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  1. Mello

    2G Help needed Running lean/only getting 5lbs boost

    I don't think ignition timing is adjustable on 2G's.
  2. Mello

    2G HELP NEEDED BELTS (solved)

    Before you install the belts check the different pulleys to see if any bearings aren't locked up & make sure they spin easily.
  3. Mello

    1990 1ga pop up headlight bezel

    Here's the Mitsubishi part number. You may have to go used, part-out, or junkyard. You can contact Miller Imports.
  4. Mello

    2G My 95' Talon AWD clutch is heavy

    This picture clearly shows the position of the clutch fork is incorrect & not past center towards the driver's side.This is normal when using a resurfaced flywheel & not shimming the pivot ball to compensated for the changes in the geometry caused by the the flywheel friction surface no...
  5. Mello

    2G Third brake light on the tail not working

    What car is this on? Some models have LED & some use incandescent bulb for the high mount brake light.
  6. Mello

    2G Weird oil consumption

    FSM shows nominal as 192 psi and service limit minimum as 145 psi. Compression tests will be lower at higher altitudes too. When correcting for RR you'r probably around 185 psi.Altitude Correction Factor Table for Compression Testing Expected compression tests are always specified at sea...
  7. Mello

    what weight oil should I use for ticking?

    This thread is old & most of the posters are probably not active anymore. Here's a YouTube video for you.
  8. Mello

    2G Oil leak in my 4G63

    The threads look like they are different sizes in your picture. Measure & compare the OD between the new & old PVC. Your new PVC threads look smaller.
  9. Mello

    2G 2G Stock Waste Gate Spring?

    Typical boost is around 12 psi but the ECU algorithm doesn't exactly work off of boost pressure. Are you still & planning to use the stock MAF setup? The ECU monitors the volume of air, throttle position, etc. & inject the programmed amount of fuel to achieve the targeted performance. It will...
  10. Mello

    2G Does timing belt tension change with oil pressure?

    No relationship between TB tension & oil pressure (or coolant). The tension can be slightly different at different times due to rotation & the position of the cams when the motor is turned off. This is assuming the TB tension is set correctly & your hydraulic tensioner is in good working order.
  11. Mello

    2G 2G Stock Waste Gate Spring?

    If you're planning on staying close to stock why not plumb the wastegate lines through the OEM boost control solenoid & let the stock ECU control boost. The factory setup shouldn't care who's wastegate you're using, internal or external.
  12. Mello

    2G 2G Stock Waste Gate Spring?

    People claim different rates. This is what the FSM shows & may help.
  13. Mello

    Please sign the RPM Act petition - again!

    This is just a small piece to the overall objective. UN Agenda 21 & Agenda 31. The elite globalist goal is to depopulate the Earth & extinguish 6 billion people with only servants (& robots) left to tend the ruling class. Servants will only be allowed in designated population center, The...
  14. Mello


    eBay is listing this one for $79.95 free standard shipping...
  15. Mello

    2G Help identifying this electrical component

    It's called the generator relay in the Mitsu manual. From the Mitsu manual: "The generator relay functions as a backup for the flow of electricity to the rotor coil (field coil) if there is a disconnection or damaged wiring of the charging warning light." It actually is a resistor and diode in...
  16. Mello

    Heavy Metal Toxicity

    They're in my multi vitamins too.
  17. Mello

    2G Suspension help

    The single best handling mod you can do is get good tires. After a good set of coilovers & not changing the ride hieght. Lowering hurts the suspension geometry & handling. Last suggestion is to up grade the rear anti-roll bar reducing understeer. Keep the OEM front bar. Make sure all your...
  18. Mello

    ECUflash need eprom ecu or direction to get mine fixed

    See the 2nd post in this thread @DSMPT mentions in the beginning of his second sentence where most send their ECU's for repair and or socketing.
  19. Mello

    2G Exhaust manifold coating

    I bought a Turbonetics T3 Cast Manifold many years ago & had it ceramic coated silver to help with underhood temps. The finish dulled some from the heat but no flaking or chips yet. I've buffed it up (rubbed with my fingers) to restore the shine but it dulls back up after driving. Other than...
  20. Mello

    AEM Map Sensors above 5 bar

    MAP is "Manifold Absolute Pressure". 1 Bar is 1 atmosphere. Less than 1 Bar is vacuum. AEM series 1 can be configured to use any 5v pressure sensor.The 5 Bar MAP is 1 Bar vacuum & 4 Bar of boost.
  21. Mello

    Evo 3 Intake manifold

    That port is for a banjo bolt so it is not NPT or tapered thread. I could not find where the size is referenced in other forum threads but if I remember correctly I think this is the same size as the turbo coolant banjo bolts. Also this is not an EGR, it's for the Mitsubishi factory antilag...
  22. Mello

    Jafromobile ( DSMYoutuber)

    @Jafro is a DSMTuners member since July 2003. He participates occasionally. Here's his profile page
  23. Mello

    1G Questions about oil change

    I would use the brand you are most comfortable with that meets Mitsubishi's requirements. If you are going to flush your oil system get the really cheap detergent dino oil, run it to operating temp, drain & fill, and keep do this until the drained oil is no longer discolored from any...
  24. Mello

    1G Feal vs KSport coilovers

    Because it looks like you're still in the shopping around phase & haven't made a purchase, you may want to reach out & contact these guys & see what they may be able to offer. Sound like they would be tailoring the assemble to each specific needs. They are fairly new & looks like they are open...
  25. Mello

    Spyder repair/replace list for 20+ yr dsm

    Garage buddies are nice. Mine has 4 legs & a furry tail.
  26. Mello

    Spyder repair/replace list for 20+ yr dsm

    Best advice I have is take your time (patience), take things one at a time, do it right, & no short cuts or skimping allowed.
  27. Mello

    Spyder repair/replace list for 20+ yr dsm

    I'm kind of in the middle of this same project. My throw out bearing failed last March (almost a year now) & it was a oily, greasy mess while dropping the tranny. Everything rubber or plastic was all deteriorated so I decided to "bite the bullet" and am now finishing up taking everything I...
  28. Mello

    Resolved Valve Cover & RTV install question

    @pauleyman looked at the intake & exhaust section & agree this is from the EVO 4G63-Turbo Workshop Engine Overhaul Manual. I saw the "ear" around the Timing Belt in the diagrams which made me wonder in the first place. I going with the DSM FSM guidelines. Thanks all.
  29. Mello

    Resolved Valve Cover & RTV install question

    I'm installing my valve cover after replacing the valve stem seals. I found this in the 4G63-Turbo Workshop Engine Overhaul Manual & it is different than the FSM. Is the FSM guidelines for the RTV (Ultra Grey for me) better than what this is showing? Which way should I go? Thanks community.
  30. Mello

    DSM Supporting Bussiness 2021

    I don't see TMZ Performance in the list.
  31. Mello

    2ga to 2gb conversation

    If you want fog lights than you need to add this stuff to your list.
  32. Mello

    Cars won't make you happy (cool video)

    Sharing with friends is different than sharing with the world of strangers. DSMTuners is a community of friends although we do have a few strange friends around.
  33. Mello

    General Low octane ping.

    The government is more & more forcing manufacturers on fuel & emissions and less & less cars have to use premium consequently. The premium may be older & gotten stale if the station has low amount of customers using it. The octane level goes down as gasoline ages.
  34. Mello

    General Low octane ping.

    I own two cars, A '95 GST & a '97 GSX. These are my basic, economical transportation.
  35. Mello

    General Low octane ping.

    The inside of my car's fuel door has a sticker that say "premium fuel only". I trust the engineers at Mitsubishi took the time to put the sticker where I couldn't miss it for a reason & I haven't tried low octane.
  36. Mello

    Cars won't make you happy (cool video)

    I liked his video. I must be really dated. I'm still trying to understand why so many feel the need to give their cars' names.:ohdamn:
  37. Mello

    2G How to tell if motor mount is aftermarket?

    You already asked this before & the answer is still the same. You will never get an OE motor mount & all of the Mitsubishi style motor mounts will be OEM unless you go with a performance motor mount. What is your definition of aftermarket, OE, & OEM? The RockAuto motor mount are OEM meaning...
  38. Mello

    Flywheel decision time used OEM vs Used Fidanza advice

    i don't like light weight flywheels on the street & DD. Stop & go is a pain & you have to rev higher & the clutch disengagement is noticeably more touchy to keep from stalling & have to be slipped more. I went back to a heavier flywheel. Light weight flywheels are fun for reving & dumping the...
  39. Mello

    Resolved O2 Sensor Wires

    Shielding wires only needs one end grounded. If it's grounded at the ECU you should be good. The shielding only covers the length of the shielding wire is wrapped. The electrical cross talk interference is going to happen from other wiring bundled inside the harness. There is less chance of...
  40. Mello

    1G Aftermarket clutch and flywheel

    Try this link
  41. Mello

    1G Aftermarket clutch and flywheel

    I use Southbend clutches & like them the best. I purchase Southbend from TMZ Performance. The owner is a member of this forum too @twicks69. He is really good with helping choose which Southbend clutch to purchase for your setup if you are able to provide good info & what your plans for the...
  42. Mello

    2G Exhaust housing...bummed.

    Stainless steel is a poor material for any fastener which needs high clamping forces. It is soft & galls when threaded to steel (ferrous metals). They do work fairly well with dissimilar material like aluminum.
  43. Mello

    Are these welds factory? (4G63 head)

    I have a spare '98 head and it does not have this same welding. My guess is Mitsubishi had a casting problem an at least one of their production runs & the weld is a factory rework fix to avoid scrapping these heads. Funny we're all '97's with this welding. My car's production date is March 1997.
  44. Mello

    Are these welds factory? (4G63 head)

    I'm changing out my valve stem seals on my '97 & it has the exact same welding. My '97 is completely stock & the engine is still all original.
  45. Mello

    2G Overheating on idle (Stops when rev)

    So it got hot when you got home. Was it low on coolant again also? If it was low get a coolant system pressure tester & check to see if you can find a leak that only happens hot & under pressure. Easier than jumping right into pull your head.
  46. Mello

    2G Clutch not engaging when pedal is fully out.

    My video link post is for helping @Tragic_dsm .
  47. Mello

    2G Clutch not engaging when pedal is fully out.

    This video should help. Proper Clutch Adjustment - Jack's Transmissions
  48. Mello

    tires and ratings, treadwear etc.

    I've been pleased with BFG & Firestone tires. Michelin owns BFG & Dunlop owns Firestone. Tires are fairly equivalent with slightly better pricing.
  49. Mello

    tires and ratings, treadwear etc.

    Typically, comparing the Treadwear Grades of tire lines within a single brand is somewhat helpful, while attempting to compare the grades between different brands is not as helpful.The problem with UTQG Treadwear Grades is that they are open to some interpretation on the part of the tire...
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