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  1. 19Eclipse90

    DSM Maintenance Guide

    @FredRider Thank you for the heads-up. I attached a PDF copy of the document to the original post so we shouldn't have to worry about a dead link for at least that item in the future.
  2. 19Eclipse90

    Lug hole plugs

    Model # 76663That's what the picture is referencing.
  3. 19Eclipse90

    1G 1g A/C Thermo switch Connector/pigtail

    All it takes is a combo wire stripper / crimp tool. These can be had for less than $10 at your local hardware or auto parts store.
  4. 19Eclipse90

    1990 1ga pop up headlight bezel

    The 1990 Engine COMPARTMENT Wiring Harness Check A-28 and A-46 at that link.
  5. 19Eclipse90

    1G F5M22 30 or 36 tooth 3/4 synchros any way to tell?

    Mitsubishi ASA (parts lookup)
  6. 19Eclipse90

    For Sale 2G VOLK Metal Craft LCAs and FWD Tubular Rear Toe Arms

    Up for sale are a set of lightly used 2G front lower control arms (FWD or AWD) and 2G tubular rear toe arms (FWD only). These pieces were all installed on the family 2G and driven only 4,765 miles before removal and replacement. The 2G is going back to stock as it will never be used for racing...
  7. 19Eclipse90

    Where are all the 1990 GSX OEM Alternators?

    It's going to be no different than a 91-94 alternator. I wouldn't worry too much about OEM on this, either. You may go through 2-3 units before finding a "good" one at a parts store but alternators aren't the most difficult things to change in these cars. If you're really concerned, have...
  8. 19Eclipse90

    Oil plug missing

    What goes here?
  9. 19Eclipse90

    2G I need HELP! looking for the connectors for my left headlight low beams! [URGENTLY]

    This was actually a replacement harness offered by Mitsubishi / Chrysler. No idea if it is still available, but try searching MB943613.
  10. 19Eclipse90

    For Sale 2G VOLK Metal Craft LCAs and FWD Tubular Rear Toe Arms

    Up for sale are a set of lightly used 2G front lower control arms (FWD or AWD) and 2G tubular rear toe arms (FWD only). These pieces were all installed on the family 2G and driven only 4765 miles before removal and replacement. The 2G is going back to stock as it will never be used for racing so...
  11. 19Eclipse90

    2G GSX Connections

    That's the EVAP purge solenoid. It was relocated to that position in the '98 and '99 turbo models. See, for reference: vacuum/emission lines - not matching up
  12. 19Eclipse90

    2G Reverse light not working properly

    Stay on topic, folks.
  13. 19Eclipse90

    Spark plug wires

    ^^This.The spark plug firing order has absolutely nothing to do with the mechanical timing of the engine. The story you've provided is nothing more than happenstance. It would be no different than concluding the engine blew up because he modified his car, shaved the heads, or had oversized...
  14. 19Eclipse90

    Spark plug wires

    It simply won't run or won't run well. It's not going to blow anything up.But now that we all know what the proper order is, there's no reason to be getting it wrong.Right?
  15. 19Eclipse90

    Spark plug wires

    Number 1 cylinder is closest to the timing belt. So, from the front of the car, looking into the engine bay, it's 4-3-2-1.
  16. 19Eclipse90

    Spark plug wires

    That's a good place to start, then. I wouldn't worry too much about anything else, save maybe a compression test and other general vehicle health checks before doing a boost leak test. Boost leaks are common and known to affect acceleration.
  17. 19Eclipse90

    Spark plug wires

    Have you ran a boost leak test?
  18. 19Eclipse90

    Spark plug wires

    If the car were a '95 or '96 (then, assuming a '95 or '96 ECU), it'd be different, actually.'97-'99 models were similar enough to be considered "the same", but they were different than the '95-'96 models, specifically in regards to the CAS location which affects the spark plug order. See...
  19. 19Eclipse90

    Spark plug wires

    This isn't confusing at all. If the car is a '98 (assumes the ECU is matching) and the motor is a '98, you'd hook it up like....::drumrollplease::... a '98!
  20. 19Eclipse90

    2G 98 CAS wiring into 95 help

    For the '95-'96 CAS wiring: For the '97-'99 CAS wiring:, to be thorough, the '97-'99 connector: 2g Engine Bay Electrical Connections
  21. 19Eclipse90

    2G Engine Harness noob question.

    The engine control harness is for the engine's sensors, injectors, and into the ECU, etc.. The engine compartment harness has the fans, alternator, headlights, fogs, etc., on it.As you noted, they are separate so it sounds to me he needs to specify which one he's needing.
  22. 19Eclipse90

    What year & month does engine serial # NH0001 correspond to?

    1Gs had a bolt. 2Gs had a stud and nut.
  23. 19Eclipse90

    What year & month does engine serial # NH0001 correspond to?

    Yes, any M6 x 1 x 25 bolt should do the trick. Obviously, the key is to ensure the end of the tie bar is held down so add a washer as needed to ensure this end is captured.Sure is fun, isn't it? :cool:
  24. 19Eclipse90

    What year & month does engine serial # NH0001 correspond to?

    The only special thing I can think of about the OEM gasket pieces is that they are molded to shape to fit the cover they are meant to match.Just ran a quick cost check, looks like the gaskets alone will run about $15 without taxes or shipping, assuming they're still available. :thumb:
  25. 19Eclipse90

    What year & month does engine serial # NH0001 correspond to?

    Forget any notion for a minute about engine serial numbers. There's two variations of rubbery gaskets for the timing belt cover for 1Gs with the 2.0L engine because there are two variations of timing belt covers for 1Gs with the 2.0L engine. All DSM 6-bolt lower timing belt covers are the...
  26. 19Eclipse90

    What year & month does engine serial # NH0001 correspond to?

    You mean my post in What block is this?;)Pretty sure the OP here is simply trying to understand the correlation of the engine serial number to a production time frame. After all, the NH0001 serial code had to happen at some relatively specific time. The fact we've been able to thus far...
  27. 19Eclipse90

    What year & month does engine serial # NH0001 correspond to?

    April 1992 into May 1992 was the changeover, see: 6 bolt or 7 bolt. Just know that there are likely to be some outliers to this timeframe. The nature of manufacturing is you use what's available to put product out. Look at how (in)consistently EPROM ECUs came in these cars, and really for no...
  28. 19Eclipse90

    Highest mileage for a 1G

    Extremely impressive, on any account! Thanks for sharing!
  29. 19Eclipse90

    Highest mileage for a 1G

    @Mr RusskiyMind adding a pic of your odometer here to this thread?For everyone else's reference:
  30. 19Eclipse90

    2G 2g with 1g 4g63 6 bolt swap

    Again, it has to do with what ECU you are using. Since the 1998-1999 black box ECU is normally mated with a CAS on the passenger side of the head, using a 1G CAS instead is not going to affect anything else.If the harness is a '96, you're going to want to choose the '95-'96 option on OHM's...
  31. 19Eclipse90

    2G 2g with 1g 4g63 6 bolt swap

    What year is the harness your friend has? You want to make sure you get the right adapter harness to match with this harness and to match the CAS you have.The OHM adapter harness is doing everything that the Magnus article is telling you to do, as far as connecting the harness to the sensors...
  32. 19Eclipse90

    2G Evo 9 oil filter housing

    The 1990 turbo housing? A forward facing housing (Mighty Max)? A 6-bolt non-turbo housing? Removing the water cooler and cutting down the stud to mount the filter directly to the housing you have, see: 2g oil filter housing/water cooler delete??Any of these would suit your purposes if you...
  33. 19Eclipse90

    1G What are the fuses called? shopping online

    Try searching for Bussmann brand fusible links.
  34. 19Eclipse90

    1G which maf sensor do i need?

    The 1990 Engine Control Wiring Harness: A-36 Air Flow Sensor WiringThe wiring of the mass air flow sensor is consistent, regardless of what model year the car is. Do your wire colors match up with those presented in that link?
  35. 19Eclipse90

    Galant VR-4 Restoration

    A feed line from the head means nothing about the block. I've got a non-turbo block running in one of my dad's cars, feeding the turbo from the OEM location. Suffice it to say it's got all the turbo bits there (throttle body and elbow, water cooled oil cooler attached to the oil filter...
  36. 19Eclipse90

    Questions on my engine and trans.

    I'm betting it's a 6-bolt based on the, what is that, LT5580? on the block. See: What block is this?I'll wait for verification. :pray:
  37. 19Eclipse90

    1G Tach and diagnostic port stopped working

    Check to make sure you have good connections at the junction block in the driver-side kick panel, particularly the 18-pin C-45 Instrument Panel Wiring Harness and Junction Block Combination, 8-pin C-54 Body Wiring Harness and Junction Block Combination, and D-05 and D-06 the connections for the...
  38. 19Eclipse90

    Eco modding ideas?

    Driver mod is a big one for improving fuel economy. See: How To Save GasAlso, a vehicle that is caught up on all maintenance, not just engine and transmission maintenance, but also free of check engine lights or DTCs will be a better candidate for improved fuel economy.
  39. 19Eclipse90

    How’s it going!!!

    Looks like a nice starter! Welcome aboard!
  40. 19Eclipse90

    What block is this?

    I'm expecting the KL4506 is not the original engine for that '93, hence the unknown mileage? Is it a 6-bolt?
  41. 19Eclipse90

    What block is this?

    LOLI used to have a lot of time and did a lot of research into these things. I will say, at this point, this one's still a theory which I put out there for others to check against. Everything I've been able to find seems to line up so, from my experience, it's another 6- or 7-bolt check for...
  42. 19Eclipse90

    What block is this?

    decoding engine block numbersThese screen shots are from the Chrylser PDF for the 1G, which can be referenced at: 1G Plymouth Laser and Eagle Talon Factory Parts Catalog 1990-1994So it's the serial number. And at some point, from all the information I've seen and been able to...
  43. 19Eclipse90

    What block is this?

    4G63T is not an actual engine code, so your block will not have the T engraved on it unless it has been added by someone after the car left the factory.A 4G63 block is, forever and always, a 4G63 block. A turbo block has some extra machine work but is still, at its core, a 4G63.really...
  44. 19Eclipse90

    1G Where do these wires go?

    Autozone's website for me shows a generic picture until you actually click on the part for your selected vehicle. It then shows the proper sensor.Anatomy of a 1g Knock Sensor Best source for replacement knock sensor? need picture of the knock sensor connector
  45. 19Eclipse90

    1G Where do these wires go?

    Yeah... That's the knock sensor. :thumb:
  46. 19Eclipse90

    1G Where do these wires go?

    Sounds like your knock sensor wiring.This is written for a 1990 but, in this case, is the same for your car as well: The 1990 Engine Control Wiring Harness
  47. 19Eclipse90

    1G Best way to line up a 1g throttle body

    Or look for shoulder bolts.
  48. 19Eclipse90

    1G Coolant temp switch for ac needed?

    If you're deleting A/C, you can remove the switch.
  49. 19Eclipse90

    Knock Sensor ooze

    RTM doesn't "make" them. It's simply an OEM sensor for another car that is effectively the same as ours (note, 1G), but with a shorter wire length.
  50. 19Eclipse90

    Sheridan Engineering Engine Harness Plugs

    @bradsThis is another avenue to get his attention.
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