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  1. Why are my horsepower numbers so low?

    your main problem is that you start at 11psi and end up at 20. keep the boost at 20 psi across the rpm range and you'll make a ton more peak power. IMO internally gated turbos are hit or miss for creep.Ben
  2. Okay, help me decide what is causing this.

    the shifter should have adjustment for the side to side movement. on a 93 anyways.Ben
  3. Help with shifter being sloppy

    there is a round piece of plastic, i referred to it as a bushing, that goes on the end of the shifter. it slides on and off and is easy to lose. if that is gone there will alot of play in the shifter while it is in gear and you'll hear the end of the shifter hitting the inside of that circle you...
  4. Okay, help me decide what is causing this.

    you prolly need to adjust both your shifter and your clutch. shifter is easy, clutch is a little more involved. TRE has a good step by step on their website.
  5. Help with shifter being sloppy

    check for the plastic bushing on the end of the shifter. if that's gone there will be alot of play in the shifter while it's in gear. it'll also sound like metal on metal when you move it side to side.Ben
  6. Amazing O2 housing

    it sounds like you'll need a custom DP. I don't know if I'd want to try to retrofit a hahn Jr. or equivalent for this.Ben
  7. Quick Breather Question

    what he said.i've got a K&N breather if you want it, cheap. it even comes with a custom sized hose so it fits on the nipple. let me know.Ben
  8. Quick Breather Question

    Just putting a breather filter on the nipple of the valve cover will leak oil all over. plus they don't fit so well. you'll have to put a piece of fuel line or hose to get the right can do 2 things to the PCV valve if you want to. 1, dissasemble it by breaking it and jb welding...
  9. best RPM

    why don't you try a couple different shift points while you are at the track and decide based on your times, which is the best?that sounds like a logical solution doesn't it?Ben
  10. Problems with AMS?

    rock and roll.AMS 1, idiots 0Ben
  11. Problems with AMS?

    We'll just leave it at you not knowing if your O2 sensor is working, calling me not bright and me calling you stupid for bringing it out here.calmer than you are...Walter
  12. Problems with AMS?

    so you paid them $250 to tune your car and install an A/F gauge , it doesn't work, it knocks, and you didn't take it back to them to have them fix it? you're stupid or you fukked it up. but hey, let's bi*** about it on the internet instead.Benstampnutz saves the day.
  13. Problems with AMS?

    you start to break shit when you increase HP.and AMS seems to doing a good job of raising power levels.Ben
  14. Grounding wire mod does it really help engine performance?

    It fixes a bad ground. that's it.Ben
  15. external wastegate question

    I meant O2 housing when i wrote wastegate.Always proofread your posts.Ben
  16. external wastegate question

    as long as the wastgate stays closed it is not obnoxious. which means under normal driving conditions, it will not be for the internally gated 16g, you can get a wastegate vented to the atmosphere without going to an external WG. that might get obnoxious though.Ben
  17. anyone near chicago know how to convert abs to non abs??

    a better question might be has anyone succeeded in removing the abs module with the engine in the car. there are 4 brake lines that must be replaced as well as the proportioning valve. i would imagine you would have to remove the intake manifold at the very least.Ben
  18. getting top end back

    you don't have a turbo listed in your mod list. please tell me you don't still have the t25 with an external WG.I'm afraid to ask what boost controller you are using.Ben
  19. swaping out turbos

    check out the usual Forced Performance or AGP menu of turbos for your new power requirements, whatever they may be. also, PTE has been getting alot of praise lately for their cheap, seemingly reliable, and infinite set-ups.if you had looked around, you would have seen that anyone making...
  20. swaping out turbos

    you must be pretty good to squeeze 400hp out of a big 16g.any timeslips?Ben
  21. wastegate

    i understood the first time.i'll ask again. does it creep? has it creeped? are you worried about it creeping?if the answer is yes to any of these, get it ported by someone who knows what they are doing. ie - road race or it right the first time, port it before it goes on the...
  22. Car not holding pressure during boost leak test

    i hear you.the short RC 550's were a puzzling mess of leaks for a long time. and then there is the obligatory hunt for the MBC leak that isn't there. that only happened twice... ok, maybe three times. it keeps you busy.Ben
  23. someone help me with these switches on the translator??????!!!!!

    Mike, you have the patience of a saint. i don't know how you do it.on a tech note, have you noticed that while the base should be set for the appropriate size injectors, the idle knob must be richened up significantly to compensate? has this been corrected or addressed with the new 1.3 chip...
  24. turbo air intake???

    how'd you get a computer stuck in your intake? and what the hell are you talking about? :confused:i'll take a stab at it anyway. you need some way to measure the amount of air going into the engine on any car. if you take that "computer" away, it will run like i need to include a...
  25. wastegate

    seems like hella mods for not knowing much about wastegates.what's wrong with the internal you've got now? if it creeps, port it.there's alot more invloved with switching to an external than just installing it.Ben
  26. Car not holding pressure during boost leak test

    quite the ghetto rig there Jim :thumb:, but yeah, that's the idea.Ben
  27. Intake leak test......How come???

    either the exhaust valves are closed or the intake valves are closed on stock cams.either way air will not get past the combustion chamber, trust me. there is too much to worry about in between the turbo and the combustion chamber, don't waste you time thinking the valves are open.Ben
  28. Vac. leak but where?

    boost leak test. you won't find leaks by visual inspection.Ben
  29. Intake leak test......How come???

    throttle body is not air are pressurizing from the turbo to the combustion chamber.Ben
  30. Car not holding pressure during boost leak test

    i don't understand how people don't understand the concept of this. i have reprinted this post from another thread with my own permission. and i added some stuff.the valve stem style testers are garbage. make one with a male quick release air fitting that will hook up directly to your...
  31. Yet another log, help me.

    what does the log look like at WOT? what are your throttle points set at on the SAFC, assuming you have one?have you tried richening things up?Ben
  32. Track results.......Bad day!

    just don't ask my temporary special lady friend.Ben
  33. Track results.......Bad day!

    good to see you fixed the problem and went through the process of troubleshooting.substitute silly for stupid in my first post.Ben
  34. Track results.......Bad day!

    no makes me crazy to see people do stupid things to their cars. like put nitrous on a bad running car without a logger.i checked your mods list. if you are running stock injectors, unless you have a major boost leak, you shouldn't be running rich.and what makes you...
  35. HUGE vacuum leak, bad idle....need EXPERT advice

    what gauge are you looking at? your boost gauge?if you have a big enough leak and a small enough compressor, you won't be able to pressurize the system at all and you'll never get the boost gauge to move.what kind of compressor are you doing the test with?the valve stem style...
  36. Noob w/DSM Turbo Problem/?'s

    a boost leak will make gas mileage go to shit, no power and possibly bad idle.yes, running with a boost leak is bad for the turbo. the turbo is running at higher rpms than it was designed to handle and you'll burn out the shaft.before you do anything, build a boost leak tester with a...
  37. Track results.......Bad day!

    i hate stupid people.this is all on stock injectors?if you can't afford a logger or an AFC, i doubt you can afford a motor.don't be stupid.Ben
  38. HUGE vacuum leak, bad idle....need EXPERT advice

    reading on the gauge... hmmm...using a compressor with a decent size tank and a regulator, you should be pushing a steady 20 psi through the intake tract. with that much air going in and out, you should be able to hear the leak and locate it.a proper boost leak test will find this leak...
  39. 2 Piece Crank Mod

    nice work. do you do camshafts as well?Ben
  40. installing fmic

    mock up the FMIC with the bumper off. sawz-all until's a for the bumper, measure how much needs to be taken out and usually a muffler shop with a torch will do it for around $50.Ben
  41. 1G Removing throtle body to cas bracket/intake manifold brace.

    there's a brace from the TB to the the head and one under the intake manifold to the block. the consensus is you can remove one but not both. the intake manifold begins to leak if you run without either aware that if you remove the TB brace, i believe you will need shorter...
  42. 1st time at the track ... help!!!

    what does the log look like? what is your timing doing?you're definitely losing power at the top end. the only way to figure out why is to log the run.Ben
  43. Rotary engine mazda

    you've got to be kidding me.rx-7, wankel.look them up.Ben
  44. 1st time at the track ... help!!!

    that's not a bad 60' time, 1.7's are want to ride the clutch so that the rpms never fall below say, 4500-5000 rpm. reving to 6000 isn't a bad place to start. people might disagree with me, but you want to be in your powerband the entire way down the'll need to...
  45. tuned car and still getting knock

    correct me if i'm wrong, but the ecu will lean out the mixture at highway speeds (not WOT) to increase fuel might just be cutting it too close at that rpm in 5th gear.Ben
  46. maft settings sticky??????????????

    base --------- wot 5 5 1 13" MAS PTE 50 trim, stage 3 turbine 680cc injectors @ 40 psi FP draw through AFC zero'd outsomething like this would be useful if people could follow a dial settings. left to right. keep it simple.3 or 3.5" MAS...
  47. SAFC and 50Trim. 650 or 750cc?

    for everybody with 550's who are thinking they need to go bigger. will need the same supporting fuel system for either set of...
  48. How can I tune my AWD car if it can't go on the dyno??

    there aren't that many AWD dynos here in the states. a reputable shop will convert your AWD to FWD to dyno'll cost you about 100-150 just to get the conversion done. and then about the same for the dyno time.Ben
  49. Cams On A 14b?

    14b on a 2G? to each there own, i will see a much bigger return from the 50 trim turbo and stock cams than with the cams and stock turbo.this is a no brainer.get the turbo. wait for the cams.Ben
  50. ?? Bcs ??

    headrec* - boost leak.the sound of a large boost leak can be mistaken for squealing belts. think of whistling IC pipes.make yourself a boost leak tester and find the leak, fix it and be on your way.TalonRacer18 - the direct hookup for the actuator shouldn't be problem. the WG...
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