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  1. shutting engine off at gas pump

    And dont try that at home............lolAnyways. I was thinking about this on the way home from the shop tonight.I can see if like the older cars had a piss poor engine ground strap, then you could be using a steel fuel line tube as a ground strap. with that the motor could then...
  2. shutting engine off at gas pump
  3. Sacramento meet ?

    I will be at home at 6pm tonight. Was going to start working on my cars. Anyone up for a BBQ meet? Last min. and all............I am in the mather area by sac raceway. I have my house out there. My number is 916-402-5668
  4. shutting engine off at gas pump

    Get some used spark plug wires. Not like ours but like the 9-5 daily guy out there. put them on a car. drive into your garage, close the door, start the car and pop your hood. Turn out all the lights, Now watch the arcing going on. Its a really kool light show.Now add that high...
  5. Sandblasting rims?

    bead blast, never sand blast...... the contact point is much cooler with bead blasting. You will not warp things
  6. shutting engine off at gas pump

    So my tank is on 1/4 full. I hop out to fill it up. The charging system in my car is runnig my sparkplug wires are cross firing. How much vapor is coming out of my tank with all the misdirected spark? :eek:
  7. shutting engine off at gas pump

    Now my question is........ Would you walk around a explosives site using your C.B. radio?Yes? NO?why?You are basicly doing the same thing leaving your car runing refueling. But you are risking they lifes of everyone around you as well........ I am not for sure, I'll have to look...
  8. shutting engine off at gas pump

    FIRES AT REFUELING SITES THAT APPEAR TO BE STATIC RELATED January 19, 2005Incidents of refueling fires reported to PEIThe following information lists the date, type of vehicle (if known) and a brief description of the incident. These refueling fire incidents have been categorized by the...
  9. shutting engine off at gas pump

    It is a requirement under law that the attendants not start the gas pump if they notice your vehicle is running. Therefore, if the store attendant does not turn on your pump, do not get angry at them, they are doing their job in .. protecting themselves and you from potential fire and or...
  10. shutting engine off at gas pump

    The Shell Oil Company recently issued a warning after three incidents in which mobile phones (cell phones) ignited fumes during fueling operations.In the first case, the phone was placed on the car's trunk lid during fueling: it rang and the ensuing fire destroyed the car and the gasoline...
  11. Running Very Rich - 40secs after ignition

    Check your water temp sensor. pull it out and place it in a bucket of hot water. check the temp then check the readings.If there is a real time data reader. Plug it in and drive. Watch the water temp sensor voltage, I bet as its heating up it send a poor signal to the ecu. Causing it...
  12. 420A out of a neon fit my car?

    will the 420A out of a 2000 neon work as a direct replacement for a 420a in the 99 eclipse?I have a chance to buy one cheap.
  13. Local DSM owner get's hosed on a T-belt job...and the local media cares!

    California has the B.A.R. That guy would have been tossed in jail long ago. The B.A.R. has aresting powers and is able to fine people/ shops up to 10k per violation. The B.A.R. dosent screw around. 99% of all states the shop has to give you a writen repair order. Dont leave without it...
  14. Best Drifting Pic?

    From another site. 11hp.. Woo Hoooo
  15. Place to buy parts for 420A

    Hey. my 420 drinks water like a yuppy. I am doing a water psi test on the cooling system tonight. Head gasket was done last month I have only got 50 miles on it. So I think I have a internal problem. with 90k on the clocks. Time to pull and rebuild.Where does people get 420a parts...
  16. Arizona DSM BBQ in July? (CA/NV welcome)

    Thats the weekend after motogp, if its a sunday I can make it. Saturday will be a little work.
  17. Other mods to do while doing Timing Belt/WP?

    It adjusts valve overlap and other things, Compression can also go up. The cams in your cars are set for best smog and milage output. Most find about 8 hp on a stock car buy degreeing them. Placing the lobe centers were they want to go....You can move the torque curve around as well...
  18. Arizona DSM BBQ in July? (CA/NV welcome)

    I might join you guys from up north I need to take a trip to mesa and surprize arizona, Looking for new home there.if its the 30th of july I'll meet up with you all and roll out with you
  19. Bay area dsmers

    If my car stopped leaking oil out the flucking head gasket I would be down to meet up.I dont like taking other cars or my motorcycles to other meets........I am in mather about 200 yards from sac raceway,, We could even have a meet at my house, Just bought the new bbque. Just...
  20. any truth to this?

    didn't mention anything about the 420a, those came on the 2g DSM's, 1995+. i said the 4G63 from the 1g DSM's, '90-'94. 1990 to early 1992 they used the 6 bolt 4G63, 1992 to 1994 they used the 7 bolt 4G63. the only differences between the the turbo and non turbo 4G63 motors are: 1) oil pan...
  21. 2g nt wierd temp rise

    Well had to tow car home lastnightOn the way to work at idle car started missing.Didnt risk anything, No over heat, Temp gauge in middle or just below.I get it home and with a comp gauge I'm getting 210 207 211 210 Car just rolled 90041 milesI give up!Looks like maybe a...
  22. Is it worth getting a lawyer for this...?

    I would leave it alone. She works in the area your friends live.Dont kick the hornets nest.... You might get a few more bee stings
  23. Pics of your kids

    Crap..... Thats nothing... I just heard Micheal Jackson asking his lawyer if its ok to lick those children
  24. 2g nt wierd temp rise

    2g N/T Car just rolled 90k miles.Car ran low on oil still was at half full. Did a oil change, small brass flakes in oil. Not a lot and not very big, You could see them pouring the oil out shining a flashlight through it.Now 3rd or 4th gear pulls are fine take off in 1st and run it...
  25. Rebuild Question

    My 99 n/t seems to have rod bearing problems , flakes in the oil. Never over heated but gets warm with throttle, holes 1,2,3, have 211 psi, hole 4 has 185psi(next to battery)I was going to pull the pan off today. and have a look around (if the rain stops)Has anyone pulled the oil pan...
  26. Who was out at sears point tonight?

    Who was out at sears point tonight? I saw a ton of DSM's out there... I wish I didnt have to work. I would have run my car!Damn motorcycles....Oh well....
  27. oil leak galore

    Maybe steam clean your motor?If you lost that much and cant see it. You need glasses I think more then anything.....
  28. Weapons owners Check-in [Merged 10-6]

    My car has a sun roof. Can I bring a passenger and my Barrett .50 or my AR-15?I guess me popped out the sunroof with a .50 would bring a new meaning to GS-T(ank)
  29. Weapons owners Check-in [Merged 10-6]

    You would take them some where this might happen?Also.... O.J. might have got off.. So.... He spent how much to get that? Maybe he didnt do it. O.J. still spent time in jail anyways........ before the trial.....But look what happen afterwards...... Now he was sued in civil court and...
  30. Weapons owners Check-in [Merged 10-6]

    I guess... But I would reather be dead then in jail for 15 years! And what are you doing that puts you in this? You have a better chance getting hit by a car then a "by chance" That would play cause for use of a gun......I only posted to let you know its a HUGE ticket you are signing...
  31. Weapons owners Check-in [Merged 10-6]

    I guess my x law enforcement backround asks me "why are you in a area you have to carry, if you know its unsafe dont be there"Next is you guys dont need a car meet you need a gun meet.....My choice is .380 in a boot. my trusty ole backup. It fits great under the seat of my motorcycle...
  32. What do you have in your garage?

    Works now....
  33. What do you have in your garage?

    So what is buried in your garage? I have a 62 t-bird and half my motorcycle collection. Other half is in the house...Post up some pics.... What you got?
  34. Crankwalk and what fixed it...

    year and model of your motor?
  35. Good set up?

    RM Racing Sway Bars link is dead on that page.....Any other working link?
  36. Good set up?

    Good info there thank you....Rotational mass and unsprung weight ?Looks like I might be out for some fun here!
  37. Good set up?

    Ok. First time DSM owner. I have a few questions. My backround is a x race tire engineer for motorcycles. So I know Tire and Suspenion dynamics a little.I have also come from the rear wheel drive world. So set ups are going to be differant between the two.I just picked up a 99 gs...
  38. drag slicks/ radial question

    I am willing to bet you dont have your suspenion set right. Slicks are not a cure all for a bad set up.What do you have holding your car up off the ground?
  39. Microsoft Suing Another Kid!

    Me and e-bay are battling this out right now..... Should be fun at anyrate!
  40. ECU pin outs?

    Ayone know the ECU pinout for the 99 gs 420AI am trying to install the S-AFC. I havent found much yet.
  41. Funny oil leak

    ah read some books then put a new headgasket on.
  42. Suspension Guru's.

    What car? What track/series?
  43. what % are you?

    used car #2 sectionsubaru prodrive wrx stI12k
  44. what % are you?

    I used a used car. The subaru prodrive wrx stI With a few mods it stomped the crap out of everyone. I get 3-4 sec ahead Do all the motor related stuff. And full race suspenion. after that soft slicks..My car puts out 498 hpMy highest HP Car so far is the 99 SkyGTR 741 hp>>...
  45. Check these blown pics out

    Saturn they are plastic cars made from a side divison of lego'sOn a differant note. I bet he filled the crank case up with gas or nos. This happens when the oil pan gets filled with gas or NOS. You get blow by in the rings and it will ignite the gas in the oil and Booom You blow the...
  46. product review of je pistons and crower camshafts

    Ah As a long time AMA engine builder I do not toss my motors togther. B.T.W. J.E. Pistons were cracking at the exaust valve relief. This is a known problem with certain apps. I do not know if they have fixed this. I do not want to learn my lesson that way. I have torn down 20+ motors that...
  47. product review of je pistons and crower camshafts

    je pistons crack, And!! A comp test will not prove alone you need a rebuild. A leak down test will.Leak down will tell you if: your intake valves leak, exaust valves leak, Rings are blown and are leaking.Anything less then 6% and your going to have to look for what is...
  48. Dirt and Ice courses

    H.P. is not the cure for everything,,I had a problem at first with my prodrive 497 hp stI After I detuned it I ripped.....Some things do get turned off for the race class, Some switch off i am finding. Trun it back by using the tool box on the start race screen!
  49. what % are you?

    1.5 days or owning a copy.48% will have about 15% more after tonight...... Anyone won and 350k 350z yet? 1st time i won and sold it I got 349K for it.I used the 2wd skyline to win 10% then went to the prodrive stI for 10% then the tacoma and the ssr trucks.The SSR truck you...
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