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  1. 2GturboTALON

    95 cas/cps removal without touching timing

    Is it possible to remove the 95 CPS ( behind intake cam gear) without pulling or touching any timing components ?/
  2. 2GturboTALON

    PS pump bracket mount

    I was tightening it up because it was loose. The side bolt that prevents it from pivoting was broke also so only one bolt was holding it tight. Once that one snapped I realized the other one was broke off in that mount also. I thought it just got lost.Thanks for tip
  3. 2GturboTALON

    PS pump bracket mount

    48013b in this picture has two broken bolts from my PS bracket now. I got so pissed i just set the pump aside and walked away. Is it possible to remove this mount without removing the water pipe ?
  4. 2GturboTALON

    Road Race Engineering hood vent

    I realize this thread is prehistoric but I would like to see a conclusion if it actaully pulls air out. I am overheating slightly and have researched this and grey forest mod heavily.
  5. 2GturboTALON

    2g Fuel Pressure Regulator ?

    If you want to keep your engine. Buy reputable brands when it comes to vital parts.OBX strut tower brace=no big dealOBX fuel pressure regulator= Is like sleeping with a girl that has herpes, something bad might not happen the first time but something bad will happen.
  6. 2GturboTALON

    TRS Morimoto Mini D2S Retrofit!

    I would like to see this.
  7. 2GturboTALON

    Rust repair suggestions

    I took my tire off to check why it was flat. Then noticed the panel inside near the side skirts is rusted to hell. I have general collision knowledge but have no clue where to start with this mess. If you press on it the pieces break off.Sent from HTC Evo
  8. 2GturboTALON

    Too many 2gb's. Post your favorite 2ga's!

    Since its post your 2Ga now.
  9. 2GturboTALON

    Plastic trunk piece

    These are for awd cars only guys but a lot of awd cars have them missing.
  10. 2GturboTALON

    Plastic trunk piece

    I think he is referring to these black plastic pieces.Part numbers: Left - MB917165 Right - MB917166
  11. 2GturboTALON

    2G AWD trunk pieces

    I have been having issues with the wooden trunk mats in my car falling apart. I have just learned in my car i should have two black trim pieces to hold the mat up higher. I previously had a fwd dsm so didn't realize it was needed. Does anyone know where these pieces can be found ?
  12. 2GturboTALON

    What makes the apexi n1 sound the way it does?

    +1 im cutting the n1 muffler and going to dynomax vt. Proven in evo community.Sent from HTC Evo
  13. 2GturboTALON

    Car just crankwalked...

    Coming from what most of the dsm community will tell you ,crankwalk happens by looking at your car the wrong way. I hate how often it is thrown out.Sent from HTC Evo
  14. 2GturboTALON

    EA Hates DSM's. Protest the new Need For Speed!

    I actually had interest in this game. Add meSent from HTC Evo
  15. 2GturboTALON

    Dowel Pins ( How many needed)

    I am having my clutch replaced and i am buying misc. extra things in case they might be needed. How many dowel pins of each type do i need ?
  16. 2GturboTALON

    Yes or no!!!

    That flat colored black looks great. BASF Carizzma Flat is a great paint for that effect.
  17. 2GturboTALON

    Products the DSM crowd would like to see made

    VIS "Orignal vader hood"Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. 2GturboTALON

    1GA Talon grill dimensions

    Does anyone know the dimensions of these grills or are able to measure theres for me ?
  19. 2GturboTALON

    Upper Bumper Cooling vents(2G)

    It appears Accord grills are too long. (28-29 in) I just measured my bumper and have around 17in x 5in i can use.I am starting to think 240 Upper grills may work.Can anyone think of cars that have small upper bumper grills ?
  20. 2GturboTALON

    Upper Bumper Cooling vents(2G)

    Yeah, I think i may have talked myself into the ducts.The only other idea i can come up with is maybe seeing if i can fab up a Honda Accord Grill ( if it will fit )
  21. 2GturboTALON

    Upper Bumper Cooling vents(2G)

    That way will require quite a bit more work also to look like that.
  22. 2GturboTALON

    Upper Bumper Cooling vents(2G)

    I kind of like it. Almost reminds me of a skyline.This is what i came up with dual intake ducts. I found a place with these for 40 bucks so i may go this route.
  23. 2GturboTALON

    Upper Bumper Cooling vents(2G)

    There is a member on here who has just one vent on the right hand side. It is a black 2G. I can not remember the user name though.Think i may have found what i was looking for. One was from STM and the other was from MURF_DIRTY. Its a titek air duct.
  24. 2GturboTALON

    Upper Bumper Cooling vents(2G)

    I know there are a few members on here who have vents and unique cutouts in the area i have marked in the picture bu ti can not find them on here. I am only looking for 2g's.
  25. 2GturboTALON

    2g fan wiring (stock fans)

    I am having a tough time finding out what each wire does on the engine wiring harness side for stock fans. I know so far on the fan side these are the controls but i need to know which wire these correspond with on the harness side connector. Thank you in advanceFan side connector colors ...
  26. 2GturboTALON

    General 2G How does this log look?

    Evoscan will be setup soon. I am a 95 though so it probably won't get too much better.
  27. 2GturboTALON

    General 2G How does this log look?

    Done with pocket-logger.
  28. 2GturboTALON

    AFPR pointless ?

    I have plans to purchase one but i wanted to get a poll. I appreciate all the input and it helps me understand the fpr in our cars a tiny bit more. I know for the 2G guys we have small feed lines and that also had me thinking a afpr may not do too much more until that is replaced.
  29. 2GturboTALON

    AFPR pointless ?

    I just wanted some input because i have read countless threads where the overrun only occurs at idle. Well at least from what some people say. Does anyone have before and after logs by chance ?
  30. 2GturboTALON

    AFPR pointless ?

    I have been looking and looking and still only able to find one reason to buy an afpr. I know at idle with a big pump you will run rich and this is one good reason to get an afpr but if i have my injectors deadtimed correctly and compensate correctly for my pump is there really any true reason...
  31. 2GturboTALON

    -13 ltft at wot

    Did a few runs in the car last night and i have noticed that my ltft is -13 at wot. Checked this twice to verify and got same result. I plan on a boost leak test and checking ground strap on exhaust. Do you have any other ideas other than these two ?
  32. 2GturboTALON

    Fresh wax

    Where did you find that hood ?
  33. 2GturboTALON

    Noob HDR pics

    Good Job !!!!Did you use photoshop or photomatix for this ?
  34. 2GturboTALON

    Ebay Projector HIDS (Good beam cutoff)

    If you want a cheap and easy way to do HID , buy the new morimoto mini H1. Their light output and cutoff is darn close to FXR and are also 100 times easier to install. I am going to do a set myself when i round up some more money. They are bi-xenon so you get high and low in one projector.
  35. 2GturboTALON

    oem vs bodykit

    Do what looks good to you. Just don't embarrass us. LOL JK. Small differences and accents can easily set you apart if done right.
  36. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    cleared P0335 and rechecked. Won't come back. Removing negative cable and doing more diagnostics tomorrow.You ARE A GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all it was. I dodn't realize how easy it was to mix those up.
  37. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    headgasket blew. I love how loosely the crankwalk term is thrown out. I had someone tell me i had crankwalk in my 97 and took it to another shop and ended up just needing a new cps. I hope to prove u wrong on this one. WE will see though.
  38. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    How could crankwalk come out of left field if my car ran perfect before redoing my head ?WTF
  39. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    I thought i answered this question.I had a shop do a cyl. head refresh. valve job,new guides,resurface,flowtest,cleaning.Pretty Sure my problem lies in code P0335
  40. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    I was lied to by the dealership i bought it from and was still a newb with cylinder head stuff.
  41. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    timing marks are dead on. Jay racing timing kit :thumb:
  42. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    Here is a question i never got answered. When reinstalling the crank pulley where should the dots on it line up.
  43. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    Decided to hook up pocketlogger and it is saying a stored error of p0335.crankshaft position sensor A
  44. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    I tried brake cleaner and no go. It will crank fast and then start to slow down.
  45. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    Have new plugs and old wires.
  46. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    compression =4 =135 3=150 2=130 1=130Opinions ?
  47. 2GturboTALON

    Would overrun FPR prevent car from starting?

    I'm a 95 with stock 95 7 bolt. CAS on driver side.also a direct quote from taboo speed vaccum removal:The reason i ask this question is just to knock out any non normal things it could be.BTW GOFER your car is ridiculously sick and clean. Its one of the few that makes me want a 2gb...
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