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Search results

  1. frosh29

    For Sale 4 bolt rear 1g manual trans

    I have a 1g manual trans from my 1991. Worked fine when pulled. $350 OBOAlso have a 4 bolt rear drone same car. Worked great, has LSD. Have axles also. $350Prices are a little negotiable. Let me know if you need more info or pics. Located at 07057 zip for shipping rate estimation.Thanks...
  2. frosh29

    For Sale 1g ECMLink full

    Hi Everyone,I have a 1g ECMLink v3 Full that I’m selling.Price is $450 plus shipping and PP fees.The usb cable is a little beat up but is tested working.PM me if interested.Thanks, Scott
  3. frosh29

    1G Kiggly girdle

    What if they stole your DSM socks?
  4. frosh29

    2G Cables back in stock at ECMlink

    This is excellent!I will be ordering one tomorrow!Thanks for the update!
  5. frosh29

    Hello all

    Yes definitely search first if you have any questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, ask away.Lots of good people here!Best of luck with the build!
  6. frosh29

    Rebuild Issues...Advice??

    If In doubt along the way, ask here.There are a ton of helpful people on dsmtuners. Lots that have done engine assembly as well.Good luck! Nothing better than starting a car for the first time knowing you did most of it yourself!
  7. frosh29


    Wowser that’s expensive!Bring 5k cash. See what happens.
  8. frosh29

    How much is a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST worth?

    Originally the guy who had my 2g 1995 GSX for sale listed it at 3k. Time went on and he couldn’t sell it. I got it for 1k with a spare head, 6 bolt block, etc.I needed to change oil, run brake lines to the rear (both lines), change alternator, master cylinder (brake and clutch), change an...
  9. frosh29

    Morrison Fabrications Welding Thread

    May I ask what model(s) welder you are using?Thanks, Scott
  10. frosh29

    2G Fuel pressure hose

    I will second the copper line option. I did a brake line this way and that tubing is excellent to work with. I have heard that those lines will get corroded, depending on the material that the end fittings are made of though. It's also pretty pricey.
  11. frosh29

    EVOscan Black box ECU back to ecm link

    Can you explain what this means exactly? What is the factory reflash connector? That's for the black box ecu's to flash them?Thanks, Scott
  12. frosh29

    Check engine light blink

    I agree with the battery comments. A dead battery will do that. I don't think a cat-less car will make the CEL blink though.If it is a bad alternator, usually the CEL and Brake light will be on in the dash.Worst case scenario would be a bad ECU. On my 1991, when the capacitors were bad...
  13. frosh29

    2G Who loves wiring? Not me!

    If they are speaker wires, you can test that theory by touching the ends of the wires to a 9volt battery and see if the speaker "pops".Also, you can bust out the volt meter to check when (if) they have power (key on, car started, etc).
  14. frosh29

    02 sensor help

    Haha I thought that may be the ground... wasn’t sure though.
  15. frosh29

    A little step back 4G93T Crankshaft

    I had a 1.8 liter laser, no turbo. Didn’t know they made 1.8 turbos...Good luck finding the crank!
  16. frosh29

    2G Life span of tuned motors.

    Built my motor ( 1g in sig ). 9:1 compression, broke it in at 20 psi on the 14b.Slapped the Holset on, turned the boost to 30 and put 20k on the motor. No problems.I even pulled the pan to check for issues (I forget why). No wear on crank or rod bearings.Going to put it into my 2g next...
  17. frosh29

    For Sale 1g ECMLink v3 full

    Hi Everyone,I have a 1g ECMLink v3 Full that I’m selling.Price is $450 plus shipping and PP fees.The usb cable is a little beat up but is tested working.PM me if interested.Thanks, Scott
  18. frosh29

    No Reserve: 34k-Mile 1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo On BAT

    I couldn’t agree more. There are still some deals out there, you just have to be willing to cross the country in some cases to get them.
  19. frosh29

    No Reserve: 34k-Mile 1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo On BAT

    Over 6... Anyone who says these cars are not gaining in value is crazy.
  20. frosh29

    2G Gauge backing lights.

    This is nuts, the same Sort of thing is happening to me. My gauge dimmer doesn’t change the brightness anymore. Just started happening.Can you get the dimmer anywhere?
  21. frosh29

    Oil drain size

    I would definitely think oil would be coming out of the drain hole if the drain wasn’t there... and the motor was off.
  22. frosh29

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    It’s funny. I’ve tuned with ecmlink with my 1g and loved it.Now that I own a 2g and need to switch platforms, there is no such thing as 2g ecmlink chips... this pandemic is really annoying.My understanding is that finding 2g ecmlink is like seeing a unicorn... riding another unicorn.I wish...
  23. frosh29

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    Today ( last night ) I put my shirt shifter on... really changes the feel of shifting, in a good way.Continued my search for the elusive ECMLink v3 usb cable. The search is not going well...
  24. frosh29

    2G Brake lights won’t turn off

    If you replace the switch it will fix it...
  25. frosh29

    1G TB blocking vacuum ports

    I think that’s the way everyone does it when it needs to be done quickly and easily.It took me years to go find vacuum caps. Turns out autozone had them this whole time!!
  26. frosh29

    2G 2G Walk Through How To Remove Emissions

    I figure this is the best place to ask this.I did the 2g (1995) vacuum delete. I saw not to T into the BOV. I wanted to ask why not do that. My car was T'ed into the BOV when I got it to add the MBC. There is no nipple on my turbo or J pipe, so I could not hook up the MBC that way, I needed...
  27. frosh29

    Felpro HG 1153-1

    What are you using for head studs?I was running 20 psi on a new build and the head was lifting because the head was not torqued enough.Changed the HG re-torqued the head and didn’t have any problems after. Turned the boost to 30, still no problems.Using a cosmetic HG by the way with ARP...
  28. frosh29

    Manny The Mistake: A Lesson In The Dangers Of Nostalgia

    Keep going! You’re a great writer and obviously very intelligent individual!It’s been entertaining reading this build thread the whole way through. You’ve given me motivation and ideas concerning what I want to do with my build, so thank you for that!Wishing you the best of luck (going...
  29. frosh29

    WTB Tune help

    It’s possible to tune remotely with ECMLink.There are definitely people here who can help with that.Have you gotten rid of any boost leaks? That’s the first step to tuning without strange results.
  30. frosh29

    2G Build motor advice e-85

    Watched that video today, it’s full of good info.Running that high compression e85 is a must.I’m using 9:1 compression for my build and it’s true that the higher the compression the less margin for error there is while tuning.As far as what parts, I’m no help. Only got to ~500 hp on my...
  31. frosh29

    No Reserve: 34k-Mile 1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo On BAT

    Already up to $2700 with 4 days left..I’m not sure why it would have broken studs, it looks stock, heat shields are there. Maybe 1 broken stud.If someone from tuners buys the car make sure you let us know how many broken studs!!!
  32. frosh29

    ECMlink Need Help With Base Tune/Timing Tabl

    Def work on the TPS. My other car (Dodge Stratus) which is a mitubishi in disguise, had a TPS adjustment issue and the RPMs were completely out of whack.That caused all kinds of problems. Shifting was completely off, car wanted to stall, etc.Calibrated the TPS and like magic it was running...
  33. frosh29


    The sink is definitely key. Also a fridge, and it being heated is super nice.Something to work toward for me!!
  34. frosh29


    I have no garage! Working on buying a house!I’m super jealous of you guys with 3 car garages!
  35. frosh29

    No Reserve: 34k-Mile 1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo On BAT

    Haha, the last two posts are a good example of differing taste for these cars, still!
  36. frosh29

    Money Pit

    Like the build name!
  37. frosh29

    1G Cut out/backfire under load at 4000rpm

    What’s the result of the BLT (latest one).Also have you ever hit fuel cut? I ask because you are saying when it starts to build boost it does something. What, exactly, it it doing?
  38. frosh29

    What did you do to your DSM today?

    That’s AWESOME! It’s a great feeling to see an engine come to life!Today I changed out the lower inter cooler pipe on my 2g for solid piping. I cannot believe the difference! Faster spool, smoother and more consistent power through the RPM’s, and I was able to keep the stock intake...for now...
  39. frosh29

    No Reserve: 34k-Mile 1992 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo On BAT

    It seems that auto anything in DSM’s are super popular now.It wasn’t like that always, that’s for sure.
  40. frosh29


    You’ve got to be kidding. They are out of what I need from them it seems, so sending money for no reason is beyond stupid.This is why I am trying to get in touch with them first.I’ll stop there. No need to rant about this comment in this thread. Try to think a little before posting something...
  41. frosh29

    ECMlink Need Help With Base Tune/Timing Tabl

    I spend a lot of time there searching when I have issues. There is a ton of good info there and also good people (like here) who can sort out trouble quickly.That’s why I asked if he was on those forums, not to take away from anyone here trying to help.
  42. frosh29

    ECMlink Need Help With Base Tune/Timing Tabl

    I haven't tuned with Speed Density, so I can't really help there.Do you post on the ECMLink forums also? They are usually pretty good there about identifying problems with a tune.-Scott
  43. frosh29

    ECMlink Need Help With Base Tune/Timing Tabl

    There is such a thing as rich knock... keep that in mind.
  44. frosh29

    Home made Smoker

    Lol Scotty Kilmer used a cigar for that purpose in a YouTube video, but I don’t think that’s the way to go.As far as bbq smokers, I’ve seen some genius stuff done with 55 gallon drums cut in half etc.Who has time to bbq though when the DSM needs more work!
  45. frosh29

    Stock Block Record

    So that 700 on a stock block... Does that mean oem internals only?
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