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  1. need help understanding all this lingo

    Just hook the boost source straight to the waste gate actuator if you don't want to mess with plumbing the bcs. You will run only the waste gate spring pressure which will be safe until you get a real gage.Seth
  2. need help understanding all this lingo

    One thing I wanted to clarify. When we say "disconnect the MBC until you have a boost gage" we mean return the system to stock configuration (or run a boost source straight to the WGA).Do NOT simply disconnect the boost source from the WGA because this will overboost the engine/turbo.Seth
  3. My DSM Saga. Part 1

    If you are doing a timing belt and a oil pan gasket I would eliminate the balance shafts while you are at it if you want to. Read about porting the oil bypass and or modifying the pressure relief valve if you do the BSE. If you are doing the top end you could do cams too.Seth
  4. Weird names of people

    I went to school with a guy whos first name was: Billy-George-Jim-BobHe went by: Bumper?Seth
  5. DSMLINK or something else?

    What are your goals? You already have an AFC, a low hp 16g car would be happy with a logger and maybe a wideband. If you are looking for more dsmlink would be a good choice because you already have an eprom.If you decide do buy dsmlink and you bought your car used make sure you confirm...
  6. Possibly installing clutch myself

    If you have a garage to work in, hand tools, and time I would go ahead and do it yourself.Make sure your flywheel step height jives with clutch setup. Especially if you are running a flywheel and clutch from different manufacturers.You might think about bleeding the clutch and you will...
  7. PTT clutch, pedal feels very soft...

    Yes the clutch requires very little pedal effort (less than stock?).I am not sure what you are referring to when you say the pedal "still has to move quite a bit"? The Isuzu slave makes the pedal need to move farther through its range of motion to get the same movement at the throw out...
  8. Other options for excessive oil pressure

    The only thing I see with that porting is you could try squaring in up more and maybe go a little closer to the top of the piston. You could go wider too while you are there.See post 80 here...
  9. Other options for excessive oil pressure

    I am sure you have read most of the threads I did before doing the BSE. I remember people reporting that making the hole wider had a more profound effect than making the hole longer. (area is exposed more quickly as the piston moves). Perhaps your porting didn't make the hole wide enough...
  10. Multiple Cylinder Misfire P0300

    Thank you for replying about your fix. I guess I need to quit procrastinating and do the CPS.Seth
  11. Radio died/lights dim

    Some of the symptoms you mentioned sound like a weak battery. The first sign of my car needing a battery is radio issues. Remarkably starting in the morning is never an issue. A parts store can load test your battery.Seth
  12. Multiple Cylinder Misfire P0300

    I have the same problem after a PTT twin disk install. There are numerous p0300 threads. There is not one specific cure. Some people had bad ECUs, some people had flakey MASs, some people had bad coils/ignitors. I don't know how many of these came after a new flywheel.As was already said...
  13. Cordless Drills..

    Technically Defiant is right. A drill is a what you put in a drill motor. In the machining business that is the jargon. Outside in the real world drill and drill bit get the point across too.:)I have had my 18V craftsman for 3 year and aside from eventually having to replace the batteries...
  14. QuarterMaster clutch daily driver feedback?

    Yes, if you are you referring to the two "uooooop"s just after I start to move. Those are when the clutch is in, the car is rolling, the transmission is in gear, and the engine is idling when I then pop the clutch making that noise. If the rpms where higher than car speed-gear then it wouldn't...
  15. QuarterMaster clutch daily driver feedback?

    Here is a video.YouTube - MVI_5227.aviThe first part is the floater plate at idle. You can't really hear it very well. Frankly my fuel pump is louder inside the car. Outside the car it is a little louder.The chair scooting sound is next. I pushed the clutch in while rolling...
  16. tokico shocks with no bumpstop

    You can cut your bumpstops (at least with some kinds of struts). I have never heard of removing them.Seth
  17. QuarterMaster clutch daily driver feedback?

    With the clutch in, the floater plate rattles around. It sort of sounds like a transmission growl or when an inspection cove is rubbing on flywheel (but more muffled).Lazy engagement sounds like sliding a chair or table in a big room. Kind of a loud squeek. Slipping while doing a launch...
  18. Just need a little help

    How much boost were you running?Check for compression, spark, and fuel.If compression is low do a leakdown test.Make sure there isn't oil in the coolant and coolant in the oil.If you get it running see what the base fuel pressure is asap.Seth
  19. random misfire and c.e light while drivin normal

    I am running a PTT twin disk with their lightened flywheel and get the p0300 code. It occures mostly during cruise at highway speeds around 15-20% throttle in 4th or 5th gear. If you push in the clutch and let the engine idle for a moment it will run normally again until you start to drive...
  20. Insane sleeper idea

  21. QuarterMaster clutch daily driver feedback?

    I run a PTT twin daily driven. Yes it does chatter, makes noise when not under load and while decelerating, and is on/off. Once you are rolling though it is great. Shifting and rev matching are like a dream. At first it was much harsher. It has mellowed or maybe I have figured it out...
  22. Ugh Miss Fire, CEL, Two Problems, Fuel Cut?

    Is the ecu stock? Some CEL are set to show knock sum over a certain count? On my OBD2 car the code is still there even if the light is off.I can't believe you would be getting fuel cut at 14 psi with a 16g.You did do a full blown boost leak test with soapy water and air compressor...
  23. Ugh Miss Fire, CEL, Two Problems, Fuel Cut?

    Bumping is a no no. You'll get your thread closed. Did you do a boost leak test? Try to pull the CEL code.I would rewire your fuel pump while your at it.Seth
  24. Thinking bout getting a DSM

    If you find the right buyer a turboed 420a will be worth more than a n/a 420a. Realistically you won't get out what you put into it though. The point is if you want a turbo car it makes more sense to start with a 4g63 car.Because it is a good deal buy your friends car and leave it N/A...
  25. 272/272 cams (fix creep?)

    I agree that cams would should make creep worse. Search for the "peepers mod". It might have some ideas to save you from having to go external. That porting you did looks pretty good to me.As was said previously, buying the right goodies to just run higher boost might money better spent...
  26. Forging Aluminum? What's the process?

    What gives forged parts much of their strength is the favorable grain structure from being worked into shape. A cast part will have a random structure that is weaker.Forging videos from Scot Forge.YouTube - ENMF 417 Mini Project Group 7C(Die Forging)Seth
  27. Going to Drag Strip

    Cool. Don't let smack talking make you do anything you don't want to do. Who gives a crap what some trash talking office guy says?A 100 shot for him will make it tough on you. Hopefully you can get him off the line.Time for me to go home.Go stock(ish) '92 GST!Seth
  28. Going to Drag Strip

    There are basically 2 types of manual boost controllers.These threads pretty much sum it up. you have an...
  29. Going to Drag Strip

    Don't leave any extra weight in your car. Anything you can remove will help (spare tire, passenger seat, etc)Don't wait for the green light. Stage so that the second staging light just comes on and try to leave on about the last yellow light before green.At your power level you might...
  30. Heli-coil / Keen-serts / Time-serts / Perma-coil

    Call a local hardware distributor if there is one. Most of those guys carry them.McMaster-CarrIndustrial Supply Equipment from MSC Industrial SupplyGrainger Industrial SupplyA local machine shop might let you borrow the taps and install tools. A cheaper M8 install tool might...
  31. p0300 Misfire code

    I don't know if you have read through all of the P0300 threads but it is a pain to diagnose. did a clutch and a timing belt and got side tracked way too often resulting in my car sitting for a long time. Now it throws this...
  32. Twin Disk cons and pros!

    I know it has been said but using the isuzu slave is the way to go. I run a dd ptt twin and did so with the stock 2g slave for a while before swapping in the isuzu. The slaves are night and day drivability wise.Seth
  33. New to mitsu. Few running issues.

    These problems can be difficult to diagnose especially without a code. I would look for post throttle body boost leak, clean you throttle body, check your throttle position sensor and idle speed control. Search on this sight for "high idle" or "idle surge".Seth
  34. New to mitsu. Few running issues.

    Any codes should turn on your check engine light. The 2G cars are OBD2, the only way to get the codes is with some sort of code reader. Your light should come on with the key in the on position but the engine not running. If not, the bulb is no good or it has been hacked. If the car pulls...
  35. New to mitsu. Few running issues.

    Welcome!2G car?Did it throw any codes? The cruising issue sounds like a P030X.Do a boost leak test and a set of plugs and wires. A compression/leakdown check might be a good idea. The wacky idle might be as simple a big boost leak.People ran 650s with an AFC long before DSMlink...
  36. Sr-71

    Ya me too. Cool picture regardless.Seth
  37. BS Elimnator Holes On Block?

    If that hole is to plug the end of a machined galley hole it needs to be plugged. If not it will leak like running an eliminated engine with the front balance shaft oil holes uncovered.It might be easier to just tap the hole for a bigger bolt or perhaps a pipe plug rather than welding it...
  38. The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    You are just looking to see if the crank can move axially in the main bearings. When crankwalk is bad you can see it by eye. When it is out of spec but not horrible it is more difficult.Go to here:VFAQ Site - Visual Frequently Answered Questionsclick on dsm, engine, crankwalk -...
  39. cilynder number 4 no work

    No offense but your posts are so difficult to read that most will not bother to try and help. Please use spell check and complete sentences.What leads you to believe cylinder 4 is the culprit?Have you performed a boost leak test?Seth
  40. The Official "What's this DSM worth?" Thread

    I would check the car for crankwalk. If it is ok don't not buy it just because it has a 7 bolt. The whole crankwalk issue has been blown out of proportion in my opinion.You can look here for similarly equipped cars:DSM Dyno Sheets DatabaseDSM 1/4 Mile TimesIf there is any doubt...
  41. PTT Twin Disc Issue's

    I didn't run a stop before I put on the Isuzu slave. I too was mindful not to push the pedal any further than needed. The pedal will be hard, then get easy, then get hard again as it travels. That last hard section is where you are trying to go too far. It is pretty easy to know when you are...
  42. Car Suddenly died... Please help!

    Did it throw any codes?Yup.Look at the belt as r1991 suggested. Next pull a plug and ground it while cranking to check for spark. Those are the easiest tests to start with.Seth
  43. PTT Twin Disc Issue's

    I finally installed the isuzu slave and that is the way to go. I makes if much better, I highly recommend it.The belt like squeal is normal from my understanding. I get it too.Seth
  44. So I saw the new Challenger today..

    That is no good to crash up a brand new car. :barf:I saw an IS-F and a new Challenger at the same time sitting at the same stop light. What the chances of that?Seth
  45. 1.8T vs 2.7T

    I have no experience with the 1.8 but I have a friend that has an S4. It seems expensive to modify to me. Buying 2 of everything sucks but it is a nice car. It doesn't make that much sense to me to spend all the money on an Audi if you just want to go fast. If you can be happy with chip and...
  46. Wall·E

    I liked it too, but I think CARS is still my favorite although it was a little predictable.Seth
  47. PTT Twin Disc Install

    I ordered and installed the slowboy kit also. I did not have any issues with the TOB. It installed exactly as the documentation from PTT outlined. I just finished the install, I will see if I still have the boxes or paperwork for the TOB so you can compare numbers.I did not get the isuzu...
  48. PTT Twin Disc Issue's

    I also recently installed a PTT twin.I haven't noticed any grinding issues but the transmission doesn't seem as smooth as before though. I can imagine that if my transmission was in a little worse shape this new clutch could have manifested grinding issues. This is the opposite of what I...
  49. Timing issue

    The crank sprocket mark is aligned when piston #1 is at TDC. If you have a dial indicator put something in the spark plug hole to act as a spacer (I used an extension) up to the indicator to tell when the piston up as far as possible. Some parts stores rent or lend indicators if you don't have...
  50. timing belt issues

    I am not sure if you already saw this: is pretty good and may help.All this is mentioned elswhere, but modified needle nose plyers work for the tensioner tool. I made...
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