaged (extra $15 maybe?) you can stick it to them if they get damaged. I bet they would hold up just fine.Good luck.
  10. Evil94Evo

    Nw toyrun 2011

    I'm planning on going but my plans sometimes change at the last minute so I'm no real help to you.
  11. Evil94Evo

    Xxr 526

    I would think a set of wheels would look better then just a pair.And, of course they would look good, there are LOTS of wheels with similar style to those on dsm's. I would stay away from the black/silver look, I really think its going to hell quickly and will be as silly looking as white...
  12. Evil94Evo

    selling my 1998 gst

    I love your wheels(trade ya some evo8's ((wink wink))! Good luck with the sale.
  13. Evil94Evo

    ya i fit 20" rims on my eclipse

    I hate to be a buzzkill but I've seen 20's on a 2g before. But it does look quite good I must say! I really dig the black/white for some reason.
  14. Evil94Evo

    WTB sunroof motor

    I have one in Vancouver Wa.
  15. Evil94Evo

    WTB Transfer Case 1990 GSX !!

    I have a few 22 spline (90 style) here in Vancouver Wa. I sell them for $100.Thanks.
  16. Evil94Evo

    Still considering selling my GVR4

    Anyone interested? Lots of mods that can stay or go with it. I havn't driven in other then locally, its been being put together for a long arse time.. Still needs little things like all dsm's do.If your seriously in the market for a dsm/gvr4 PM me. I'll go over some details there, I...
  17. Evil94Evo

    need with 6 bolt swap

    He means some 2g swaps require you swap around some of the plug wires. Look up the magnus motorsports how to swap a 6 bolt in a 2g writeup.
  18. Evil94Evo

    in need!

    Parts only - 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse
  19. Evil94Evo

    WTB: Drivers front seatbelt assembly 2G

    I have a 2g parts car but I'm in Vancouver Wa.
  20. Evil94Evo

    FS: Evo 9 Enkei rims

    He told me they sold recently.
  21. Evil94Evo

    any ideas!

    Try a known good ignitor as well. Its the smaller thing that plugs in under your coil pack. That or a Ecu I'd assume.
  22. Evil94Evo

    Please help

    I think a exedy stage 1 is a lot like a stock clutch. I would step it up a bit like previously stated. Its not a easy enough job that you want to do it every year or less so I would spend a extra 100 and get a better one.
  23. Evil94Evo

    WTB: Various Components for Swap

    I to have factory 2g awd parts available. PM me if needed. I "think" I have the flywheel you need as well.
  24. Evil94Evo

    WTB 16g turbo

    Room mate or not, Jusmx is a guy who rebuilds turbo's and has a awesome reputation as a good guy, maybe you should have let the OP respond? Jus did have a valid question.
  25. Evil94Evo

    FS: Evo 9 Enkei rims

    I'm driving to Seattle in the next day or two. If you want to meet with me and give me the cash I'll pick them up for you while I'm up there. Only if they are in described shape of course!Paul
  26. Evil94Evo

    need DSM help

    LMFAO l:|:|
  27. Evil94Evo

    need DSM help

    Both of these guys are dead on the money with there initial diagnosis! Good luck with the car.
  28. Evil94Evo

    Need fuel pump for 1st gen

    Vancouver Washington $10 for a stocker
  29. Evil94Evo

    WTB - water pipe

    PM me on the water pipe.
  30. Evil94Evo

    1G Talon for sale.

    Dayum!I emailed ya. Oh, and if you do not sell it to me (see email) I have a very good condition grey leather seat for it! (and a starter)
  31. Evil94Evo

    List of local "tuner" businesses. Any genre of car wanted!!

    Looking for a decent list of local to Seattle tuner or race shops. Import or Domestic it doesn't matter right now.Thanks a ton!Looking to offer auto transportation to the larger more distant race tracks like Vegas etc.
  32. Evil94Evo

    Need some injectors ASAP!

    2g cars come with black top 450cc injectors. PM me if you want to buy just one injector and can wait on shipping.
  33. Evil94Evo

    WTB: Valve cover..

    I have roughly 25 but I'm in Vancouver.
  34. Evil94Evo

    90 Talon New to DSM.. Olympia Area

    Throttle cable adjusted to tight. Cam angle sensor off (maybe??) I'm to tired to think! I have another 90 n/t ecu but I'm not exactly local if you pin it down to another bad ecu.
  35. Evil94Evo

    Need Advice

    Sell it.Seriously tho, if you want a louder bov try using a piece of metal instead of a rubber return hose, it actually makes a big difference. Also, maintenance ie timing belt should be everyones #1 priority no matter what the last owner told you.Good luck with it!
  36. Evil94Evo

    Need Brake parts 1999 GSX

    i-5 auto wrecking off exit 71 near chehalis has a couple 2g cars, BUT they are incredibly expensive and will not sell just one part of the brake I'm sure. Not exactly the most customer friendly place but they have cool stuff!Or, you could contact me "thedsmguy" on portland craigslist. I have...
  37. Evil94Evo

    2g 5 speed parts car needed

    I might have a wrecked awd 2g in my possession in a week or less. Would have Tranny, Tcase, driveline, rearend, tank, etc. Everything but motor, wiring, ecu, turbo, etc... Might be missing other various non drivetrain parts as well. PM me for more information. This is only a "might have it"...
  38. Evil94Evo

    trade 92 ford for a 92 laser awd

    PM me if you need any parts. I have a ton.
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