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  1. PokinatchaPunk

    Getting back into it

    @CrackedDSMVery much appreciate the willingness to assist. The current plan is to sift through everything and create my shopping list. Might as well knock out some other stuff (still running an old school "questionable" Slowboy GT11). I'll definitely reach out when it gets closer to being...
  2. The slightly functioning 98 GSX

    The slightly functioning 98 GSX

  3. PokinatchaPunk

    The slightly functioning 98 GSX

    This is the Build Thread for The slightly functioning 98 GSX. Reply below.
  4. PokinatchaPunk

    Getting back into it

    After roughly 8+ years of moving my brick of a car across the country, I finally have time to get it back up and running. How much of a brick is it? It's a 98 GSX with maybe 62k on the body and hasn't ran in 8 years after a wonderful error made by a mechanic resulted in valves being embedded...
  5. PokinatchaPunk

    Molded Vinyl/Rubber Flooring Options?

    So I'm in the process of revamping my 2g and have all of the internals pulled out. That said, I'd like to replace the old dirty carpet but dont want carpet. I live near the beach and hate the never ending battle against sand in the carpet. If I have a rubber or vinyl floor, it'd be a lot...
  6. PokinatchaPunk

    Lights on, Horn on...Electrical system issues

    Thankfully i have a spare harness but I'm trying to figure out if the problem is in the interior or under the hood. If one of the fuses blew I would at least have a better idea but I'm feeling a little lost.
  7. PokinatchaPunk

    Who's working on what in the Sac area?

    I've been feebly attempting fix an electrical issue (lights on=horn on). I suck at electrical work. Anyone wanna make money helping me out with this dumb thing? I'm like a chimp when it comes to electrical work.
  8. PokinatchaPunk

    Lights on, Horn on...Electrical system issues

    So first off... admittedly electrical work is my weak area of knowledge. So bear with me. I was in the process of tapping on of the fuses on the interior kick fuse box and accidentally grounded a wire which then created a nice little spark. Sadly the result has created some issues...
  9. PokinatchaPunk

    Any 98 GSX owners ?

    I have a 98 GSX out here in Fairfield... Finishing up the build soon and plan on hitting the road. Thankfully the car is registered in a no-smog zone in IL. Otherwise that 3in turboback would probably be an issue haha.:rocks:
  10. PokinatchaPunk

    New Member From Bismarck ND

    Are there any AWD dynos in Bismarck?
  11. PokinatchaPunk

    1G Intake Manifold for a 2g?

    When is a good time to replace the intake manifold. I'm completly stock right now but dont want to miss out on a good deal on a ported 1g mani for my 98gsx. By the time it gets here I'll have my FIPK, intake pipe, and exhaust. thoughts anyone?
  12. PokinatchaPunk

    Matt or Flat Black with Clear Coat?

    Ok so no that I've finished a brutal performance upgrade (everything under the hood) I'd like to take a break from performance and work on the looks of my 2g. This is what I'm thinking (Inspired by a mix of the new Rob and Big Truck and the Rolls Royce Phantom Conquistador)Can anyone give me...
  13. PokinatchaPunk

    60mm Gauge Pod?

    I've gotta question for those of you that have 60mm gauges. I have my GReddy 60mm EGT and Boost gauges but nowhere to put'em. I've looked everywhere for the full dual 60mm gauge pillar pods. So now I'm faced with 2 options...A) get a third gauge....which would be...I dont know B) Get the...
  14. PokinatchaPunk

    Another BS removal and porting oil relief thread

    Unless you are running a 2.3 or 2.4 I've seen little need to port the oil pump any. The install is a breeze..especially if you have the engine out of the car.
  15. PokinatchaPunk

    Eurotrip 2008, with PICS

    Sweet Dan,I'm hoping to be over there after my first assignment stateside for OSI. When you get back in town hit me up. I've got some vodka and salad dressing for you haha-Miah
  16. PokinatchaPunk

    Elite XC on CBS Good or Bad?

    Washed up fighters? Oh like BJ Penn, GSP, Rampage, Nog, Anderson Silva, Wanderlei (didnt look to washed up when he just beat down jardin), Florian, Kongo, Huerta, Henderson, Werdumhmmm Name one top ten ranked elite XC fighter.I like a good fight no matter what organization but Elite...
  17. PokinatchaPunk

    Elite XC on CBS Good or Bad?

    Definitely agree... Like it or not but the UFC needs for Elite XC to do well tonight. It'll give them a definite upperhand in negotiating for a network TV spot (most likely with FOX). So far the show has been good. The commentary is probably the main downfall but I think they did a good job...
  18. PokinatchaPunk

    Elite XC on CBS Good or Bad?

    So I'm watching Elite XC and watching closely as they either give MMA a good name or bad name... So far in the first 10mins they're making it sound deadly and extreme. Giving more fuel to the fire to those people who relate it to "human #### fighting". Any thoughts?Goods.... So far Big...
  19. PokinatchaPunk

    Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    I just dont get the whole tribe thing... What tribe are you supposed to be from? The Surbanianwhitey Tribe?Different Strokes for different folks I guess
  20. PokinatchaPunk

    Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    Obviously my chicago skyline tat mixed with a guardian angel.... Not just the standard "reppin'" my city. Spent the last 8yrs traveling all over the world and whenever I visit a city it seems to have a certian charisma or personality. LA people think Big Tits, Plastic Surgery, Fakes, Celebs...
  21. PokinatchaPunk

    Fast & Furious 4 Casting Call

    ere's what we know about the upcoming "The Fast and the Furious 4″ so far: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Jordana Brewster are back. And according to the guys over at Latino Review, who have read the script, also back is Michelle Rodriguez as Letty and Han (played by Sung Kang) from "Tokyo...
  22. PokinatchaPunk

    Whyoming meet

    anyone else see the problem with this thread?
  23. PokinatchaPunk

    New Mitsubishi Awd Turbo Diesel Concept (new pics)

    hmmm only 201hp...well it is diesel so you can beat the shit out of it. Sounds savage but I completely doubt it'll come out with the doors as shown
  24. PokinatchaPunk

    Some of your other hobbies

    Not army....:thumb:
  25. PokinatchaPunk

    Some of your other hobbies

    "no" :cool:
  26. PokinatchaPunk

    Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    it would probably be a one session tat...there's little to no shading so it'd probably take about 4hrs. More of PITA for the artist to sketch up than anything
  27. PokinatchaPunk

    Tattoos [Merged 1-8]

    most tattoo artists wont tat on someone's hands...kinda an unwritten rule that only the artists have them on their hands. but if you know someone that'll do it...depending on where on your wont wear off. I'm assuming you are thinking your palm. I've seen a tat there...dude had it...
  28. PokinatchaPunk

    Some of your other hobbies

    MMA...Snowboard...Work....Drink, Skydive, Gamble, Strippers (and yes strippers are a hobby), Travel, and Sleep...
  29. PokinatchaPunk

    Swap motor, Starter doesnt bolt on, Help please!

    Sometimes you have to wiggle that plate around a bit to get it just right...that and if its bent at all you need to make sure its completely flattened out.
  30. PokinatchaPunk

    Motor Swap, Starter fitment issue, Please Help!

    Its probably gonna be a problem with the starter plate...are you using the starter plate from your car or from the engine donor. Also check if it got bent alittle. That happened to me and I had to flatten it out to make sure everything lined up.
  31. PokinatchaPunk

    What to Get Next..

    DSMLink (I wish it was the first thing I bought) Fuel Pump Injectors
  32. PokinatchaPunk

    The worst thing I've ever done. I might go to jail.

    Until I saw this shit I was almost feeling sorry for this guy...We've all done stupid shit that we regret. Shit...I've enough stupid drunk stuff in my past to fill a book but this guy is a complete asshole. Not for what he did when he was drunk but for the asshole that he obviously has been...
  33. PokinatchaPunk

    Who trains in MMA?

    I wouldn't be worried about the kicks to the head but more about the fact that he was in HS for over a decade. jk
  34. PokinatchaPunk

    JM Fab "Race" vs "Drag" SMIM

    1G Head, 1G Intake Manifold
  35. PokinatchaPunk

    JM Fab "Race" vs "Drag" SMIM

    I will probably end up going for the Race one but I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts were of the drag version Driveability, HP results, Where they see power gained/lost
  36. PokinatchaPunk

    JM Fab "Race" vs "Drag" SMIM

    That's not bad... You running a 2.3/2.4? Your mod profile is alittle out of date. What kinda numbers are you putting down?
  37. PokinatchaPunk

    JM Fab "Race" vs "Drag" SMIM

    I am just trying to see if anyone is running the JM FAB Drag SMIM and what they think about it... I'm running a GT30 sized turbo but I'm gonna be focusing on Auto-x. Just wanna see what people think about the low end gains on the "Drag" compared to "Race". I would assume that the race would be...
  38. PokinatchaPunk

    The ersatz-Official 'What I Got for Christmas' Thread

    I got snowboard gear and some chuck Ts... I'm gettin myself a SMIM and an Appointment with FFTEC
  39. PokinatchaPunk

    USAF Combat Controller

    Ah yes...CCT This has got to be the #2 job in the Air Force. I've worked with these guys dozens of times and I've got nothing but respect for them.<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode"...
  40. PokinatchaPunk

    Flat Black [Merged 2-9] paint painted finish now that you two are done..... Any hopes for some pics of that guys car when it was clean?
  41. PokinatchaPunk

    Flat Black [Merged 2-9] paint painted finish

    Ok so no that I've finished a brutal performance upgrade (everything under the hood) I'd like to take a break from performance and work on the looks of my 2g. This is what I'm thinking (Inspired by a mix of the new Rob and Big Truck and the Rolls Royce Phantom Conquistador)Can anyone give me...
  42. PokinatchaPunk

    Weird DSM setups

    the guy has the skill and $ to have a 2 engine setup, you would think he could just fab a roll cage up real quick
  43. PokinatchaPunk

    Hit a bump...poor idle.

    OK this is for a friend but here's the jist....Dude was driving down the highway when he hit a bump. From then on it sounded as if his turbo was going out. When he had his car running at a stop his idle would surge then drop to like 200 range before dying. He checked the IC pipes and...
  44. PokinatchaPunk

    Autocross car

    Ariel Atom FTW!!!
  45. PokinatchaPunk

    Drag Race car- FWD or AWD?

    Save the money you would spend on the extra car and just put it into the AWD...
  46. PokinatchaPunk

    Rampage vs Iceman

    That is if chuck makes it past Wanderlai Silva....not an easy task at all.
  47. PokinatchaPunk

    My Build - Hows this look?

    First off...most people are gonna tell you that if you are going to even remove your 7 bolt in the first place then just put in a 6bolt but that's your decision..... I'd just suggest that if you are gonna go all out with this thing you might as well find a 4G64 or a 6 bolt. They aren't that...
  48. PokinatchaPunk

    4G64 Build

    :notgood: Unorthodox Racing tuner series crank pulley:thumb: FluidAmpr Crank Pulley...It'll help alot
  49. PokinatchaPunk

    For those who liked or heard of Mest...

    Hot off the presses......Former Mest singer Anthony Lovato was slated to be released from a Los Angeles jail on Tuesday (March 27), less than 72 hours after his arrest on suspicion of murder in the stabbing death of a man early Sunday morning.Los Angeles Police Department Detective...
  50. PokinatchaPunk

    For those who liked or heard of Mest...

    I got news of this yesterday...<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"...
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