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  1. Xplicit93AWD

    looking for magazine that did suspension on a laser

    the new turbo magazine just did a write up on a lazer. They put wheels kyb agx shocks and sportlines springs.
  2. Xplicit93AWD

    ne 1 round the south fl region

    Waddap Tim I live in Dade but im usually going out to us 27 on fridays if you wanna ride wit me PM your number and we can meet up.Im always willing to help out fellow DSM people when I can.
  3. Xplicit93AWD

    KYB AGX shocks installed & still bottoming out

    The car should way as much as a stock 1g AWD everything is still intact. The springs are untouched same as they came from Eibach and I ahve the shocks on there strongest setting ( 4 ).
  4. Xplicit93AWD

    KYB AGX shocks installed & still bottoming out

    Just as it states I currently have Eibach Sportlines springs on my 1g and I was riding around with blown shocks for a while and I finally installed my front AGX shocks. So I put them on the stiffest setting and I went crusing to see how it feels and its like there is no difference. I feel a...
  5. Xplicit93AWD

    what is this sensor and what does it do? ... again

    Ding.. Ding.. Ding...... Correct!!!!
  6. Xplicit93AWD

    1g Help With Connecting Innovate LC-1 Question

    Well I saw that innovate sell the connection I need for only $12 but I was just seeing if there wa a way around it so I can start tuning. Also I know the o2 sensor will screw right into the bung but will it give me any bad affects since im taking off the stock o2 sensor.
  7. Xplicit93AWD

    1g Help With Connecting Innovate LC-1 Question

    I was finally trying to install my wideband the other night and I came to find out that I need some kinf of wire to connect to the stero port and connect to a laptop so I can program this. Well I dont have it I guess it didnt come with the package since I got it used. Does anyone know if there...
  8. Xplicit93AWD

    Being shot for a feature in a magazine

    Wow must be exciting. Congratz!!! I always wanted my car to be in a magazine but I know it's not magazine ready "YET".
  9. Xplicit93AWD

    Walbro 255 HP "Whine" Question.

    Ok sorry to maybe hack your thread butt I have 255 walbro and its loud as shit and also its not rewired but it does fluctuate when I flick for the turn signals. What dies that mean? Also how can I fix that?
  10. Xplicit93AWD

    Wideband with DSM Link

    This write up would help me soo much I have a innovate LC-1 and I havent installed it because I have no idea how. But if you can do a write up on it and how to get it woring correctly with DSMLink it would help me out so much. I hope to see this soon so I can finally get my car tuned and...
  11. Xplicit93AWD

    Official '06 Shootout Follow-up Thread - post your photos here

    Bring On The Car Pics And Drag Racing Videos!!!!!!
  12. Xplicit93AWD

    DSMlink Dealers

    I would go directly with you know your getting a quality product anbd if you have any problems they will more than happy assit you with it and I dont think when you go threw a authorized dealer they give you access to the dsmlink forum which you will be happy you have access to once...
  13. Xplicit93AWD

    Finally fresh pictures of my DSM... And my jet fighter cockpit :-)

    WOW!!!! That is a hands down "THE" cleanest 1g around inside and out.
  14. Xplicit93AWD

    Help with DSMlink!!! I need the stock (unhacked maf) air settings

    Just zero everything out and you'll be fine.
  15. Xplicit93AWD

    DSM Nostalgia: Magazine Article Scans

    Very Nice Find !!!!!
  16. Xplicit93AWD

    Evo IX SE

    Yea but just look at it liek this whats the lowest price you can find for a good condition evo III or something. I think they hold there value real well which sucks in a way becuase I would love to own one but the price kills me.
  17. Xplicit93AWD

    Aeromotive fpr/install kit combo?

    I think you rtalking aout the one thatwas on this site earlier www.ImportEvolution.comI have one myself it installed very easy and looks great they sell gauges for it and everything for reasonable prices.
  18. Xplicit93AWD

    new site dedicated to DSM videos

    Thats real cool I hope to see some nice vids and soon I should be making a vid so I will be on there also.
  19. Xplicit93AWD

    New wheels and suspension! What ya's think? :)

    I think we just need a better shot it looks like it has potential but we cant get the full effect
  20. Xplicit93AWD

    Coolant light doesn't go away (WHY???)

    I waited until the thermostate opened and added more until it overflowed and my overflow bottle is full where it should be. I went and i checked the plug and it looks all nasty inside like mold or something. Could that be the issue becuase i mean it was like that before and it was working fine.
  21. Xplicit93AWD

    Coolant light doesn't go away (WHY???)

    well that was taken out and all the wiring for it so I dont think that would be it.
  22. Xplicit93AWD

    Coolant light doesn't go away (WHY???)

    Ok now after my turbo swap everything was put back and coolant was put back in and also pu tinto the overflow bottle. But im having the coolant light stay on in the car for some reason can someone let me know how I can fix this. Im clueless right now so any help will be very appricated.Aramis
  23. Xplicit93AWD

    New turbo setup...PROBLEMS!!!!

    Ok hers my dilema. Im getting a good deal from a friend on a 20g turbo setup(20g,evoII mani,2g o2 housing,hks watsegate w/ dumptube). Ok now that the setup is out there you can look at mine.... I am still running stock injectors:notgood: on what amount of boost should I keep the 20g on until I...
  24. Xplicit93AWD

    eBay 1g w/2g MAS intake

    WOW >>> Nice find homie it looks like I have somethign new to buy for my car. I needed a intake for my 2g maf.
  25. Xplicit93AWD

    Meaning behind your user name?

    I just like the way Xplicit sounds and I own a 93 AWD (Eclipse)... Pretty simple.
  26. Xplicit93AWD

    Fuel pump in, gas gauge broken.

    The same thing happen to me when I did my install you just have to pull the pump and make sure everything is aligned correctly I put the floater in wrong and that was what fixed my problem so I dont see why it cant fix yours.
  27. Xplicit93AWD

    how i almost died (pictures)

    OMFG is right ... Yo im really glad to hear at the end of the story your are getting better and hopefully you will have a full recovery. Now let me tell you what you should IMO find that asshole and get someone to find him for you and give him a taste of what he mad you go threw. Beat the living...
  28. Xplicit93AWD

    oil catch can [Merge]

    Ok I guess I will look for a big enough nipple to drill and tap a hole in the intake and also would you guys recommend me to put something in my catch can I have a RRE catch can.
  29. Xplicit93AWD

    oil catch can [Merge]

    Ok well maybe my question got over looked but its ok. I just wanted some clarification on this. I am not understanding lets say you dont have a nipple coming from your intake pipe since I have a 3" intake pipe only w/ my BOV tube what do I do with the other side of the catch can? As of now I...
  30. Xplicit93AWD

    oil catch can [Merge]

    Thats is what I am not understanding lets say you dont have a nipple coming from your intake pipe since I have a 3" intake pipe only w/ my BOV tube what do i do with the other side of the catch can?
  31. Xplicit93AWD

    oil catch can [Merge]

    Ok now I have been reading this thread as it goes along and I have a quick qyestion. To clarify the correct way to have a catch can installed for a D/D is as shownSorry for the messy diagram I did the best I can. I dont kno why it came out so small here is a link maybe it shows better...
  32. Xplicit93AWD

    What are the most breathtaking DSM photos?

    I also agree this is my all time favorite DSM. So clean and you always pay attention to the detail of things and thats what makes it such a great car IMO. I can't wait until we could get an update on the car either here or on your site. But anyway great car and keep up the good work.:thumb: :thumb:
  33. Xplicit93AWD

    Who else is down right now??? MERGED

    It's down but mostly for maintence, changing timing belt,water pump front seal, front and rear motor mounts inserts and changing tranny and engine mounts for oem, revised lifters,rear main seal was leaking oil so thats being changed also with a new flywheel,pressure plate and clutch, new driver...
  34. Xplicit93AWD

    Turbo Charged PC, Owner Obviously a DSMr

    That's funny.... But can you say that dsmer has way to much time on his hands.
  35. Xplicit93AWD

    New DSM meet- West Palm Beach, FL

    The south florida group is still together we are gathering in the same spot @ the checkers on university and commercial every other sunday we are meeting up this sunday so if your interested come by.
  36. Xplicit93AWD

    Lets talk Ebay FMIC. Especially if you have one.

    I know exactly how you feel I have had to deal with that pipe already twice your talking about the allen srew that is on the inner part of the bend right? And if you dont tighten it up good enough it will leak and that area will cuase the car to act all ****ed up. So your not alone with that...
  37. Xplicit93AWD

    manual transmission fluid help??

    thanks alot for the response but what would be regular diff. fluid sorry i dont know anything about fluids and good ones at that
  38. Xplicit93AWD

    manual transmission fluid help??

    Just to add to this i wanted to change all my drive train fluids what could you guys recommend me using for my transmision, t- case, and rear differential.
  39. Xplicit93AWD

    California = 14389743974 me = -2.5

    WOW... That really sucks man am I glad that I live in florida. Good luck.
  40. Xplicit93AWD

    never impersonate a cop

    Damn thats funny ... but he's the dumba$$ to stop after pulling a prank on someone does he really think you guys didnt get mad and was just like w/e about it wow people are really gulable and I dont blame your cousin for doing what he did I would have done the same just to teach him a lesson and...
  41. Xplicit93AWD

    June: Photo Contest #5

    Well I dont know how to use photoshop that well so I couldn't tint my window so thats me also with the car enjoy. :thumb: :dsm: :talon:
  42. Xplicit93AWD

    photo shop these back ends

    I think that conversion is ugly but everyone is there own. IMO
  43. Xplicit93AWD

    any dsm tuners in miramar fl???

    Also we have another group that also is part of miami dsm os south florida dsm we are all a cool group of guys that like modding our cars for more details just get at us on this site
  44. Xplicit93AWD

    96 degrees yesterday, I need AC!!!

    How do you know if your car has been retrofited to r134-a or if its still r12
  45. Xplicit93AWD

    where to refill a/c?

    Well how hard is it really to do the conversion on my 93 gsx is there a how to I searched on and I couldn't find nothin.
  46. Xplicit93AWD

    Electrical Mishap w/ Headunit, interior etc

    Wow man I hate it when that happens you get one things fixed and then another thing messes up. Well those are dsm's for you. And a for your problem I would check what that fuse is used for generally and take it from there ... maybe that fuse is blown.
  47. Xplicit93AWD

    Electrical Mishap w/ Headunit, interior etc

    Sorry but where exactly is the "mpi fuse and the "ignition fuse"....
  48. Xplicit93AWD

    Electrical Mishap w/ Headunit, interior etc

    And would you know exactly what are the critical fuses that will not allow the engine to start at all or evenrun properly
  49. Xplicit93AWD

    Looked a this pic, are they ok??

    Well I just happen to like things to kept like if mitsu wanted it like that so the length of that hose i would make it as close as possible to the stock you can without kinking the line. IMO
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