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  1. Can anyone help? Shifter cables

    I own a 90 laser FWDI out a 92 talon tranny into my car and it works great,, there were the same amount of spines! and it all went in fine!
  2. clutch clicks when launching in 1st

    HeyYeah i'm haveing the same problem!! i have a 90 laser with a 92 talon tranny clutch ectWhen i take off in 1st it does the same thing,, i hear a click coming from under the hood!! i think it is my front motor mount! but i can't be under the hood and driveing the car at the same time...
  3. HELP ASAP 92 motor in a 90

    it's a 6 bolt i believe!! i'm not sure i used the tranny out of that 92, in my car!
  4. HELP ASAP 92 motor in a 90

    Will a 92 talon N/T 4g63 bolt right into a 90 laser N/T 4g63! both 5 spdsI need to know asap i found a rebuilt motor from a 92 talon and i would like to know if it will bolt right in for if i will have to change any plugs or any thing of that sort!! thanks a lot
  5. Help It Broke

    ONe thing tho,,, am i really going to have to pull the motor,,,, could i not just take out the raditor to give them room!!!Why/Why not??
  6. Help It Broke

    I was driveing the other day!! And some how i seem to have broke one of the ears off the block that the tranny bolts too!!IS there a way to fix it with out getting a new block!!It's the bolt just above the clutch slave! It broke it all the way off..So please i need help ASAP...
  7. Can't Shift Clutch don't disngage

    Ok I have 2 problems,,1. I can't get in to any upper gears (1,3,5) I can get into 2,4 easy and reverse works but i have work at it to get it in. and when in reverse and i'm backing up i get a lound wineing sound only in reverse!!2. when my clutch peddel is on the floor it disngages...
  8. Help Me (clutch System)

    Need A little help!!!Just put a new tranny in my car,, i replaced the slave cyclender to well i was in there. but after i got it all done and put back togeather,, now when i press my clutch peddel down to the floor the rod on the slave cyclender will not move more than like 3/8's inch or...
  9. Help! Help! Help Asap

    Help :dsm: OK here is the thing!!!The slave with out pressing the peddel is all ready about half way out or a little less, and the peddel don't feel like it is doing any thing in tell it is all most on the floor (when it is about an inch and a half above the floor it moves the slave), but...
  10. Help! Help! Help Asap

    I did that and that is not the problem, that bolt just moves how high the peddel is from the floor!!! and the not is all the way out on the rod so i have no more movement,, in less i move it in and then i lose even more travel !!!
  11. Help! Help! Help Asap

    I did a a/t to manual swap and i got it all done and when i got the car down on it's wheels and went to bleeed the clutch slave it bleeds with no air but i only get a movement of about 3/8's in from the slave and it is not disingageing>>Tell me how to fix it plzBrand New Slave Brand...
  12. Tranny ?????

    ok thanks a lot that helps a lotI will try the fluidwhere do i get the bushings
  13. Tranny ?????

  14. Tranny ?????

    This is going to sound super stupid!!! i do'nt know why i don't knowBut my tranny grinds going into 2nd gear only i don't know why it does it i have to shift really slow to keep it from doing it what is wrong with my tranny
  15. overland park/olathe Ks dsmtuners meet?

    I'm commingthe name's Ericbelton mo
  16. overland park/olathe Ks dsmtuners meet?

    8:30 9:00 sound good!!!!:laser:
  17. overland park/olathe Ks dsmtuners meet?

    SRY Yeah i ment feb, OK 25 is a friday! i'm open for then.. So lets do itFriday FEB 25, 2005Hooters,
  18. Transmission Problem

    i had thw same problem with mine same problem,, i don'y know what happend but i'm just converting it to a manual
  19. overland park/olathe Ks dsmtuners meet?

    Lets do it!!The hotters on metcaif the 24th of jan, at 9:00(night)Who ever shows up shows up!!
  20. overland park/olathe Ks dsmtuners meet?

    If i can get my car going i would love to join up with you guys!! i live in belton,, so i'm not far away from there!I'm getting ready to do a a/t to manual swap but i got a back up dsm to drive up there if all else failes!!So if i'm invited i'll try to be there!!90 FWD Laser...
  21. 1g A/t to Manual

    OK THANKS GUYSI believe i got all the info i need,, i will be taking pics of the convershion as i do it so that every one can see the step by stepthanks for all the help
  22. 1g A/t to Manual

    Ok,, is there a way that i can make new holes in the floor board and still make the 92 shiftter work in the car!!!Or just maybe spot weld the base to the floor board and use it!! b/c if i would have knowen that it would not have worked i would have looked around for a 90 lol and not have...
  23. 1g A/t to Manual

    :dsm: LETS GET THE FACTS RIGHT :dsm:Ok Just so that every one is up to date on what is going on so far,, i will post and tell you!I have a 90 laser rs N/T (FWD) i'm converting it from Auto to an manual. i have a donor car that i'm getting the parts from it's a "92 talon (FWD) N/T"...
  24. 1g A/t to Manual

    Yes it is a FWDWhen you say 90 shift parts do you mean just the shitfter and linkage or tranny and every thing??
  25. 1g A/t to Manual

    Is the tranny going to bolt up? The donor car is a 92 talon and my car is a 90 laser rs,, I'm wondering if i'm going to have any truble with things not bolting togeather?Sry about asking so much but i'm trying to make sure that this is going to be worth the time and money!
  26. 1g A/t to Manual

    Yes,, this is where i got my info to know how to do it!! But the problem is i don't know where the auto tranny computer (TCU) is located in the carI think it is the one monted on the fire wall behind the raido,, but i'm not 100% sure!
  27. 1g A/t to Manual

    Where is the tcu locatedBecause i'v read some where i would need the tcu out of the manual to!! But i might be wrong..I'm new to dsm,, well some what!!
  28. Lights That Wont Turn Off

    I got to lookking and your right,, the door light was staying on!! Come to find out the switch is broke off,Is there a way i can just by pass it and not have it at all??? i'm sure there is but i don't want to mess something up!!! lol
  29. 1g A/t to Manual

    Thanks,,, i was told the hardest part was going to be putting the holes in the fire wall? but i'm not sure never tryed any thing like this but i'm really good at working on cars so i'm sure i will get it!!!But i was wondering,, the site i went one to read about the swap said take out the...
  30. A/t Tranny Screamed For Two Days, Slipped And Now Wont!

    I had the same thing happen to me,, now my car wont move but i can feel it go into gear and every thing
  31. 1g A/t to Manual

    I"m some what new to dsm's,, But i own a 90 laser a/t and i'm going to convert to a manual i bought a donor car that runs and drives a 92 talon manual,,I would like to know how hard it is?? What should i look out for,, any special tools i will need?Are the axle diff sizes?Just...
  32. Lights That Wont Turn Off

    OK,, may sound stupid but the light around my key and the lights under the dash will not turn off,,, i hold the button down in the door frame and it dims them but they stay on,, i don't know why it does it!! i was wondering if any one knew how i could fix it of if i should just pull the bulbs...
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