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  1. raising boost question?

    Enough with the cross posting your threads. Please only start one thread regarding each topic. Multiple threads of the same topic are not cool. :nono:
  2. Intercooler Cleaning IC [Merged 11-7] clean smic fmic

    Please do not post the same topic in multiple forums, let alone post a thread that has been closed in the past. Vacation anyone? :nono:
  3. Intercooler Cleaning IC [Merged 11-7] clean smic fmic

    Another thread asking the same question as before. If your thread has been closed in the past, then there was a particular reason for this. DO NOT POST THIS AGAIN, let alone a duplicate of this post in another forum. It is looking like a vacation may be needed. :nono:
  4. dyno tomorrow

    Sorry, but the bench dyno has closed for the day. Please come back tomorrow and rejoice about your tried and true dyno numbers. :toobad:
  5. something is weird

    Something is fishy there. I would not get myself involved in that sort of scandal. Who knows what could come back on you in the future if you do take part in it. :toobad:
  6. PROM!!! How do i ask her?

    Hey lad, don't want to rain on your prom proposal but we don't have threads like this around here. Just trying to save you before you get flamed. :nono:
  7. Got Bored Small PhotoShoot

    I think that was directed to me!! HAHAHA ;)
  8. Heater Hose Direction

    Patience lad, you posted your second message 30 minutes after the start of the thread. Answers may not come as fast as you wish. Please do not bump threads. :nono: Thank you.
  9. Got Bored Small PhotoShoot

    Konig rhythms in black opal.Replacement car would be another 2g, probably a white 97 talon awd, if I can find one in good shape.
  10. Got Bored Small PhotoShoot

    Don't raise your letters with me!!! :nono: ROFL
  11. My first ever wreck

    I did the same thing when I smacked a deer and did $5500 in damage to the car but the brand new Victory Performance FMIC was untouced. Can't say the same for the bumper, cf hood, windshield, roof, etc. But I was glad the FMIC was still looking good. :rocks:
  12. Got Bored Small PhotoShoot

  13. 1990 eagle talon tsi awd vs 300 hp awd volvo s60r

    :nono: This smells like a bench race. :nono:
  14. Got Bored Small PhotoShoot

    Nah, sold it to another member on the board. Looking for a replacment.
  15. Got Bored Small PhotoShoot

    My ass use to look like that, I miss my old figure! :(
  16. Check this VIV # PLZ

    We are no longer permitting threads asking or providing carfax runs on vin's. Thank you. :nono:
  17. so long guys!

    How about some pics of the new car? :rocks:
  18. so long guys!

    He may be thinking long term with his purchase of the RSXs. I know he was having troubles with the dsm and did not want to put anymore into it. Spend more now to not spend as much in the end. To each their own.
  19. New Smilies

    It's the little things that make us feel warm and fuzzy!As for the sexual smiles, we don't permit any sexual content or leg humping! So those would not be found in our smiles box!
  20. so long guys!

    Well I will wait to say what I want to say offline, but I am glad you didn't get the Miata that you were considering. I think you will look good in the RSX! :tease: ROFL :toobad:
  21. The Ultimate Rally Spam

    It may not be a scam but is sure as hell smells like SPAM! The issue has been resolved. Thank you for informing us of the SPAM.
  22. The Ultimate Rally Spam

    Even the moderators received the spam. It will be taken care of accordingly.
  23. The Gallery.... Read

    Thank you for your kind words and thank you for bringing this thread back from the dead.
  24. how hard would this be

    Search the hangout and you will see it.
  25. big bad honda boy

    No need to type this, just click the damn button and we will take care of things. Thank you.
  26. What color to paint my car? [Merged 4-8]

    Moved to Appearance/Interior/Exterior.Attention all other members do not read members the rules, just report the thread if you feel it is needed.
  27. i raced a protege mazdaspeed turbo...

    Take it to the track and then you will be permitted to talk all about it.
  28. want a turbo or upgrade?? gsx gst gs rs tsi

    If you have a favorite shop please put it in your user profile. We do not allow promotion or bashing of any vendors. Thank you.
  29. donuts fitment

    Yes they will fit. I hope this is for storage and not transportation. 4 donuts would be pretty funny to see on the road.
  30. Anyone else get conned by ***********?

    Thread closed due to vendor complaint rule violation.As for those who find it neccesary to count down to a thread being locked, I do not recommend this unless you do not want to be a member here. Just report the thread. Thank you.
  31. Beware of ***************

    Thread closed due to vendor complaint rules violation.
  32. POLL: Do you think i will make it?

    Hate to rain on your parade, but this is classified as a bench race:No "bench racing". Bench racing is defined as posting hypothetical questions to try and see how fast or how powerful your car is, or will be. If you want to know what time to expect at the track, whether or not your car can...
  33. What is a reasonable price for my car?

    You put it up for what you want, just be open to people making lower offers to you.As for the life of this thread, I think it has seen better days and will be much better closed than open. Good luck with the sale.
  34. Crankwalk...1g, 2g?

    Take a deeper look into the search feature and you shall find the answer to this question. Crankwalk has been discussed a million times.
  35. 91 eclipse GS

    Do some research and if you have a particular question then post. There are plenty of great threads here that would be helpful.Here is a start:
  36. FS n/a 4g63

    While all of you are correct that this is in the wrong place, all you need to do is report post to moderators and that is it. No comments needed. Thank you
  37. Got my 2Gb Eclipse Bumper Cover back from the body shop

    Thanks for the clearance on the :dsm: issue. I was not part of the previous thread. Makes me wonder why there is another thread for a similar topic? :confused:
  38. Another annoying GT4 feature - Maybe you can help!

    Moved to the new GT4 forum.
  39. Got my 2Gb Eclipse Bumper Cover back from the body shop

    Looks great. Did you fill the :dsm: emblem or did the bumper not have the indentation? regardless it looks :thumb:
  40. Injen Intake + HKS SS BOV

    I feel that we have come to an answer here. Do not vent your blow off valve. I am closing this thread before more people have smart ass comments to make.
  41. A took a long vacation...

    Why discriminate against our age!!! :cry:
  42. TSI FWD (me) vs VW vs EVO8

    Hey take it to the track and then we can talk.
  43. snowstorm pics

    Repost, for future posts.
  44. Will someone run a quick carfax for me? (Nope!)

    No more carfax threads, Thank you.
  45. 92 Talon Starting Problems

    No you won't! Replying for the sole purpose of keeping the topic current is against the rules. If someone wants to provide help they will find your thread and be willing to help. Not everyone just reads the first few posts. There are plenty of people who read through thread after thread.
  46. woohoo... got my first V8 kill

    Inappropriate at it finest here. We do not promote street racing, nor do we have a kills section.
  47. bov venting to atmosphere

    I think I got it, the SEARCH FEATURE on :D
  48. sup guys

    Wow, this is horrid! Not only have you put this in the wrong forum, your typing is making my eyes bleed. This is one helluva long run on sentence you have spelled out for us. Please post in the appropriate places and try to type in a mature manner. Thank you.
  49. Name "Captions"?

    For further information pertaining to this issue please refer to the thread in the site feedback section. Thank you.
  50. Yay.

    It is exactly what you are anticipating. I got a good laugh out of it.
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