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  1. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Mitsubishi Vs. Wrx Day Pics 10-15-2011

    Here are my pictures from this past event. I tried to get as much coverage as possible in the 3.5 hours I was there. Enjoy the pics.Here is the link to the full galleryMitsubishi vs WRX 2011 - a set on Flickr
  2. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Street Wars 1 At E-Town

    I'll be there covering the event for
  3. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    The 14b Drag Race Discussion Thread

    I know about I'm blue_gsx on lol. I was referring to Frank's custom fiberglass when I said I heard he was out of business.Honestly I find it hard to believe that my hood weighs 10-11lbs. I think it's lighter. I can pick this thing up with one hand and toss if I...
  4. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    The 14b Drag Race Discussion Thread

    I have a Frankscustom carbon fiber hood on my 1g. That thing weighs nothing. I would estimate it to weigh about 6-8 pounds. Nate last I heard he wasn't in business anymore. Not really sure if that is true though.
  5. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    show me your 1gs

    I took a pic of that white 1g at the showdown this past october. Here you go
  6. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Aftermarket Valve Cover

    I think along ago BJ's use to make these valve covers right here. Took this pic from the link forums. Some guy bought it off his friend that had it sitting around
  7. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    ANY local meets in NYC?

    I'm in Staten Island as well. But my 1g is hibernating right now lol. Join We have meets about 3-4 times a year.Pics I took at one of our past meets this year.NYCCDSM :: View topic - Hooters Meet Pics(Ro's Vision of DSM's under a street light)
  8. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    DSM/EVO Showdown 2010@Englishtown [] Pics

    Thanks. IIRC the Dragster was not able to make a clean pass due to traction issues. The track prep was not up to par.
  9. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    DSM/EVO Showdown 2010@Englishtown [] Pics

    Here is the link to the full gallery. over 350+ Pictures EVO vs. STI Showdown
  10. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    DSM/EVO Showdown 2010@Englishtown [] Pics

    This event was a huge disappointment. Only one shop car actually showed up to this event which was TurboTrix's Evo. I think that the lack of promotion of this event made it turn out the way it did. I still enjoyed chatting with a bunch of fellow DSM'ers as well as hanging out with members of my...
  11. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Ask your water alcohol injection questions here.

    Would mounting the nozzles under my intercooler pipe for a cleaner install cause any issues? Can it cause some fluid to pool around the nozzle after it stops spraying?
  12. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    FIAV Bypass for 1990 Throttlebody??

    On a 90 throttle body there are no bolts connecting the FIAV to the throttle body. If you want to get rid of it you have to cut it off and weld the passages shut. You can make a plate as well and have it welded on.
  13. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    what clutch should i use?

    my car is all stock and ,i want to get a new clutch,im thinkin of gettin a act2100 with the street disc.what do you guys think about this ?or should i get another clutch?
  14. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Pics from the Showdown@Englishtown

    I finished uploading all the pics to my album.Showdown@Englishtown August 2009 - a set on FlickrHere are a few pan shots i took that day. Not bad for my first attempt.
  15. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Pics from the Showdown@Englishtown

    Added Link to my album at the top of the page.Showdown@Englishtown August 2009 - a set on Flickr
  16. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    The Showdown @ Englishtown

    I posted some pics here
  17. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Pics from the Showdown@Englishtown

    More Pics Added!!If you see your car or don't see your car, there is a chance i might have a picture or more pictures if i posted it already so let me know. I will upload more tommorrow after work. Enjoy!
  18. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Pics from the Showdown@Englishtown

    Link to AlbumShowdown@Englishtown August 2009 - a set on Flickr
  19. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Pics from the Showdown@Englishtown

    Here a few Teaser Pics. I still have so many more to go through. I just edited a few for now. I will keep adding pics and eventually post a link to an album with all the pictures.
  20. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Why i love aluminum (and other soft metals)

    That's the same method i use to grind them down.I have polished numerous valve covers and this is the easiest method for me. I know some people use a belt sander, and from what i hear it's much faster then using an angle grinder.You always see the ghost lettering in the reflection. Looks...
  21. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Why i love aluminum (and other soft metals)

    Nice work there!Here's a few pics of my work.I have a bench buffer but have yet to use it.Most of the stuff i polish i use a handheld drill with buffing wheels and compounds.I have a bunch more but prefer not to clutter your thread lol.
  22. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Prosport water temp gauge

    The sending unit has 2 wires. One that goes to the gauge and the the other wire is a ground. You can ground it anywhere in the engine bay.
  23. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    BLING! I powdercoated my rims!

    Martin is the man! I got a few things coated by him not too long ago.Awesome prices.
  24. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Anybody know any good tuners in jerzz

    Felix medina aka GATO tuning?That guy is the man, Tunes alot of heavy duty hondas including his own which went 9.3 not too long ago.I'm not sure if he messes with dsms though.
  25. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    AEM EMS info?

    Actually V3 is closer then you think....
  26. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    NJDSM track day : Island Dragway : April 6th

    If you guys set-up another one at the end of april, I'm down.
  27. 91eagle_tsi_awd


    Send them an email and they will help you out.
  28. 91eagle_tsi_awd


    Tuning for driveability is mostly done by adjusting your airflow sliders(calibrating the MAFT with a map sensor or Wideband),fuel injector dead times and global settings.You can use up to 1600cc with link and get the car idling and cruising like a champ.There's also a VE table you can...
  29. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    So I bought ebay intercooler pipes from CXracing

    I bought my kit from them about a year and a half ago,And i havent't had any problems with the couplers clamps or pipes.
  30. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Call of Duty 4

    Awesome game! multiplayer is so much fun.
  31. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Brian Crower 280's

    My car dies when its cold with my 272's, but i think its mainly due to me eliminating the FIAV. I still havent set base timing either.
  32. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Dsm Link Question

    Only reason that would happen is if your car is a 91+. or maybe the last owner swapped the coil and transistor to be able to run a 91 ecu ?
  33. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Where's Shep?

    I saw shep earlier this year at englishtown, nj . I think he was having problems with the car that weekend too.
  34. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    I got pwned!!!

  35. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Basic MAFT Questions [merged] GM MAF Translator

    Dont go by your a/f gauge unless you have a wideband. If your getting it for a good deal, i would buy it.
  36. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Forced Performance FP3150 Dual BB turbo installed!

    The new set-up looks great! I give it a few months and everyone will be buying that turbo.Im happy with your old scm61 though:thumb:. Good luck with the car, Hope you get what you expect out of it.
  37. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    DSM Link Injector Size

    Check the injector table on the dsmlink manual. It also tells you that these numbers are a rough guide to dial in your injectors. You might need to change them slightly if needed.
  38. 91eagle_tsi_awd

    Brian Crower 280's

    i fixed the throttle body leak already, my car is really loud because i have a apex n1.ill get more vids up later on due to the fact that im having problems with the car shutting off on me after i come to a stop.all i have on the car to tune at the moment is a maft . im trying to find a used...
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