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  1. 2Gjunkie

    Gsx Problem

    Sometimes the OBD scanners take a while with these ECUs. they’re just old. Try the scanner again, or try a different brand.
  2. 2Gjunkie

    2G Need help 97 eclipse gst High Idle

    Is it a quick jump in rpm, or more gradual? Are you stock, or have you changed your OEM idle settings?
  3. 2Gjunkie

    2G Need help 97 eclipse gst High Idle

    Auto or m/t? When you say “idle” you mean with your foot off the gas your car starts rolling up to 2300rpm? Or when in neutral the car idle rises to 2300rpm?
  4. 2Gjunkie

    Are green orings safe for fuel

    The factory fuel fittings on my sportbike are green o-rings. It uses 93, same as my Spyder :idontknow:
  5. 2Gjunkie

    Spyder Help I can’t find part to convertible top

    If you find a place to buy spares, let me know! I’m looking for the same thing. I know the linking arms for that bow are commonly bent or broken off.
  6. 2Gjunkie

    2G Gas pedal seems to be glued / stuck ( throttle body )

    Throttle body cleaner. Take it off the intake manifold. Disassemble it and clean if you need to, or else replace it. Sounds like you got some grit from your cleaning efforts into the moving parts.In any case, a really dangerous situation. Good luck!
  7. 2Gjunkie

    2G Engine always Hot?

    Do you know what your coolant temps are? If it’s a really hot day my valve cover will stay hot for a couple hours. Plenty of aluminum and heatsoaking.That said my coolant temps are around 202-203 while running.
  8. 2Gjunkie

    Using a 99 GST to build my 99 GSX

    You can always get the injectors flow tested and cleaned if you want to make sure. $100 for cleaning is a lot better than $200-300 for new imho. I wouldn’t run them as-is, though. 15 years of sitting is a long time.
  9. 2Gjunkie

    2G Trying to sort out (new to me) swapped 2G GSX

    5-10 min to start? Like cranking it for 5 min straight? Or cranking it, then waiting 5 min and trying again?
  10. 2Gjunkie

    2G Walbro fuel pump install kit

    I know this was a couple of months ago, but I just installed mine. The only parts from the kit I used were: white plastic top ring; rubber o-ring; metal lock washer for filter bag; rubber gasket for filter bag.I got lucky and my top 19mm flare nut broke loose. I still had to loosen the lower...
  11. 2Gjunkie

    Oil filter

    A lot of long-interval oils (amsoil comes to mind) used to recommend regular filter changes in-between oil changes, because the oil might last 10,000 miles but the filter would only be good for 3-4,000 miles. Not saying it’s best practice, or what we should do with the DSM... just that it’s not...
  12. 2Gjunkie

    420A Turn signal oddity

    Fast blinking is a sign that the amperage draw is lower than factory spec. This could be due to 1) bulb out somewhere; 2) wrong kind of bulb using less current than oem bulbs; or 3) loose connectionI swapped to LED bulbs and my turn signals blink fast (but not the hazards). The fix would be to...
  13. 2Gjunkie

    2G Car idling really weird. Help plz, stuck at work.

    black smoke? running rich, maybe. rev it up high and you’re dumping in more fuel than air to match. check your other hoses as well... sounds like an unmetered air issue.
  14. 2Gjunkie

    2G Car idling really weird. Help plz, stuck at work.

    Any work recently done to the car? Assuming you have enough gas, first step is to check all your vac/boost hoses under the hood and make sure nothing cracked or came loose.also check your plug wires to see if they came loose from the plugs or coilpack.
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