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  1. Punishment Racing 3" downpipe for 2g GST

    For sale Punishment Racing 3" downpipe for 2g GST

    New never installed 3 inch punishment racing downpipe for a 2g GST. Light surface rust in a few spots. See pics. Contact for shipping. ***** Sale Pending
  2. spooled_u_1st

    2G 550HP 4G63 Engine rebuild or get a prebuilt engine?

    Been a while since I was at the engine shop so I'm not sure what current prices are but this will give you an idea.It's always wise to have a plan that fits your budget.
  3. spooled_u_1st

    STM 4" Intake kit sale!

    Same price?
  4. spooled_u_1st

    STM 4" Intake kit sale!

    Do you have any recirculated?
  5. spooled_u_1st

    STM Tax Return sales are still running!

    What could you do on a STM T3 Hot Parts Kit? Just picked up a holset hx40.
  6. spooled_u_1st

    manifolds that work with holset hx35 hx40

    Do you have any pics you could share? Just bought a hx40 and I'm trying to decide on a manifold and hotside. I was thinking of going with a ts setup in a t3 footprint.
  7. spooled_u_1st

    resurface block and torque plate hone cylinders

    Does anyone know a machine shop in the Pittsburgh area that can resurface a block for a mls headgasket and has a torque plate for 4g63 engines?
  8. spooled_u_1st

    Mazda Rx7 680cc 195500-0900 fuel injectors

    Does anyone have Mazda Rx7 680cc/min 195500-0900 fuel injectors running with ecmlink?1984-85 RX-7 195500-0900 Peak and Hold 680cc Orange TopFound this thread in the EcmLink Forums. Anyone else have any info?TSiTalon9587Your global setting for 680's @ 37psi should be -33~34 or so...
  9. spooled_u_1st

    camshaft upgrades

    Those would work fine also.
  10. spooled_u_1st

    camshaft upgrades

    A 272 cam is as much as you want with your evo III 16g. It will also give you some growing room in the future.FP2s would be a good cam and is fine with the stock valve train.
  11. spooled_u_1st

    EA Hates DSM's. Protest the new Need For Speed!

    1) 98GSXin 2) Kidtsi 3) DSM_munky_man 4) 2gdanny 5) turbotalon31 6) NeMiZiS 7) Black_gst 8) pbwu1f 9) TJCtalon 10) LiquidZ28 11) pats16valve 12) wasabi37 13) ifeellubu 14) -red97rum- 15) 2GturboTALON 16) Artago 17) Alaskandsm 18) volkerding95GSX 19) wdawson4 20) dsmboy51 21)...
  12. spooled_u_1st

    Oil pressure sender gauge or light?

    You have both. They are both located on the oil filter housing.Oil pressure switch (light) is the smaller of the two and connects on the side of the oil filter housing towards the front.Oil pressure gauge unit is the larger and connects on the bottom of the oil filter housing.
  13. spooled_u_1st

    Stock 2g intercooler Routing

    Here you go. :thumb:
  14. spooled_u_1st

    suggestion on cams or not?
  15. spooled_u_1st

    suggestion on cams or not?

    Kelfords are really aggressive camshafts. You will need upgraded valve springs and retainers if you go that way.
  16. spooled_u_1st

    2G A/C with a 6 bolt

    Your need 2g a/c components.
  17. spooled_u_1st

    Auto transmission Connectors, Need pictures please!

    85 will lock in 3rd gear (D) or 2nd gear (2, L) as a fail-safe measure.That's your limp mode so it may or may not be the tcu.Follow the checks. The last thing is to replace your tcu.
  18. spooled_u_1st

    2G: 6-bolt Connector & Hose disconnected w/pics

    Thinking it's the top connection on the a/c compressor
  19. spooled_u_1st

    Auto transmission Connectors, Need pictures please!

    These should get you on the right track.
  20. spooled_u_1st

    6 bolt swap to with 2g head

    You don't have to port the head. You have to enlarge the holes for the head studs/bolts whatever you decided they are larger than the 7 bolt head studs/bolts.
  21. spooled_u_1st

    2G: 6-bolt Connector & Hose disconnected w/pics

    What are the wire colors on the 1st one?A 1g turbo throttle body has 4 ports on it. A 2g has 3 ports. I would just cap A2 and go off the diagram unless some of your vacuum lines are removed.
  22. spooled_u_1st

    type of flange on my ssautochrome piping?

    Or you could use a Synapse Synchronic Blowoff Valve with a Mitsubishi flange.
  23. spooled_u_1st

    type of flange on my ssautochrome piping?

    Yep. A 1g bov is what you need.
  24. spooled_u_1st

    2g AWD Rear Subframe Torque Spec

    Is this what your looking for?
  25. spooled_u_1st

    ARP Headstuds

    Yes use it on both sides of the studs.
  26. spooled_u_1st

    Do I need overbore?

    You need to measure the bores parallel and perpendicular to the crank to see if they are out of round. Measure your pistons both ways also.Cylinder block Out-of-round and taper (max) - .010mm Piston-to-cylinder clearance - 0.03mm-0.05mm85.045mm is right on the limit. I would get +.020...
  27. spooled_u_1st

    Engine Removal Writeup?

    Definitely going to want to bag bolts up and label them for different things. The more organized you are the easier it will be to put back together.
  28. spooled_u_1st

    Time for megasquirt

    Look for one on ebay. You could always have it checked out and socketed by ECMTuning.
  29. spooled_u_1st

    Auto Transmission Cooler went with the Long Tru- Cool LPD Transmission Cooler- 24,500 GVW (4589) which is 8x 11x 1 1/2 and it was a really tight fit.Here are my 8x11x1.5 coolers. There is no more room at all in there.
  30. spooled_u_1st

    What to get? SoftwareThere are a few software applications to help you tune and configure your MegaSquirt.* MegaTune - for tuning and data logging MegaSquirt® with a laptop computer running Windows 9x/ME/XP. In this manual we will assume you are...
  31. spooled_u_1st

    What to get?

    I would suggest looking into MegaSquirt.
  32. spooled_u_1st

    JMF coil pack and JayRacing alt. relocation kit

    If your using a stock intake manifold, there is no need to relocate the coil pack. The stock manifolds have mounting locations for the coil pack already.
  33. spooled_u_1st

    Auto Transmission Cooler

    I went with the Long Tru-Cool Transmission Cooler. And couldn't be happier with it.
  34. spooled_u_1st

    97 GST Startup soon, just have a few wiring questions

    Does the connector in the second picture come off of the main wiring right beside the grey Pulse Generator Connector?What are the wire colors? orange / white red / blueIf it is, it's the Solenoid valve connector.
  35. spooled_u_1st

    What is this plug for?

    Thanks much for your help. Got it. I could see the connector. It slide down in between splash guard and transmission.
  36. spooled_u_1st

    What is this plug for?

    It's not the connection in the link.(Cruise Control Actuator) It literally comes off the harness together with the front o2 under the thermostate housing and is just slightly longer (like an inch tops) than the front o2 sensor. There is a mount of the transmission that they both side on, right...
  37. spooled_u_1st

    97 GST Startup soon, just have a few wiring questions

    I had a thread about that grey plug. I still never figured it out yet? It's been cold and snow so the gsx just sits in the garage. Anyhow, I am going to get back to work on the car, it's going to be warm soon. I hope. :pray:
  38. spooled_u_1st

    torque specs. for exhaust manifold, em to turbo. Jpipe, and o2 housing?

    exhaust manifold- 36 ft lbs manifold to turbo- j pipe- o2 housing to turbo- 40-47 ft lbs o2 housing to downpipe- 33 ft lbs
  39. spooled_u_1st

    1G Magnus Smim

    If you look at 1g and 2g intake, you'll notice that they have the same bolt pattern but the ports are no where close to matching up.
  40. spooled_u_1st

    automatic transmission with manual radiator?

    Not exactly. The oem 2g auto routes the transmission fluid in series through the radiator and threw the external auto transmission cooler.I have my auto setup with a koyo rad. Just make sure you get a bigger cooler if your going to eliminate the oem cooler that was in the oem radiator. The...
  41. spooled_u_1st

    Piston Ring Gap Question

    Did you spray your cylinder walls with wd-40?Yes those are the numbers your looking for. Also you want to turn a piston upside down and slide the rings down an inch or so to make sure the rings are square in the cylinder.
  42. spooled_u_1st

    lc1 wideband setup ?

    Logworks comes with the LC-1. You could use that for logging if you don't have ecmlink.
  43. spooled_u_1st

    Bolt length and thread pitch

    I would suggest using the oem turbo to manifold bolts instead of the arp's. Also there are special washers for these bolts. 2 for each bolt/stud.Yes the oem turbo to manifold bolts are grade 11.
  44. spooled_u_1st

    Quick Questions real quick

    When I had work done to my block last time, the machine shop I used took them out and gave them to me when I picked up my parts. Definitely make sure your oil squirters are in. You should be able to see all 4 from the bottom with the oil pan off.
  45. spooled_u_1st

    1g manifolds

    Yes the bolt pattern is the same.
  46. spooled_u_1st

    What is this plug for?

    No. It isn't for the cruise control.
  47. spooled_u_1st

    Do I need a Walbro 190?

    If your going to get a wally 255, your going to need an afpr kit. If you go with a 190 pump, you can use your stock fpr. I would even suggest going with an evo fuel pump that is re-wired.
  48. spooled_u_1st

    What is this plug for?

    I looked and don't see where it is. Can you please post a pic.
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