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  1. what should be the offset?

    I want to use 225-45-17 tires.what is the correct offset and rim size 17x????? (either 7, 7.5 or 8) formy 97 GST?????Thanks
  2. Best way to lower a GST??

    H&R, and KYB AGX. It's better to buy right parts the first time then buy same parts twice.
  3. running lean at top end

    samething happened to me. AFC can only do so much. That's why I am saving money for power FC.
  4. Crank Walk and a Hot Date

    if it's 35,000 mile then it is still underwarranty right??? And if it is underwarranty my suggestion is let warranty take care of it, and sell the car and get somthing else. For example, EVO VIII.
  5. Best DSM engine management system

    APex'i POWER FC.
  6. RS*R is back with EXMAG exhaust system

    EXMAG GT is better then EXMAG. EXMAG is almost the same as the INVIDIA line up.
  7. Tein Springs?!?!?!?

    Tein are significanly Lighter than Eibach and most of spring in the market due to more advance material.
  8. make GSX exhaust fit on a GS-T? (2G)

    why don't you get Apex'i N1?? they look very similar
  9. EGT temp and O2 reading on the highway

    800 ~ 820, just like my, however, I think it's a bit hight. I going to rich it a bit soon.
  10. h&r sport springs

    I have H&R sports spring but I don't have pic
  11. Blown Turbo??

    check the joint of intercooler pipe see if there is any leak.
  12. The hks sports turbo upgrade

    I have this turbo on my car. Good for Canyon run and Track with turns, but if you want drag, look for something else.
  13. New exhaust, Im lost...

    I will get Apex'i N1, cuz the pipe and canister design.
  14. I am thinking a Coolant Leak

    I think you should check the water pump
  15. car sagging to the driver side....??

    It happened to me before. And it was because a little piece of my shock (where the spring is sitting on) was broken. After I replace it with new shock everything is fine.
  16. Japense eclipse

    all FTO are fwd, with High rev MIVEC engine (Mitsubishi VTEC) that never made it to the US.
  17. KYB Shocks

    get AGX instead, GR-2 is not for lowered car, especially when you lowered more than 1.5 inches
  18. Japense eclipse

    FTO is actually better than 3rd g eclipse in every aspect.
  19. New 97-99 Kit?

    OH I think I know what kit is that. It is REV kit made by TC spoiler. I saw it in RG-S Inc. TC spoiler's authorized dealer. Their Contact info
  20. anyone have the "earlier" AGX shocks?

    I already had AGX
  21. anyone have the "earlier" AGX shocks?

    I though it should be 4 way adjustable at front and 8 ways at rear
  22. Need lowering spring help

    get Tein Stech. they are not expensive.
  23. No pull @ 5th gear with Greddy BOV & IC pipe kit

    so how you going to solve the problem???
  24. Apex'i N1 vs Greddy EVO

    performance wise N1 is better, cause of the design and the purpose of this type of Exhaust. Evo is good too, but it's more all around type of exhaust, which mean it's quieter but less hp than N1. If you want max gain after you upgrade your turbo then get N1.I don't think EVO has bigger...
  25. no gains with FMIC

    I agree. "mod cheap = mod twice"
  26. what is the loudest exhaust?

    Apex'i GT SPEC (not N1) without silencer
  27. JDM bumpers

    Which generation of Galat you are talking about? I know that 99+ JDM Galant VR4 looks very very mean and really really nice.
  28. new Greddy EO1 and emanage system

    e-manage supposed to be most High tech controlling computer out there now. However, due to complexity, not many tunner really know how to fully use it.
  29. Apex ITC

    Iginition Timing Controller by APEX'I. I have one too, but when I take to DYNO tuned with my HKS GT25 turbo, there are no obvious gain. The S-AFC already did some timing work, so my ITC setting is 0, 0, 0 ,0 ,0
  30. V-tech S-AFC by apex, WOuld it WORK???

    Get the V-SAFC, and Just tell your friends that you have JDM MITSUBISHI MIVEC ENGINE IN YOUR CAR, so you use V-SAFC. I hope all of you know what's MIVEC engine by MITSUBISHI, it was used on FTO.
  31. Quietest exhaust out there?

    I have RS-R and it is really quiet
  32. DSM miles

    105,886 K on 1997 GST. stock engine, but after market turbo, injector and pump with 19lb of boost. 2nd stock clutch.
  33. egt post or pre turbo

    S-AFC is really good, however, Greddy's e-manage is way better. It's alot powerful than S-AFC, but finding the right people to set e-manage is kinda hard.
  34. Would EVO parts work??

    yup. After EVO III, 4G63s become very different compares to eclipses.
  35. Coilovers on a GSX 2g

    That guy is wrong. There are many DSMs with coilover. Tein has very good coilover for eclipse
  36. Best sounding exhaust?

    Apex'i N1
  37. need help finding Carbon Fiber 6 vent Predator hood

    which one is predator hood. I saw a hood called Moster hood. are they the same?
  38. Question on GReddy Type S BOV....

    just purchase upper intercooler pipe with type S.
  39. ordering stuff

    give them a try
  40. TEIN Flex Owners

    they are really good. very light too compare to other suspension. has good price on those
  41. 4g63 n/t vs 4g63 turbo

    maybe you should try 4G93 engines that were used on pre 2000 JDM lancer (not evo). I have seen that engine hit 375 HP with almost stock internal over sea.
  42. 16 Vs 17 (on A Fwd)

    I used 225/45/17 and It is better on the corner than 16s
  43. Has anybody heard of Visa Tires?

    yes. I heard of VISA Tires. It is a new brand from Japan. I heard that the factory that manufactures these tires is the same factory that manufacture FALKEN.
  44. camber kit

    yes, but only the front
  45. Am I too low for AGX's or are they just rough

    I have 225/45/17 with 1.7 drop at front and 1.4 drop on the rear, and with setting 2 and setting 6 (front and rear) on AGX, and it rides fine.
  46. I don't like my AGX's

    That's weird, because I have H&R and AGX on my 2g, and they work perfectly for my car.
  47. Progress Lowering spings

    H&R and Eibach are better
  48. Apex WS coilovers on 1g

    maybe you should wait for TEIN. They have new product called Basic Damper coming out. And it is in same class with APEX'i WS, but alot cheaper MSRP is $750. GC/AGX or GC/any other shocks can't compare with either WS or TEIN.
  49. Am I too low for AGX's or are they just rough

    rough is a relative term. I have H&R and AGX on my 97 GST and I love it.
  50. fav. 4 piece kit

    I don't like any of 4 pcs kit. However, I like to have the front lip that every one is using on 97+ eclispse, new side skirt I saw from and blitz rear bumper.
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