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  1. Tevenor

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    The good ole digest days.
  2. Tevenor

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Yeah its been a while, Tim. :) How you doing?
  3. Tevenor

    All DSM autox video!!
  4. Tevenor

    All DSM autox video!!

    I'll throw a couple of mine up and post them here.
  5. Tevenor

    timing belt question

    use a straight edge across the center of the cam gear bolts. It's very easy to mistake the location of the hill/valley when eyeballing it trying to find a line across the 4 cam marks. Use the center of the cam bolts and align the marks to that edge.
  6. Tevenor

    Big 16g better then evoIII16g??

    Evo3 16g is a better overall turbo. Spools faster than a Big 16g and generates as much if not more efficient airflow.
  7. Tevenor

    Passing The Torch “Racecar Sold” New Era Begins!

    Sad and happy to see it go. Glad it found a good home but sad that it had to find one in the first place.Good luck Tyson!
  8. Tevenor

    Help, car won't start after SMIM install!

    Stock firing order/plug wire setup
  9. Tevenor

    Help, car won't start after SMIM install!

    Did you do a pressure test on the intake system to make sure its sealed? Are you running the stock 95 7-bolt motor? If so did you happen to disconnect the cam angle sensor? If not the stock motor, what engine and such are you running?
  10. Tevenor

    After 5 years I'm calling it quits...

    Step 2 is reminiscing about the good times with those parts. Step 3 is hopping in someone elses ride for "just lapping days". Step 4 is realizing you have a perfectly good car waiting to be raced. Step 5 is finding yourself in the starting grid. :D
  11. Tevenor

    After 5 years I'm calling it quits...

    Good luck with all that comes your way Greg. Sad to see it go but every day has to end sometime. Hope all is well and look forward to a time when you be back in the saddle again.
  12. Tevenor

    timing belt alignment marks

    The problem is that the engine doesn't sit square to the ground, which you unfortunately are by standing on it. In the end, its not impossible to look like the marks line up but be off 1 full tooth. That's why a straight edge across the cam bolts will tell you right away if not only are they...
  13. Tevenor

    timing belt alignment marks

    Don't trust your eyes if you ONLY use the inside marks. Align the straight edge from the center of the cam bolts and then make sure the inside marks line up on the cam gears.
  14. Tevenor

    New setup & other pics of the car

    Less attitude, more information.Ghettodsm91, using the MAF post turbo allows you to run a more accurate air read ( supposedly ) which doesn't need a recirculation of the BOV to account for all the ingested air. To do this the translator translates the signal from a GM MAF to readings the...
  15. Tevenor

    What are these WHEELS/RIMS?

    That was a guess. But now that I look more I don't think it is an RX7 rim. I think its a Lexus GS300 rim.
  16. Tevenor

    What are these WHEELS/RIMS?

    RX7 rims
  17. Tevenor

    Goodby 16's, hello 18's

    Yeah I was on 245/45/16's that were dead. They already had 3/4 of a season on them.Just finished mocking the fit. No fitment issues on the +15 offset more than what I already expected. Remember that my 16x8.5's Kosei's were +17mm offset and the **just** tucked. With these, flaring of the...
  18. Tevenor

    LSD insert for handling?

    With an open diff, you better know how to squeeze the throttle on corner exits instead of mashing. You will constantly be floating on the edge of traction vs grip until you can straighten out the wheels. And if you have enough torque ( which translates to really mean you don't have enough tire...
  19. Tevenor

    2007 Plans? What will you be working on in the offseason?

    Ditto. Add in new set of rims and that's about right.
  20. Tevenor

    Goodby 16's, hello 18's

    :p :DNeither can I. I have a spare set of front fenders to play around with as these things will need some flare action going on. The old setup was 40mm slimmer and it JUST tucked in the front. This one is about the same offset but wider. Flares are next on the list.
  21. Tevenor

    Goodby 16's, hello 18's

    So I made the plunge.Some of you know I used to race on 16x8.5 Kosei K1's running 245/45 race tires. Great setup as it cleared by 12.2" rotors and Wilwood brake setup and give me a damn good amount of rubber. Side wall was a little high but not to bad depending on tire choice.So along...
  22. Tevenor

    Turbo Boost Creep Creeping T25 14B 16G [Merged]

    stock boost gauge or aftermarket?
  23. Tevenor

    Need help badly

    What's the histpry of the car? Does it have a 6-bolt swap? Did you check your ECU for leaky caps?
  24. Tevenor

    2006 Ohio Valley Region EP Class Champion!!

    Congrats! I know how good it feels to have time and effort vindicated in victory! Congrats again.
  25. Tevenor


    Replacing the engine is not that hard. Most everything is straight forward.However it really depends on how handy/mechanically inclined you are. It's a good piece of work but if you stay organized and do your research and have the right tools, you can do it. Takes me a weekend to pull an...
  26. Tevenor

    P0300 Random Misfire with 6 bolt

    If the misfire is indeed from the 1G CAS, there isn't too much you can do except maybe try to adjust the cas and see if it helps. The issue is that the signals for a 1G cas are far less precise than a 2G sensor and therefore much "sloppier" than what the 2G ECU expects to see. It interprets this...
  27. Tevenor

    Crank pulley install...

    That about covers it. :thumb:
  28. Tevenor


    98. Bought my first. 96 AWD Talon 06. Still own the first one and have gone through 3 others. Still have a galant VR4 as my daily.Man its been a long time.
  29. Tevenor

    Just got motor in. Major problems

    So fix your timing and get back to us.If its a used block, rings could be an issue but it wouldn't explain what you see as symptoms. Fix the timing.
  30. Tevenor

    2g tranny in 1g issue and couple other problems

    2G tranny will work fine.In the mechanical sender cases, the cable threads directly into the tranny. IN 2G's, the electrical sender screws intot he same hole. You just need to remove it from the 2G tranny and put what was in that hole into the 2G tranny from the 1G. Then your speedo will work...
  31. Tevenor

    Remove balance shafts or leave them in??

    They were put there to take out the vibration from a transverse mounted engine as felt by the driver. The engine is dampened by crank dampener pulley that runs the accessory belts.
  32. Tevenor

    2G pistons in 1G

    smart choice
  33. Tevenor

    Car won't start now

    The fact that you just installed the TT makes me wonder about the install, but if you want to make sure the starter is not the problem, make sure the ground plug is connected to the starter and hasn't fallen off. Small stupid thing, but better to check the simple stuff first, before you go...
  34. Tevenor

    Just got motor in. Major problems

    Yes it could, but you at 3 teeth you probably ahve other problems. At this point, your best course of action is to retime the motor to make sure EVERYTHING is in time. Then check the car again. If you got lucky, you didn't bend any valves.
  35. Tevenor

    2g mas 1g car
  36. Tevenor

    To the top! Well, almost...

    Congrats guys!
  37. Tevenor

    6 bolt vs. 7 bolt [merged] 6bolt 7bolt 6-bolt 7-bolt six bolt seven bolt

    You should be set. The thermostat housing needs to match the year of the head ( 2G vs 1G ). Besides that you should be good.
  38. Tevenor

    AWD TSi leaks from transfer case where would it leak from- how to fix?

    There are 3 common leak points. Driver's side axle seal, passenger side axle seal, or the transfer case yoke. Is this tranny fluid that is leaking or transfer case? ( They should be significantly different enough to tell by touch ). If it's tranny fluid, it's most likely one of the axle seals...
  39. Tevenor

    Boost Gauge Readings (Somethings got to be wrong)

    First gear is so short, it's lucky we see any boost at all.ANd no, just touching the gas pedal will not produce boost if you are below the boost threshold of the turbo. If you are on the stock T25 than that period of time is pretty low in the RPM range.Showing vaccum at cruise is normal...
  40. Tevenor

    home made camber kit

    Toe will kill tires in no time.THink of it this way. Put your right hand face down on a kitchen table. Now imagine your hand is thecontact patch of your right front tire to the road. If your toe is 0 and camber is 0, then it would be like pushing your hand straight. If you have a lot of...
  41. Tevenor

    can't shift into 2nd 4th & reverse

    Before pulling the trans, do some more looking into the shifter assembly. There is no direct ties between 2, 4 and reverse other than shaft position and without causing more than just 2/4/R issues.
  42. Tevenor

    The "Other" DSM At Watkins Glen May Road/Race

    Around here they have gotten used to it at the track, at autocrosses, at pretty much every racing event around. They are much more humble now. :D
  43. Tevenor

    JDM 2G engine question

    It is easy. Most of the failures come from miswiring/misunderstanding what's going on. I agree with Keymaster on this point: there is plenty of literature and sites to help you along.
  44. Tevenor

    JDM 2G engine question

    You are right. The Actuator is never meant to see boost. Which is why you replace the actuator with an wastegate actuator from a T25. And yes, as I mentioned before, in normal operation it is held closed by vacuum, which we no longer have a source for. So instead of trying to reinvent the wheel...
  45. Tevenor

    JDM 2G engine question

    Wait! I can't? HOLY CRAP! What have I been doing to my car for the last 2 years!!!!!Funny. Mine actuates under boost. Maybe it's hard core JDM or maybe, just maybe, it has a T25 wastegate actuator mounted holding the butterfly arm closed instead of open as in the stock vacuum actuated version...
  46. Tevenor

    JDM 2G engine question

    I run a DSMLink ECU that has no control over the Cyclone intake manifold in my GVR4 whatsoever. It's strickly all mechanically altered to work under boost load, not RPM and Vacuum as in the original "JDM" version. This would work just as well in a stock ECU car.ECU mods are NOT required to...
  47. Tevenor

    evo III turbo install

    He drives an NT which is a 420A chrysler motor.To original topic, no, you just can't "flip" it. The motor that manifold and turbo came off of is a completely different engine than your 420A.Search in the NT forums to see how most conversions are done.
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