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  1. cool_g_83

    Any C++ programmers?

    I would agree with this only you wouldn't want the "=0" in the while statement. That is an assignment, you would want an equality operator (==). Even then you would be fine with just while(end) :p
  2. cool_g_83

    Some pics of my cars progress, engine/suspension

    ROFL If moving to Parker is falling of the face of the Earth then I'm guilty as charged. ROFLWe should meet up some weekend and work on cars -grunt grunt grunt-
  3. cool_g_83

    Some pics of my cars progress, engine/suspension

    Ohhhhh pretty! I'll have to check this out sometime :rocks:
  4. cool_g_83

    [RESOLVED] clutch keeps getting air, can you figure this out?

    Looks like you need to replace your clutch master cylinder. Replace the slave also as preventative maintenence :thumb:.
  5. cool_g_83

    [RESOLVED] Dent in Cold Air Intake

    If it is small, it would certainly not be noticable.
  6. cool_g_83

    SSAC FMIC install T28 T25

    It's been in the shed for a year :shhh: Plus I just moved not to long ago and didn't want to go buy all the tools/equipment needed to polish a pipe I no longer use. :beatentodeath:
  7. cool_g_83

    SSAC FMIC install T28 T25

    You're right, I probably should have painted it so I could win the 92586 car shows I entered that month :rolleyes:I don't really care if its not 100% effecient. It got me through an install, and transitioned me into another where it is no long in use. It was only temporary and my car...
  8. cool_g_83

    SSAC FMIC install T28 T25

    I made one of these myself a few years back when I had the T25/SSAC combination. Here are some pics to add to this threads overall worth :D ---------------------------------------------When designing this, I didn't want to simply have 1 cut, because that would be too sharp of a bend. So...
  9. cool_g_83

    Sound when turning steering wheel

    I'm with you on this one :thumb:I had the same symptons as the OP described. Went to dealership to see if I could get them changed under warrenty and they said the lateral control arms have been replaced and that they couldn't fix them for free. They wanted to charge me ~$450 (lateral...
  10. cool_g_83

    Fort Collins DSM meet saturday.

    Its a little far north for me. Besides, it's my bro's birthday, so I'll be in downtown Denver 3 sheets to the wind :D
  11. cool_g_83

    Volk RE30's Were Delivered. Finally They are MINE!!!

    The RE30s look really good in person, I can vouch :thumb:Flash: I just recently picked up snow tires, so when summer time comes around, I will force myself to get new summer rims and tires. Get ready to help me wheel shop Grant! :sneaky:
  12. cool_g_83

    Free Dyno Time

    That's funny...a year and a half ago, 15 mins after I had accepted my current job, I got a job offer from DynoJet Research :cry:. Oh well, I would have had to move to Montana :toobad: Seemed like it would be a pretty sweet job...if only it was closer to CO I'd try to hit you up for the free...
  13. cool_g_83

    Denver Meet

    I'm down, I've kinda been out of the loop because I just moved and lately have been swamped at work. Let me know!ps Flash by the way, got your text about you needing pics just a couple days ago. How is the MT swap going? If you need I can swing by one day after work! Let me know!
  14. cool_g_83

    Teen drinking

    Why don't you tell us what she said instead of waiting for one of us to say "What'd she say?" :cool:
  15. cool_g_83

    Teen drinking

    Wow, she got drunk for the 3rd time. It seems like everyone is exaggerating it up to be some HUGE problem. This isn't exactly an intervention with someone who is addicted to heroin, crack, acid and makes money to feed these addictions through prostitution. Relax a little bit. I second the...
  16. cool_g_83

    What is your IQ? Come take the test.

    Congratulations, Gregory! Your IQ score is 138 This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.Your Intellectual Type is Visionary Pimp. This means you are highly intelligent with women and...
  17. cool_g_83

    2G AC problem on my GST

    These were symptoms of when I didn't have a radiator fan. Obviously, I was fine while rolling, but when at stoplights, the car started to run hot. Watch your temps, you could be running hot.
  18. cool_g_83

    Nooby question; Air intake

    Plug your MAS back in, and be sure to recirculate your BOV :thumb:
  19. cool_g_83

    2gb GSX FTW!!

    Lose the front license plate holder :thumb:
  20. cool_g_83

    Any one play geeee-tar?

    I've always wondered....why have two kick drums when you can just get a double kick pedal? PS: I'm a drummer as well :thumb:
  21. cool_g_83

    Another Turbo Timer Problem [Greddy]

    You should just hook up the e-brake wire and be done with it. It's only tapping one wire and should take all of 10 seconds. The way this connection works is the engine will stay running if the e-brake is UP. If not, the engine shuts down. If it is up and the turbo timer is counting down, any...
  22. cool_g_83

    Any one play geeee-tar?

    My brother plays guitar. He just recently got a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier head and 4 speaker cabinet. He plays a Gibson Les Paul Gothic (has zack wylde EMG pickups waiting to be installed) with a couple of pedals. Pretty expensive rig, but sounds damn good. :rocks:
  23. cool_g_83

    Network Admins, Computer Guys I need help getting into a good IT job!! advice?

    I don't know whether you like it or not, but I'd get into software development. A BS at least in computer science and you'll be good to start ~$50k.
  24. cool_g_83

    Temp gauge abnormally went past midpoint..a bad sign?

    Did it overheat while on the freeway? If not, then your radiator might not be seeing enough air, which would explain the overheat AFTER the highway drive (assuming this occured in stop and go traffic). Do you have both radiator fans in? Are they working/coming on?
  25. cool_g_83

    Head in Colorado?

    Are you looking for a stock head or a built head? I remember seeing a stock one on a parts car at the junk yard a couple weeks back (condition unknown) in north east Denver.PS: The subject of this thread had me going a different route on the answer initially ... "If you want to, call...
  26. cool_g_83

    apexi turbo timer install

    :thumb: I know because I just installed mine today also.
  27. cool_g_83

    apexi turbo timer install

    Ground on pin 26.2g
  28. cool_g_83

    DQ DSM 15th or 17th June

    Anyone? Anyone?Bueller??
  29. cool_g_83

    megan Downpipe

    If the cat-back bolted up to your stock downpipe, then yes (assuming it is a new megan racing downpipe) it will bolt up.
  30. cool_g_83

    Anyone with hotel hookups in Vegas

    It works...but then again, being nice also helps :cool:Count the bucket!
  31. cool_g_83

    DSM Meet - Pueblo race track - July 21st (Saturday)

    Depends on whats going on that weekend, but I'll try to make it down to spectate and perhaps win whatever you raffle ROFL . Plus i'd like to see your car!
  32. cool_g_83

    DSM Meet Friday at 128th and Zuni

    Where the f is that? :confused:
  33. cool_g_83

    Anyone with hotel hookups in Vegas

    I'd recommend you read around this .I also think when you do find a place to stay, that you try the $20 trick discussed here.I did the $20 trick at Treasure Island and we got thrown on the top floor (card access only) in a pretty sweet room with a view of the strip. :thumb: Goodluck...
  34. cool_g_83

    I Finally Got A Gsx!!!

    What turbo does it have? What are you using to tune with?
  35. cool_g_83

    I Finally Got A Gsx!!!

    Fix the hood back to stock and you've got a nice car :thumb:
  36. cool_g_83

    DQ DSM 15th or 17th June

    Isn't that obvious...:confused: :tease:
  37. cool_g_83

    Graduation is so boring

    You sir are a nerd to the max!
  38. cool_g_83

    DQ DSM 15th or 17th June

    I'll stop by if someone buys me a chocolate malt :D
  39. cool_g_83

    My first Log.. Evo3 16g

    So basically you can't get a good tune w/ just S-AFC and logger? I find that kind of hard to believe. I thought everyone praised having a logger so you can 'see what you're doing' :confused:
  40. cool_g_83

    My first Log.. Evo3 16g

    Don't you want your o2 between 0.92-0.94? :confused: Above = rich Below = lean
  41. cool_g_83

    i want a gauge pod for the center vent for 3 gauges

    Check out: StraightLineSpecialtiesI ordered from them on a Monday and received on a Wednesday. Pretty good for Free Shipping :thumb:
  42. cool_g_83

    What Exhaust with Megan DP?

    I've got the Megan DP hooked up to the Thermal Cat-back. Sounds/works great :thumb:
  43. cool_g_83

    Broken Shifter

    Found one today at a local "you pull you save" aka junkyard. Man did I luck out, the lady told me they had 3 2g dsms (1 eclipse, 2 talons). So I paid my dollar to enter the yard. Found the first DSM ... automatic :cry: . Found the second DSM .... automatic :cry: . Thank god the last one was...
  44. cool_g_83

    Broken Shifter

    Is this part the same across all manual transmission 2G's? I mean between non-turbo/turbo? :confused:
  45. cool_g_83

    Broken Shifter

    So yesterday I was on my way back to work from home and my shifter just broke when I went to put it in reverse. :beatentodeath: I did some searching and found a pic of what happened to me (not mine tho) Any idea where I can find this bracket/pivot pin locally in Denver/Online w/ fast...
  46. cool_g_83

    CA Speedway Open Track Day $100/day June 2-3 2007

    :confused: Hmmmm says "Registration Deadline May 28, 2007" on the link you provided.
  47. cool_g_83

    Headed down to Houston Tx,

    I could be down to meet up, but it would depend on the date :rocks:
  48. cool_g_83

    Mid America Motorplex NASA event - June30-July1

    Maybe I missed it, but where is this being held at? :confused:
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