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  1. Hx40, auto, awd results

    I ran out of fuel at 31psi. I assume it is a bad install on the pump. It has a 525 pump and 2150 injectors. It kept running away trying to push it further.581hp [email protected] Hx40
  2. 420A 420a turbo, megasquirt Dyno results

    The car was finally good enough to throw on the Dyno. This is only pump gas and 14psi. I ended at 14* timing going of the heat mark on the plugs. It is possible there is a degree or two left. It will have to be for another day.I just don’t trust this 420a to go further as I don’t know enough...
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  4. My compound turbo build

    Now this is not 4g63 related but, I have taken my inspiration from the other members in the past. It is kind of 1/3 related as this a dsmlink powered car with a 1g ignition, 1g throttle body, old school low impedance dsm injectors and so on.
  5. New megasquirt install and no spark or fuel

    I am about fed up with this system and their customer service. I bought all the extra stuff that was needed which took three different purchases. Spent all this time wiring in all the BS to make the system work. I am not getting any spark or fuel to the engine. I have the quadspark, the...
  6. Dsmlink powered Ford Festiva first track outing

    Well, f***ing shit.5,800ft elevation 7640ft density altitudeHad a hard time trusting the car and myself the first three passes and kept lifting to shift to ensure it would go into second gear. I just needed to trust the car. Understandable as this was the first outing and first launches with...
  7. 4G61 Dodge Colt dyno

    220,000 mile bone stock 1.6L 4G61 Ebay [email protected] Dsmlink E85 No smoothing on the dyno graph331hp 274tq
  8. 14b 1989 mirage dyno

    The car has not been on the dyno in a few years and I have just been track tuning it. We switched back last year to a 14b to try and take the Colorado 1/4 mile E.T and MPH record. I succeeded with that goal.I figured there was a little left on the table with timing. I was out of turbo as I...
  9. My dsmlink powered Ford Festiva

    Bone stock 1.3L motor Volvo 13T [email protected] Turbine back pressure 23psi E85 with a hotpipe and four 450cc secondaries170hp 188tqnow time for a set of rods and pistons and a big turbo.
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  11. I give you the Volcedes

    I give you the Volcedes.1965 Mercedes 190dVolvo B230 engineAisin Warner 70(AW70) transmission1G DSM ecu with Ecmlink doing to dirty work
  12. For Sale 13g turbo

    I have finished my testing with the 13g and now to move to the next larger turbo. It works very well. I went [email protected] with a density altitude of 8400ft. I ran six 14.1’s actually. It just does not have the steam to push this car into the 13’s and I don’t have to patience to keep fighting. So...
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  15. does anyone run their car without a power transistor?

    I am getting a little tired of dealing with these things flaking out, the connectors corroding as often as they do and just about everything about them. It sure would be nice to be able to clean things up and get rid of it. Does anyone run without the power transistor (ptu) on a stock ecu? Can...
  16. POS mirage goes 10's

    [email protected] first pass ever in the car. [email protected] on the second pass getting more comfortable. Then the clutch started acting up and would not allow me to shift into second three passes in a row. Something happened as it would not even go into first when I went to public it on the trailer. I had to...
  17. Our POS mirage dyno

    666hp 580tq
  18. New setup 1/2 mile shakedown runs=170mph

    We knew the new turbo setup was lazy. We were not predicting it to take to nearly half track to get the turbo spooled all the way up. We would freight train the back half of the track but, waste too much room getting some steam going. On our last two runs we decided to launch the car(FWD) to get...
  19. July 25 dsm meet/birthday party

    I have done a few of these before and the turn outs were very good. My wife wants to do another one at our new house this summer sobi am going to start the planning now. Hopefully this will give everyone time to get things done as I hope to have a few big boy track cars on display at the house...
  20. Target 1000hp Turd

    After messing around with the rat rod for four years I just wanted to get back to going fast again. The truck was a blast but, I just have this urge to push further and the truck could not be driven like I wanted. So I set out to finish the FWD build that I started with my Colt. I am going all...
  21. S366=864hp [email protected]=165.44mph

    After a few years of being down we decided to finish the car when we heard they were bringing a half mile event to colorado. While the event was a joke, we had fun and we finally got to stretch a car out for a change in a longer distance event. There was a lot of procrastinating so I was unable...
  22. where to find white rubberized head gaskets

    Where can these be found? I am not able to find what I am looking for. Pretty self expalnitory. White 4g63 head gasket coated in rubber.
  23. 4G63 rat rod dyno=800.3hp 556tq

    2.0 4G63 9.2:1 custom Arias pistons Pauter connecting rods TH400 transmission Holset HX52 44psi Dsmlink 1150cc primaries 6-1600cc secondaries Magnafuel mechanical fuel pump GSC S3 cams Bone stock cylinder head(no porting) 1G non-turbo throttle body Stock 1G intake manifold, no...
  24. roadsurge install instructions?

    I picked up a box second hand for a friend. He has a 1G FWD auto. I am not back from vacation yet but I assume the box was sent without instructions. I installed one a year or two ago, but don't remember what the wires would be. I emailed Tim twice with no reply. We plan on installing the box...
  25. Lowest dyno numbers ever part II

    We had a chance to earn a free dyno at a dyno day today if we were the lowest powered car. After winning a free dyno last year with my Samurai, I knew we had it in the bag again. This car is all stock aside from 10* base timing and the intake snorkel removed. Now we know where we stand before...
  26. Introducing my 1947 4g61 powered Dodge rat rod

    After seeing all the dollars my friend was spending in the never ending cycle of land speed racing, I decided to take a step back for a while and build a vehicle that if I wanted to some day could be finished for racing if I get that itch again, or just satisfy my need for speed now. I built...
  27. Holset HX52 DSM= 816hp/[email protected]

    After a rather disappointing trip to Ohio in April for the Ohio Mile we started getting ready for Speed Week early. I knew we were close with things, we just did not get enough runs to get the last of the kinks worked out. We got three runs total and only one run were we could get into 5th gear...
  28. Lowest dyno numbers ever

    We just got done doing a pretty extensive rebuild on my samurai. New motor, new axles, new fuel system, new exhaust, pretty much every mechnical part had to be gone through. It was in rough shape. A local Mustang shop was having a dyno day today. And who ever had the lowest and highest numbers...
  29. My 4G61 powered 1947 Dodge Truck complete build

    I am a little sad I cannot continue my land speed project. I think ultimately my heart was bigger than my wallet. While I can afford the sport, it does take away from more important things and life and is just going to take a lot of time and money I just don't think I have the desire for...
  30. Mad 14b dyno power

    This is my little 1.6L Turbo Eagle Summit. This is a [email protected], E85 through an automatic transmission.It made- 200hp 205tq uncorrected at altitude 243hp 248tq with a 1.21 correction factorThis is also a load bearing dynojet with the load turned on.1989 Turbo Eagle Summit - YouTube...
  31. We are ready for Bonnevile(videos inside)

    We took Retribution to the dyno today to give Nick his baseline. I was wanting to get a little crazy for a change and see what we could do with the car. But once we worked through our issues Nick decided to send the car to Utah on wastegate pressure and turn it up there.We rebuilt the...
  32. Our mirage is finally ready for the track

    After two years of Jason farting around and changing things until he found a combo he was comfortable with, I think we are ready. Just a short video showing some CSM hotness ready to stretch its legs.Basic cliff notes- 1989 Mirage 2.0L- Ross pistons/stock rods 1150cc injectors(soon to be...
  33. 213mph Eagle Talon in car video

    Nick asked me to throw this up here. And give a big thank you to the Ecmlink guys for support over the past few years.There are a few other videos on this website as well. As well as pictures and general information about our program.Retribution's website- Retribution LSR Car # 4663...
  34. Large capacity stock oil pan

    With this and my oil cooler, I now hold 9 quarts in my motor. Definitely what I needed for Land Speed Racing. Just doing all I can to ensure the life and happiness of my motor.
  35. 1989 Mirage+ BW S475=Huge turbo awesomeness

    Finally got this thing up and running. Should be dialing it in in the next week or two. Just a map sensor away from hauling some ass. Thought some guys would get a chuckle out of it.
  36. Ecmlink Sponsored 1991 Eagle Talon goes 209.622(video inside)

    We had an interesting week to say the least at Speed Week 2010. Lots of highs and lows. But we went faster each run and had a blast in the end. Too many details to list that would take away from the numbers we produced.We were very close on this run to attacking the record from Raver...
  37. Two missed gears+40% throttle=173mph(video)

    ahhh 2nd! Damn missed 4th 172.7 - Car Videos on StreetFire
  38. BW S475 start up vid(missing exhuast)

    YouTube - Borg Warner S475 startup
  39. My friend's new 89 Mirage turbo setup(Borg Warner S475)

    T4-T6 adapter built by a friend of ours.Borg Warner S475BW S475 vs 65mm SPA
  40. My new triple fuel rail setup

    Will be starting with the four 1150's I have had. All six secondary injectors will be stock 450cc injectors for now. The fuel pump is a Magna Fuel ProStar EFI SQ MP-4103.Just thought I would share something that is a little different that you don't usually get to see.
  41. DSM Meet/Birthday Party July 25 or July 26

    Well my birthday is coming near again. I am looking to have some people over to our new house. I have not had many over since we moved in early last year, and we have yet to try to entertain here.The turn out does seem to get better and better each time I try to do this. Everyone is welcome...
  42. 4G61 world record dyno, video and dyno sheet inside

    I took the car to the dyno today. It became very clear I have a large intake restriction in my car after the first pull. Horsepower was crazy flat. But the car made two pulls and I got to drive it home.446.7whp 323.7tq 1.21 correction factor 367whp 266tq uncorrected(6000ft)Thanks to...
  43. June 3rd test and tune

    June 3rd. Test and Tune.I am taking the colt up to the track to see what she is worth. I would love for everyone to come up and either race with me or hang out and watch. I am hoping for my first 11 second pass ever. Would be great to have everyone come up and make it a fun night.I would...
  44. Texas Mile March 2009

    I will keep it short and sweet.Off the trailer the car went 157. Second run the EGT's did not look well so he rode it out. Made some adjustments, went 159. A few more that did not feel right. THe last run friday we were gonne kick some ass. Got to the line and went to start the car. It did...
  45. Bockscar dyno video

    This will be another vehicle I have a chance to help with this year. I have seen this car run a few times and it is a super neat project. It is amazing how small this car is.Ever since I found the LSR world, I get to see and be around all kinds of neat projects. I am looking forward to...
  46. Texas Mile March 2009

  47. Has anyone seen or know the whereabouts of this car?

    A friend of mine built this car some time ago. He is trying to see if the car still exists and what may have happened to it.If you have any information let me know.Steven
  48. Preliminary HX52 datalogs inside

    I did some preliminary tuning tonight. I ran out of fuel very fast with the 1150's. And the poor 38mm wastegate is creeping pretty bad. Hopefully when I can figure the fuel out, I can get the boost up, and the wastegate can control the boost a little better.I did have one pull that based at...
  49. Biglady's Holset HX-52 Completed Install Pictures

    This is how everything turned out. Yesterday was a very long day. We did all the fabrication from start to finish. Turned better than I could hope for. Very different and very unique, or at least I think so. Also below is a picture of my new front motor mount. Did not have many options as the...
  50. Start up video of my new Holset HX-52

    Pretty self explanitory. Sorry about the shaking in the middle. I was reaching for a flash light.YouTube - Holset HX52 second start up
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