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  1. Hydraulic clutch ques...

    Thanks for all your input everybody.. the laser is going to the shop on Monday.....:laser:
  2. Hydraulic clutch ques...

    Ok, im driving along regularly, then i go to shift to 5th and then i really get on her... My RPMs are sky high, and im going nowhere,:( like i have no power i back off and start driving like a granny, everythings fine, so i put the pedal to the floor again, and my RPMs get up , and...
  3. balance shaft and other problems!!!!

    i thought it might have been the balance shafts, anyone know what it'll cost me to get it fixed, or is it something i could do?
  4. balance shaft and other problems!!!!

    My valves were fine, my head aint damaged, thank god. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with it, im about to sell tha P.O.S.
  5. balance shaft and other problems!!!!

    Allright guys, heres whats goin on. I recently snapped a timing belt, so i took it to "A"mechanic and he replaced it for me. Along with alternator belt, all new hoses, and a new water pump. And since then i have had problems with my car. 1. My car sounds like it is going to blow up at around...
  6. Big Problem

    I got a 93 laser, and my exhaust is acting real weird, :cry: i can feel it when i press on the gas, it gets real rough and it feels like its going to fall off, or blow up. It rattles when im driving it, I just dont know what to do about it with out spending a fortune, im a girl, otherwise id fix...
  7. self-adjusting valves???

    Wanna Know the easy way out, my car did the exact same thing. Took it to the mechanic, said all i had to do was get some of that fuel injection treatment to clean the system out, used it for 2 tanks, and then changed my oil (used the Valvoline 10-30, for higher mileage engines") after it...
  8. It Just DIED on my way home

    Yea guess what, it was the timing belt. The Mechanic said he was also putting a new water pump in, all new hoses, hes flushing out my radiator and putting all new antifreeze in, and hes putting all new belts on too. All for 700 bucks:thumb:
  9. It Just DIED on my way home

    Thank you guys for all you inputs and answers. I guess ill just take it to a garage have them fix everything. I just pray none of my valves got bent.
  10. It Just DIED on my way home

    Alright, I have a 1993 Plymouth Laser 1.8 liter model with the manual trans. Maybe this has happened to someone before on here and they can help me. I was on my way home from work today when all of a sudden my car shut off. I had just put it in 5th gear and it just shut off. I finished...

    :laser: Can anyone give me a quote on what it would cost to get my oil changed and get a whole new Oil Pan put in? cause the gasket, and all the other stuff is just leakin everywhere.. Gotta get it fixed.
  12. dripping huge puddles of oil

    :laser: A Friend of Mine has a 3.0 Duster. Pretty powerful. Well last night he decided to burn out. So he put the E brake up, and peeled out through the first 3 gears then took off. When we got home in the driveway we popped the hood, and there was smoke everywhere, we looked under the...
  13. need help quck please! low rpm shaking!

    :rolleyes: I've heard that the engines in the GSX models are pretty shitty...... Some may beg to differ, but i think they are too.
  14. Please help

    Thank you guys, i reallyappreciate the info! Ill be taking a trip to the junk yard this weekend i guess.:thumb:
  15. Please help

    :laser: I dont know if this is major... but my car has been 'clicking' when i first start to drive it. Not only does it click when i give it gas but thats the way it idles too. IM leaking oil out of the front crankshaft seal, and i have been keeping an eye on it, i put a quart in about...
  16. Clutch...What should i get?

    :laser: Ok Guys, I have a 1993 Plymouth Laser, It is the 1.8 liter model, and my current clutch is about to go, any ideas on what type of clutch would suit me best, and what the cheapest is? thanks very much.
  17. Double Clutch Shifting [Merged 11-8] clutching synchronizing

    Hey thanks for all your help everyone, specially you Defiant, although i dont think ill be needin a barf bag, im pretty use to gettin thrown around in fast cars!! I LOVE IT!!
  18. Double Clutch Shifting [Merged 11-8] clutching synchronizing

    :thumb: Thank you sooo much Defiant, your explanation was actually understandable to me!
  19. Double Clutch Shifting [Merged 11-8] clutching synchronizing

    All Right guys, I really didnt know where exactly to post this question at, so i figured here would be fine. I have a little bit of an idea on what 'Double Clutching' is , but i dont think im doing it right. If anyone has any step by step easy to understand explanations on how to 'double...
  20. My car vibrates

    Yes pretty sure , but i cant figure out how, i just know my steering wheel vibrates cause my hands are on it. I had the alternator belt, power steering, fan belt, a/c belt, changed. And i also put a new alternator on.
  21. My car vibrates

    I own a 93 laser, the 1.8 model, it has 90k miles on it, when i turn my headlights on my steering wheel will start to vibrate 'alot' and it sounds like my engine is losing a good amount of power. Just got a brand new alternator, and changed all belts, it still does it, i dont know if its normal...
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