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  1. Ryan4dc

    1ga crank no start

    Bump this. Maybe sea-tac area.
  2. Ryan4dc

    1ga crank no start

    This log shows the engine cranking and cranking, and a few seconds of idle at 1.3k at 77 second mark. the black/yellow wire for start enrichment id not hooked up and hasn't been for the 9 years its been running prior to the latest engine rebuild.Injectors do not fire, confirmed with a noid...
  3. Ryan4dc

    1ga crank no start

    I have it posted in ecmlink forums. I can post it after work if someone doesn’t have access to the site.
  4. Ryan4dc

    1ga crank no start

    I’m chasing a crank no start issue where the injectors are not firing. Have 2 ecu on hand, one with link and other unmodified. Looking for a member who would plug both my ecu into their car and see if their car would start. Portland/Vancouver/Longview area prefered but can drive further on my...
  5. Ryan4dc


    Booster was available as a special order from napa. I didn’t return the old one Incase I wanted to go back to the original later from some reason. It still worked so why return it as a core.Keep the build going strong. Curious to see your upgrades. Might be useful info for me when I decide to...
  6. Ryan4dc


    Will they fail your car with a dohc head swap?I’m running a dodge colt brake booster. It is much smaller and causes a harder pedal. Bought a vacuum canister from kegs to aid in more brake assist with the smaller booster.
  7. Ryan4dc


    Nice build coming along. Does CO do a visual inspection or just the tail pipe sniffer for your car in particular pre-modification?
  8. Ryan4dc

    (non-Ebay) Electric Turbocharger (Supercharger?)

    I forget which Dodge Ram I seen putting out high voltage with a grounded field circuit. Should be less weight then adding a secondary battery system if you are still looking into a secondary alternator.
  9. Ryan4dc

    2G Light/soft gas pedal

    Did you or someone rebuild your throttle body?
  10. Ryan4dc

    Is there a big gain?

    Did mine for looks. I have enough going on in the bay plus only place I saw to have my coil pack was either zip tied to my wire loom next to my brake booster or run longer wires do I can put the coils on my fender.
  11. Ryan4dc

    2G Hacked GSX Harness Help?

    Most likely looped because one side would go to a fuse and the other side goes to a relay.
  12. Ryan4dc

    Help with ecmlink please!!!

    My DLC only has 3 wires. 2 wires that go to the ecu and one that goes to ground. What's the 4th wire for?
  13. Ryan4dc

    Help with ecmlink please!!!

    Might be a loose wire in the harness. Try moving the wire around on both ends and see if it will connect while holding the wire a certain way. kind of like a defective USB charger.Not sure if you bought the ecmlink new/used.
  14. Ryan4dc

    1G Trying to tune with a SAFC2 after small upgrade.

    Sounds about right by leaning it out. Try dropping 2 from each.
  15. Ryan4dc

    1G Trying to tune with a SAFC2 after small upgrade.

    It is usually rich side while warning up. What are your corrections at idle on narrow throttle? -20 for example.
  16. Ryan4dc

    1G Trying to tune with a SAFC2 after small upgrade.

    What are your corrections at what air/fuel ratio? Your question is very vague as making us think you are too rich between 8 and 12:1.
  17. Ryan4dc

    loud bang. repeatable. WTF situation.

    Have you checked spark plugs? What is your gap?
  18. Ryan4dc

    1G Trying to tune with a SAFC2 after small upgrade.

    Looks like he added fuel to get rid of the lean condition because of the 2g maf. Maybe he's thinking backwards lean is rich and could be adjusting the wrong way.
  19. Ryan4dc

    1G Trying to tune with a SAFC2 after small upgrade.

    Adjust corrections in increments of 5. Narrow throttle at the 1k. You might end up around -20 or so. Tap the gas a few times and adjust as needed.
  20. Ryan4dc


    Ryan4dc updated MightymaxView updates to this DSM profile...
  21. Ryan4dc

    1G Trying to tune with a SAFC2 after small upgrade.

    You are going to have to adjust the settings to "take away fuel" by adjusting to the negative. Adjustments vary based on lean spots. Should be mostly even through the rpm range. Don't forget to adjust both low throttle and wide throttle. Not just one or the other.
  22. Ryan4dc

    evo 8 turbo conversion 2g
  23. Ryan4dc

    evo 8 turbo conversion 2g

    Was told a lot of grinding had to be done because of the balance shaft section of the block or a spacer has to be installed to push the turbo away from the block if keeping factory turbo orientation. 180° out you'd run into clearance issues with radiator fans. Are you looking to use the oem evo...
  24. Ryan4dc

    1G Help needed from the DSM Gods

    There's evo 1-3 in Europe. If you cannot get us dsm parts, evos got it. No evo was 6 bolt however. Eclipse vr4 is a gsx in Europe 2gb.
  25. Ryan4dc

    2G Is a carbon hatch worth it?

    Had a carbon hatch on my talon. Thing bolted up no problem but fitment wasn't too great. The window seal let go after a few years so water dripped right on top of my subwoofer in heavy rain. Sold the car with it. Was a lot lighter then the oem one on the bright side.
  26. Ryan4dc

    4G63 conquest swap

    Why don't you use a bell housing adapter and put in a stronger trans? Like a T5 or r154. The mightymax trans has its limits in tq.
  27. Ryan4dc

    95 Mighty Max 7bolt 4g64 DOHC Swap

    If you use the 2ga crank and cam sensors you won't have the issue with clearance. I'm still using the oem clutch cable, and clearanced my firewall for my setup.
  28. Ryan4dc

    drivetrain conversion newb question?

    My 2ga talon didn't have one. Put a fidanza flywheel on without one and had no issues.
  29. Mightymax

    Street Build Mightymax

  30. Ryan4dc


    Ryan4dc submitted a new DSM Profile :MightymaxRead more about this vehicle here...
  31. Ryan4dc

    For any PC gamers, how does this look?

    Amd always ran a little warmer then Intel from what I've seen. That small hard drive will fill up quick. Factor in a second hard drive with more space, a sata cable to connect it, and a wire from the power supply. Used silent pro for my PC and the one I got built for my dad. Cheap on amazon at...
  32. Ryan4dc

    Speedo still not working after changing VSS ?

    Had the same issue with my talon. Hooked up a scan tool that displays live data. One of the information it displays is vehicle speed. If the scan tool displays correct speed, and the speedo does not, it's the gauge cluster. If display shows an incorrect number, ie 0, you might have messed up...
  33. Ryan4dc

    Installing FIAV bypass plate on 1G GSX

    Bought a used tb and block off plate. Used the rubber isc gasket, and made a gasket using felpro gasket paper. Isc-rubber gasket-plate-paper gasket-tb. Not sure if I did mine correctly, but it's working.Best to use a 1/4 inch ratchet, proper Philips screwdriver sized bit, 1/4 adapter to keep...
  34. Ryan4dc

    evo 4 block with 2g head? RWD set up

    Are you going to make a plate for the passengers engine mount? From I remember the DSM block doesn't have the provisions to accept the engine mount, a plate has to be made, and engine mount bolted to that. Evo 4 block, never seen in person so don't have anything to go by. It's the reason most...
  35. Ryan4dc

    Doing a 4g63 turbo swap onto a mighty max.

    Lmao. This thread came back from the dead a few times. I'm sure they googled it and found the answers by now
  36. Ryan4dc

    evo 4 block with 2g head? RWD set up

    What shell are you going to be using to achieve rwd?
  37. Ryan4dc

    The Official funny stuff on Craigslist thread Can the car really make that much on a 16g? Lol.
  38. Ryan4dc

    My car is totalled, NOOOOO!!!!

    Tell me about it. Nissan murano hit my car in the parking lot. My car was parked. Allstate said damages are about 3k, and only giving 1200 if I keep my car. The consider it a total loss.
  39. Ryan4dc

    What's missing on my front end?

    I found some interesting fog lights from Walmart. Lol. Yeah. Walmart. If you have them mounted on top of your intercooler piping and use let's say a hose clamp to mount em, you could have fogs again. Doing that to my 2g when I get around to buying a better fmic using an HID kit with the fogs.
  40. Ryan4dc

    Vacuum lines. Where?

    Sorry. Lol. First glance look and hit reply.
  41. Ryan4dc

    Vacuum lines. Where?

    1: brake booster 2: valve cover 3: fuel pressure regulator
  42. Ryan4dc

    Turbo coolant banjo on a 14b

    Hi. I thought I would like to share. Needed replacement piping and banjo bolts, and figured I should share what I used.These are parts off of a 2008 Chevy duramax 6.6 bus that we have. Used it as reference when I ordered new parts from general motors. I had to remove about a half an...
  43. Ryan4dc

    Change 2g AFPR fitting so it fits 1g?

    You got a carbide bit? Lol. Did that to mine. Elongated the bolt holes.
  44. Ryan4dc

    Flyer's 4g63 powered '74 celica

    I see you haven't figured out a clutch setup yet. If you use the oem dsm flywheel and pressure plate, get like a Sachs oem clutch kit for a starion or conquest. Will come with a new tob and pilot bearing. Take the flywheel to a machine shop or if your comfortable drilling out the center to...
  45. Ryan4dc

    2g FMIC (short route)

    And I would have bought it if I didn't have other things to buy for my truck. :(
  46. Ryan4dc

    Flyer's 4g63 powered '74 celica

    I just seen this build. Very nice. Reminds me of when I was putting together my truck. I skipped a lot of corners compared to your build.
  47. Ryan4dc

    2g FMIC (short route)

    Lol. If a product is in stock or not should have a big impact on picking which kit to buy.Wonder when vrsf kits will become availible again.
  48. Ryan4dc

    Anyone used the Pioneer AppRadio?

    it does look cool but i googled reviews seems it has a few bugs. Had a messed with an old coworkers appradio 2 for roughly 5 minutes using my iphone 4s. Not long enough to make a personal review as I didn't experience these so called bugs.I had to redo the wire to the parking brake and had to...
  49. Ryan4dc

    ECM link v3

    If you are going to use v3 lite, the gm maf cable will not work. Must have v3 full to use. Gm maf with lite requires the use of a maft. You can still use speed density with lite.
  50. Ryan4dc

    ECMlink need help with dsmlink v3 lite

    They make you make a log in and password for the forums before purchase if I remember right.Start stream, stop stream, save as. Easiest place to find file is to save on desktop.
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