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  1. boosted_91_tsi

    Aw4g63, landoawd where you at. All members from the early 2000's check in.

    Funny how a username and password can stick in the back of your mind for 19 years...
  2. boosted_91_tsi

    2G Just bought my first DSM!

    That's a clean looking Eagle
  3. boosted_91_tsi

    M3 Mirrors for a 1g

    ok ok , i know what you all are thinking. I NEED m3 mirrors for my 91 tsi. With the custom work being done i need to have turn signals to pass inspection and these mirrors will do it. I am looking for a set of the m3's for a 1g but cant find them anywhere. i have searched the other forums...
  4. boosted_91_tsi

    Installing coilovers, what else to replace?

    Might as well check out the Ball Joints and Tie Rod Ends while you have a good view with everything open.
  5. boosted_91_tsi

    Oil pan problem

    There may not be any leaking but if it is dented enough it may cause a little more restriction on the oil pick-up. Mine had been dented a small amount and once I pulled it I found scuff marks that matched where the screen of the pick-up tube had been in contact.
  6. boosted_91_tsi

    New toy at the shop, 07 Hayabusa

    Very nice, I am saving up for a gixxer 600 come summer time.
  7. boosted_91_tsi

    picture/photoshop request

    They kind of look like cartoon wheels but I am still learning. Haha
  8. boosted_91_tsi

    picture/photoshop request

    This is my first photoshop but give me some time and maybe I will get you something better
  9. boosted_91_tsi

    1g ebay IC, Pictures inside

    I take it sales are going well. Congrats on the business! I'll keep trying to spread the word :thumb:
  10. boosted_91_tsi

    Preseason updates? Show us what you're doing!

    While you are in there doing pads and rotors, clean and grease the guide pins in the calipers and flush out ALL of that old brake fluid too. You could also throw on a set of speed bleeders to make things really easy.
  11. boosted_91_tsi

    Replacing Clutch Slave Cylinder

    I did tear the hell out of my knuckles under the dash, lol. Like I said I think I got lucky.
  12. boosted_91_tsi

    Replacing Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Hmm, Mine only took about 25 minutes to swap out. Guess I got lucky. It would suck to just replace the slave and spend your time bleeding the system and then having to go back again in a month to do the Master and re-bleed the system again. Just go ahead and take care of the whole hydraulic...
  13. boosted_91_tsi

    What to do while t-case is out???

    Dear God, Mine should be running like a top then ROFL
  14. boosted_91_tsi

    How To Properly Spend A Snowy Day In New England

    Why would you take your Jag out in that anyways, lol
  15. boosted_91_tsi

    2007 1G Car Prep

    Wow! Looks like you have been busy, haha. I enjoy reading threads like this because I am still in the planning process to make my 1G into an aggressive SM set-up. Being able to read other members first hand experience is pretty valuable and it helps me catch the little things I would normally...
  16. boosted_91_tsi

    Were can I get a bigger throttle body elbow?

    Look for a 2G elbow, they are slightly larger then the stock 1G.
  17. boosted_91_tsi

    Replacing Clutch Slave Cylinder

    I would say do the Master Cylinder as well. If the Slave went bad the Master is probably not far behind. Check out all of your hoses for wear.
  18. boosted_91_tsi

    -AN fittings for Holset's sells kits for the Holsets. It should have everything you need...
  19. boosted_91_tsi

    Tire discussion and choices [Merged 11-7] which size what tires tiretire

    I use Kumho ASX's for DD and I do not have a single complaint. Great reviews and awesome tread wear. I would definitely go with an All-Season tire though, they will last you longer and will still get traction in the snow.
  20. boosted_91_tsi

    Skreetching brakes!! after new pads, too...

    Did you bed them in the rotors? It could be they are just new and not set in yet.
  21. boosted_91_tsi

    SCCA Wiregrass Region Solo II Event #1

    Congrats on the win :thumb: Great write-up, it makes me even more eager to get back out there.
  22. boosted_91_tsi

    Skreetching brakes!! after new pads, too...

    Which Hawk pads did you put on the car? HPS pads are tolerable but the HP+ pads will chew through rotors and are a bit noisy when cold.
  23. boosted_91_tsi

    Whats the BEST ebay FMIC kit??

    I too have the kit LAN- is selling. I am just waiting for a little warmer weather to install. Great quality and it shipped out pretty quick. I can't wait to finish the car up.
  24. boosted_91_tsi

    Whats the BEST ebay FMIC kit??

    There is a member selling 1G short route kits on here. I received mine last week and I was impressed with the kit. Let me know if you want some info on them.
  25. boosted_91_tsi

    Relocating Alternator second and third product down. I have no experience with these kits but I did run across them the other day. Hope it helps you out.
  26. boosted_91_tsi

    Megan Racing Downpipe or Ebay Knock Off?

    It was about the same. I want to say 160-170 shipped but I know it is a Megan racing DP and not a knock off.
  27. boosted_91_tsi

    Preseason updates? Show us what you're doing!

    I was reading here about people using a splitter. I do not know much in the way of track events beyond auto-x but I hope to change that in the near future. At what speed would a splitter become effective. I don't think it has much ,if any, effect at auto-x in a car as heavy as mine and I am...
  28. boosted_91_tsi

    Preseason updates? Show us what you're doing!

    Well I used them driving on the street every great once in a while and they would squeal a bit until I laid into them but on course, I have never had them fade or make any noises that I am aware of. I usually drag my brakes a bit going from grid to the start line to get a little bit of heat in...
  29. boosted_91_tsi

    Preseason updates? Show us what you're doing!

    I was impressed by the Miata when I saw what 102hp could do in auto-x. I had the same idea and used metal bar stock to make a battery tie down. I used a long bolt for the side closest to the motor and used the strut bolt for the other side. Worked like a charm and no movement at all. And for...
  30. boosted_91_tsi

    New rebuild. Should I remove balance shafts?

    You can remove the rear and leave the front shaft in but you might as well pull them both while you are in there. It is a tight fit and a PITA with the motor in the car but you can remove both but no matter what you do, don't just cut the belt.
  31. boosted_91_tsi

    Preseason updates? Show us what you're doing!

    I wish I had a budget to be able to travel around, haha. We have two very local auto-x clubs here and a third not too far away. I could pull 2 events per month and stay in state but it is hard when you co-drive someones car :(. All the more reason to work on the Talon :thumb:
  32. boosted_91_tsi

    Preseason updates? Show us what you're doing!

    Haha, as my friend told me a couple of years back at my first event..."Just think of this as drag racing rehab." I have been hooked ever since :D
  33. boosted_91_tsi

    OE rear stickers [Merged 2-7] factory stock side emblem emblems sticker decals

    They are discontinued but what few remain can be had from a dealer. If they are nice enough they will tell you exactly where they are too.
  34. boosted_91_tsi

    1Ga front bumper options

    It may be a bit extreme and I am not sure what type of racing you do but with the second cover pictured you could modify the side vents into brake cooling ducts and at least put them to some kind of use.
  35. boosted_91_tsi

    Preseason updates? Show us what you're doing!

    Well I am not much into the road race portion of it all yet but I stick to auto-x. To be honest it was not until I began reading all of the latest information and somewhat bio of Greg Collier that I made my decision to turn the Talon into a nice SM setup. I have run a few events in the Talon...
  36. boosted_91_tsi

    ebay exhaust systems?

    Haha, I hear ya. I have had my DP back section for about 4 years now and no rust to speak of.
  37. boosted_91_tsi

    Megan Racing Downpipe or Ebay Knock Off?

    If you want the Megan, go through someone besides Ebay. I went with SBR and got it cheaper than on Ebay.
  38. boosted_91_tsi

    420a thermostat

    Try Autozone, NAPA, Advanced Auto Parts. Any local parts store should have them.
  39. boosted_91_tsi

    I need EVERYONES opinion

    Haha, seriously think about this... "try out this new pill because we don't know exactly what it will do to a human body"Also think of how you never really hear any feedback on any of the test they administer. If something bad should happen, they are not going to let it get out to the...
  40. boosted_91_tsi

    1G Laptop Stand????

    I was working on one with a friend that would bolt to the back of the seat bracket and fold out with the seat still in the car. My turbo blew so I kind of scrapped the idea for the time being. If we ever get around to finishing up with it I will be sure to post it as a write-up or something.
  41. boosted_91_tsi

    eBay DP question

    The MBC is supposed to have a bleeder hole.
  42. boosted_91_tsi

    Any downfalls of one sided front mount intercoolers?

    Check out this thread. came in this morning and I am very impressed for the price. $485 for everything. Worth a consideration.
  43. boosted_91_tsi

    ebay exhaust systems?

    The Megan DP's are awesome. They bolt right up, no clearance issues, and great quality. If you don't care about it being shiny under the car, buy a DP for about $130, a high flow cat if you want one, and take the car to a local exhaust shop for the cat back. I paid $125 for a cat back and was...
  44. boosted_91_tsi

    eBay DP question

    Megan pipes do not replace the cat. I have the 1G AWD 3" DP and it does not neck down at the end like the one listed. Maybe that is just the 2G FWD thing, I am not sure.
  45. boosted_91_tsi

    1g ebay IC, Pictures inside

    The air box would be a good seller I think. I don't know of any place to pick one up. I have wanted to make one for a while now but just never got around to getting the materials.My FMIC showed up this morning and wow! Great quality for the price, amazing. I hope to get it mounted up...
  46. boosted_91_tsi

    1g ebay IC, Pictures inside

    I hear you on keeping your name clean. It is good to see you stop to think about that. You could do upper and lower IC pipes for people who want to keep a stock side mount too. Throttle body elbows, j-pipes... It could take a while to make sure you have a good design but keep at it and I am...
  47. boosted_91_tsi

    eBay DP question

    x2 The Megan DP is a nice quality piece and will bolt right on with no clearance issues to worry about. The Megan does NOT replace the cat BTW.
  48. boosted_91_tsi

    1g ebay IC, Pictures inside

    If you are looking for ideas with piping, why not a manifold or O2 housings?
  49. boosted_91_tsi

    ebay exhaust systems?

    Those links don't look too bad or overpriced for a catback. I paid 120 for a 3in cat back + universal muffler out of ugly pipe for mine and spent another 120 on a Megan 3in DP. To me a 3in pipe is a 3in pipe as long as the welds are good.
  50. boosted_91_tsi

    Pics from my Crash last night...1g destroyed!

    I drive my DSM in the winter.....ohh wait, you said nice car.Glad to see no one got hurt. I don't know exactly what happened as I was not there and neither was anyone else but yourself. The way you told the story COULD make people think you were trying to speed around the car in front of...
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