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  1. lordnikon_04

    From HKS EVC to MBC

    thanks for the info
  2. lordnikon_04

    In N Out Meet!!!

    I'd hit up the meets with you guys but i don't get out of school till 8:30 and then i gotta drive home in Goodyear then all the way back out there so I wouldn't get there till about 10ish or so.
  3. lordnikon_04

    From HKS EVC to MBC

    The previous owners of my GSX put on an out of date HKS EVC on the car and did a real hack job of the wiring. I am going to take it out and put in a manual controller but i was wondering if anyone could tell me how hard it might be taking the EVC out and if I'm gonna need to rewire anything or...
  4. lordnikon_04

    Phoenix/Az BBQ March 8th

    i wish i could but i gotta work that day. damnit anyways.
  5. lordnikon_04

    Idle Vacuum [Merged 3-9]

    check for any loose/disconnected/broken vacuum lines. also check your brake booster as they operate off of vacuum and if the check valve in the booster is bad it could be taking so much vacuum that the motor isn't getting enough. also check for restrictions in your boost gauge line. make sure...
  6. lordnikon_04

    Phoenix smog help

    yeah shouldn't be a problem at all
  7. lordnikon_04

    2step launch spark retard

    i'm able to build my full 16pounds before i leave the line(low i know but stock turbo and fuel right now) using my two step and antilag with dsmlink. granted i'm awd so i can launch with more boost but if you combine dsmlinks two step, antilag, and nlts systems then you could probably end up...
  8. lordnikon_04

    2step launch spark retard

    alot of people that build more boost than you probably have some sort of anti-lag
  9. lordnikon_04

    3" Cat

    well no worries about the cat, i went to go get tested and they couldn't do smog on the rollers because i'm awd. and the car was so low that they weren't able to look underneath for a cat or rear O2. so they ran my obd-2 and with my dsmlink it didn't throw any codes so i was good to go. thanks...
  10. lordnikon_04

    3" Cat

    do the universal 3" cats from Magnaflow go inside my pipe to clamp it behind my flanges or is welding going to be the only option if the cat isn't flanged?
  11. lordnikon_04

    3" Cat

    Thanks for the help guys. The VRS exhaust i have has the same type of mounting flanges as the stock it's just three inch pipe so i'll check RRE and see what they have. As long as it's a three inch pipe with stock style flanges it should work no problem.
  12. lordnikon_04

    3" Cat

    Ok, I have to pass emissions out here in AZ and have a test pipe on my 3" VRS Turboback. Does anyone know where I can find a 3" High Flow Cat to replace that test pipe with that already has flanges? I don't want to have to pay a muffler shop to weld the cat to the exhaust. I know Magnaflow makes...
  13. lordnikon_04

    anywhere around phoenix i can get a custom spark plug cover

    Ok, in my last thread someone posted a ad for part for sale so the mods closed the thread. Is there anywhere around phoenix i can get a custom spark plug cover made. I want a custom one with my own design on it. Not something someone has for sale so please don't get the thread closed again by...
  14. lordnikon_04

    Stock Boost [Merged 5-7]

    oh and get a mechanical boost gauge too. that is an absolute must if you get a boost controller
  15. lordnikon_04

    Stock Boost [Merged 5-7]

    yeah order yourself a new b.o.v. with that fmic
  16. lordnikon_04

    Custom Spark Plug Cover

    Does anyone know where i could go in the Phoenix area to get a custom aluminum/metal spark plug cover made for my gsx?
  17. lordnikon_04

    In-N-Out Meet This Thursday Nov 8th Chandler AZ

    i'll try and get there but i don't know yet. I might see you guys there but if not, next month for sure.
  18. lordnikon_04

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    thanks guys. that's all i was looking for.
  19. lordnikon_04

    What Turbo is this? [Merged] Turbo ID Identification

    I'm going to a junkyard tomorrow to pick up a turbo off of a 1G talon. My friend said it was stock but another guy i go to school with said it was a 16g. It says TDO5H on the compressor housing. How can i tell for sure which one it is?i've searched for the last 20 minutes and couldn't find...
  20. lordnikon_04

    In-N-Out Meet This Thursday Nov 8th Chandler AZ

    hey dave i think i met you at the pavilions saturday night. You're the one with the led tails and the hahn turbo'd 420A right? Anyways, what time will you guys be there till, i have school at UTI until 8:30 so i wouldn't be there till about 9 or 9:30
  21. lordnikon_04

    INO meet

    Speedworld might be a stretch since i don't get outta school until 8:30 and that's in avondale. So i wouldn't be to surprise till ###### like 10 or so. I am not gonna pay 20 bucks to watch those cars race for 2 hours.
  22. lordnikon_04

    Are my injectors aftermarket?

    what about the idc's?
  23. lordnikon_04

    fuel injector size

    Depends on what kind of boost you want to run and what types of goals you have for your car.
  24. lordnikon_04

    Are my injectors aftermarket?

    Ok, i don't know if this will be enough info but, when i took a couple runs at the track the other night and i was sitting at 14 psi the whole way. Meanwhile, my a/f ratio was at 9.1:1 according to link(no wideband yet). My idc's were also only around the 70-75 the entire night. Now from what i...
  25. lordnikon_04

    INO meet

    Is there gonna be an INO meet this thursday?
  26. lordnikon_04

    Hks cam on stock head/bottom

    I agree completely. Depending on what turbo you are running you will only get very minimal power gains and if you don't have a type of engine management system to control the idle then you're car is just going to die at every stoplight. I would say if you have a really good deal for them then go...
  27. lordnikon_04

    Decided to quit smoking

    +1 for the quitting. I just started tech school and am finding out that alot of employers in the automotive repair field will be very hesitant to hire smokers over non-smokers. That in addition to the fact that here in Phoenix, the cheapest camel's i have found are just under 5 bucks. 5 bucks...
  28. lordnikon_04

    evo 3 16g vs new fp 18g

    Sorry about the noob question but, if it is not watercooled what would need to be done to block off or reroute the water lines from the motor?
  29. lordnikon_04

    AZ DSM cruise. Who's up for it???

    So how did this thing turn out. I haven't had internet until today since last friday so i didn't realize it was still on for today otherwise i definitely would have been there. Let me know when the next one is and i will be there for sure. Is the In-N-Out meet still on the 13th in Chandler? And...
  30. lordnikon_04

    AZ DSM cruise. Who's up for it???

    I'd be down for whatever. I just wanna get together and meet some new people when i move out there. The In-N-Out meet is on the 13th at the Chandler In-N-Out right? But yeah, i definitely am interested and if we can get my g/f's timing belt done before then we'll will take my gsx and her tsi awd.
  31. lordnikon_04

    AZ DSM cruise. Who's up for it???

    Good idea. I'm gonna be moving out to Avondale on the 1st and really wanted to get together with a bunch of people. I would definitely be wanting to go. Then I won't have to wait till the 14th to meet up at the In-N-Out meet.
  32. lordnikon_04

    1990 talon tsi, check it out, head rebuild

    I would give you 3000 cash right now if you were in CO but oh well. Very nice and clean car man.
  33. lordnikon_04

    Utah dsmers

    I'm not gonna be able to make it this time. I'm still waiting for my car to get up and running again from when the head sucked a couple valves back in june. Sorry guys but i have to pass this time and next month i'm moving to phoenix so i don't know if i'll be able to get back up there for a...
  34. lordnikon_04

    Utah dsmers

    so are we still doin this thing again on August 18th? I noticed it had been almost 2 months since the last post so i wanted to check up. Let me know guys.
  35. lordnikon_04

    Anyone else have troubles with Slowboy?

    So i took my car into my mechanic on June 7th. On June 12th, i found out what i expected, i needed a new head. So on the 13th i called slowboy and placed an order for a stock head. They did not have one in stock and originally said it should be to me in 10 days. So i waited and about 8 (business...
  36. lordnikon_04

    UEGO, before or after flex?

    Would the delay in readings be large enough to affect my logging and tuning with DSMLink?
  37. lordnikon_04

    UEGO, before or after flex?

    I just finally got myself an AEM UEGO wideband system for my 2G GSX. I have read numerous times on this site and others that you should place it before the flex but i also read once or twice that you can place it after the flex but make sure it's before the cat. Now, i have a 3" VRS exhaust that...
  38. lordnikon_04

    Another problem with this dsm

    Or maybe just a harmonic balancer that went out...just like the ones on all three of my awd dsm's have. As for your problem, like said earlier, check your heat shield bolts and even check that harmonic balancer just to see if it has seperated on you, if so it may also be rattling around.
  39. lordnikon_04

    Head in Colorado?

    Does anybody have or know of where I could get a complete head for my 98 GSX? It's the stock 7 bolt motor. I would like to find one here in CO so i can have it for my drag races next friday night. Any help is appreciated.
  40. lordnikon_04

    True Titanium Exhaust

    My 3" VRS Turboback sounds better than my buddies Megan/Thermal combo and my girlgriends old megan dp and catback combo. And I spent the same as the complete megan setup and almost half of the Megan dp and Thermal catback setup.
  41. lordnikon_04

    Utah dsmers

    I am definitely up for mid-august. I was kinda thinkin the 11th or the 18th but it doesn't really matter when it is, i'll be there. And so will Andi with her new 1995 TSi AWD:)
  42. lordnikon_04

    grinding all gears exept 5

    yes it could be you syncros and just so you know NO BUMPING:nono:
  43. lordnikon_04

    Forza 2 Demo Out and gamestop both show the 29th as the official release date
  44. lordnikon_04

    Reducing lag on gt40r?

    Sell that afc you're using, go buy dsmlink, and then use their antilag feature. That's what it's there for;)
  45. lordnikon_04

    gasket silicone on turbo = bad idea, right?

    Exactly, if you're going to be doing something, especially with the turbo, use the change under you couch cushions to go buy the proper gaskets so you don't have to take everything apart later just to replace a gasket.
  46. lordnikon_04

    Forza 2 Demo Out

    I'm so mad, the release date has been pushed back again. It's now supposed to come out on May 29th.:mad: I've had this game on reserve at Gamestop since last April:cry:
  47. lordnikon_04

    How to adjust SBR ( Forged performance ) T28 actuator

    If you want to run 20psi and the arm is rated up to 18psi then shorten as far as it will go. You might still drop off from 20psi in the upper rpm range but it shouldn't fall below 18psi which really isn't bad at all.
  48. lordnikon_04

    Throttle Cable Issue

    Do i use the wd-40 in the circular control box on the passenger side shock tower or the box looking one on the firewall?
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