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  1. JST2FST

    What color to paint my car???

    Ok, some time in the next 6 - 7 months, i want to repaint my car. After looking at a lot of different colors i cant seem to pick between Suzuka Blue (Honda S2000 color) or Jade Green Metallic (Acura RSX color) so what color should a paint my Eclipse?? I also plan to keep my grey trim on my...
  2. JST2FST

    Ebay 16G install and kit

    You also have to think about waht % of their turbos are bad. Every company is going to have a bad turbo every now and then, its just comes down to how many they are ok with having before they decide to do something about it. It seems like the knockoff 16g's seem to have more fail then the real...
  3. JST2FST

    I planned on getting all neccesary mods to allow me to run 15-16 psi

    If I were you I would get all the supporting mods first and then get a bigger turbo if you want one. What you dont what to have happen is for you to get a 16g first and then get all your supporting mods only to realize that you want an even bigger turbo now. They only way I would say get the...
  4. JST2FST

    I miss the DSM

    I miss mine as well
  5. JST2FST

    Does anyone know of a company that makes OEM bumpers

    Im looking for a 2gb talon front bumper, the one with the big ass eagle logo on it, but I can not seem to find any. Does anyone know of a company that makes OEM style bumpers? ThanksMax
  6. JST2FST

    Ferrari P 4/5

    Its nice but I think I like the Enzo a little better.
  7. JST2FST

    engine swap

    Um yes you can swap a a turbo 4g63 into an nt 4g63 there is a Read Me about it on the 1G N/T Tech forum.
  8. JST2FST

    A respectful Honda tuning site?

    You could say the same thing about a DSM forum. There are tons of ricers who drive DSM's but there are very few on this site because of the way it is run. If you have a honda forum run like dsmtuners I think you would be able to get rid of 90% of the ricers and keep the forum BS free.
  9. JST2FST

    A respectful Honda tuning site?

    I've looked at that site but was not really a fan of it, there seemed to be a lot of trash talking. Plus I would rather a Honda forum that was more for the B-series engine then just all Honda's. That way info would be easier to find.
  10. JST2FST

    UICP question

    It really depends on what type of FMIC you get. My Greddy FMIC did not come with UICP so I had to buy some. If you plan to goet a FMIC that comes with the UICP I would just hold off and save the $50.
  11. JST2FST

    Any dsmers in va

    Virginia Beach here
  12. JST2FST

    A respectful Honda tuning site?

    I know how you feel, when I had my CRX I looked all over for good Honda forum and found none. About a year ago I asked Luda if there were any plans, at that time, to create a Hondatuners and he said not really. :( Maybe you could bring the idea up to him again, but instead of Hondatuners you...
  13. JST2FST

    Greddy type s or rs?

    I've used both the type S and the type RS and I liked them both (I have the RS now). I have a soft plastic recirc hose (not the best for sound) and I can still hear the BOV if Im above 10 lbs of boost, if its below 10 lbs I really cant hear it, but then again my car is loud as hell so it might...
  14. JST2FST

    Please help a friend to win pimp my car

    When does the voting end??
  15. JST2FST

    UFC 61 - Bitter Rivals

    Im really not that huge of a Hughes fan. He's i good fighter but there are people I like more. I really think there is a good chance he might loose his next 2 fights. He fights GSP next and if he looses that he may end up fighting BJ Penn. Bot of those fighters have a good chance of beating...
  16. JST2FST

    Who makes a long lasting tire that doesn't cost too much

    If I were you I would go to a tire shop and talk to them. Let them know what you are looking for and ask them what the best type of tire for you would be. I know that in most cases the better handling / grip a tire has the shorter the life of the tire.(Edit) I went and looked at Nitto and...
  17. JST2FST

    UFC 61 - Bitter Rivals

    Yes Chuck has fought and lost in PRIDE, but Wandy has fought and lost in the UFC. Both fighters are better now then they were when they lost. I think its going to be a great fight and I cant wait to see it. On the Ken vs Tito fight, Ken took 5 or 6 elbows to the face and not once did he try...
  18. JST2FST

    Quitters- soon ghosts to us (selling/sold my DSM)

    I know im not going to be happy with the Honda but its more about being able to get help from my parents if I sell the car. My parents want me to sell the car and get something newer. If I listen to them and something goes wrong with the car I bought, I can play the "You told me to get this...
  19. JST2FST

    Quitters- soon ghosts to us (selling/sold my DSM)

    Well I have decided to go back to college full time. This means Im going to have less money beause I will not be able to work as much, which means I have to get rid of my DSM. I would love to keep it but I just dont think I can afford the upkeep, and the gas, for a turbo car. There was a time...
  20. JST2FST

    Running Poorly and throwing CEL's

    There, thats better, now I can read it, kinda. If I were you I would go back and write down all the codes that the car is throwing. That way you know exactly what they all are. Then I would see if you can fix any of the problems yourself, it will save you some money if you fix them instead of...
  21. JST2FST

    Turbotimer / Security System

    Wow i did not know Viper had an alarm like that, guess you learn something new every day.
  22. JST2FST

    Basic MAFT Questions [merged] GM MAF Translator

    I think that the 2G MAFS are better then the 1G, so I dont think you would want to put a 1G MAFS on even if you could.
  23. JST2FST

    ebay turbos

    I dont have one on my car, but a friend of mine does and he loves it. He has had it for close to a year now and has not had any problems with it. He ended up putting down a little over 300 WHP down, so you can reach your goal. I will try and talk to him today and get a list of the mods he had...
  24. JST2FST

    Hey Luda

    I played that game all the time when it first came out.
  25. JST2FST

    Turbotimer / Security System

    I dont think I have ever seen a turbo timer and an alarm all in one. Like Booster-Shot said, they do come with, i guess you would call it a function, that turns the car off if the ebrake is dropped but I dont think that is what you are looking for. I you are going to have to buy both a turbo...
  26. JST2FST

    Question about Shepherd's car

    Ok I on another site and Sheperd's car came up. I went on his site to look at something and I noticed that under the Drag Talon part of his page if you go down to Engine Modifications the first thing it says is Stock block and crank. So is that still true now that he is in the 7's or are those...
  27. JST2FST

    Ford DSM, Pff..

    What you guys have never heard of the Ford G63 engine, what kinda car people are you. I heard it makes close to 600 hp with just an intake.
  28. JST2FST

    bye 420A hello 4g63t

    Congrats. Have fun and stay safe
  29. JST2FST

    suspicous E-Mail about my turbo kit

    Lets say you get a cashier's check ( I'm using cashier's checks in stead of money orders but they still both work the same way) from Bank of America. When you take it to your bank, First DSM Bank of Virginia or where ever you bank, and deposit it your bank then sends the cashier's check to...
  30. JST2FST

    Broken Greddy Type-S

    You also might want to see if you can find a nipple at someplace like Hope Depot or Lowe's that might work as well.
  31. JST2FST

    Incase you Missed It...

    Thats great news. Good luck to SBR and Brent Rau.
  32. JST2FST

    Top Imports

    My favorite Import and also my favorite car of all time is the Mazda RX-7.
  33. JST2FST

    The SMIC you sleeper guys dreamed of?

    was it tested with the bumber on?
  34. JST2FST

    has anyone done this kind of motor/tranny swap?

    Here is a thread that talks about the swap. Max
  35. JST2FST

    SIMPLE non-turbo to turbo question. That thread talks about just puting a turbo on your engine as well as the swap.
  36. JST2FST

    Convertible 1g dsm [Merged 11-7]

    Interesting, very interesting
  37. JST2FST

    favorite/least favorite NES game?

    Metroid, River City Ransom, Jackal, Legend of Zelda, all the MegaMan games (is it just me or was RingMan the hardest mother f****r out of any of those games. Even with the move that hurt him the most he was still hard as shit, he was like RingMan boss of the game)the game I hated the most...
  38. JST2FST

    Knock Knock (whose there?) Mr Opportunity

    how many miles are on the car?Max
  39. JST2FST

    turbo and supercharged EVO

    So what you are saying is that the car would in fact be faster if it did not have the supercharger and just used N2O to spool the turbo (I am saying this because the supercharger has to drain a little bit of power from the engine in order for the supercharger to work), but the supercharger...
  40. JST2FST

    turbo and supercharged EVO

    I have a quick question. Do any drag cars use this type of setup? This car would be in the 2 power adder class correct, I was under the impression that most cars in that class ran a turbo or a supercharger and N2O for their two power adders. Could someone please let me know.Max
  41. JST2FST

    turbo and supercharged EVO

    This same thing was talked about on
  42. JST2FST

    Customized license plates!!!!! [Merged 1-7] vanity personalized plate

    I have FRMADIG on the way. When they get here I will post a picMax
  43. JST2FST

    turbo blown.. what is the reason??

    I agree it was most likely because you did not prime it or because of the oil leak. I have never known of there to be a break in period for a turbo. All my friends, including myself, put our turbos on, primed them and then when out and started driving. I have one friend who put his turbo on...
  44. JST2FST

    Have we ever had a thread on why DSM's are domestics?

    Ok so I was on this Mustang forum looking for some info on a supercharger for my boss's car. I told them I was a DSM owner and that I did not know that much about Mustangs. Well lets just say they started talking some crap. One of the things that was said was that my car was nothing but an...
  45. JST2FST

    Hey John (L2RTSiAWD)...

    Happy Birthday John .......even though I'm a day lateMax
  46. JST2FST

    Wrecked the Eclipse got a honduh!

    I hope these work, the comp I on right now sucks ass. If I can get my scanner to work I will post a few more.
  47. JST2FST

    Wrecked the Eclipse got a honduh!

    If you want some rims that look nice on a CRX I would go with HX rims. They are light as hell and look bad ass IMO. I will post a pic of my old CRX so you can see what they looked like on my car. Also I had a friend...
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