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  1. DO NOT BUY GAS ON May 19th! [Merged 4-7]

    I recieved this from my aunt. It could work if everyone is willing to participate.This is worth a try... Want gasoline prices to come down? We need to take some intelligent, united action. Phillip Hollsworth, offered this good idea:This makes MUCH MORE SENSE than the "don't buy gas on a...
  2. T-25 Times. First time at the Track!

    Good job. Hopefully you can go 13's before you dump the T-25. Going 13's on a T-25 is pretty impressive. A very small number of DSMers actually do it before they upgrade. My best on the stock T-25 was 13.8 @99mph.
  3. Got a Turbo

    If the wheels are damaged, it is not really worth rebuilding. Compressor wheels run anywhere from 150-300. The turbine is about $150, and the rebuild kit is about $100. So even on the cheap side of things, your looking about $400-$500, plus, having it balanced. And im assuming you can rebuild it...
  4. Blown Turbo?? Whit'ish smoke

    Doesnt sound like the turo. A blown turbo will dump smoke on boost. If your getting smoke between shifts and cruising, I would wager either your oil rings(just because you have good compression doesnt mean the oil control ring isnt frozen). Or, and especially if it smokes alot at idle, the most...
  5. Turbo Questions

    Wow Dude! Well I field most of them.Yes, the turbo is spinning when the car is idlingand oil is flowing through it at times when the vehicle is running.No, an exhaust leak will not put any strain on the turbo. It will cause extra lag if the leak is before the turbo. A charge air...
  6. whitch connecting rods?

    A set of big rods would actaully work fine. But for the price of Eagles now, you cant go wrong. Last time I checked you could get Eagles for like $360. And they will hold a but load of HP. I have seen Eagle rods in used in 800whp Msutangs.
  7. Best Turbo? [Merged 9-9] turbocharger upgrade

    No, the Green is not BB. He was merely making a statement.
  8. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    Biglady, no one is upset about your post. Infact, your oppinion is welcome, and your backup reply was very courteous. I simply have a job to police, if you will, the information here. The "bigger is better" attitude must be tread upon lightly. Otherwise, there is going to be a surge of people...
  9. SyTy turbo?

    Nice. You went behind my back to report misinformation when your the one who is ignorant of the subject. Why don't you simply accept defeat and admit being wrong.
  10. SyTy turbo?

    Uh WRONG! The stock turbo is a 17c. As I said before, there is no such thing as a 17G. Call up any turbo vendor and see what they say.
  11. BOV Question

    Just the gasket should be fine. If you find it leaking afterwards, use the sealer.
  12. SyTy turbo?

    There is no such thing as a 17G. The correct Mitsubishi part name is 17c. The Mitsu lineup consists of 14B, 16G, 17C, 19C, 18G, 20G 25G. Then there are some others in between for 3KGTs of I believe 9B, 12G, 13G, 15G.(not sure on all of these ones)The SyTy guys are hoplessly incapable of...
  13. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    OK BigLady112, allow me to retort. 1st and foremost, FP doesn't just sell their own proprietary bolt on's. FP is one of the premier turbo builders in the industry. They can supply an individual with whatever turbo he or she wants. (And no, I'm not on the bandwagon, I have never purchased a turbo...
  14. Why is my brand new MBC leaking??

    Don't know man. Are you sure you have it hooked up correctly? Are you turning counterclockwise to raise boost? Are you sure you dont have any major boost leaks?
  15. SyTy turbo?

    Here is another pic.
  16. SyTy turbo?

    The 8cm housing from the SyTy's will not bolt directly to a DSM manifold. The housing uses a T3 style inlet flange, and a 3 bolt outlet like the HRC super turbos 10cm housing. This is the exact housing.
  17. Why is my brand new MBC leaking??

    It is supposed to leak. The Turbo XS valve is a standard bleed valve, not ball and spring. it works by relieving the source pressure to the wastegate actuator.
  18. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    It absolutely has the ability to spool a full T4. Thats actually what I would recommend. Either a GT40/P-trim or a T67/P-trim in somthing like a .58 housing. I wont say it will spool before 4000rpm, but it will be maneagable. And yeah, there is always a nitrous. A little 30 or 50 shot goes a...
  19. want a loud BOV

    WOW!!! WTF This is about the most stupid thing I have ever heard... Seriously, All our IQs just dropped 15 points for reading this. Im sorry, but it requires, no, it demands to be flammed! Who do you think you are speaking to? Do you actually think people will respect this answere. The...
  20. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    The FP housings are too small for a 2.3. They dont flow nearly as well as 4bolt T3 housings. It is a nice housing on 2.0L street cars but not for 2.3's & 2.4's. (would you put a GT35R on your car with a .48 housing?) The FP housing is still a bolt on housing. It is the best of all the bolt on...
  21. Possible Bad Turbo...Please help!

    Heat warp of the shaft?? Uh, no. Side to side play comes from excessive wear to the journal bearings of the turbo.
  22. Tial 38 Install

    Forget that digram. If you have a manual boost controller, just connect the line out from your controller to the side nipple on the wastegate and leave the top nipple open.
  23. Possible Bad Turbo...Please help!

    Not usually a good sine. I have seen turbos do that on initial startup for lack of any lubrication on startup. Some made very slight scratches and never hit the housing again. Since it was purchased from someone else, I would think twice. What do the compressor blades look like? Do they show any...
  24. 60-1 compressor wheel lb./min. flow at 19-21PSI?

    OK. Here is my take on the matter. I wont even go into mods and tuning You should know that already. This is only about the turbo. I would run a GT35R if I were you. And the reason is very simply.4cyls in general must run alot of boost to make the power necessary to propel a car that weighs...
  25. My BOV

    You set the spring tension of the TurboXS valves with special shims. The unit must be disassembled and the shims added/subtracted to get the desired spring rate.Now with that said, yank that piece of crap off and sell it on Ebay. then buy either a 1G valve and perform the high boost mod, or...
  26. Holset Turbos, PART 2

    The mod works perfect. The valve still actuates very quickly. The Tial is the best valve on the planet, period. I have also looked at the Forge units. They look very promising. The constructiona nd operation are very much like the Tial. I also like the "tuning" kit they provide, which lets you...
  27. Boosting Problem ! Need A DSM Wiseman !

    You misunderstood. I said if you have the manual your wasting space. But since you didnt, Im glad I could help you out with that. At least you can set it up and adjust it properly now. I Hope you get it squared away. Good luck. :)
  28. Holset Turbos, PART 2

    The Mod I am reffering to plugs the hole on the bottom of the CBV, then drill another hole on the side that intersects the hole from the bottom.(Drill the hole on the flat portion of the CBV with the writing and mitsu emblem on it) I beliebe you can drill about a 1/16" hole. And just let that...
  29. hybrid turbo help

    You are correct. A T3/T4 is just that. A T3 turbine wheel and housing matched to a T4 compressor wheel and housing. But there are unique parts that separate the two. Since a T3 style turbine housing will still be used, your Down Pipe should work, as long as you use the same T3 style housing. Im...
  30. Holset Turbos, PART 2

    Perform the 1G BOV high boost mod. It will hold 30psi no problem after this. I would deffinately use the AGP Billet actuator. I was telling poeple that awhile ago with these Holsets. Not sure why Bullseye didnt offer the actuators off the O2 housing. Much better fitment. I was running my...
  31. hybrid turbo help

    Step 1) Sell your current turbo on Ebay for whatever you can get for it.Step 2) Buy a T3/T4 turbo from a reputable turbo shop.There ya go. This isnt a joke either. You cant just turn a T3 into a T3/T4. It would require a rebuild with new compressor wheel, compressor housing and backing...
  32. Boosting Problem ! Need A DSM Wiseman !

    Here. This will help you more than anyone here can. Amazing what you can dig up on Google ina 20 second search. ;) posting this because Im assuming you dont have the manual. If you do, then your just wasting everyone's time. These controllers dont...
  33. Would this be a good pipe kit?

    If you have a custom FMIC, your going to need custom piping. There is no kit you can just buy. Check out places like They sell all kinds of bends in stainless or alluminum, silicone couplers and T-bolt clamps. pic up a TB flange from RRE and you have everything you need for...
  34. Boosting Problem ! Need A DSM Wiseman !

    Your reaching for things that arent the problem. You keep mentioning other issues...headgasket, spark plugs. The problem is the boost controller. Sometimes they simply dont work. That's just how it is. Get a good ball and spring MBC and see how that works. I bet it will give you whatever boost...
  35. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    It's on a 2.0. Wes Hess
  36. Gt30r

    You can get a bolt on or full Garrett. The FP3052 is a GT3076R with FP's custom housing. I would prefer a a 4Bolt .63, or .82 GT housing with a 3" outlet.
  37. Where to get a new turbine houseing clamp

    Oh my God dude! What do you expect to pay for something like that?? It's not a normal part you can just grab at Pep-Boys. I dont even think I have ever seen anywhere else but FP.
  38. Gt30r

    The GT3076R is a nice turbo. Many people are doing well with it. I wouldnt bother with the 3071.
  39. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    I have a good friend that ran 10's all day long on a T-58/Ptrim in a .58 on center T4 housing.He recently swithed to a bigger compressor(little smaller than a T67) in a .70 housing and now runs 9's.I like the .58
  40. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    If your goal is between 500-600 then I would recommend the GT40 56trim with the rest of the setup I mentioned. Your in Philadelphia, thats where I came from. Try talking to RDRKT. He uses a 2.4 and a GT40 turbo. He dynoed 560awhp and spools really quickly.
  41. Thinking about purchasing this turbo, what you guys think??

    It looks like some stock application turbo, perhaps from an SVO or T-bird Turbo Coupe.Funny how people think they are getting such a deal ROFL To only find out they purchased a $100 paper weight. Good luck with that thing buddy.
  42. Need Opinion On Setup??

    your going about it all wrong for the goals listed. Your thinking way to big. Using a 61mm turbo with a goal of 400whp is a waste. The FP3's are also way overkill. The FP2's will work very nicely and will be all you ever need.I would recommend to stay away from bolt on turbos, but if you...
  43. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    I would recommend 2 different combos, depending on what your goals are.#1) GT40 56trim in TO4S cover with P-trim in .58 a/r T-4 housing. (600whp+ potential)#2) T67 in TO4S with P-trim in .58 a/r T-4 housing. (700whp+ potential)
  44. clutch situation is killling needed plz!!

    Your throttle doesnt have anything to do with the clutch. What it sounds like to me is the 2G clutch master cyl pump up. If you have the regular amount of freeplay, then after driving, the pedal gets stiffer, and the freeplay goes away, this is what it is. You have to adjust the clutch pedal...
  45. T-25 problems

    It's an additive you put in the gas tank. Cleans the injectors, valves, combustion chambers. Disolves Carbon and such...great stuff. Alot of automotive dealers use it. Several lines, not just Mitsu.
  46. looking for mecanic in tucson

    I would help you out, but Im injured right now.
  47. Arizona DSM BBQ in July? (CA/NV welcome)

    Im up for going if anyone from Tucson is gonna head up there that I can hitch a ride with. I just had surgery on my ankle this past week, and dont think I'll be driving by then. The car isnt getting fixed either, until Im back on my feet.
  48. T-25 problems

    If your explaining the problem correctly, it has nothing to do with the turbo. Your car is missing. Get new plugs, wires, and a can of BG 44K.
  49. 2.3L Motor and EVO 16g

    Ask RDRKT. He recently did just that in his Galant. It's like driving a stock car with alot more power. I call it "insta spool"
  50. Holset Turbos

    Yes. Lots of oil pressure. They will respond much like Garrett standard bearings, since they are pretty much the same. 2 floating journal bearings, and 360 thrust bearing. I wouldnt worry about a restrictor to lower pressure. A good way to keep a turbo from "pushing" any oil is to have a very...
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