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  1. Ideas for a 11-12 sec setup

    I've had many thoughts, mainly between staying with a 2.0 or stroking to 2.3 or even 2.4. I'm going to be running turbo. I have a stock N/T 420a. Obvisouly Im not going to be running really high boost all the time ###### around 10-14. Internals are all going to be new. Need ideas on what would...
  2. Ouch! Keep shocking myself

    After I turn the car on, and sit in it for awhile, and I get out of the car, I get a small shock. This happens with my radio off, lights off, nothing running except the engine. I usually get shocked by the door, but thats all I touch when i get out of the car. Someone help me!JeremiahM
  3. Options on a new engine

    Yes its for a N/T 420a in my profile. The reason I want a brand new engine, is b/c If something happens to it, I know it was my doing and my responsibility. (Also I like new parts). Does anyone know anything about Hubler Engines?JeremiahM
  4. Options on a new engine

    I do not want a reman/jdm kinda engine. Im looking for a complete engine or kit that has 0 miles on it. I looked under a website called Hublers Engines, but im concerned about the quality of there parts. I also went to SBR, not interested in just a block, I need a complete engine. Anyone have...
  5. Cant get this damn bolt out!!

    n/m Im just going to return it... Too much of a hassle.JeremiahM
  6. Cant get this damn bolt out!!

    The Oil Sending bolt, on top of the block. I tried using the guage installation instructions, but for one the bolt that im trying to get out is no where near 1 1/16. Am I even at the right spot for the oil sender? Please I really need help, am getting no where fast. And btw the bolt is a small...
  7. Where is...

    I have a 420a 98 N/T Talon, wanting to know where the oil sender is for a oil pressure gauge, pictures would help a lot!!JeremiahM
  8. Has anyone gone to this?! If so, do you need a dealers license to participate in the auctions? Get back to me ###.JeremiahM
  9. Whoops forgot, let me rephrase

    Would any here recommend a 95 Civic Coupe with a GSR motor with about 15,*** on a rebuild instead of a 98 N/T Talon with about 105,*** miles. JeremiahM
  10. Why did I get killed?

    I have a 98 Eagle Talon N/T 420a, header, muffler, cai and I raced my friend that has a like 1990 or something Acura Integra with a stock GSR motor with a fart canner ricer muffler and a cai. What makes this motor so much faster then mine? I have 2Liters on this shit. Also I know a guy whos...
  11. Is it my Tranny?

    No theres not clunking, just sputtering. It acts like it has too much oil in it, but it doesn't have too much oil.JeremiahM
  12. Is it my Tranny?

    Everytime I punch the gas in any gear I get a sputtering feeling for a couple of seconds? Could this be something that has to do with oil, or my transmission? Get back to me ###.JeremiahM
  13. Help about tranny

    I can't find where you put more fluid in the transmission? Or is it that plug by the wheel that its impossible to get to? Get back to me ###. I have a 5-speed N/T 420a TalonJeremiahM
  14. Will this work on my 420a?

    I have a 98 N/T Talon, will this work? back to me ### the auction ends in a day.JeremiahM
  15. I need

    a ported tb for a 98 N/T. I may want to try the jeep 60mm.. If anyone has any info on where I can get one my aim is cia1080 and my e-mail is [email protected]
  16. Where to...

    I have a 98 N/T Talon, have CAI, exaust, headers are in the mail, where in TX can i get my throttle body, intake manifold ported at for around $150-$200.JeremiahM
  17. Is it useless to...

    I ordered OBX Racing Headers, And also a CAI off of e-bay, would it be smart to also get an exaust system along with a different throttle body? Or anyone know how much HP gain i'll be getting. This is a N/T Talon, btw. And I have an OBX Muffler.JeremiahM
  18. Question about CAI and transmission

    Is there a way I can "open" my existing throttle body more without buying a new one, b/c there like $100-$150, and if you can tell I'm on a budget.
  19. Question about CAI and transmission

    I have a 98 N/T Talon, and I am being sent a CAI off of ebay. I am wondering, I have a stock throttle body, would it be smart to upgrade to a different throttle body or is there a way to adjust it to open up more?And also a quesion about my transmission. I have a 5-speed. And say I start in...
  20. Stupid Question!! But need help fast!

    I am bidding on a T25 Turbo on e-bay with o2 housing/wastegate, besides an turbo manifold what else do i need to mount this on my car, I have a 98 Talon N/T 420a. Please don't flame me I don't have the time to look it up.JeremiahM
  21. Newb Question

    I have a 98 N/T Talon, will a 7 bolt block work? Im looking to build up this engine and when done replace it with the one im using now. Let me knowJeremiah
  22. Begining Care for a 2G 420a

    Okay, I have changed the oil, oil filter, had to get a new powersteering tensioner pulley and a new belt. My dad told me if i do the timing it would be wise to do do the water pump etc.Now on to the fun part, besides you know, oil, spark plugs, etc. What else could I do to my engine, head...
  23. Begining Care for a 2G 420a

    I recently bought this 98 Stock Non-Turbo Talon from a local dealership, I'm still in high school, not a lot of budget. I'm looking to do whatever I need to do to keep this car in tip top shape for a couple of years, I don't have anything on the car except an OBX Muffler. The car has about...
  24. What do i need 4...

    I have a 98 Eagle Talon, Non-Turbo. What would i need to buy to make it a turbo car, besides a turbo? I'm new so bare with my newbness.Jeremiah
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