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  1. Resolved Accelerating issue

    I can't thank you enough Steve! I changed those settings and I'll tell you what. The car runs so much better and really took off. I wasn't even at full throttle either. It's fast for me at least. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me get this sorted out.
  2. Resolved Accelerating issue

    Another question Steve. I was looking through the direct access part of the log and should any of these sliders be set to 0 as well?
  3. Resolved Accelerating issue

    Whoops, sorry Steve. I did a hard reset and thought that would be it for factory settings. I will get right on that tomorrow! I will change those settings like you said. No I do not. I have the stock maf. Must not have hit save to ecu on that page when I changed it. It was on that setting after...
  4. Resolved Accelerating issue

    I really appreciate your help Steve. My bov is recirculated. I hard reset the ecu and had to change some settings like global deadtime and the other one to 0 as it was 57 and like 325 off hard reset. I also had to change maf type as previous owner had speed density. I feel the car runs even...
  5. Resolved Accelerating issue

    I bought the ecu used from someone local. I never messed with the settings. Once I reset the ecu and adjust the tps tomorrow, I will report back with my findings
  6. Resolved Accelerating issue

    Should I follow the hard reset steps on this link you posted in another post?
  7. Resolved Accelerating issue

    I’m sorry, I bought the ecu from someone local. I got 2 files from ecm link website and tried to reset some stuff back to stock with it. I don’t know if it worked or not. I haven’t messed with dsmlink settings at all since I got it besides that. May you point me in the right direction to getting...
  8. Resolved Accelerating issue

    I have finally been able to drive my car and there's this issue where the car feels sluggish. Kind of hard to explain. You floor it or give it mostly full throttle and you slowly accelerate. Then the car gets up higher in the rpm and you have to let off a little bit or else it will like fall on...
  9. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    Alright fellas, after getting a good used tcu and having the same exact problem as the other 2. I ruled out the tcu. I then decided, why not jump the terminals on the neutral safety switch and I jumped it for L and I had first gear and power on both solenoids. I jumped it for D next and it gets...
  10. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I did some tcu testing from the fsm. Checking for voltage and whatnot on wires. I have discovered the pressure control solenoid and solenoid A do not receive power. The no power to pressure control solenoid makes sense because it shifts hard into gear. My neutral safety switch is also bad so...
  11. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I took my spare tcu inside just to look at it again. I think it looks fine, but I also don’t know what I’m looking at. Under different angles of light, you can see these darker streak looking things. Is this bad? If not, any way I can test it to check?
  12. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I also have 2 tcus and they both do the same thing so I don’t believe it’s the tcu unless they both happen to have the same problem which I think would be unlikely
  13. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    New discovery, solenoid A doesn’t seem to be getting power. I get power off B though
  14. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I have noticed with the tcu hooked up it shifts into drive and reverse hard. I also wanted to double check and I applied 12v to all 4 solenoids and they click.
  15. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    How would one go about doing that?
  16. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    Well, I decided to just snip the wires at each end and run new ones for the A and B solenoid. Took it out for a test drive and still only have 1st and 3rd. Toggle switches I have all gears. It also won’t go into limp mode. I have drove it and turned it off and back on many times and it has yet...
  17. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    So somewhere along the line between the tcu and the solenoid plug is messed up
  18. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    Cracked DSM, you are a godsend. Wiring both wires straight to my spare solenoid plug worked. I now have all 4 gears and they all shift good
  19. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    Black is ground and red is power. I have power tapped into an ignition on wire. Yellow is for A solenoid and blue is for B solenoid. I have an extra plug and I wired them directly to my toggle switches. Going to test them out here soon and see what happens
  20. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I have been reading your replies. I just really don’t want to drop the pan again. Trying to do everything before dropping the pan again.I wouldn’t doubt it’s the wiring. The previous owner did a lot of questionable things like cut the starter relay and fuel pump relay out. Couldn’t tell you...
  21. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I suppose I’ll drop the pan for the 3rd time and give the solenoids and valve body a good cleaning and see if that fixes it. If that doesn’t then new valve body? Is that the options I’m left with?
  22. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I am not, it is unplugged
  23. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    So I checked the solenoids wires from the connector to tcu connector and the B solenoid was getting grounded out somewhere so I snipped the wire and ran a new one. Now it’s no longer grounding out. Still same issue. Next I will test my toggle switches and see if I can at least manually shift...
  24. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I got 21.9 ohms on A solenoid and 23.1 on B solenoid
  25. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I was able to pull codes and got 84 which is an open/short for solenoid b. Where should I start? I read another forum about it being the tps needed adjusted so I did that and no change
  26. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    Before I dig into the transmission again. I decided to leave my toggle switches hooked up to see what gears were on. Both switches were on, so I had first then when it shifted both turned off so I had 3rd. Turns out I have 1st and 3rd.Now when I was using the toggle switches, I had both on...
  27. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    No clue when it was last cleaned I bought it 9 months ago and still haven’t been able to take it or a drive. I replaced all fluids and filters. Just doesn’t make sense why I have 1/2 and no 3rd when 3rd is just both off but when in limp mode I have 3rd. I’ll pull tcu codes later and see what...
  28. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    New discovery. The tcu kicked it into limp mode. I guess it just needed more time to get angry
  29. Resolved No 3rd and 4th gear automatic transmission

    I have an issue where I have no 3rd and 4th. You can hear both of them click when on toggle switches but it only has 1/2. I’m at a complete loss right now. Both solenoids get power but won’t shift past 2nd. I don’t know what the issue is.When TCU is unplugged it goes into limp mode so I have...
  30. 2G No first or second gear.

    Well, I decided to flip flop the solenoids and I now have first and second gear. No 3rd and 4th. What is strange this time is that if I don’t have the toggle switches the tcu goes to limp mode. I found the verdict. It’s a bad solenoid. Does anywhere have any new ones or do I have to go used?
  31. 2G No first or second gear.

    Well I dropped the valve body. Not sure what to do now. Fluid was still fresh. Nothing in the bottom of the pan. Do I clean the solenoids?
  32. 2G No first or second gear.

    I’m going to drain the fluid and drop the pan. Could I swap the solenoids and see if that changes anything?
  33. 2G No first or second gear.

    I would drop the pan and check but I don’t have a filter or gasket for it currently. I’m going to borrow a fancy scan tool and see if it reads the tcu and tells me anything
  34. 2G No first or second gear.

    I ohm tested the wires at the connector in engine bay and I got 20.6 on the yellow I believe and 21.5 on the orange
  35. 2G No first or second gear.

    Alright. I hooked up the toggle switches and it still only has 3rd and 4th gear. Would this mean that maybe my shift solenoid is bad?
  36. 2G No first or second gear.

    I recently had a problem where the TCU was in limp mode. I discovered the previous owner failed to color match the solenoid wire colors. After fixing that, I took it for a test drive and it shifted.Now there’s a new problem. From 0-60 it only shifts once. I think it’s stuck in 3rd-4th gear...
  37. 2G 2G Auto - No 1st gear?

    Well, I figured out the shifter issue. The white plastic thing was screwed in too far not allowing it to drop down. When in 2 or l it acts the same like it’s in drive. It will shift on its own and not hold the gear. Probably doesn’t because it doesn’t have 1st or 2nd
  38. 2G 2G Auto - No 1st gear?

    I am pretty positive it is 3rd and 4th gear that I have. It’s around 2k at 60mph. The shift lever also won’t go to L so I can’t test the manual gears
  39. 2G 2G Auto - No 1st gear?

    Alright guys, maybe I didn’t fix it. From 0-60 the car only shifts one time so something’s not right. The transmission also shifts really hard
  40. 2G 2G Auto - No 1st gear?

    I originally swapped out my TCU for the other one and same result which brought me to do some more research and I read about the plugs possibly being swapped. Previous owner put in the engine and transmission and had already mismatched connectors.First pic is the correct connectors connected...
  41. 2G 2G Auto - No 1st gear?

    Well guys, I did some more looking and research. I read something about having some connectors swapped around for the solenoids and lo and behold. The previous owner didn’t color match the connectors. It seems problem is fixed
  42. 2G 2G Auto - No 1st gear?

    I believe you guys are right that it’s stuck in limp mode, I have another tcu that came with the car so I’ll just swap those and see what happens if it’s even good
  43. 2G 2G Auto - No 1st gear?

    Hello all.I decided to take my 1997 Eclipse GSX for a test drive today after fixing a lot of boost leaks and finding my wastegate actuator wasn’t closing all the way so resulting in no boost.When I pulled it out of the garage and started going forward. The things a dog. I floor it and I’m...
  44. 2G Bad MAF?

    Ok, thank you. I will report back my findings tomorrow
  45. 2G Bad MAF?

    Alright, I replaced the intake manifold. Did another boost leak test and heard some leaks and it actually held some pressure. Decided to start at the beginning and work my way out. The j pipe leaked, decided to come back to that. Then checked the couplers and every single one leaked. Tightened...
  46. No egr port

    Ok, thank you for clearing that up for me
  47. No egr port

    So I was replacing my intake manifold gasket today and I noticed that my intake manifold doesn’t have the port for the egr valve. I was going to delete the egr anyways but I’m just wondering why there’s no port on the intake manifold. There’s one on the engine side. The engine did come from...
  48. Resolved 2g - Front wheels don’t spin - GSX

    Well I decided to do a bit of testing and the previous owner didn’t shove the passenger cv axle in all the way so it was just resting there. I’m glad it was something simple as that but also it is something I should have checked before posting. I just seen it there and thought, looks good
  49. 2G Bad MAF?

    I did a boost leak test and there’s a massive leak from the intake manifold on the bottom side. Won’t even hold pressure. Looks like it’s time to do an intake manifold I suppose
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