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  1. 420A Removing Head Components

    I'm going to pull the damaged valve then grab my large lit magnifying glass and inspect the valve seat if it's damaged I'll take it to machine shop but if it's not I'm just going to order a new valve and reseat it myself with the compounds. And procure all the parts and paint and assembly lube...
  2. 420A Removing Head Components

    Well I got the head off and cylinder number four exhaust valve has a chip missing out of it and tons of carbon buildup. So it's time to start cleaning carbon and all the other junk and then ordering parts to put it back together again
  3. 420A Removing Head Components

    Thank you for the help, with that info and lifting the drivers side tire off the ground the engine and transmission could move enough to get the bracket and front timing cover off. Next I'm making the camshaft sprocket tool to hopefully get the head off and inspect the valves and piston in cyl...
  4. 420A Removing Head Components

    Question, I have most of the components removed to get to the timing cover the engine bracket has been removed it's up on blocks and I have all the bolts loose and one removed from the cover. I still am not sure how to remove that last bracket to get the plastic cover off. All the videos I have...
  5. 420A Removing Head Components

    Thank you, I just started the teardown so I'll keep that in mind I have a magnet on a stick so that should help. Now I just have to keep notes on what stuff to replace gasket gets to buy etc...
  6. 420A Removing Head Components

    Can you remove the front timing cover and head while the engine is in the car?
  7. Can/cannot reuse fouled spark plugs?

    Well good news the fuel pressure is good, the compression test was good except cylinder 4 it has 0 compression. So.....
  8. 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST

    Question by 'AM2SS' on classified ad '1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST'

    Do you still have the fuel pressure regulator?
  9. Can/cannot reuse fouled spark plugs?

    How about this...... My 99 Eclipse NT started misfireing and I cleaned the new NGK copper plugs and great it worked. It did it again and no joy the second time. Scanned it and the OB2 said misfire #4. Moved plugs around and no change. Put on a new coil pk, wires, throttle position sensor, cam...
  10. 420A Check Engine Light blinking?

    What if you're just getting the p0301 code? I have replaced my plugs my wires my coil pack my camshaft position sensor my throttle body position sensor my idle actuator valve and it still hesitates from idle and idle like garbage. Could that still be a O2 sensor? Oh it's a 99 Eclipse none turbo...
  11. 420A Fuel injector 4 not firing.

    Not sure if my profile has been released yet but here is the info, she is a 99 Eclipse 2.0L non-turbo. I have changed the spark plugs w/NGK copper, wires, coil pack, cam shaft position sensor, throttle body position sensor, the fuel filter, fuel injectors. And yesterday I ordered a idle air...
  12. 420A Fuel injector 4 not firing.

    Most ECU's are sealed units. Can these be opened up without damaging them? Also I just ordered a I.A.M, idle air motor. Mine was out of spec by about 7.5 ohms.
  13. 420A Fuel injector 4 not firing.

    Done.And I put the harness back in still not firing on number four. I just pinned out my harness from one end to the ECU and I have good continuity between all four of the wires so is there anything else or is it the ECU?
  14. 420A Fuel injector 4 not firing.

    Well I took my injector harness to work pinned it out and it works fine great ohms great everything what would be next in the link on my way to the PCM? Is there is there a history of bad wiring or should I just pin out the main connector to the PCM
  15. AM2SS

    This is the Build Thread for AM2SS. Reply below.
  16. AM2SS


  17. 420A Fuel injector 4 not firing.

    Question, is there a ground for each injector? My #4 is not pulsing fuel. And I have already replaced the cam shaft position sensor, spark plugs, wires and the coil pack.
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