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  1. pyschoslipknot

    2013 KC Dsm Meets

    It was cool meeting you at dsmspickdad at kc import nights. Will you be bringing out the 1g to the next one on April 20th?
  2. pyschoslipknot

    Nitrous life

    Haha that is some good stinkin thinkin
  3. pyschoslipknot

    Nitrous life

    Thank you everybody. It's a 15lb bottle and ill probably just empty it if I find a buyer.
  4. pyschoslipknot

    Nitrous life

    Well I'm selling my wet kit that I bought about 5 years ago and never got to use. I filled the bottle around that time and it's just been sitting in the garage ever since. My question is would that nitrous still be any good? I wouldn't want to sell it to someone and have it destroy there motor...
  5. pyschoslipknot

    Megan Racing EZ Series good for DD?

    Well I've read about people talking about a great coilover setup running like 2k, but I've only seen tein coilovers running that much. I'm not wanting to get into competive racing, just the occasional track day. I'm running bike track days right now, and hopefully within the next couple years, I...
  6. pyschoslipknot

    Megan Racing EZ Series good for DD?

    ???? :confused: dynos for coilover results???I've been actually interested in these coilovers, but for track days...probably not the best idea huh?
  7. pyschoslipknot

    Best Shot of your DSM

    I spy chicken strips :p
  8. pyschoslipknot

    post pictures, where your nitrous bottle is

    Please post a pic of a blow down tube. I haven't used nitrous yet but I want to take every precaution if I decide to go that route. Thank you.
  9. pyschoslipknot

    Show me your clean engine bays

    Dude what color is that? Where did you get it? And is it high temp?Another KC guy? Where abouts are you from?
  10. pyschoslipknot

    Best Shot of your DSM

  11. pyschoslipknot

    BW S364 Dyno Yellow90tsi

    What manifold are you using?
  12. pyschoslipknot

    Best Shot of your DSM

    Lol dude that's the best/worst comparison for me. I am a fat kid and once I start eating in the candy store, I just can't stop ROFLROFLROFLROFLPlus it wasn't because of the topless picture that I wanted to see more. I just think she's pretty damn hot. Not to mention I'm assuming she's...
  13. pyschoslipknot

    Alternative Fuel E85 Ethanol Corn Gas E70 (Beginner) [MERGED]

    HPT= Heartland Park Topeka...duh
  14. pyschoslipknot

    Best Shot of your DSM

    So what was the point of the link?
  15. pyschoslipknot

    Best Shot of your DSM

    For the love of god...PLEASE MORE OF HER!
  16. pyschoslipknot

    Alternative Fuel E85 Ethanol Corn Gas E70 (Beginner) [MERGED]

    HTP=Heartland Park? Are you drag racing or road racing? If you are road racing I wouldn't use Ethanol unless you have a big budget. You will have to bring so much spare gas for a track day, and plus for the money you would spend on a fuel system setup that will provide enough fuel, you could...
  17. pyschoslipknot

    E85 + 50 shot ok????

    I had a buddy that would run is civic hatch with 150 shot on a built N/A motor and when he was running slicks, even spraying off of the line, he never had a problem with traction. I say if you can get traction then yes, run spray through the entire run.
  18. pyschoslipknot

    This is how to brake the 9sec barrier!

    Can we get motor pics? Please!
  19. pyschoslipknot

    DSMLink V3 Tuners in KS

    Modified by KC tuned my car and Jason's (1slowgs, I think that's his tuner's name) 9 second 1st gen. They do pretty good work but they can be a little bit on the pricey side. Plus they have the only AWD dyno in the area that I know of.
  20. pyschoslipknot

    50 trim @ 26psi on 92 pump (PIR)

    What was your 60ft?
  21. pyschoslipknot

    Drag Radials vs High performance tires

    Out of curiousity what RPM's are you launching at?
  22. pyschoslipknot

    What keeps you guys going?

    God that must be nice.
  23. pyschoslipknot

    What keeps you guys going?

    Oh trust me I did, it was when we were all trying to get out of the parking lot and we wasnt paying attention to where he was going. I was sitting in front of him trapped in front and behind. There was no where I could go.
  24. pyschoslipknot

    What keeps you guys going?

    Duct tape and a sledgehammer, just kidding. It's because I ran the car for to while on a bad tune. The guy who helped me mess with the tune on DSMLink (because I had never used link before) was really pissed at me and I didn't know that he was, so he messed it up. I thought it was driving just...
  25. pyschoslipknot

    What keeps you guys going?

    Blah blah blah blah. Wow someone really likes the sound of their own voice.
  26. pyschoslipknot

    What keeps you guys going?

    At 20psi with the computer pulling timing because of a phantom knock being picked up by the knock sensor, my best time was 12.8 @ 109mph. It was my first time racing a non-stock dsm at the track. The knock sensor problem has been fixed, we put washers between the knock sensor and the block and...
  27. pyschoslipknot

    What keeps you guys going?

    How do you guys stay motivated? I recently got finished my build for my car that pretty much had the dsm parked in my garage for 3 years. 3 years of consuming money and causing nothing but frustration. Now that it is up and running, yea it's great and all, I'm enjoying every moment of it, but...
  28. pyschoslipknot

    Nitrous on non-broken in motor?

    So you are saying that I should use the nitrous on the dyno?
  29. pyschoslipknot

    Nitrous on non-broken in motor?

    Hey I need some help with a question that is bugging me. I'm going to get my new motor tuned on Saturday and I'm wanting to know would it be ok to run nitrous during the tune on a motor that has maybe 300 miles on it? Is there a certain amount of break in period before I should start using the...
  30. pyschoslipknot

    kansas meet

    SHUT UP Kyle!! You freakin traitor for leaving Kansas LOL I'm just playin, how's the GSX coming along? That would be bad ass for a meet with all of the surrounding states but that would be a bi*** to try and organize. ProjectGS are you still working at the convention center? I was up there...
  31. pyschoslipknot

    Where can I buy some C16 or 110 unleaded gas?

    You got to love it when you answer your own questions. I found C16 on Jackson Auto Machine's website. I also found out that unleaded gas does not go up to 110.
  32. pyschoslipknot

    Where can I buy some C16 or 110 unleaded gas?

    I'm looking for some C16 or 110 unleaded. Does anyone know of any sites so that I can get some prices? Thanks
  33. pyschoslipknot

    [RESOLVED] 5x100 wheels won't fit will they?

    :D You are my new favorite person!!! :cool::thumb: All the places I was looking at I was looking to pay around $600 for a set of four.
  34. pyschoslipknot

    [RESOLVED] 5x100 wheels won't fit will they?

    I'm trying to find rota slipstreams but from the site I've been looking at only have them in 5x100 bolt pattern. Am I correct in thinking that 5x100's wont fit because 2g's are 5x114.3?
  35. pyschoslipknot

    221MPH Evo

    Me too son, me too.
  36. pyschoslipknot

    thermostat argument

    Alright for some reason my buddy has it in his head that some high hp dsms might run without thermostats and he thinks I should not run one in mine. I say its a bad idea but I decided to get some second opinions on it. So, in order to get some lower temps, do any of you guys run with out your...
  37. pyschoslipknot

    Broke down, parked and robbed.

    Definetly. My car broke down on the side of the road and I had no way of getting it home until morning, so I stayed with her all night in 15 degree weather with nothing but a leather jacket and jeans on. Without thinking about, I had left the hood open while my buddy and I sat in the car...
  38. pyschoslipknot

    Good quality cam lock 4 point harness that wont break my bank

    Wow, the latch and links are pretty cheap! Is there anything bad about Latch and Link harnessess? If there's not then I'll probably get a pair of those.
  39. pyschoslipknot

    Going to the track for the first time

    Go at the last yellow light and not the green. It will help you with your reaction times. Good Luck!!! :thumb:
  40. pyschoslipknot

    Good quality cam lock 4 point harness that wont break my bank

    No this car isnt going to be street driven anymore. Over the winter I'm stripping it, putting in a cage and bucket seats. This is going to be a track only car from now on.
  41. pyschoslipknot

    Tuner in North KC

    ROFL Agreed.Any body shop can do it for you, it doesnt have to be a tuner shop. Just do us a favor and paint the car so that we dont have to cringe when we see a multi color dsm driving by.I just got my head ported and polished and a valve job done a Noland's Cylnder Shop in dowtown KC...
  42. pyschoslipknot

    Good quality cam lock 4 point harness that wont break my bank

    Like the title states I'm looking for a decent cam lock 4 point harness that isn't to expensive. I'm looking for something around $100-$150. I've found several sparco, crow ent., and corbeau harnesses that are a little out of my price range. When I google shop for harnessess, the brand name...
  43. pyschoslipknot

    Ebay exhaust on tsi

    It's sounds nice but it's shit like that is why car parts companies are going under. Greddy declared bankruptcy last wednesday because of people buying the cheap ebay knock-offs like this one. I'm not trying to go off on you man but it's aggrivating that ebay is doing so well and companies that...
  44. pyschoslipknot

    SLiPkNOT "Psychosocial"

    I really dont like his new mask. I'm sorry but it has very little creativity, imagination, and it looks like he spent ten minutes on it. The old masks were so much better. His old ones said: If you mess with me I will #### you up in more ways then can possibly even dream up. The new one says...
  45. pyschoslipknot

    Bigggggest snake EVER!!!!!!!!!

    I call B.S. that thing can't be real.
  46. pyschoslipknot

    death race

    Eh, it looks like fnf but with convicts, but i'm a fan of Jason Statham so I'll probably go see it.
  47. pyschoslipknot

    tps wire question

    Ok Steve your explanation really confused me. Im trying to get my 1g tps to work on my 2g. Is there a way to get the three sensor tps to plug in to the port on my 2g?
  48. pyschoslipknot

    kansas city area machine shop

    I took my head to Nolands Cylinder Shop (816) 471-5167 in downtown KC and had them do a valve job and a port and polish job on it. I havn't used it on my car yet so I cant speak functionality wise but visually I give it an A.
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