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  1. 1G door hinge pin/bushings?

    I've searched and found a couple people mention new door hinge bushings for saggy doors but they never went anywhere.Does anyone know if anybody makes door hinge bushings and pins to go in a 1g? I'm wondering if it's the same pin and bushings as maybe some other mitsubishi car and you could...
  2. Working on a durable BUDGET OEM high-compression piston alternative

    I've pitched the idea to a few friends, but they mostly nay-say just because it gives them something to do, not because they know any better.Anyways, I was looking at the big piston size book at work a while back, and I started to look at the 2JZ-GE naturally aspirated supra pistons. I was...
  3. when will it end?? ebay madness

    When will all the BS from ebay actually stop? There used to be lots of good stuff, but now you have to filter through 10 pages of BS auctions just to find what you want..I was browsing today and found this auction...
  4. Brake line to Caliper fitting size

    I'm putting some 3000GT calipers and rotors on my '90 talon, and I'm going to make new brake lines from some stainless line I have laying around. Does anyone know the fitting size and thread pitch for the caliper and the hard line fittings?
  5. Tension of rod bolts pressed into rods.

    How much tension is on the rod bolts whenever they are pressed into the rod? Is it possible to get them out with A beefy C-clamp, or is it enough force that you will need a hydraulic press?I know which one would be easier, but I don't have access to a press.
  6. 1G 2G GST FWD brakes as an upgrade to my 1990 fwd?

    I was reading the brake upgrade on VFAQ, it listed all 93+ awd as being the 2 piston upgrade, but what about the 2G turbo fwd? I bought new 93+ awd/3000GT/diamante rotors, and will a set of calipers off of a '99 GST work as part of the upgrade?
  7. O2 voltage stays at 2.5V

    Hey guys, I need some help. With a logger, my ecu shows a 2.5v O2 reading even when the O2 is unplugged. With the multi-meter at the O2 input to the ecu, it reads zero, so it seems the ecu is “fabricating” this reading and sending it to the logger. We even tried a freshly rebuilt ecu…..same...
  8. So I was putting some synchromesh in and...

    ... for some unknown reason, i was blessed with a lottery winner's odds. The cap off of the synchromesh bottle slipped out of my fingers when I was pouring the bottle in the fill hole and Bounced INTO the fill hole. I could have tried to do that 100 million times and it would have never...
  9. Evo8 FMIC install

    Contrary to what everyone says, The evo8 fmic is actually rather easy to install on a 1G. I know everyone says they suck, but I'm on a budget and it will do me fine for the power i'm going to make. The only thing I had to do was cut the bumper a little bit, but I decided to go ahead and cut it...
  10. MHI turbo running without coolant.

    Just a simple Yes or No question.Will running an MHI turbo without the coolant line attatched harm it?If so, the reasoning behind it is.....?
  11. 1G owners... where did you mount your Delphi Skyfi XM reciever?

    I got a delphi skyfi XM tuner, but all of my radio space is taken up by the deck and a volt and EGT gauge. Does anyone have any creative mounting places that they mounted their skyfi tuner so that it doesn't stand out like a 7" tach on a civic dash?Oh, a search revealed not one topic.
  12. Idle rattle... crank pulley or Tbelt tensioner

    After starting the car, it will idle for about 2 seconds and then a horrible rattling sound comes from the timing belt area. If you're standing in front of the car leaning over the motor, it sounds like it is coming from between the cam gears. I have physically checked the crank pulley, and it...
  13. Bose, from the wave radio to..... Suspension systems???? read. The concept is there, and they seem to be on the ball with the application and real world testing.Maybe a future solution to FWD whel hop? :laugh:I know I'm keeping my eyes out on the updates on this..
  14. Sprint FWD springs..... will they fit on an AWD?

    I bought a set of Sprint drop springs for my FWD car. I have a friend with an AWD car which is also a '90, and I was wondering if my FWD springs will fit his car?
  15. My 14B is bad.. help me find a cheap temp. solution

    There was a little bit of coked oil that clogged the oil feed line to my 14B, and now it is blown. I Need to get my car running, but I can't wait until I can afford my big turbo. I was wondering if there's any smaller bolt on turbo that I could use in place just to my car will run? I was...
  16. timing belt soaked in...... coolant?

    so I was helping a friend work on his car, and we were setting the base timing.. The car doesn't have a fan on it, so we were trying to hurry so it wouldn't overheat. The temp got up about 3/4 on the gauge (no where near the red), and I watched as the timing belt started to get darker and...
  17. AFC 5-knob vs. SAFC/SAFC2

    I don't want people to tell me which one I should get, but I'm just curious as to the differences between the two. I'm getting a 5 knobber for a good deal, so I just want to know what it's capable of. Obviously the SAFC/SAFC2 has more adjustment points, and has low throttle as well as high...
  18. 1G, putting bumper cover on without bumper

    I've seen some people who have put on their bumper cover on without putting the metal bumper back on. I know that the top of the bumper uses 7 or 8 screws to attatch the cover to the bumper. How do you guys do it without having your front bumper cover flop around everywhere? What do you attatch...
  19. Galant mass airflow sensor?

    Will a Galant MAS from 94-98 substitute for a 2G dsm mas? I've been witnessing some hearsay from people who say they got their 2G mas upgrade (for their 1G) from a 94-98 galant. Is this true?
  20. AWD and FWD rear sway bars.

    are they different? Can a rear sway bar from an AWD fit onto the rear of a FWD?
  21. BOV or Compressor surge?

    excuse my n00bness, but I came across this video and was wondering what kind of BOV is on that audi, or if the sound is just the sound of the compressor surging because of the lack of a BOV. To make it clear, i'm talking about the noise that goes "pshtshtshtshtshtsh"...
  22. my New prototype 18" wheels... +5hp!!!

    hahaha... no, they're not prototype and they dont give me 5hp... but they are new. I haven't seen a dsm anywhere with these wheels, but I think they will look good so that's why I bought them. They are 18"x7.5" with 40mm offset, and I still have to buy tires for them. what would you guys...
  23. 1990 tsi FWD... car is dead... no spark..

    OK. I have a 1990 tsi FWD that i'm building. I put my car together this weekend, and It's not getting any spark and the injectors aren't firing. I measured the coil pack connector, and the coil is getting power, but no pulse. I took the CAS off and spun it, but the injectors did not fire. The...
  24. 1G springs... FWD vs. AWD.

    What's the difference between all of the 1G springs? I know that the AWD and FWD are different, but I see alot of listings that categorize the 90 model all by itself. Spring and shock fitment seems to be 90, 91-94 like they're different.
  25. used BM tranny LSD

    hey guys, one of my friends in town is parting out his car and he offered to give me his used BM tranny LSD for my car. He used it for about 3000 miles and it worked good. I'm wondering if I can do anything to the LSD to counteract the affects of being used, such as putting shims on the...
  26. trying to get the most power out of my engine.

    hey guys. i have two cars. one is a 90 tsi and its my daily driver getting a stock rebuild. my other car is a 91 gst that is getting mods. ive been planning what i want to do and ive decided that i want to fit 2g pistons on the rods, arp hardware, and a metal headgasket. ive done alot of...
  27. Rebuilding engine, ran into a problem.

    hey guys im rebuilding my engine right now from my 90 tsi. i have all new stock equipment and im doing a stock rebuild. i got the crank in and my problem is with the connecting rods. the chiltons book i have says 14 ftlbs plus 1/4 turn. whenever i torque the rod caps to that spec i can not even...
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