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  1. head gasket ?

    stock HG is fine.
  2. Anyone running AGP turbo kit on 1g with FMIC?

    I had a Buschur race core setup and the t3/t4 kit and everything fit fine...
  3. Is this a NT or T Head gasket? *pic*

    Are you on drugs? :rolleyes:
  4. Evo personal best 60'

    Glad to see you have some common sense, more than I can say for some of your nutswingers in this thread :rolleyes:
  5. valves and guides interchangeable

    Yes, you can swap everything over...
  6. how much boost can i run with my stock 440's?

    congrats, you have the first DSM ever with "stock" 440cc injectors
  7. Evo personal best 60'

    You sure you didn't stage with your rear tires? That 60ft time is unheard of without et streets or something similar and a suspension setup for drag racing..and a shitload of weight reduction, and a shitload of power. Sorry but your 1.42 isn't legitimate
  8. autoalchemy fuel line kit...

    Everyone knows they can make their own for about $100, right?
  9. Nitrous Now, Turbo Then

    Why isn't anybody yelling at this guy for suggesting the poor SOB gaps his plugs to 1/3 of an inch.
  10. A Couple of 5-Speed Tranny Oil Seal Q's

    Same procedure minus the carrier bearing. A trick I use is to drive a screwdriver up between the axle and the tranny. Just be careful not to damage to seal, but in your case, it's already bad so go for it. You can also stick a standard screwdriver up there, and then twist it clockwise, (or...
  11. Custom Exhaust

    You don't need one.
  12. Best MPH to date.

    Nice trap, but enough with your excuses already.
  13. A Couple of 5-Speed Tranny Oil Seal Q's

    Why can't you remove the axle? Just unbolt the two 17mm bolts on the suspension, the two carrier bearing bolts, and pop the axle out. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.And then when the axle is out, the seal replacement is straightforward. Also, get a seal puller if you can. A lot...
  14. Post your stroker setup (turbo, injectors, timeslips, dyno #'s...)

    Well, just a heads up, usually when you use a 2.4 block you can keep the 2.4 crank and everything and have a 2.4 liter. Or you can use a 2.4 block with a 2.0 crank and have a 2.14 liter. And last, you can have a 2.0 block with a 2.4 crank and make a 2.3. So to get a 2.3 from a 2.4 block isn't...
  15. Post your stroker setup (turbo, injectors, timeslips, dyno #'s...)

    How are you going to build a 2.3 with a 2.4 block? I'm dying to know...
  16. Just ordered comp cams

    You're an are. :rolleyes:
  17. Race with Supra single turbo from a roll

    The Supra did very well for it's mods.
  18. Estimated power???

    My previous estimate still stands, even with no fmic. Besides, I heard the Nitto 555's teamed up with Koni adjustable shocks really do wonders for your top end. :thumb:
  19. Estimated power???

  20. Nippon Reinz head gaskets? good?

    I agree with Candela. For 95% of the people out there a stock HG installed properly, using the correct torque sequence, can't be beat.
  21. Boost problems on my new RS49 Turbo 2g

    AGP is closed for a few days I believe, no reason to get on a forum and bash them. You've never taken a vacation before?:rolleyes:
  22. strange turbo seal problem

    Yes, very possible. And you shouldn't have to put a bolt in the dip stick tube, ever. I'd worry about that problem first, and that'll more than likely take care of the rest of your problems.
  23. My new trans setup!

  24. scater shield Question?????

    Yes, you can put a scattershield on while the tranny is in the car. It's a PITA with the front water pipe there, though. Just take your time. And a stock flywheel has been used in several 500whp+ cars. Just depends on how much you enjoy using your legs.
  25. New 2.4 Dyno #s

    Very nice numbers. Congrats.
  26. My new Best 14B Run

    Excellent, congratulations..All in a fwd as well. But how the hell did you get your car that light without CF/fiberglass, lexan etc. Congrats again.
  27. 60-1 Spool up & Driveability

    I agree, most forums are known for people running their mouths when it comes to a thread where they have no firsthand information pertaining to the subject. BTW, I trapped 117 on pump with my only 20 psi..
  28. 60-1 Spool up & Driveability

    You'd be looking at 20 psi by around 4300 give or take 100rpm. 60-1 is fine on pump gas and even better on race gas, doesn't really come alive until 15+ psi though. And I'd run a beater turbo after you get your engine built, just to be sure the little metal shavings don't douche the oil seals...
  29. Roy Neavez wins his class at California Dragway

    Low 12's in a 550+whp that's impressive....:rolleyes:
  30. beat to death, but i need help

    I can see why you're so stumped, this has only been gone over 1,843,630,324,529,876,493,124,312 times. :rolleyes:
  31. Slowboy Racing

    It's goes overboard when people make it their job to bash certain vendors in every thread that has any mention of that vendor. I have nothing against people expressing their opinions and experiences but a certain someone just takes it too far and doesn't know when to move on. L2R did the right...
  32. new track pic

    I see, gorgeous car,
  33. new track pic

    Did you buy your car off another guy that built it? It looks familiar?
  34. MMI-dejon tool dual mbc

    I had one and it worked as advertised
  35. is 20g to much for stock internals?

    I don't know how to tell you this, but a 20G is not a big turbo.
  36. got my car painted, opinions?

    since when is a 17.5 AFR "really fat" I like the looks of the car though.
  37. Found a nice porsche

    good story...:laugh:
  38. Coil on Plug how to

    There's a VFAQ somewhere floating around with details on how to do exactly what you're talking about. wish I had a link for you.
  39. Tial Wastegate Springs and 30+ psi

    FWIW, i've run up to 31 psi on my 60-1 with a tial 35mm and only a 9 psi spring and it was rock solid.
  40. Lighter cars?

    Do a search on weight reduction.
  41. How to get my ARP head bolt off?

    12pt 14mm deep socket
  42. Need A Clutch!

    act2100 for a fwd, act2600 for an awd. It's pretty straightforward until you start making some really HP (500whp+)
  43. 1/4 mile times and hype for various turbos???

    The toonerz on here aren't exactly the best resource to find out how fast a turbo will go. Check out NABR if you want to see some good examples of a turbos' capabilities.
  44. which mitsu. head gasket?

    If you plan on anything above 450whp go with the 4 layer metal mistu. Only if you've had your head resurfaced. If your head has not been surfaced and or your plans don't include at least 450whp, use the regular composite stocker. Many times the whole assembly process is much more...
  45. throttle Cable help, got rid of cruis control

    Loop it under your intake manifold
  46. slow boy racing

    I've dynoed 497whp in my daily driven 1G, what have you done? Now what ? Are you gonna call my mother fat? Flame wars are for highschoolers and internet tough guys, with you probably fitting in both categories. Now, although I'd love to see what you come up with, lets try and keep the flames to...
  47. slow boy racing

    Some of you guys are real ####ing tools. One guy who bashes SBR every opportunity he has. Let it go buddy, this isn't highschool. Yeah, maybe you've had bad experiences with a certain vendor but move on for ####sake. Judging by some of your posts, if I was Huml and I had to deal with you, I'd...
  48. Will Tubular Exhaust Manifold stop boost creep?

    a tubular exhaust manifold will only help you if it has provisions for an external wastegate. If you're running an internal wastegate, port the wg exit area on your turbine housing. and your o2 housing
  49. 2.3 Stroker Engine

    Nobody cares..Stop bumping all these damn threads. You should be banned
  50. HOT ROD MAGAZINE Pump Gas Drags

    Waste of time for any Import to enter this competition. There are some nasty pump gas V8's out there.
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