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  1. Backinajiffy12

    replace lifters with stock?

    STM: TOPLINE REVISED LIFTERS | 4G63 DSM EVO | 3000GT 6G72you'll be set!
  2. Backinajiffy12

    Car wont start after black puff of smoke

    Pull the motor do a timing belt and elim the balance shaft....(I skimmed and scanned dont know if the BS belt failed). If not boost leak test, compression test.
  3. Backinajiffy12

    How can I make sure my GSX stays reliable?

    Once you do the bolt on and mods you want, get a solid tune. Reliablity come from the tune!
  4. Backinajiffy12

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    That thing needs a good cleaning. Any serial numbers on it?
  5. Backinajiffy12

    FIAV coolant lines which one goes where?

    Thanks 19Eclipse90 I had them switched.
  6. Backinajiffy12

    FIAV coolant lines which one goes where?

    ive heard it also creates idle surge
  7. Backinajiffy12

    FIAV coolant lines which one goes where?

    Dont wanna eliminate it...otherwise i just would have got the block off plate.
  8. Backinajiffy12

    FIAV coolant lines which one goes where?

    Hey guys just as the title says which line goe to which one? everything is to 2g. if someone could post a pic that would be great!.
  9. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    Thanks,So I went to clear the valve cover and it started cracking right away, what happened. Did it not like what was on the surface? needless to say I stripped it and im starting over.
  10. Backinajiffy12

    2G 16G coolant line routing

    everything is 2g i beleive. ill take pics[/IMG] [/IMG]I feel like an idiot......I figured it out.
  11. Backinajiffy12

    2G 16G coolant line routing

    7 bolt. and I have the manual pics, they confuse me, lol. where to the hoses connect to? which one goes to the water pipe, and where does the other one go?
  12. Backinajiffy12

    2G 16G coolant line routing

    I am in the proess of putting my turbo back in after a rebuild and some other mods to my 98 gsx. I cannot remember which line goes where. explain to me or give me as many pictures as possible. ThanksSorry if postd in the wrong section
  13. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    a couple days, I hand painted the lettering
  14. Backinajiffy12

    Bent Caliper Bracket

    make sure they are being put back in the correct hole....same thing happened to me. except mine snapped while I was driving
  15. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    If you pay for shipping and paint
  16. Backinajiffy12

    Bent Caliper Bracket

    make sure you are putting the pins in the proper hole. I didnt one time and I bent an front one. not saying its the problem but thats what mine was.
  17. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    born2tune your stuff look awesome!I'll do down to the store tomorrow and buy some clear coat!.
  18. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    Thank!I got the rustolium at autozone
  19. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    Except the bumper, I used high temp paint.
  20. Backinajiffy12

    Got bored so I started painting

    I was bored waiting for my parts so I started doing a few things I always wanted to do. Tell me what you think.Getting a new Hatch so no rust comments :D
  21. Backinajiffy12

    Loud knocking noise

    Harmonic balancer might be starting to separate.
  22. Backinajiffy12

    JDM Took Hook hmm??

    I strictly want it for the dyno. ^and I saw you last year in Soldotna at the gas station.
  23. Backinajiffy12

    JDM Took Hook hmm??

    Look how they strap an evo 8 & 9. Tow hook in the front (middle of the bumper, under the car) and in the rear is around the control arms. As long as the tow hook is mounted with good support I think it should be fine.
  24. Backinajiffy12

    JDM Took Hook hmm??

    I want one that I can use, so my car is easier to strap to the dyno.
  25. Backinajiffy12

    JDM Took Hook hmm??

    ^ You should post a pic on where you mounted the tow hook.
  26. Backinajiffy12

    JDM valve cover

    Just did mine
  27. Backinajiffy12

    Car sputters while building boost?

    Hey Funfettie post on mitsustyle get some help from some MN and WI guys, and where are you tuning at? What injectors are you running, are they scaled properly?
  28. Backinajiffy12

    Any use in a dsm

    If you had snow, I would say throw it on a older snowmobile! or build a sick Go-Kart
  29. Backinajiffy12

    making intake coupler fit

    Jimmy rig it. If you have both a 2.25 and a 2.5 coupler put a peice of pipe inside the 2.25 one and connect them using a clamp. I would not suggest this to be long term or even short term.
  30. Backinajiffy12

    requesting pictures of 2g's with 18x8 wheels!

    This is a old pic, I know have yokahama S. Drives on and suspension is lowered ill get a new pic up as soon as I can.[/URL][/IMG]Tenzo SHU-10 with Yokahama S. drives
  31. Backinajiffy12

    Looking at "performance" all-season tires... experienced input needed!

    Eaglr gt's are trash..the cup real quick if you dont keep up with the roto balancesI suggest a yokahoma YK580Stay away from kumho for all seasonYou can always go with michelin as well for your 16's
  32. Backinajiffy12

    WI to DSM...old EVO owner.

    Hey man, your best bet is to jump on the MN forums, Mitsustyle. As for tuners once again better off going to MN; RS Motors, DB, MAP, Full blown. Ron at RS is my suggestion.
  33. Backinajiffy12

    Half compression all cylinders

    ^ +1 was just going to ask and suggest the same thing!
  34. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire/Backfire...Idles like crap

    I got 2 new exhaust valves and I am sending the head off to have a valve job done at import. Hopefully have everything back a put together and be up at BIR by saturday afternoon!
  35. Backinajiffy12

    Intake manifold Vacuum Hose

    Dealer, check DSM Graveyard - Your #1 Source for DSM Parts!, ebay, look for a throtle body that would have one on it. Or go down to the auto parts store and buy a softer hose.
  36. Backinajiffy12

    Boost leak sources

    +1 on injector sealsBISS Screw, BC
  37. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire/Backfire...Idles like crap

    this motor had a full rebuild 30k ago, i have never messed with the timing. I do know I had an intermitten injector on this cylinder. If that injector went out, and that cylinder was running hot would this be the result.Very few things are worse than melted calves!
  38. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire/Backfire...Idles like crap

    Melted valves...? Any input as to why this happened? Pistons are fine everything else is fine. what should be my next steps?
  39. Backinajiffy12

    bad idle

    have you checked the alt. yet?
  40. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire/Backfire...Idles like crap

    Ok so another update. I got the head off last night, and as you can see cylinder 3's valves just dont look quite right. The piston and cylinder itsellf are fine. I havent done any tests to so see if I fried the rings.
  41. Backinajiffy12

    Custom interior ideas

    Custom 95-99 2G Eclipse Sub Subwoofer Box Speaker Enclosure - Concept Enclosures | eBayMy buddy has this one. it sounds great and seals up very nice.
  42. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire on cold starts

    Sorry im no good at reading logs. Have you gone through the check list lol? Plugs, wires, coils, boost leaks, vac leaks, compression test, CAS, Timing, ECU, Injectors. Are you thowing any codes? Could throw in a new front o2 and see what happens.
  43. Backinajiffy12

    mifiring after a drive

    Boost leak test, vac test.Test your injectors: turn your car on let it idle and take the injector cap off 1 by 1 and see if you notice a change. If not that injector is most likly bad.As far at the ECU goes take it out, open it up and search for any signs of corrosion or broken caps.
  44. Backinajiffy12

    Issues with initial start up...

    Plugs, wires, coils, CAS, ECU, boost leak, Vac leak...the list goes on and on. Start your car up let it run for a second, then go through and pull off the injector cap 1 at a time, and see if you notice a change. If you dont you probably have a bad injector. Is your BOV recirculated?Pull...
  45. Backinajiffy12

    Can alternator cause my 2g to be overheating?

    +1Check other things that can also be atributed to overheating. Such as rad. cap, air in the system...ect. But you definitly have a bad alt or bat.
  46. Backinajiffy12

    Misfire/Backfire...Idles like crap

    Date: 6/14/2012 Hey guys I got an update for you. So last night I went and got a compression tester. It was going great until I got to cylinder 3. My compression was 155 30 141 152 the 30 became 40 when I did a wet test. So I am in the process of removing the head, and will determine what...
  47. Backinajiffy12

    Cricket sound for left side

    Open the hood and rev the engine see if you can pin point it. I had a similar issue it was my alt. seizing up.
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