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  1. Have you seen this before?

    Oh yea sorry, the boost idea is cool but having it open all the time under boost would get quite annoying. That is where the electric has is advantages, id take out the wingnuts nad put on some SS lock nuts if your that worried about them unscrewing.The link is good for me.... Try...
  2. Have you seen this before?

    Ive seen that before and think it is one of the gayest designs for a electronic valve. How is the exhaust supposed to flow at a 90 degree angle?? That doesnt help flow at all and wouldnt only let minimal air out and alot of noise. If it was a y pipe and it angled out normally then I wouldnt...
  3. Did your ACT clutch fail on you? If so, post here

    Well after about 6 months of diagnosing whats the problem, I think my PP is junk.In august I was driving to a Mitsu cookout in MN and right when I got off the freeway the clutch lost about 2" of pedal height and I barely made it home after that.So I parked the car and took the tranny...
  4. Pissstonnn ringsssssss

    Wroooonnnnng Areaaaaa! :laugh: :thumbdown
  5. will not go into gear

    You both probably have worn out pedal assemblies... you can try all the things you mentioned... I wouldnt shim the flywheel but thats just me.Try a new fork, ball, slave, master and clutch line and then if those dont help get ready to dig up the dash.I did it a week ago this weekend I...
  6. Blue 1G's

    Thanks!!! :thumb:
  7. Blue 1G's

    My car^ ;)
  8. The Shiney Paint Thread.

    :barf: Wow that looks bad.
  9. will not go into gear

    Heres some info on the pedal assembly
  10. alot of work to replace 1g dash speakers?

    The dash is a bad location for speakers... dont use those and just get a nice component set and mount the tweeter somewhere angled toward the passengers.
  11. will not go into gear

    I already told you how... Push the clutch down normally to the ground, then let it back up. Grab the pedal and if you can pull it up anymore, then that could be your problem. If you cant pull it up then it should be ok. I got that info from other people, I have not proven that to be true yet...
  12. will not go into gear

    I wouldnt put anymore than 1 washer on there because then your just putting constant pressure on the pressure plate and thats not good.Its either your master, slave, fork, ball, clutch pedal assembly. Narrow it down from there.
  13. will not go into gear

    I had the same problem and I just dropped the tranny. My clutch engaged off the floor before but all of a sudden I lost about 2" of pedal pressure.So I replaced the master and slave and that did nothing, dropped the tranny and everything looks fine, Ill prolly replace the ball and fork...
  14. 1G DataLogger Mount Ideas

    Just PM me if you want one.-Peter
  15. 1G DataLogger Mount Ideas

    Sorry I thought I put it in, weird... well its there now.
  16. 1G DataLogger Mount Ideas

    Here is a local forum I am on. I have 3 of these mounts left for sale if anyone wants one. $30 shipped with instructions and you can have a nice mount! :thumb:Sorry haha -Heres the link:
  17. Getting rid of the dragons...

    Just use a hair dryer, or go buy a heat gun and peel as you heat. Should come off just swell ;)
  18. What kit is this

    What kit is that black 1G in the 2nd post above mine? That looks custom, what kind of skirts are those also?
  19. !!!!Paint Job Opinions!!!!

    Wow your really lucky to have a car like that when your only 16. Dont get too carried away ;)
  20. !!!!Paint Job Opinions!!!!

    Thats prolly the nicest silver paint I have ever seen. Looks almost wet. Nice job! :thumb:
  21. 1g e brake handle upgrade anyone?

    I just went with an Ichiban brushed aluminum knob. had to cut alot of the rubber away to make it slide over the stock one but it fits, and comes with a bunch of ends to fit the stock release button.Now I just have to make the boot and Im set.
  22. Exhaust Cut-out [Merged 8-9] cut out bypass

    Uhh its pretty simple.. Its "legal" when you have it closed and are running through the stock exh... but when its open its illegal due to noise, pollution etc.
  23. painting GS rims

    Autozone sells wheels paint in silver gunmetal and white, and they have a clear coat also. I believe its made by duplicolor but Its "for wheels." I am acutally in the process of painting some 17s right this moment... Just waiting for the silver to dry and then clear coating them all. The...
  24. Quieter Muffler

    Ive heard the magnaflow is loud, and Ive heard the N1 isnt too loud but I dont know... Basically what is a little louder than stock that flows?The buschur uses a dynomax ultraflow SS muffler which is pretty much the same as a magnaflow so I wont got that route again.Also I read that...
  25. Quieter Muffler

    I currently have a Buschur 2.5" turboback exhaust... I have both a free flow cat and a test pipe but the cat is somewhat quieter so thats whats in there right now.Its been about 2 years since the install and Im getting sick of the drony loud exhaust tone. I like it at idle but going on...
  26. Creating 1g 90-91 cf hood who is intrested

    I would also be interested if its cheaper than most out there and if it turns out really nice and light.
  27. Door Moldings HELP!

    3M double stick tape.
  28. Fog light bulbs

    The human eye sees the color yellow the easiest. So at night you can see more detail under yellow alumination.Fog lights dont cut through fog.. they are aimed further toward the ground so you can see the road in front of you instead on the clouds your going throguh in front of your headights.
  29. Searched/ Best pure summer tire for 90-115 a piece

    Falken Azenis ST-115 are right around 100-120 a peice for 225/45/17. I am ordering a set next week. They have great reviews in dry/wet traction and are one of the quietest tires out there I guess.Falken Azenis Sports are nicer but they are a little more spendy and are stickier so less life...
  30. Painted Valve Covers [Merged 11-8]

    Heres mine just finished it. :D
  31. 1G amp mounting location ideas

    I mounted my two amps right on the back wall of the hatch. Its hard to see and its totally out of the way. Just get some nice long screws and tap a hole into the plastic. The plastic holds raelly well actually.
  32. Body kit or is it not?

    Alright guy dont wet yourself over it :thumb:
  33. Screw Pop-ups, 1g Headlight conversion

    Im not sure if this counts for bombardment or not but what is going on with the actual lighting? Are you going to just buy fog lights and put them in there or have you found a different housing you can use?
  34. would you buy

    I personally wouldnt as I like making things like that versus buying them because it is easy to make. Also there are already alot of vendors that sell them for cheaper than 50 bucks... like SLS
  35. Windows Tint - Darkness vs Functionality

    So what happens when your pulled over again? ;)
  36. well car is out of the body shop finally

    That looks really awesome! :thumb: How do you put the gas nozzle in the gas outlet though? It looks too deep to stick in the holw straight.
  37. 1G Door Window Trim [Merged 10-8] belt beltline chrome black weatherstrip

    I tried realing off the rest of the black flaky stuff and painting it but it looked like crap. So i went to the dealer and got 2 brand new ones for like 30 bucks a pop? Not bad, worth it.
  38. Windows Tint - Darkness vs Functionality

    I live in MN and the limit is 50% here. Does anyone have any pictures of 50% tinting? I would like to be legal but have some sun protection.
  39. Body kit or is it not?

    Which one did he get? Because on that site there is only the combat kit and they sell this(picture) rear bumper but it doesnt look a whole lot like the Maroon car I posted up top...Can you ask him if he can help me out with figuring out what bumper is what? His rear bumper doesnt have the...
  40. Body kit or is it not?

    The Xenon kit might actually be it. He just used a different fron end. The thing is, no sites that have the Xenon kit for the 1G even show the rear of the car which is really irritating... I only want the rear addition... grr
  41. Body kit or is it not?

    Anyone know what kind of body "kit" this is? The bumpers are stock but this car has additional bottom "valances." I think that the rear looks really nice, not too flashy but sweet. Nice way to lower the rear of a 1G...Just looking to see if anyone knows what kind of kit this is and where...
  42. Chin spoiler for 1g

    Get some better shocks and springs and that will keep the car straighter than any chin spoiler can.
  43. Spoilers OTHER THAN STOCK on 1G

    1Gs with aluminum spoilers look terrible... some cars look "ok" but not 1Gs... Stock spoilers flow the best- both in aerodynamics and looks.
  44. PDA power

    I built a converter but its secret :)Runs off car power all the time, no need for batteries.
  45. EXEL RIMS: 6 month review

    They should have a warranty against those kinds of defects atleast for a year... Call them up.
  46. pics of my new kit and suggestions..

    That kit is actually pretty clean, not too flashy. Most 2G sideskirts that come with kits are too ### looking. But I like those. I also like that the kit is painted :thumb:
  47. Poll: Which Rims?

    If you mean keeping the stock body kit then yes it will stay stock.The mods to exterior right now are clear corners, a mesh grille covering a FMIC and exhaust tip... I will be tinting the windows also and a 1.5 lowering will follow.I am thinking 1, 4 or 6 right now. Too many choices, I...
  48. Poll: Which Rims?

    Right now Id say 17s. I want 18s but they are spendy.
  49. Poll: Which Rims?

    Thanks guys, keep the opinions coming :thumb:
  50. Poll: Which Rims?

    They would go on this car- 91 GSX...1-2-3-4-5--6-7
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