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  1. granny_slow2g

    Not shifting into gear no grinding

    Well the fluid was low, but the fluid that was in there was blue. Im assuming when it leaked out and mixed with the air, rain, and other wonderful parts of mother nature it turned to the turqoise color. So the new fluid is in, it shifts smooth without any problems, however first gear still sticks.
  2. granny_slow2g

    Not shifting into gear no grinding

    Like i said i have been very busy the last couple days and im not driving much. I am checking it just now. I was curious about the fluid because i've never seen any fluid that color.
  3. granny_slow2g

    Not shifting into gear no grinding

    I searched for the past hour but cant find the answer. Heres the deal, im having trouble shifting into gear. The clutch feels normal and there is absolutely no grinding. It feels like there is something in the way of the rods at the base of my shift lever. It does this 1st through 4th gear...
  4. granny_slow2g

    Reputable mid-west dyno/tuner

    I live in Dekalb and its about 1 1/2 hours from the quads (my neighbor is from geneseo) but from Dekalb AMS in Arlington Heights is about a 1 1/2 hours and they do great work. this is the address for directions and some more information.
  5. granny_slow2g

    Help With 16g/exhaust manifold/o2 housing

    wait a sec. are you going to be using the 1g or 2g o2 manifold? You state you are using both. It will be easier to answer.
  6. granny_slow2g

    Valve cover leak.

    it was an easy fix, there just wasnt enough sealant applied when the valve cover was last put on. :thumb:
  7. granny_slow2g

    Valve cover leak.

    thanks, they seem to be re-designing their website so i just called. :thumb:
  8. granny_slow2g

    Valve cover leak.

    what is the purpose to the half-circle plug between the head and valve cover? I seem to be having a slight leak at the bottom of the plug.
  9. granny_slow2g

    Any "performance" shops in Northwest suburbs?

    DEVO TUNING out of Barrington does really good work. They did the swap in my 2g :thumb: ---->
  10. granny_slow2g

    The Wingless, Spoilerless Removing Rear Spoiler Thread [merged]

    off :thumb: , i want to take mine off but its the low spoiler so i'd have like a dozen holes to patch and would involve painting more than just the hatch. But i personally love them w/out the spoiler
  11. granny_slow2g

    Evo 3 tranny on 6 bolt

    I have an EVO III tranny in my car w/FWD. DEVO tuning installed it, as far as custom work goes im not too sure. I do know they have the shorter gear ratios as stated above but they also have dual-syncros.
  12. granny_slow2g

    tsudo exhaust N1 style

    Sorry i forgot to mention which style it was, but it is the small fireball. easier to keep clean :thumb:
  13. granny_slow2g

    Show me your painted stock wheels!

    just painted them this weekend w/ Duplicolor wheel paint
  14. granny_slow2g

    tsudo exhaust N1 style

    i got the pics up on my profile, just check out my gallery
  15. granny_slow2g

    brake chatter

    I had the same thing happen when i installed my brakes. I put drilled/slotted rotors, along w/new pads all around and the rear driver disc was making a chattering noise. I called Brembo and they said that it is common and that it should eventually go away(IDK if u have drilled or slotted) and...
  16. granny_slow2g

    tsudo exhaust N1 style

    I have a 3" Tsudo, i dont have any pictures right now. I will get them up ASAP. I really like it, it has a very nice tone and it is very clean looking. :thumb:
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