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  1. AutoMeter Exhaust Temps?

    Just installed an Autometer EGT and wanna know whats good running temps and high temp for melting point.
  2. Mitsu 4 layer head gasket torq specs

    they are the stock studs. i really didnt think i would need use of ARP's im not going crazy with it. just like to put a better head gasket on. is it highly recommended for the copper spray? i have been suggested it once today so i pick some up.
  3. Mitsu 4 layer head gasket torq specs

    Does anybody know if the torque specs and sequence is the same when replacing the stock head gasket to mitsubishi's 4 layer metal head gasket? any experience and knowledge is extremely usefull. thanks
  4. Torque specs on Mitsu metal head gasket

    For anyone that knows. Is the torque specs the same when replacing the stock head gasket with the mitsubishi 4 layer metal gasket? :confused:
  5. How often does a FPt28 have to be rebuilt?

    my opinion if you go with the fp28 you will be satisfied. im running one on my 98 talon and i am very happy about it and never have had a problem with it. :)
  6. Boost Proven BOV's

    Im lookin for a bypass valve thats able to handle atleast 18psi at the most without leaking. im running a 1g bov at the moment and its done its duty, but im tired of hitting 18psi and then dropping to 16. i dont wanna bother having it crushed i rather go aftermarket. i am also recirculating back...
  7. Auto AWD worth it?

    well im picking up this car soon and you are gonna be peformance source towards the trans. i just wish you were in vegas. be expecting many emails. thanks alot transdoooood
  8. anyone used luk clutch

    LuK clutches are just a stock clutch. nothing real major, but i would say they are good. i have put several in cars and never a prob.:thumb:
  9. Auto AWD worth it?

    :confused: I wanna know how well 1g automatic trans hold up and how well they perform. i'd like to build a drag car out of one im lookin at and wanna know if i put 500hp through it will it handle it. anybody with automatics that can give some advice or info please do.:talon: :dsm: :laser:
  10. 1g bov

    im running a 1g bov on my 2g talon. i got the buscher uip, first mod i did and felt a big difference. hits 16psi no porb and finally ended my t25. the bov holds 16 with no prob, but higher boost it cant hold. ive run 18psi at the track (after my turbo upgrade) and it peaks then drops to 16psi...
  11. ACT 2600 w/ stock car?

    Im getting ready to swap out my stock clutch cause its got about 30k miles on it and is starting to act up. its never worked that great (stupid dealership). ive just done all my modding but i figured a 2100 would be big enough for what i got. when the 2600 comes into mind i wanna get an...
  12. Lifters becoming annoying

    where can i find those?:dsm:
  13. Lifters becoming annoying

    My lifters are just incredibly loud and annoying. every so often they shut up. im getting the head tuned and maybe new lifters. any info on preventing the same problem occuring would be nice. oil additives or de-gummer? and also looking to build a 1g head to put on my 2g, any good lifters to...
  14. Blow Off Valves

    and to Slow99x, im lookin to make a streetable drag car. nothing bigger then a big 16g or T28. i wanna run 12's when i go to the track, but keep a good drivable car. thats one reason i picked a :dsm: , thier pimp.:thumb:
  15. Blow Off Valves

    some good info. i dont like the negative info cause it makes me afraid of trying something out. im gonna go take a look at an hks cause it seems to have some good reviews. and im a big hks fan. though im lookin to plumb it back into my intake. thanks alot.:dsm:'s rule
  16. Blow Off Valves

    Im looking for info on any kind of blow off valve someone has experience with and would recommend. i was gonna save a few bucks and buy a brand new 1g valve. Now im thinking of a TurboXS but havent heard any comments on it. If anybody has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated...
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