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  1. N/A tranny in a turbo?

    The transmission for my 95gst just died on me this morning. Theres a chance I can get my hands on a cheap n/a parts car, will the transmission from that bolt on to me car?
  2. Driving Problems

    Hello, recently my car has been acting funny. It feels weak, and has recently gotten weaker but now when I drive and am coasting or just not going fast the car will feel like I pressed the brake, or as if I press the brake coast and the press the brake and so on. ALso when I hit the brake or...
  3. Motor Idles at 2k rpm!?!?!?

    wow that thing is ancient.
  4. 2G A/C not cold

    hah!! Free yea right. Everywhere around here charges about $80 to diagnose.
  5. dash lights not working!

    I did. They are all in the right order and none of them are blown. I also checked the ones under the hood those are fine too.
  6. best data logger for a 2g?

    Hi I am thinging about getting a datalogger for my 95 gst. Which is the best and easiest to use. And a place where I can get it.
  7. Engine temp. guage not working!

    I dont know when but my temperature stopped working. It is the stock one that is with the fuel level guage. The fuel is still working but not the other side? Can anyone help me fix this??
  8. Did all stage 1 mods and only got 248 whp

    Does having an automatic effect how good of a dyno tune you can get?
  9. wierd clanking noise coming from... suspension??

    Ok for the longest time I was driving with 100% dead rear shocks. When I would drive over bumps or potholes I would hear clanking noise coming from the rear, I also thought it was the shocks but I replaced them with semi-new ones and I still have the sound even though the ride is wayyy better...
  10. dash lights not working!

    I dont know how I never noticed before but the little warning lights in the dash dont work. The ones on the left light up but the right side doesnt light up at all. Im guessing that is where the get fuel warning and stuff is supposed to be.
  11. Throttle Body screws stripped!!!

    I was going to replace the o-ring, not the screw. And I have idle problems so I figured Id take it out and clean the TB to see if it affects my idle problems.But anyway I decided to just replace the o-ring without cleaning the TB, when I pulled the screw out the bottom was black and I...
  12. Throttle Body screws stripped!!!

    Ok so I have to replace my biss screw o-ring. When I was attempting to pull of my throttle body one of the screws was stripped every time i tried to twist it the screw would get a little worse. How can I get this thing out? or should i just take it to the dealership and let them fix it for a...
  13. Cons of Boost Guage with no Vacuum

    Well I just installed my boost guage yesterday, and found people prefered guages that read vacuum ( 10psi in hg or w/e) but mine doesnt, what are the cons of having one that only reads from 0-30 if any?
  14. How do I make / buy / use / troubleshoot a boost leak tester? [merged]

    Thanks so much for the info it helped alot. Well I did another leak and it seems that its the insulators that are leaking. I am going later to pick up the parts from the dealership but the parts guys was confused when I asked if they had a BISS screw o-ring, is there another name for this?
  15. Suspension Help

    Hello, I am planning on replaceing my shocks because they are shot. My ride is horrible, I am just going with something simple maybe GR 2s, do those give a comfortable ride? But my real question is do I have to change the springs, can they go bad? Or will I be ok just changing the shocks?
  16. 2G Can't get boost leak test to work

    Im not sure if I just read it wrong or what. But you dont connect the tester to your intake pipe. You can connect it to the turbo inlet .
  17. How do I make / buy / use / troubleshoot a boost leak tester? [merged]

    I searched Napa for the parts I need and I found something for the fuel injectors is this what i need ? I only saw a throttle body gasket, would I have to get...
  18. How do I make / buy / use / troubleshoot a boost leak tester? [merged]

    Ok so I did the boost leak test earlier, my results were; so far two noticeable leaks. One was coming from a screw on the throttle body im guess thats the BISS screw, and there was another leak I couldnt really tell where it was coming from. It would start to hiss a second or two after the...
  19. How do I make / buy / use / troubleshoot a boost leak tester? [merged]

    I dont know if I mentioned it before but after my initial boost leak test my car ran worse. And there was also a pop or two as I took it for a test drive. Theres no smoke or anything and it looke fine but rides crappy. I very barely even boost. My car is now really sluggish. I dont feel like...
  20. How do I make / buy / use / troubleshoot a boost leak tester? [merged]

    My compressor is about the same. How will I know if I blow a seal or coupling system??
  21. How do I make / buy / use / troubleshoot a boost leak tester? [merged]

    Thanks for the reply. Yes I just ordered a boost guage dont know how long until it arrives. But as far as the tester I had to buy a 3" to 2.5" rubber tube from autozone that is for intakes because there largest hose size was only 2". So my pvc pipe is 2.5" i.d. But it doesnt sound like any air...
  22. How do I make / buy / use / troubleshoot a boost leak tester? [merged]

    ok so I made my own boost leak tester but I dont think its working. Its kind of larger than normal, but when I stuck it in my car and pressed air in I dont hear anything leaking. I used a large air compressor, I was scared it was going to blow something because I cant regulate how much air I...
  23. Dramatic Loss Of Power!!

    Ok I will give you the backstory first. I just got my head rebuilt and changed all the gaskets recently. I put everything back together and it was fine except for the idle. When I would be in park the car would idle at 2k but in drive it would idle at 1k, also my oil pressure gauge would...
  24. Car wont start, replaced starter didn't help

    Are you just having trouble starting the car or do you not get any power whatsoever?-
  25. What the heck did I blow?

    I checked all my fuses no fuses are blown. Is there anyway to check if I fried the wire, or if I fried somethign that controls the electrical circuits?
  26. What the heck did I blow?

    I hope the ECU isnt blown either, could it be the Starter? Let me clarify what I did and what happened because I was a bit anxious before. I connected one of the ground wires to the positive on the battery, I then proceeded to jump the dead battery. Smoke was coming out from the back on the...
  27. What the heck did I blow?

    Thanks for the reply but the alternator fuse isnt blown i just checked it. Also, in that link the guys car still started, mine is completely dead. Wont crank, start, no power. I scared I fried the starter or something related to it.
  28. What the heck did I blow?

    Ok so I was changing the battery in my car. But put one of the negative cables on the positive, when i get the booster cables and clamp them on and clamp the other end to another battery i start seeing smoke coming from the battery, and from somewhere all the way in the back of the enging...
  29. got my new car!!! on ebay! [Merged 6-7]

    Yeah, I think it is ridiculous how people want to sell a car for way more than its actually worth, and theres people out there with wallets bigger than their brains to buy them. Whats even worse is half the time they take car home, only to find millions of problems with it that werent mentioned...
  30. Turbo Fever

    Awww after reading the title of the thread I thought it was going to be a discussion and praise dedicated to me. :sosad:
  31. Next Mod - Pocket Logger?!?

    Where can you the software for free?
  32. Whats causing this oil leak??

    Upon inspection of my exhaust manifold I see that it is cracked. What are the negative effects of running a car w/ a cracked exhaust manifold? Also, can it be welded closed?
  33. Whats causing this oil leak??

    Becuase that and the massive oil leak.
  34. Whats causing this oil leak??

    Thank you for all your replies. As for the the VC gasket I am not sure, if it was it was probably done by one of the 8 previous owners (yes i did a carfax about 8 owners). So far the diagnosises are: oil return line, cam seals, crankshaft seal, o rings, HG, VCG, and check for exaust leak.So...
  35. Felt or Metal HG?

    Should I buy a stock or metal HG for my car? I am probably goin to upgrade the turbo to a 14b and push the psi to whatever is safe without other mods.
  36. Whats causing this oil leak??

    What can be causing this oil leak and my valve cover to look like that??<img src="" alt="Image hosted by"><img...
  37. Major Oil Leaks !!!

    Any idea what would cause the valve cover to look like that?
  38. Major Oil Leaks !!!

    <img src="" alt="Image hosted by"><img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
  39. Major Oil Leaks !!!

    some more pictures<img src="" alt="Image hosted by">
  40. Where The Jersey Peeps @

    Here is the thread I started. It has pics of the head and all of the oil.
  41. Major Oil Leaks !!!

    Ok I am back home from school and have taken a few pictures here they are. There is oil all over the damn place! What can be causing this!?<img src="" alt="Image hosted by"><img...
  42. Where The Jersey Peeps @

    I dont know anyone in my area with a DSM, it sucks. I would like to go out and meet some fellow DSMers but my baby is down right now :coy:
  43. Machine Shop Scared of Eclipses!!!

    Ok so I am getting my head rebuilt so I start calling a few local shops and asking for prices. This one shop replies "sure we rebuild heads" I asked the price he replied "what kind of car is it?" I told him 95 Eclipse 2.0 turbo, he replies "nope dont want no part of it." really? I said "yea I...
  44. Anyone reccomend a machine shop in north jersey?

    I am looking to get my head rebuilt, does anyone know of a good machine shop to do this?
  45. Major Oil Leaks !!!

    Just to clarify, upon acceleration it started slowing and it died this process took no longer than about 30 seconds. I doubt I screwed the whole engine because I filled it back up with 4 quarts of oil the same day and drove it home. The only problem was the oil leak.
  46. Major Oil Leaks !!!

    Ok I need help diagnosing perhaps several oil leaks. Currently my head is off and is going to go to the shop soon to get rebuilt. However, I notice that everytime I would park somewhere I would leave behind oil on the ground. Recently I was driving and upon acceleration, the car started losing...
  47. Question about the oil return line

    Is this the 1g return line needed for the swap?
  48. Head Rebuild

    I was thinking maybe it could be an oil feed or return line. Any thoughts?
  49. Head Rebuild

    Thanks for the last two replies, but now my mechanic friend is second guessing his diagnosis. In post #5 it shows where their is one slight oil leak, and another that is the main problem. Just curious what else it could be other than a cracked head.
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