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  1. 4wd-Eclipse

    Porting the oil relief hole with no balance shafts?

    I have done it long time back ... after that the oil pressure is within limits.
  2. 4wd-Eclipse

    power steering pump..

    Not to hijack this thread :nono: .. Anyone knows where manual rack out a 1.8 base model can be found? ... I'm looking for this for my 1G car.
  3. 4wd-Eclipse

    New DSMtuners Video Gallery

    I posted one in General :hellyeah: ...
  4. 4wd-Eclipse

    3582 hta in t3 or mitsu??

    T3 .82 all the way.
  5. 4wd-Eclipse

    Whats your current Dream Turbo

    I installed my T3 FP HTA86 in my 1G DSM couple months ago and run it, not yet tuned. Here is the start up vids :hellyeah: : YouTube - 1G DSM with FP HTA GT3586R turbo.However I may soon move this turbo to my Supra (my Daily Driven car) with T4 setup (all needed parts ordered and on the...
  6. 4wd-Eclipse

    my 700hp build

    Nice car Bastrd dsm ... at what RPM getting 20 psi in 3rd or 4th gear? ... do you feel any lag ?
  7. 4wd-Eclipse

    Punishment Racing vs. Straigt Line Specialties...

    I got my PR T3 manifold last week from Extreme Psi very fast after placing the order with Hung and it is a piece of art :thumb: . I'm waiting for the 86HTA turbo from FP ... I can't wait to install the new setup and do the tuning :sneaky: ... I have NOT seen the SLS manifold so I can NOT give...
  8. 4wd-Eclipse

    Advice needed .. JMF with Q45 TB.

    Hi all,I got a good deal sealing my Magnus intake manifold and I'll be adding few $$$ only to get JMF race manifold instead, also my close friend will give me a clean Q45 TB for free :D .. The question is: Is it worth going for JMF mani with Q45 TB flanged? or it is NOT worth and just use my...
  9. 4wd-Eclipse

    Infiniti Q45 Throttle Body [Merged 4-8]

    I'm sealing the FP Green with street FMIC Kit and upgrading to either FP T4Z 88HTA or FP GT35HTA in T3 .82 A/R not yet decided :sosad:. I have all the supported parts for those turbos and I'll get the turbo setup along with the ETS 4" FMIC Kit.
  10. 4wd-Eclipse

    Infiniti Q45 Throttle Body [Merged 4-8]

    Hi all,I got a good deal sealing my Magnus intake manifold and I'll be adding few $$$ only to get JMF race manifold instead, also my close friend will give me a clean Q45 TB for free :D .. The question is: Is it worth going for JMF mani with Q45 TB flanged? or it is NOT worth and just use my...
  11. 4wd-Eclipse

    BBK throttle body

    Jamies if you don't mine , how long you have been using your BBK TH and did you have any issue with it?
  12. 4wd-Eclipse

    looking for opinions: AEM Tru-boost vs. Power Enterprise Gauge/controller

    I have used Power Enterprise Gauge/controller before, I dislike it. I sold it and got MBC.
  13. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stand alone sensor application guide (AEM, Haltech, Autronic, Accel DFI)

    That will be GREAT :) ... Very interesting thread :thumb: ... In 2 to 3 months I'll be moving from DSMLink to AEM EMS.
  14. 4wd-Eclipse

    s362 vs FP 3582HTA

    From where you ordered it?
  15. 4wd-Eclipse

    Oil Cooler Pictures

    Here some pics of my setup.
  16. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    The two top breather lines are connected to same catch and the TOP line in this catch is connected to the bottom side of the intake pipe just after the MAF.
  17. 4wd-Eclipse

    Flywheel torque

  18. 4wd-Eclipse

    Calling all 1G's! post em, right meow.

    In fact DSM is very rear to see in my place. I already swap mine with TALON front center piece to dsmer in this board, but if I found it I'll let you know :thumb: .
  19. 4wd-Eclipse

    Calling all 1G's! post em, right meow.

    Name: MK Car: 90 AWD GSR-4, Japan version DSM. Location: Middle East, Oman
  20. 4wd-Eclipse

    Porting the oil relief hole with no balance shafts?

    After porting that hole the oil pressure reduced from +6 bar (+87 psi) to 5 bar (73 psi).
  21. 4wd-Eclipse

    Eclipse GSR-4

    As I know all Japan's DSM made in US.
  22. 4wd-Eclipse

    Eclipse GSR-4

    My car is 1G GSR-4 japan's version DSM.
  23. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    I'll get a new one ASAP :thumb: :D
  24. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    Thanks Bruce ... the cover is slightly damaged and removed long time back :p
  25. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    If you want to do it the way shown on the pic below, the height of both weld bung fitting and the 90 degree barb fitting MUST be BELOW 35mm.
  26. 4wd-Eclipse

    DSMotorsport's External Oil Cooler Kit

    I just ordered this oil cooler (part # BMM-70297) from SummitI'll install it in left side of the front bumper with -10 AN push-lock hoses.
  27. 4wd-Eclipse

    BW S256 Question

    Simply he needs to try another boost controller.
  28. 4wd-Eclipse

    BW S256 Question

    AWDer what type of MAF are you using?
  29. 4wd-Eclipse

    Fuse Box relocation 1st gen

    I'm also planning to do the same soon and I second matt J way.
  30. 4wd-Eclipse

    Borg Warner S256 Extended Tip

    I'll be waiting to know how the bolt-on S362 is doing :D
  31. 4wd-Eclipse

    BW S256 Question

    wt71gas thanks for the clarification. If possible please PM me the price of the S362 in T3 inlet, v-band outlet and 0.7 A/R turbine housing. On other hand please let us know the result of your comparison between FP3065 and bolt-on Bullseye S362 turbo.
  32. 4wd-Eclipse

    BW S256 Question

    I found this See the S362 turbine housing with 0.6 A/R and 0.7 A/R are T3 inlet with v-band outlet ... is that true? Whereas in There is NO T3 inlet with v-band outlet housing option.wt71gas could you please...
  33. 4wd-Eclipse

    BW S256 Question

    Is there any T3 inlet 3" v-band outlet turbine housing for the S362 turbo?
  34. 4wd-Eclipse

    How to install Ground Control coilovers on KYB AGX shocks
  35. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    Mack ... do you think the OEM PCV operation will be effected or oil will be sucked into IM during idle or under boost by drilling some small holes 3mm diameter in VC baffles? ... This is what I did.
  36. 4wd-Eclipse

    4G63,RB26 or 2JZ?

    I wish if I have a second 90 AWD DSM or RX7 to do the 2JZ-GTE swap. It is expensive but is NOT impossible. In my place we are in LOVE with the 2JZ-GTE engine. We have many Nissan Skylines with stock 2JZ-GTE successful conversion and they are amazing in power and reliability. One of my friend has...
  37. 4wd-Eclipse

    2 Oil Catch Cans Setup ...

    Needed Parts:1. Two metal custom made oil catch cans (8"long X 2.5"diameter) 2. 1 piece of 3/8" Kynar® Liquid/Gas Check Valves ( part # 64175) 3. 7 pieces of female 3/8" NPT metal weld-in bungs (fabricated) 4. 2 pieces of female 3/8" NPT aluminum weld-in bungs (Summit part #...
  38. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    Derek, the catch cans are custom made from 8" long 2.5" metal pipe with 3 pieces of 3/8" NPT weld bungs in each catch. All the fittings are from Summit and the check valve (part # 64175) is from and the 8mm and 10mm silicon hoses from ExtremePsi.
  39. 4wd-Eclipse

    Cleanest DSMS...

    here is mine ...
  40. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    Thanks :DThat is GReddy fuel pressure gauge sensor ;) .
  41. 4wd-Eclipse

    Stupid PCV question

    Just to show some pics on my new 2 oil catch cans setup ...
  42. 4wd-Eclipse

    HELP ... installing Oil Temp Sensor?

    First of all I searched about it and nothing found :coy:I installed GReddy oil temp gauge, but I couldn't find good location to install the sensor. I'm using 90 oil filter housing with Earl's oil cooler with 8AN braided SS lines ... I'm thinking to put the sensor just after the oil cooler...
  43. 4wd-Eclipse

    Oil Cooler Pictures

    Here is mine with -10AN hoses.
  44. 4wd-Eclipse

    High oil pressure

    I ported the hole of the oil relief valve and the pressure dropped from 6.3 bar to 5 bar ... the balance shafts were removed and using big oil cooler with -10AN hoses.I recommend to port that hole :sneaky:
  45. 4wd-Eclipse

    Sandblasting the valve cover? [Merged 11-8] sand glass bead beads media baffle grit

    Can anyone tell me ... what are the disadvantages of using the valve cover WITHOUT the baffle?
  46. 4wd-Eclipse

    Another front bumper option for 1ga's!!!

    In which post? ... is it #7?. If so is not showing to me :cry:
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