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  1. Anyone have some real help?

    Well, Before I posted this I made sure I searched my butt of over the internet and this site for help... But I am resorting to posting to you guys for help.There is white smoke from my car, and I have heard head gasket, piston rings, oil change... So i'll start from the top. Does anyone...
  2. anyone heard of or seen this before?

    ok, i remember see a really old post about someone who took off the exterior moulding of his 1g, you know, that strip that goes around the car in the middle of the door? well, has anyone ever heard of it,or have pics, i'm looking into doing it to mine... but i cant remember exactly how it...
  3. Popping, Misfiring, Studdering in only 3-4K

    Ok, I need help. I just changed my plugs to ngk gapped to .30. Wires to mag and changed my coil pack. My setup is Big 16G with a MBC, Boost Gauge, KN filter. Saving for more stuff. Haven't checked for vacum leaks doing that today. The car will run fine before and after 3-4K, but between...

    I have the same problem...My car will stumble and make popping sounbs from like 3-4K. Before and after it runs like a champ. I changed my coilpack, my plugs to Ngk, my wires to mag. I'm stumped. I'm running a big 16G, MBC, Boost Gauge, KN filter, and 15bls. ANy help would be awsome.
  5. windsheild accessories??

    i was wondering if anyone knows where to get an exterior piece that fits at the base of the windshield right below the wipers.... aka the cowl area? i've seen someone with a blue one and wanted to know where to get something like it?? thank you...G
  6. Cheap exhaust is not worth the time or money.

    Got my own SS 3inch made for 140. :)
  7. New Owner: Anything I should know? What should I mod first? [merged]

    thank you for your guys' help. it has helped me in my decision. for my car i will purchase KYB AGX struts and eibach sportline springs. the drop should be anywhere from 1.5-2.0 inches. then who knows what i'll do next... thank you for all your help, im guaranteed to need it again.G
  8. Help? Clear up my confusion...

    Well, I hope I don't sound incredibly stupid...But I am getting confused with every suspension "kit" and different package that I can buy for my car... Can someone please explain what I need for my front and rear of the car, it's very confusiong.Also, I need imput on a good suspension...
  9. CV Boot Replacement

    Well, After inspection, my mechanic advised that my CV Boots be replaced. I was wondering how much these parts go for and if the labor and replacement require taking it in to a shop... Or could I do it myself? Any information on where I could get rear boots, prices, and how to install them would...
  10. Help with rim decision...

    I'm thinking i need some advice with my decision on rim choice. The color of my car is that pewter/silver mix. I don't know how to describe it before i can get a pic...but all i can say is that it's like a tan and silver mix. anyway, i need help with rims that will look nice. i've seen pics of...
  11. New Owner: Anything I should know? What should I mod first? [merged]

    Too bad I don't have a million dollars...:cry: there would be so much i could do! Lol...Well for now, I want my shocks and srtuts first, and most importantly. My budget for right now is not too big, but big enough. i have never purchased any parts of this kind, so i am not familiar with the...
  12. New Owner: Anything I should know? What should I mod first? [merged]

    Hi everyone...I just bought a 1991 Eclipse GSX...I was wondering what kind of shocks/struts to use on my car...I will be replacing a lot of parts with higher quality parts, i hope. So...if anyone has any ideas for me about those parts...let me know?
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