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  1. ABS Problem buzzing motor [Merged 7-9]

    I didn't do anything to the vehicle that has anything to do with the ABS. I bought the vehicle not running. It had very low compression on all cylinders. Replaced the headgasket, and put in arp studs. Replaced the timing belt and balance shaft belt. Once it was running finally, that is when I...
  2. ABS Problem buzzing motor [Merged 7-9]

    Wow, it's been a while since I owned a DSM (god I missed it), and it's good to be back. I recently purchased a 95 AWD Talon that wasn't running. After getting it running all things seemed ok, until I backed it out of the shop. The abs light came on before I even went 10 feet. I pulled the car...
  3. Big 16g Spool Up

    At what rpm should the Big 16g produce 15 psi at? What about the EVO III Big 16g?Thanks
  4. MAF Translator and S-AFC

    Thanks guys, you been a big help.
  5. MAF Translator and S-AFC

    If I were to get GM MAF and the Ramchargers MAF Translator would I still need an S-AFC (for example the if the S-AFC has more control than the MAF Trans.) or not? If I do then are they compatible? Also which setup is better: (this is on a 1g Talon TSi AWD)1g MAS w/ Apexi S-AFC 2g MAS w/...
  6. Pics of the new Skyline GT-R R33

    God I hate you...j/k. By the way what is the difference between the R32, R33, and R34 Skylines? Is it model year differences like 1g and 2g DSMs or is it like the model differences like GST and GSX?
  7. Fastest production car?

    Not sure if it is out yet, but the Bugatti Veyron - 1001 hp, Quad Turbo, V12, AWD, 250 mph top speed
  8. how much did you pay for your AWD?

    93 Talon TSi - 102,000 miles - $2500 kbb value + $2500 in mods already done to car = I paid $3500 for it.
  9. I Can't Believe This!

    I actually do want to do a turbo minivan, just not the turbo 4 banger. I want to do a 3.0 DOCH Twin Turbo (3000GT engine), because the block in the minivans is the same as the 3000GT. It would be very funny to beat a Viper w/ a minivan at a drag strip where everybody could see. And, yes I do...
  10. I Can't Believe This!

    Since I got my Talon, I have been wanting to race an SRT-4 and a WRX. Everyday I am driving in my car the only cars that want to race are ricers in their early 90's Honda Civics. So as my luck would have it I was returning a Tool Chest to Sears, so I had to take my brothers minivan and as I am...
  11. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    The world is coming to an end. I saw this on I have no words...just click the link. Please kill me now!!
  12. favorite music or band that gets you pumped when driving

    Not in any particular order, here are my favorites-Rammstein (they kick ass!)- 1gE.T. it is good to know someone else here likes them. -AC/DC (how can you not drive fast listening to "Highway to Hell") -Ozzy Osbourne -Rob Zombie -Darude ("Sandstorm") -Godsmack -Xzibit -Outcast...
  13. exhaust from HKS

    I have the Bushur Racing 2.5" Turbo-back (came on the car when I bought it) and I love the sound and performance. Also, I have heard only good things about RnR's Exhaust systems and I plan on getting a RnR 3" SS Turbo-back exhaust pretty soon.
  14. 2 Questions

    Anybody? Please.
  15. 2 Questions

    How much boost can I run on 93 or 94 octane gas?Also, about how much HP do you guys think a Dejon Tool intake pipe w/ 2g MAS and Upper Intercooler Pipe will get me?ThanksKyle
  16. Wheel/Tire combo

    Hey guys, this is a two part question.First, what rims (17" or maybe, maybe 18") do you think would look the best on a 1993 black Talon?Second, what do you guys think are the best high performance tires to go along w/ the rims?Thanks,KyleP.S.- the Talon is stock height.
  17. Warning Light?

  18. Warning Light?

    Today I was driving around and a warning light came on and I need to know what it is. I don't have the manual but I will be getting one soon.The light is the nearest to the steering column on the left, is orange/yellow, and looks something like an intercooler or radiator (I don't think it...
  19. K&N Filter Size

    No problem, I had to read over it a few times to make sure I read it correctly also.
  20. K&N Filter Size

    Lando, he said that he wants to take of the air can and replace it w/ a cone air filter, so he was wondering what would be the right one to get as it is not a stock piece, so therefore couldn't look up the correct part #.
  21. 1990 Talon hood

    This should be in the classifieds section.
  22. E.t.?

    If you are not going to answer seriosly, why bother answering at all? Do you assume that because I am a relative noob that I am a horrible driver, or are you just joking around? The reason I am asking what my E.T. should be is because I don't have a drag strip near me. New England Dragway is...
  23. week of BAD luck....

    When everyone gets their first street bike they should take a beginners riding course, no matter how long they have ridden dirt bikes and the like. It is similar but it is not the same.
  24. E.t.?

    I think low 13's is a little optimistic, don't you? I was thinking mid-high 13's, but low 13's would kick ass. Anybody else?
  25. week of BAD luck....

    Dude, when I read the part about "liquifying his testicles", I lost all feeling in my lower body, and very nearly lost all control of my bowels. May I suggest a downgrade to a moped, or maybe a Lark electric scooter?
  26. E.t.?

    I forgot to mention boost is set at 14lbs. I bought the car this way yesterday, and the guy never took it to the track (I know most people prefer not to buy cars w/ mods already done, because it usually means the owner races/beats the crap out of the car, but this car has been well taken care...
  27. Datalogging???

    Pocketlogger only works on PDAs running Palm OS, it doesn't work w/ laptops.
  28. E.t.?

    Hey guys, what do you think my car will run in the 1/4?1993 Talon TSi AWD-Please check my profile for my modsThanks,Kyle
  29. E.t.?

    Hey guys, what do you think my car will run in the 1/4?1993 Talon TSi AWD-Please check my profile for my modsThanks,Kyle
  30. Friendly Offer

    Dude, you rule! I can't believe you responded so quikly. Thank you very much.Kyle
  31. Friendly Offer

    Hey I finally have mine. 4E3CG64F7PE004658 [email protected]
  32. Which one?

    Thanks guys, I think I am going to go with the 93.
  33. Oh no!! They're multiplying!!!

    I believe that GM is using the Honda engine in the Malibu because Honda is supposed to use a GM V8 in a full-size pickup they might produce.
  34. Which one?

    Which of these cars do you think I should buy?-1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD (not sure if 6 bolt/4 bolt, have to check build date). 103K, White, new front axles, 1k on new clutch. A few problems are, 2 small (about quarter sized) paint chips in hood, a crack on the lower front fascia on the...
  35. Friendly Offer

    Free bump.I am going to have one for you tomorrow after I check out a Talon.Thanks
  36. what to look for when buyin new (used) dsm

    I have a question, how do you check for crankwalk? Do you need the car up off the ground, and take the oil pan off?Secondly, what is the most common reasons for burning oil on start-up on DSMs- valve guides, valve seals, or piston rings? If a DSM you are looking at burns oil on start-up...
  37. Good Deal?

    Do you think that I should offer him less because it may have been driven hard (even if it runs good)?
  38. Good Deal?

    Hey guys do you think this is a good deal? 1993 Talon TSi AWD Do you think that is a good price? If not, what do you think the car is worth?ThanksKyle
  39. How can I tune my AWD car if it can't go on the dyno??

    I found what I was looking for. It is called a Viscous Coupling Eliminator and its from Mach V motorsports- . I hope this helps.
  40. RSX downshift from 7000 in 5th to 2nd gear!

    It said in the thread that he was trying to downshift into 4th (don't ask me why).
  41. How can I tune my AWD car if it can't go on the dyno??

    Some places have AWD Dynos- there is one here in CT, but I can't remember the name- but if you don't have a shop near you with an AWD Dyno, you can buy something (I don't remeber the name) that cuts off power to the rear wheels, so that way you can use a regular dyno.
  42. RSX downshift from 7000 in 5th to 2nd gear!

    Did you see at the end of the thread where some guy figured out that the engine was spinning at over 16,000 rpms. That would make any engine go kaboom.
  43. Agp L2r

    Has AGP discontinued the L2R turbocharger? I went looking on their site for specs on it but couldn't find it.
  44. Best Exhaust

    What is the best turbo-back exhaust system?I don't like the look of the Apexi N1 (too ricey) or the Tanabe Racing Medallion (too ugly).I want something that sounds good, not like a pissed off bumble bee. I also don't want something with 4 or 5" tip (3" exhaust and 3"-3 1/2" tip).Thanks
  45. 1g & 2g Stock Specs?

  46. 1g & 2g Stock Specs?

    Does anybody have the stock specs for the 1g & or 2g DSMs?Such as-- Horsepower - Torque - Weight - 0-60 time - 1/4 mi. time
  47. Ultimate Rice? (Fake Intercooler)

    I know everyone has differing opinions on what exactly constitutes "rice", but I think everyone will agree with me (maybe not) that this would constitute "rice"- Fake Intercooler
  48. Best Street Turbo?

    At what RPM do each of these turbos begin spool-up and when do they reach full boost?L1R L2R FP Green Big 16G 20GBy the way this would be a daily driver that I would like to reach low 12's - high 11's, maybe even mid 11's.Thanks
  49. Best Street Turbo?

    I was wondering what you guys think is the best street turbo? I was thinking the AGP L1R, or the ForcedPerformance Green, but they are a little expensive compared to the 16g or Big 16g. Which is best- taking into consideration price, max psi, max hp, lag, and quality.Thanks
  50. 99 GS-T vs. SRT-4

    midnght, why are you comparing a SRT-4 to an Evo VIII? First off the Evo VIII is about $8,000 more than a SRT-4. Second, why if the Evo has 62 more HP than a SRT, does it only beat it by .4 in the 1/4 mi. ? The reason it gets to 60 quicker is partly because of AWD. There is really no one...
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