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  1. 95tsiawd11s

    EVO8 Brakes on 2g GSX!!
  2. 95tsiawd11s

    EVO8 Brakes on 2g GSX!!

    No they did not alter wheel position new knuckle uses your existing wheel hub/control arms, direct bolt on. 5zigen gn+ 17X7.5 yes standard 2g brake lines bolt right up to evo calipers
  3. 95tsiawd11s

    EVO8 Brakes on 2g GSX!!

    If you can get the calipers and rotors, front and rear for 400, like the set on ebay, the knuckles for another 500 or so, you have 900 into a $2K plus set up. The rears are direct bolt on, just a little trimming of the dust shield.
  4. 95tsiawd11s

    EVO8 Brakes on 2g GSX!!

    I had the power slot rotors, ss lines, ebc green pads, and I still had to pull off to the shoulder sometimes. 520 to the wheels on pump over powers the stock braking system, for me anyway.
  5. 95tsiawd11s

    EVO8 Brakes on 2g GSX!!

    Yes, with the JDM knuckles, it was a bolt on affair. The rears just needed to trip the dust shield. That's it.
  6. 95tsiawd11s

    EVO8 Brakes on 2g GSX!!

    I do not believe it can be done on the 1G's due to the knuckles, totally different shock set up.mitsumissile, he is on here, you can pm him about pricing to you. I paid 540 for the knuckles, shipped, I am in NJ. DHL 2-3 day service. I paid on monday, installed them friday night. Very easy to...
  7. 95tsiawd11s

    EVO8 Brakes on 2g GSX!!

    Sorry I haven't posted this sooner, we have been busy, Jim got married, Military owning me, yadda yadda. lolThe calipers and rotors came off of an 03 Evo8, had to get the steering knuckles from overseas, got them from mitsumissile on this forum. All I can say is WOW!!!! before, I had to...
  8. 95tsiawd11s

    Can't boost pass 9psi?

    I have a friend who has a 2G FWD. The engine has been rebuilt with pistons and rods, I'm not sure which brands. He has the apexi fmic I believe. He had a hahn s16G. He couldn't boost pass 9 psi. I re-did all his vacuum lines, put a new wastegate on, new BOV on, and even ran off the wastegate...
  9. 95tsiawd11s

    Help! My car just turned off!

    Your CAS (cam/crank angle sensor) is located on the leftside of the motor, in the intake cam, by your throttle body. It has a plug, and is bolted down by two nuts. Check to see if you are getting spark before replacing it, if the CAS is bad, you won't get spark
  10. 95tsiawd11s

    Firing Order [Merged 5-7]

    2341 is the way I have mine... my car runs fine.
  11. 95tsiawd11s

    Firing Order [Merged 5-7]

    2341 is the firing order
  12. 95tsiawd11s

    AEM EMS, Haltec E6K, or Stock ECU?

    Also, any input on the GM MAS and Translator? I know a couple of my buddies with first gens have it and love it, but heard nothing about the GM MAS's and 2nd gens.
  13. 95tsiawd11s

    AEM EMS, Haltec E6K, or Stock ECU?

    Thanks for the quick replies, I will keep everything in mind... keep them coming!
  14. 95tsiawd11s

    AEM EMS, Haltec E6K, or Stock ECU?

    Which is the best route for my 95 TSI AWD? I am looking to end up in the 10's but would like everyone's opinion on each set up. I am using the stock ECU, SAFC, etc. for now. But before I spend over $2000 on an engine management system, I would like to know everyone's opinion on pros and cons. My...
  15. 95tsiawd11s

    2G 6-bolt people...Help

    Try replacing your Oxygen Sensor. If you are getting no readings on it, it will cause your car to act up. Mine too a dump on me. Worth a shot. Go to, they are like $50 there. Good luck!
  16. 95tsiawd11s

    BOOST LEAK, need some advice please

    you need to leak test your car. Very simple to make. I went to home depot, got a PVC sewer cap, silicone reducer, and tire valve. I drilled a hole into the sewer cap, so I can insert the valve. Epoxy or seal around the valve so it don't leak. Then, put the cap on the big side of the coupling and...
  17. 95tsiawd11s

    possible timing or cam problem

    hate to be the bearer of bad news, but check your rod bearings. Your timing could be off too.
  18. 95tsiawd11s

    0 compression in all 4 pistons

    I bet you jumped time and bent your valves! Sorry to say it. Good luck.
  19. 95tsiawd11s

    I am STUMPPED!

    Anyone have any ideas?? I'd like to work on it this weekend.
  20. 95tsiawd11s

    I am STUMPPED!

    OK, since I got my motor back, it took a while, but it seems that while just cruising at about 10-15 percent throttle, the car will bog down as if getting too much fuel. Sometimes you can press in the clutch, rev the motor and it will clear up. Then two minutes later it will do it again...
  21. 95tsiawd11s

    Car smokes!!

    why do you think it's not the valve seals? that's what it sounds like the most. I'm not sure if there is a seal kit for the turbo from the dealer.
  22. 95tsiawd11s

    I Hate My DSM, or My DSM Hates Me [Merged 12-8]

    maybe your timing. your timing should be 5 - 8 degrees below top dead center. @ 750 rpms. check that. hope you figure it out.
  23. 95tsiawd11s

    smoke out the wheel wells

    If they don't know what they are doing! If you are mechanically inclined, do it yourself. All you have to do is drop the tranny, take off the clutch, pres plate, flywheel, and it's right there. Five little bolts holding it to the block, 2 more from the oil pan. I think I paid 8 or 12 dollars for...
  24. 95tsiawd11s

    GSX is over heating

    The spring holds pressure, that is what the psi rating is for. If the spring is bad, it will not hold pressure to keep the coolant in. Also, your seal may be rotted or torn, check that too.
  25. 95tsiawd11s

    changing lifters??

    No, you don't have to take the cams and t belt off. go to and go to lifter cleaning/replacement.
  26. 95tsiawd11s

    What is ticking?

    Change the oil. It may be too thin.
  27. 95tsiawd11s

    Car dies when I coast

    raise your idle. check for vacuum leaks
  28. 95tsiawd11s


    take one spark plug out at a time, and run on three cylinders. It will run like crap, but if the noise goes away, it is the bearing for that rod in that cylinder. do it to each one. If that doesn't work, you may have piston slap
  29. 95tsiawd11s

    knocking nosie when above 1500rpms

    I did the 6 bolt when my bearings went. I heard you can get oversized bearings, and cut the crank. Take the crank to get checked out. 6 bolt is the way to go, though.
  30. 95tsiawd11s

    knocking nosie when above 1500rpms

    rod bearings. take off one spark plug wire at a time. then rev the motor. if the knock goes away, it is the bearings for that cylinder.
  31. 95tsiawd11s

    GSX is over heating

    I had the same problem.... believe it or not, it's your radiator cap! $8 for a new one. The spring may be shot or the seal broken. I couldn't believe it either. Try it and let me know.
  32. 95tsiawd11s

    Idle Issue after Headgasket replacement

    what did you clean the throttle body with? If the solvent was too strong, you may have deteriorated the seals and have massive vac/boost leak.
  33. 95tsiawd11s

    timing belt help needed fast, please help....

    did you say it is not the belt on the cam gears? The way you describe it, sounds like the alternator belt. Please clarify better for me.
  34. 95tsiawd11s

    car dying?

    Probably a short, but also check your grounds. My ground from the battery to the chassis was frayed, so I replaced it. Worth a shot.
  35. 95tsiawd11s

    oil in radiator

    possibly oil cooler
  36. 95tsiawd11s

    lifter? rocker arm? loud knocking

    Take your spark plug wire off, one at a time. After you unplug one wire, start the car. It will run like ass, but it will run. If you unplug one, and the noise goes away, it is the bearing on that cylinder. Just an easy way to check bearings... worth a shot.
  37. 95tsiawd11s

    Knocking and Ticking noise. Please Help sorry, copied the wrong address.
  38. 95tsiawd11s

    Knocking and Ticking noise. Please Help

    yeah, that would be lifter tick, you may need to clean the lifters. Here is a site with the procedure.
  39. 95tsiawd11s

    lifter? rocker arm? loud knocking

    Sounds like rod bearings. Don't want to scare you, but that was the first thing that went bad when I discovered I had crankwalk. Good luck!
  40. 95tsiawd11s

    Knocking and Ticking noise. Please Help

    sounds like lifter tick and a need of oil change. These cars tell you when you need to change the oil!!!
  41. 95tsiawd11s

    separated crankshaft pulley, jumped timing

    Yeah, that's what I said, but he is dreading the cw, so he wanted one with the harmonic balancer and everything.
  42. 95tsiawd11s

    separated crankshaft pulley, jumped timing

    Sorry for the bad luck, but I just wanted to let you know that I have a 2g ported head complete with web street grind cams for sale. I am asking $550 plus shipping. Thanks, hope everything works out. Oh yea, that happened to my friend's 98 gsx, cost him $350 just for the pulley.
  43. 95tsiawd11s

    timing belt skiped lots of teeth

    No, you have to crank the motor, not start it. Undo the ignition coil, or take the mpi fuse by your battery. As you are cranking, it will read on the gauge. $850 doesn't sound bad for a complete running motor. My best advise is to find one close to you so you can visibly check it out.
  44. 95tsiawd11s

    timing belt skiped lots of teeth

    check your compression in each cylinder. no compression would mean bent valves. You can get a good running 6 bolt for around 700. Figure on another 200 or so in mods
  45. 95tsiawd11s

    possible crank walk HELP!!!!!

    sounds like your harmonic balancer fell off, or did the whole pulley? Well both happened to each of my friends. They didn't have crankwalk. It never happened to me, I got crankwalk.... go figure!
  46. 95tsiawd11s

    timing belt skiped lots of teeth

    Mu buddy's car skipped while at idle and bent all the valves. Good luck, man.
  47. 95tsiawd11s

    timing belt skiped lots of teeth

    It could be the automatic tensioner. Being a 2G, you may have gotten crankwalk, I doubt it, but possible. Most likely the tensioner. How many teeth got jumped? My buddy's timing jumped like 4-5 teeth and bent all his valves. Check it out and let me know.
  48. 95tsiawd11s

    six bolt swap install question

    to use a 2g front case, you have to do some drilling and shaving. it is easier to just get the 1g front case then you won't have to drill or shave, if that is what you are talking about.
  49. 95tsiawd11s

    Stage 2 Web Cams

    Do I have to buy racing springs for my head if I get the stage 2 Web Cams? Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Martin.
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