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  1. 4Lurker4

    For Sale Synapse BOV Diverter valve

    I have some Synapes diverter valves (BOV). Quick action, no diaphragm to worry about just o-rings. Had these as spares, but never needed them as the one I had never had any hickups. Super cheap to fix if they ever do as it's as easy as replacing an oring. Super quick response time, not super...
  2. 4Lurker4

    2G Found some goodies under the carpet while swapping seats

    Almost sure that's a key from one of those steering clubs (steering lock)
  3. 4Lurker4

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    400hp is doable as proven with the supra smic. Only issue is heat soak after many pulls. You have to make a duct for it though or make sure vacuum helps you pull air. Or add a water injection system if you will do many pulls. Rad temps run much cooler and your fins don't get dinged up as...
  4. Talon

    Street Build Talon

  5. 4Lurker4


    4Lurker4 submitted a new DSM Profile :TalonRead more about this vehicle here...

    Street Build MITSUBC

  7. 4Lurker4


    4Lurker4 submitted a new DSM Profile :MITSUBCRead more about this vehicle here...
  8. 4Lurker4

    2G Who wants a big SMIC? gauging interest

    Yay! More people want to be like my cars!I have the Dejon (2 versions), Radioactive (think it's what it was called) and a Hahn if you need measurements. (Not selling them, took me forever to find them)I also know someone who came across one for a 1g, if I can get him to let it go, and you...
  9. 4Lurker4

    Fiberglass Eagle Talon Front Bumper and Side Molding Idea

    ^ Yup, any one that wants some can contact a Canadian owner, we usually have spares or know where to get one.
  10. 4Lurker4

    How much weight reduction

    Saving weight via the driver helps too, and costs nothing :pWhat I did after doing some weight reduction was bring the car to a dump or truck weighing station. Get actual values before and after. Makes you feel good when you see the difference, also helps with gas consumption on a daily. CF...
  11. 4Lurker4

    Other hobbies/passions besides DSMs?

    Scale model building, finally getting time to finish all the DSM 2g builds and 1g builds I had on hold. Also have a huge collection of DSM diecast or collection items. I love these cars a little toooooo much :p
  12. 4Lurker4

    Alloy 2G door handles! This time its REAL!!! Cancelled

    I'm in for 2 sets once you make them.
  13. 4Lurker4

    WHY are 1G's better than 2G's????

    1g was built to make a name, they had to go over and beyond the limits to get into the market with a bang. So they made it good. All that said, they also made it for that era and with the technology and styling of said era.Personally (I've owned a 92 laser awd/99 eclipse gsx and 95 eagle...
  14. 4Lurker4

    For Sale GReddy flanged Synapse BOV diverter valve

    Greddy/NGR Flanged Synapse Diverter Valve, newAlso have a universal weld-in adapter for cheaperWith GReddy flange 230$ with Universal Flange 200$New in box Synapse BOV/ Diverter Valve flanged for GReddy or NGR flanges. Even works with ebay piping flanged for copies of GReddy (those cheap...
  15. 4Lurker4

    2G 2G Door Aluminum Handles

    I just ended up asking for a refund. I'll just be more careful with my plastic ones.
  16. 4Lurker4

    Thermal R&D Near Bumper

    You could put one of these on the bumper. CF works well on white cars: protect it and save you from repainting.
  17. 4Lurker4

    For Sale GReddy flanged Synapse BOV diverter valve

    Hey tuners,I have here a NIB (New in box) Synapse diverter valve (i.e. BOV that's recirculated) made for the GReddy flange. Works with any piping that has a flange that accepts a GReddy BOV, NGR BOV, or ebay GReddy copies. Don't want a diaphragm that can rupture and want to keep your piping...
  18. 4Lurker4

    RM Racing 2G Rear Sway Bars Interest Thread

    In for a set rear and front
  19. 4Lurker4

    2G DSM Billet aluminium brake & clutch fluid reservoir brackets

    Sent! When you do get the radiator brackets again, let me know. Wanted yours specifically because I really like the logo you came up with. Subtle yet stylish.
  20. 4Lurker4

    2G Available GSX Sway Bar Options?

    I'd be in for front and rear when they become both available.
  21. 4Lurker4

    Intercooler setup

    Yup, just make sure you have the right coupler to mate both together and you're good to go.
  22. 4Lurker4

    2G Better bulbs for Headlights

    For those who went the LED route; which ones would best compliment with an HID retrofit? (i.e., shroud and projector, just not the HID component, LED instead). I know they have some pretty decent Wattage LEDs and really wondering how they'd perform in a projector.
  23. 4Lurker4

    WTB 2gb Talon body panels

    I can ask around for ya
  24. 4Lurker4

    2G Cipher Racing Harness Bar

    Interested in a pic myself if you could, perrrtttyyyy please :)
  25. 4Lurker4


    Perfect way to kill that turbo.
  26. 4Lurker4

    How many people picked 16g for first turbo (Poll)

    1g came with an 18g when I got it and upgraded the 2g with a T28 first after the t25 died on it.
  27. 4Lurker4

    Free Canada Park pass you want to take your DSM to nice places for pictures or just want to venture in Canada to visit all it has to offer for FREE...
  28. 4Lurker4

    2G Big T28 question

    Could always have a water injection system for the track when you go, and just not fill it when you're daily driving. Personally, if I was to run the stock SMIC, clean the heck out of it first. Most likely it's gunked up with oil and that won't help things. Quick way of doing that is with...
  29. 4Lurker4

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Have all the parts and then some...just no time to finish it yet. Need to put it back on the insurance and re-safety it too.
  30. 4Lurker4

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Installed these puppies a little while ago. For anyone wanting to put Corbeaus using their bracket, just a heads up, you will need to fiddle a bit with OEM seat belts to make it work. They aren't made perfectly to accept a bolt on OEM seat belt. Sometimes (in my case) the seat is wide enough...
  31. 4Lurker4

    2G Custom SMIC with a Treadstone Core?

    Sorry, had rally on the mind, meant autocross :p
  32. 4Lurker4

    2G Custom SMIC with a Treadstone Core?

    I know this doesn't go with the original question too much, but also bring the weight down as much as you can wherever you can. With smallish power and quick acceleration in mind, low weight makes the final product just that much more enjoyable. Add good suspension components and you have a...
  33. 4Lurker4

    2G Custom SMIC with a Treadstone Core?

    Yup very few of us. SMIC's are GREAT if you use them correctly. Like anything you need to redo the ducting to make use of the area it's in (vacuum on the wheel side and pressure from the front). The use of water injection (no need for meth unless you really need to) is possible to help out as...
  34. 4Lurker4

    **DSM PICKERING MEET** RTM/Dynotuneracing those who cannot join Big DSM meet in Pickering for the grand opening of:Dynotune Racing/RTM Racing (now under new management)No longer have a DSM or still working on it? You can still come...
  35. 4Lurker4

    1G Corbeau Brackets w/ stock belts

    What do you need from a Canadian seat belt assembly? Couple part outs in my nick of the woods.
  36. 4Lurker4

    Rally Armor mud flaps

    Personally, I'd never spend more than 50$ (if that) on a piece of rubber that will see abuse all it's life. After all, all you're buying is a piece of rubber/plastic with a brand. Granted some are made to fit, but that's a P&P tax. If you are a DIYer, no need for that; it's easy to make...
  37. 4Lurker4

    2G Best brand of carbon fiber hoods?

    That's quite nice the insurance is replacing it. Seeing as it's an "off road use only" part from the manufacturer. Doubt any insurance in Canada would replace it, they'd say sol, you weren't legal to have it in the first place. Haven't heard of one case where parts like that would be replaced...
  38. 4Lurker4

    What brand gauges should I go with?

    Personally I'd go with the Defi (BF or Advanced). Incredibly accurate gauges, playback function, main controller for all of them. I've had a couple of gauges, and never going back to anything different (although I use Innovate for my Wideband). They are analogue gauges or you can get their...
  39. 4Lurker4

    1G Fmic non short route?

    No, some are better. Fitment and the core are usually the issue with eBay brands. Like I said, try the classifieds, heck go look locally around you via Craigslist; you could get lucky.
  40. 4Lurker4

    1G Fmic non short route? Again, personally I wouldn't use a kit like that, but giving you an example. It's also pretty expensive for what it is.What...
  41. 4Lurker4

    1G Fmic non short route?

    Hahn, GReddy and a couple no name ebay companie's do. (2g)RRE used to make one for the 1g, not sure if they still do. Again there are a bunch of no name brands for those too on ebay. (1g)
  42. 4Lurker4

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    I just bought mine (I have two) some goodies for summer :) The Corbeau Forza is for another project, don't mind that one :p
  43. 4Lurker4

    ZR4 (RIP) to VR4 Build...

    Meticulous work. The time spent definitely shows in the final product. Great build!
  44. 4Lurker4

    Turbo Rebuild

    They could have sent you the wrong ones? They sell both per the description (but you can't chose which online on the table): "We offer this rebuild kit with two different styles of journal bearings. One style is for use with NON-genuine Mitsu TD05/TD06 family of turbos (which we refer to as...
  45. 4Lurker4

    Buying spare parts online

    Get them from (Canadian DSM supplier). If he doesn't have it, he can order it for you. Great owner and staff, great on returns if you would ever need to do it. You can also pick up in Niagara if you want to.
  46. 4Lurker4


    Tons have Talons here :p
  47. 4Lurker4


    When it comes to cheap people, it's just the way they are. I have some cheap friends, doesn't matter what it's for, they're cheap no matter what. Those types of people are attracted to the DSM platform because of the starting cost of such a car. It also doesn't help when people here or other...
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