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  1. 1gengsxz3

    wtb: 1g cylinder head

    Heys guys im in need of a cylinder head for my 1990 talon. i'm looking for either a rebuilt one or a in good condtion stage 1 head. please let me know what you hav.
  2. 1gengsxz3

    Engine back fires then dies

    i have the bar but i havent gotten the car to my house to jack it up and take a wheel off. im hoping to get it home tomorrow evening or tonight
  3. 1gengsxz3

    Engine back fires then dies

    So i was driving home the other night i made it almost home when my car died. I was decellerating in 5th and the car started to backfire and tried it in 4th it did the same thing then the car just turned off and i coasted into the closet parking spot i could find. The car now will not stop the...
  4. 1gengsxz3

    wtb: 6bolt block

    hey guys so its time to turbo my galant. So i need a 6bolt turbo block as complete as possible please. I'm going to rebuild it but i still want as many of the stock parts as possible.
  5. 1gengsxz3

    FS 90 talon awd $300 obo

    i might take it at that price where is the car?
  6. 1gengsxz3


    hey i need a set of four wheels to get a shell i don't want anything nice just if some one has some steelies they'd give me to make the car be able to move around a lttlel. free is best but i know unlikely why i only want super crappy steelies or bent/stracthed broken wheels. tires would be nice...
  7. 1gengsxz3

    Long shot but worth a try

    i wanted that 1gen shell but i got nothing from the guy. I really wish i had 500 dollars for that 2g shell because i would like to try and build a 2gen with a nice 6bolt motor. thanks for the help guys i guess for now the search continues. any more help is greatly appreciated though.
  8. 1gengsxz3

    Long shot but worth a try

    So i was working on my neighbors 2g eclipse and its really made me miss my old 1gen. I have a 91 galant gsx but i cant ever work on it since its my only car so i think its time for a eclipse again. I'm just throwing this out there if there is anyone getting rid of a eclipse shell and would like...
  9. 1gengsxz3

    Gs-Gst build part 2

    and be carfull when you install it the part where the 4 goes to 2 was warped on mine needed to be sealed had a big exhaust leak
  10. 1gengsxz3

    Gs-Gst build part 2

    its a 2.25 pipe i have the same header put only paid 21 and 50 shipping
  11. 1gengsxz3

    I want Suspension that would kill a BMW

    you know as another suggestion im going to throw a very cheap but effective route out there. Now i dont know if this works on 2g's but for my galant gsx i have a set of converted evo 9struts with tein springs. its is about as harsh as leaving kyb's one 8's and 4's but for maybe 400 dollars...
  12. 1gengsxz3

    I want Suspension that would kill a BMW

    no one said this i dont think so i will throw it out there but i would get all new bushings aswell. i mean it will ride a little harsher but with good bushings and set off springs and struts the car handle awesomely. if you have the money do full coilovers and all the bushings and you will have...
  13. 1gengsxz3

    where can i get a after market clutch

    sorry i didnt see that exedy up top that is a great choice if it fits your car. i have an exedy and love it
  14. 1gengsxz3

    where can i get a after market clutch

    a shop will charge anywhere from 1000-2000 but it all depends where you go and what there hourly rates are. shops just tend to charge a little more for fwd cars.
  15. 1gengsxz3

    where can i get a after market clutch

    just get a basic clutch oem standard one you will never have the hp to need a stage 1 or 2. and yes exedy, spec, fidanza all do clutched by stage whether its right or not they do it. its just like act with 2100 2600 200 etc. try hear the sachs looks really good and a known brand 1992 MITSUBISHI...
  16. 1gengsxz3

    Air filter too small?

    and if you really want it cold wrap the metal in header wrap to keep the heat out
  17. 1gengsxz3

    n/t wiseman help please

    i have a 1991 galant gsx with a dohc 4g63 engine in it i put 390cc injectors in it and now it runs too rich (duh me) it also has a turbo fuel pump aswell. what can i do to make it run right? would a turbo maf and turbo ecu work? even if the ecu is for 450cc injectors? any help would be appreciated.
  18. 1gengsxz3

    My New Project.

    i think it is an eagle but with a mitsu taillight center. the wing and bumbers are all eagle stuff
  19. 1gengsxz3

    drag car vs. drift car vs. DD vs show car

    yea ken block is a beast but technically thats not drifting. it awd powerslides rally drivers use them all the time which is what ken block is a rally driver. and all the subies and evo's in d1 are rwd converted. the idea behind rwd drifting is because it is hard its an art form for many and it...
  20. 1gengsxz3

    drag car vs. drift car vs. DD vs show car

    its an rwd only dominated sport in d1 you can only have rwd also fwd is no really drifting there is no skill to it its just some one holding up the ebrake. with rwd you have to counter steer hard brake you rarly even touch the ebrake. either do drag or autocross/road racing and a turbo dd...
  21. 1gengsxz3

    6g Galant LS

    yeah you can use the switchable tranny but i think it would be best to do the gst tranny to much work to make a fwd car awd.
  22. 1gengsxz3

    6g Galant LS

    well you cant use the vr4 tranny because your galant is not awd but you can do a gst tranny and engine
  23. 1gengsxz3

    My NT Project

    shops ffwd extrude and hone apparently can get you 4(cms i thnk) better of air flow
  24. 1gengsxz3

    My NT Project

    well if you can i would do forged internals best way to make some hp like 11.1 compression or something like that. also hone and extrude the intake mani and do some oversized valves get a little more air pumping. maybe even a single port stage one nitrous kit would be bad ass. if you dont care...
  25. 1gengsxz3

    My first DSM need help...

    vfaq is great for that stuff also this sites tech section gives you everything. you can do tons on these cars bigger turbo more fuel cams fmic nitrous it all depends on what you want to spend and what you want to build check the tech section for what specifics you want
  26. 1gengsxz3

    My NT Project

    is it staying nt? whats your plans?
  27. 1gengsxz3

    stupid 1g...

    check the shifter cables also if they broke you cant but it into gear
  28. 1gengsxz3

    new toy

    one it front wheel drive and two the vr4 tranny only has a taller 4 and no different rear
  29. 1gengsxz3

    new toy

    So after the tragic loss of my 91 eclipse gsx i have been jonsing for boost. everday for the past like 6 months i've searched craigslist to try and find a dsm to my liking. Well i believe my search is over. I have quite high standards with no money so it has proven to be difficult for me to find...
  30. 1gengsxz3

    Galant VR4

    yep it'll match up fine. the only difference is the vr4 ones where switchable from japan. if your not allready joing has a ton of vr4 owners
  31. 1gengsxz3

    BAD STRUTS ??? Hit small Bump and Rear End Fishtails or sways

    sounds like your inner tie rods are bad. there probably loose. could be many things too though maybe even balljoint or the bearing in the top mount section. just buy some spring compressors because if you really get into these cars you'll be doing new suspension all the time just because you get...
  32. 1gengsxz3

    torque converter bolt missing starter not fully engaging flywheel and Running Rich

    and its running rich because it needs to be tuned. theres to much fuel going into the engine and most likely you just need a tune. or maybe it good have a boost leak so do a boost leak test
  33. 1gengsxz3

    torque converter bolt missing starter not fully engaging flywheel and Running Rich

    wrong starter maybe you got the 5spd starter and you need the automatic. it is an automatic right? and that one bolt missng is kinda sketch to say the least i would take the tranny out and fix that. i wouldnt want to be driving around with on bolt missing from my torque converter.
  34. 1gengsxz3

    jdm type bov

    no difference where they are its still made in china with cheap parts. waste of money. you can probably find a good used aftermarket bov at about the same price as a 1g and adapter. but the 1gen will work
  35. 1gengsxz3

    First mod

    i allways say suspension but the gauges is a really goood idea. suspension is just a good place to start because good suspension will take high horsepower better then stock shit
  36. 1gengsxz3

    Adding a resonator to a brand name exhaust?

    that shinny color wont last long so it really doesnt matter. for best results go to a exhuast shop and have them do it. they will test it to see if you like it and change it if you dont.
  37. 1gengsxz3

    SS exhaust for 98 GSX

    just go to an exhaust shop have them weld in what ever muffler you want size where it goes how it bends. all stainless and cheaper. you can do anything you want.
  38. 1gengsxz3

    N/T help!!

    Ok so i have been researching N/T camshaft upgrades all day and i'm still a little lost. I have found out that 91-91 mt turbo cams are better then non turbo and that 93 are the best. THe intake is the only different one between nt and turbo. Then to throw me off completely someone said that a...
  39. 1gengsxz3

    Hoosiers x4 and Some Decisions

    nice photo indead i believe the car in it is just an integra too. Imagine what might happen with some real power
  40. 1gengsxz3

    Hoosiers x4 and Some Decisions
  41. 1gengsxz3

    Hoosiers x4 and Some Decisions

    i have seen and alot of people have said rotas suck not sure if it's true i never used them. i know a some of vr4 guys and tons of 240 guys that hate them.
  42. 1gengsxz3

    maf problems

    i dont thin so because it will be reading from the translator but i deffinitly can be wrong
  43. 1gengsxz3

    NT Cams. I'm going crazy

    yeah i miss read his post he is buying the stage 3 cams for a 420a wich have a duration of 258 not 288. anyway it is na and i researched all night and desided to try a blox 264 combo with adj. gear to see what power i can produce. the car will be a autcross track car no drag. just want the power...
  44. 1gengsxz3

    1990 Galant GSX n/t

    the ggsx is more rare and he's right totally more worht keeping na then turboing your in for a headache and tons of money. Dont ask for any opinions of though there all turbo freaks and believe that N/T's should never have been made other than for dd. I myself am building my ggsx...
  45. 1gengsxz3

    NT Cams. I'm going crazy

    I want new camshafts and i've been looking everywhere and i cant get a good answer. I want aftermarkets but i read on dsmtalk without adj.gears there will be to much overlay. Then i gound this post and the kids...
  46. 1gengsxz3


    So i was looking through the nt alt post and am finding mixed info on cams. I want to upgrade them so whats the best setup? 264 intake and stock turbo exhaust? this is for my awd na galant. i have so far a header 2.5 cat back and custom cold air intake. i want to build the head a little to go...
  47. 1gengsxz3

    new ecu

    ok then why wont the car turn over? if its not the injectors causing the problem what is? it does seem like there is no fuel going in
  48. 1gengsxz3

    new ecu

    ok thank you tkelly now if i out in the 450's i would still need a computer yes?
  49. 1gengsxz3

    new ecu

    its the galant gsx ecu the which is the car i have. they where awd but non turbo 4g63. i know that the auto ecu is fine but i hate idle surge its embarrasing driving with a lowered car and loud exhaust but with crappy idle
  50. 1gengsxz3

    new ecu

    so i just swapped my automatic tranny for a manual one in my 1991 galant gsx. i have it all running everything was fine but i had terrible idle surge. i figured that i needed a manual ecu to help the idle if i left the automatic ecu in, the car will alway think its in park and not know where to...
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