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  1. booostedGSX

    should i buy 1g or 2g?

    I have always loved the 1GAs ever since I was a youngster. I love 1GAs so much, that I'm buying another. But I also love the 2GB Talons and wouldn't hesitate to buy one. :talon:
  2. booostedGSX

    how necessary is the timing belt cover

    The upper cover isn't completely necessary, since the chance of a rock or other debris getting up that high is slim. However, a lower cover is a must. Should a rock or something get lodged between the pulley and the timing belt, the results wouldn't be good.Even if the lower cover...
  3. booostedGSX

    1g maft install on 2g

    I don't think a 1G MAF-T will work on a 2G. If you really want a straight answer, contact Full Throttle Speed directly. :talon:
  4. booostedGSX

    Possibly buying a new 1G

    You saw that car too, haha? It seems like ridiculous deal. I'm looking at in on Wednesday. :talon:
  5. booostedGSX

    Possibly buying a new 1G

    As far as a winter car goes, I found a cheap winter car that will allow for me to buy another DSM, the DSM will not be the winter car.Since the body on my current DSM isn't the best and the one that I am looking to buy has a blown motor, I am just going to swap out everything from my car to...
  6. booostedGSX

    Possibly buying a new 1G

    After a lot of searching around for a winter beater, I've come along a cheap ($400) ride that might need $200 in work. My budget for a winter car was around $1800 or so.As I was in my search for a winter car, I've found something that I haven't been looking for: a mint condition 90 AWD. I...
  7. booostedGSX

    So I found a the block...

    Holy giant hole! Good luck with the fresh rebuild! :thumb: :talon:
  8. booostedGSX

    free V2 dsmlink?

    Got my whole Link setup for $400 off of a friend who is now using MegaSquirt. It includes the Eprom ECU, cable, disc, and chip. Plus I bought Jeff O's tach adapter for 91-94 ECUs in a 90, so $430 all together. :talon:
  9. booostedGSX

    1g prommed ecu

    You can do what Tom said and send your ECU to ECM to have it converted to accept Eprom chips, or you could find an ECU that is already an Eprom and send it to ECM or someone else to be socketed.As far as chips go, you can take a look at Jeff O's chips. | DSM ECU Chips...
  10. booostedGSX

    $600 2g gst

    That's a great find. How many miles on 'er? :talon:
  11. booostedGSX

    connecting rod differences

    That can't be good. If I'm not mistaken, rods come in a set that are all balanced and weighed to spec. Using a different rod could cause some bad stuff to happen I'm willing to bet, but as to what could happen I cannot say. :talon:
  12. booostedGSX

    What size injectors to go with next?

    You know, I did think about E85, but it isn't really common around my area as far as I can see. It'll still be something to think about though. I'm going to think it over for a while; I am not going to start buying parts until at least spring so I've got a good bit of time to mull it over...
  13. booostedGSX

    What size injectors to go with next?

    Excellent, that is exactly what I was thinking. I just needed to hear it from someone else :p :talon:
  14. booostedGSX

    What size injectors to go with next?

    I am trying to decide what size injectors I should get for my next setup. As of now, I have 650s that are almost maxed out on an Evo III 16G. For my next setup I plan on getting a TD06 20G, FMIC, and possibly some oversized valves and BC springs.I am not sure as to whether I should get...
  15. booostedGSX

    BOV doesn't "blow off" when revving?

    As the first replier said, you should not produce boost in neutral or with the clutch in unless you have anti-lag. It is normal to not hear a sound from the blow-off valve. :talon:
  16. booostedGSX

    Twin Turbo 1G

    Here is a link to Paul Volk's thread about his compound set up. It'll give you an idea of the fab work and time that must be invested. :talon:
  17. booostedGSX

    Fuel pump whine is gone!

    I'm not sure where the Fuel Pump Relay is. You can consult your Chilton's manual; it should show you where it is. Once you find it, grab a multimeter and test the continuity. :talon:
  18. booostedGSX

    Fuel pump whine is gone!

    Possibly a bad fuel pump relay. Or the pump itself might have gone bad. :talon:
  19. booostedGSX

    How did you find/bond with your DSM?

    I saw my first DSM when I was just a little tike. I loved how it looked and still do (it was a friend's neighbor's 91 TSi AWD). The first time I saw a DSM run, and I mean really RUN, was at a local drag strip when I was 16. It was another 1GA and it ran 11s. I was so baffled that such a car...
  20. booostedGSX

    [RESOLVED] What does this light mean?

    Correctomundo. The parking brake light should also come on. :talon:
  21. booostedGSX

    Car Overheated / Overheating / Overheats [MERGED]

    What about the fan switch on the thermo housing? Maybe it's going bad causing the fans to come on late. :talon:
  22. booostedGSX

    2jz-gte Rwd 2g Gsx

    Ditto. I'm in White Oak and am in Plum pretty often since my best friend just bought a house there. :talon:
  23. booostedGSX

    Wipers will not shut off

    Wiper relay maybe? :talon:
  24. booostedGSX

    punishment o2 dump fitment

    Damn, I didn't even think of that. I don't have A/C anymore, so when I was investigating a pusher setup, the A/C condenser didn't even cross my mind. :talon:
  25. booostedGSX

    punishment o2 dump fitment

    Set your fans up to be pushers. That would free up a good bit of room in the bay and you wouldn't have to worry about the WG hitting the fan. :talon:
  26. booostedGSX

    [RESOLVED] weird light show on cluster.

    This happened to me when my alternator went dead. First thing would be to check how tight the alt. belt is. If it is loose, tighten 'er up. If not, I'd look into getting a new alt. :talon:
  27. booostedGSX

    Road in a 08 subaru STI and boy i tell u it is FAST for begin stock

    I'll agree there. I don't test my DSM in the twisties. It is purely for going fast in a straight line. :talon:
  28. booostedGSX

    Road in a 08 subaru STI and boy i tell u it is FAST for begin stock

    I've ridden in one of those new STIs. Sure it was fast, but nothing that would make me OMG or anything. Plus, I'm not a fan of the new styling. I think I'll stick to my DSM for now (that is until I can afford an Evo). :talon:
  29. booostedGSX

    Talon 9.09@164mph

    You've got some good looking runs there. That car runs solid. I'd say with a well prepped track you'd get into the 8 sec territory. :talon:
  30. booostedGSX

    are dsm's amarican cars?

    Hit the nail on the head.
  31. booostedGSX

    2009 Dsm shootout

    A few friends of mine went out. I wasn't able to go. My one friend won the shootout with his 4G63 powered Conquest. Best run was 8.96 @ 156. :talon:
  32. booostedGSX

    Thermostat housing sensor?

    Both fans... If you want to get rid of this sensor, you will have to wire the fans to a switch and manually turn them on. :talon:
  33. booostedGSX

    Thermostat housing sensor?

    If I'm not mistaken, that is the fan switch. It tells the fans when to go on. :talon:Edit: We are talking about the one dead center of the picture correct?
  34. booostedGSX

    Does anyone with a fairly modded car actually have A/C?

    I only took out my A/C because it did not work and I didn't feel like messing around with converting it so I could charge it. To be honest, I really don't like A/C any way. :talon:
  35. booostedGSX

    Buying a TSi AWD thats FWD

    Sounds shifty to me. I'd say away; save your money for another DSM. :talon:
  36. booostedGSX

    I got F***ed today

    I agree on the blown head gasket.Was it overheating at all?If it was sold as is, your on your own.If the head gasket is the only problem and the head/block didn't get warped, it may be a simple fix. :talon:
  37. booostedGSX

    where to go from here?

    Do you have anything to tune those injectors with? That would be my next purchase if you do not have anything to control the fuel. :talon:
  38. booostedGSX

    How to lower intake/coolant temps?

    Most of the big stuff has been covered. You could get some slim fans that flow more than factory and still have room to spare in the engine bay. You can also set them up as a pusher style setup, and have a whole boat load of room in the engine bay and cool more efficiently.For the intake...
  39. booostedGSX

    Coolant temperature sensor pigtail

    Look at your stock plug and see if they are compatible. I know that one won't work with a 1G but I'm not sure about 2Gs. :talon:
  40. booostedGSX

    Need help diagnosing...

    Have you made and used a boost leak tester? If not, you could still have a horrible boost leak and it may not be obvious/ visible. An example would be throttle body shaft seals or the injector o-rings. :talon:
  41. booostedGSX

    valve guide problem

    If you feel confident in your mechanical skills and can set the car aside for an allotted amount of time, change them yourself.However, if you have any doubt whatsoever about your skills, do not have or can not access the proper tools, or can not have the car down for too long, your best...
  42. booostedGSX

    [RESOLVED] I think im underboosting!

    Is the Greddy BOV re-circulated? If not, that can cause some funky stuff to happen. :talon:
  43. booostedGSX

    My compound turbo set-up

    I saw a really nice 1G in a tuner mag about a year ago. It was a clean and very well built red 1GA. Guys name was Mike Rizotto I think. :talon:Edit: His name is Mike Rizzotti and it was in Modified. 1991 Eagle Talon TSi - Modified Magazine
  44. booostedGSX

    Strange Noise BOV?

    Mine also does this, almost exclusively on deceleration though. :talon:
  45. booostedGSX

    losing 1 quart of oil per 500 miles at 75mph

    Check for shaftplay on the turbo. Also, the valve stem seals might be suspect. I know mine are and cause lots of oil burning. :talon:
  46. booostedGSX

    rev box

    An even cheaper solution is to stop doing whatever it is that you think is hurting or will hurt your car. By simply lowering the rev limit, it will not make doing doughnuts any less harsh on the car, the drivetrain will still take a beating. In the end, by driving your car normally and...
  47. booostedGSX

    how to tell turbo size

    The only accurate way to tell would be for you to take off the exhaust housing and compressor cover and measure the wheels. Other than that, it is all speculation. :talon:
  48. booostedGSX

    5 lug VR4

    I would imagine that you would need the essential parts from a 1G AWD, but I am no expert on this situation. :talon:
  49. booostedGSX

    4g63 rebuild, rusty cylinders, broke rod, scratched crank- is it worth the trouble?

    Heh, nice idea.On topic though, that thing is in bad shape. I wouldn't deal with it. :talon:
  50. booostedGSX

    Fuel Cut?

    +1. Get a wideband and check out your A/F ratio. Might as well get yourself a logger as well.
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