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  1. codym

    Cold air intake filter collapsing?

    Spectre filters still need to be cleaned like k&n filters. Anytime dust gets caked on the filter, the engine has to work harder. It's like putting your hand over the house vacuum hose. Either way you should get a different filter if yours imploded. Larger in overall diamater and length.I'd...
  2. codym

    strange m/t symptom - transmission cooler ?

    A manual transmission doesn't use any electrical items like solenoids or sensors to tell the transmission when to shift, and they don't use a valve body like an automatic does.The clutch is used on a manual to match the input shaft speed to the output shaft speed, so if you try to slam from...
  3. codym

    1G Intake manifold vacuum lines and connections

    Part Number from Advance Auto is PCV 495
  4. codym

    94 Eclipse

    Suspension stuff finally came in today!! Got the new springs and struts installed. Gives a nice subtle look without dropping it too much, I like it !
  5. codym

    installed new struts/springs and i still hear banging

    Hey fellas I'm having a similar issue. I just installed KYB AGX struts and Eibach sport lines. While installed the rear strut and springs I noticed after I got everything mounted I was able to move the spring aroung slightly with a little force. Unable to figure it out, I assumed once I mounted...
  6. codym

    need help losing my mind

    Sounds like it could possibly be boiling over and just going out the overflow. You'd never see it while you're driving. I personally run ~ 70/30 water to coolant mix and have no overheating problems here in Texas.Things I'd verify is thermostat installed right, no air in the system, and the...
  7. codym

    Tinted Windows suggestion

    Indeed, I wanna see some pictures. 35% in the front should give you more than enough visibility at night through the side views.Here's mine with 5% on the back.
  8. codym

    need help losing my mind

    What mixture of coolant are you using ?
  9. codym

    Tinted Windows suggestion

    OP the feedback you get is gonna be all over the place.I think 20% in the front and 5% in the rear would look good and be perfectly fine to see out of even at night. 5% all around isn't hard to see out of at night through my eyes.Do whatever creams your twinkie snake.
  10. codym

    Tinted Windows suggestion

    I have 5% all around and I can back up from this .... just fine at night.I've also had the back glass painted solid black from the inside on a different car. It had a system that I didn't want anyone seeing.It really is just personal preference, some people don't like any tint at all. I...
  11. codym


    This thread caught my attention, I was looking at front axles today for my car at work and 1g awd as well. According to the database and online it's the same part, but if the awd has a half shaft than that's something that needs to be corrected.
  12. codym

    420A Ghost cause of P300 CEL

    Apologies for taking a while to reply. You don't need aftermarket cam gears to verify base timing, nor do you need a fancy digital timing light, an inductive one will work fine, and will probably confuse you less.The process is rather simple, hook up the power wire to the battery, the ground...
  13. codym

    2g Idle - Verify Correct Operation

    Following the correct procedure to set it should be done first before trying to find what's broken. The BISS and ISC may be in perfect working condition, but if they are out of adjustment your going to encounter the same problems.You asked what grounding the timing and diagnostic plug does...
  14. codym

    420A Ghost cause of P300 CEL

    Your ignition timing could be off, it would cause the misfires and high hydrocarbons as well. Get a timing light and set your base ignition timing to 5degrees BTDC.Also verify your plugs were gapped correctly. .044" for N/T's.A worn out cat could explain the high hydrocarbons, but not...
  15. codym

    94 Eclipse

    Up at work checking on the status of my shipment.
  16. codym

    94 Eclipse

    Just a quick update with some pictures.New battery. She needs a detail under the hood but it's been so dusty here it's near impossible to keep her clean :(Eibach springs are on the way, I'm ordering the KYB struts next week.Also found some tailights at the junk in damn good...
  17. codym

    Test pipe

    The right wastegate will eliminate boost creep, regardless of the exhaust. turbo motors would run with 0 back pressure, but because of things like emissions, noise laws and personal taste - a lot of us don't run around with side...
  18. codym

    4g63 maf problem

    Going either route would be about the same process.Switching to a GM MAF was the most suitable choice for my application. My n/t MAF was cutting out,and I'm in the process of going turbo, so I found switching to a GM MAF would get me by until switching to Link and SD.If your looking for...
  19. codym

    Left on the side of the road......

    What compression test did you perform that netted you 186 across the board with a broken timing belt and bent valves ?
  20. codym

    4g63 maf problem

    I'm on a GM MAF, wasn't plug n play because of the n/t MAF connector but I made it work.
  21. codym

    2g Idle - Verify Correct Operation
  22. codym

    Help, buying a new car

    16g is a fun turbo for DD, why are you thinking about swapping to a 6bolt?Buying a car that needs work for a daily might be more trouble than it's worth.
  23. codym

    2G Advice on my 1st Gst Build

    Maintenance. Before taking the car past stock levels you will need to get familiar with how everything works and is put together. Slow down a bit and get some goals, plan your build out to meet your goals, and do research. Get the right information, and plan your build accordingly.5-600hp is...
  24. codym

    Left on the side of the road......

    Could definently use some info regarding what it is or isn't doing. If it's not starting or cranking over at all , do your best to describe what happens when you make an attempt to do so.You say it simply just died. Grab a can of electrical contact cleaner, clean off all your sensor connectors...
  25. codym

    Purchasing a Talon TSI AWD, good deal?

    Why can't I come across deals like that, 300 bucks and an xbox one. LOLI'd say hop on it.
  26. codym

    Some people are just stupid...

    I've got grey to seal my oil pan, however I use the black stuff on the oil return plate. Got it sealed off, for now ;)
  27. codym

    99 Gsx timing diagram
  28. codym

    Newbie, am i getting screwed.?

    Before doing anything you need to figure out a game plan. What you want to rebuild, what needs to be rebuilt. It's your money to spend so spend it wisely.What's the reason behind rebuilding it?If you are completely rebuilding the engine, there is a lot of parts that add up quickly...
  29. codym

    94 Eclipse

    Getting to update finally! I've been working quite a bit, & haven't had as much time to get some things done to the white mamba :pBUT, I have done a few things..Got rid of the 90° 2 1/2" pipe for 3" diameter I'm running directly off the GM MAF. Also got an Optima from my work for a good...
  30. codym

    Clutch Issues

    ACT's have been proven to take some abuse, given that everything is operating as it should. When parts that deal with clutch engagement either go bad or get installed improperly it can lead to premature clutch wear.If your clutch isn't engaging properly, attempting to get it to do so while in...
  31. codym

    Trouble with idleing

    Here is a link that I have used personally, and have recommended to others with success. Also the ignition plug(located directly behind the battery) should be grounded out when setting base idle speed/base ignition timing. Hope the above link helps...
  32. codym

    KYB AGX lowering shocks/struts (fwd)

    Hmm, I'm going to have to do some research on those coilovers. Usually a set of good quality coilovers go for a bit more than those are listed for.If the ground control coilovers would be a better option than the Eibach springs I might get those instead, but from the research I've done the...
  33. codym

    Car "floats" above 55mph

    Interesting, I'm having a very similar issue. I used a boat as describing the feeling I get, primarilly on the highway but any dips/impurities in the road my car takes really rough.I might take a look at some of the things you listed such as tie rods, ball joints, etc to see if I can find...
  34. codym

    KYB AGX lowering shocks/struts (fwd)

    Thanks for your input, regarding the ride quality - I'm currently getting the "boat" quite often on the highway, I look over at others cars and theirs aren't diving up and down anywhere near the amount mine is. It takes any kind of dips/impurities in the road really hard, even though I do my...
  35. codym

    KYB AGX lowering shocks/struts (fwd)

    This part.I may be mistaken, but I thought I remembered reading somewhere that a shorter strut/shock must be used with lowering springs in order to prevent premature wear. From what I've read - using lowering springs on stock struts isn't recommended...
  36. codym

    KYB AGX lowering shocks/struts (fwd)

    Hey fellas, I've decided before advancing any further into the turbo swap, my suspension is in desperate need of attention.I've done the reading around the site, took a look at the parts catalog, and searched a bit, and I'm going with the KYB AGX shocks, and Eibach lowering springs...
  37. codym

    Overheating After Turbo

    It would run hotter when lean. What were your AFRs during this 20 minute cruise?
  38. codym

    Battery Discharge Issues

    I work at Advanced myself, and have batteries on the shelf that have been there over a year, but we test every one we install before hand at my store - primarily to prevent warranty issues like this.If I know for a fact that battery was good when it left or after I installed it and you bring...
  39. codym

    Is this a reliable site?

    Great people at STM, they have been a go-to vendor for me since my first transaction.
  40. codym

    Getting into boost and sputters/back fires

    Had that happen before I learned to get a timing cover. LOL Ate through half of cyl. 4 wire, and I noticed it rather quickly.If your taking the intake off its a good idea to check the vacuum lines to and from it and the throttle body. A good piece of maintenance to do while you're at that is...
  41. codym

    Getting into boost and sputters/back fires

    Boost/ vacuum leak.
  42. codym

    Can't find my squeak

    I didn't notice the above post. You do NOT want to spray the belts with anything, especially a penetrating lubricant like pb blaster , it will weaken the belt over time, and a greasy lubricant such as pb blaster will make the belt slippery as it is absorbed Into the belt.Check the belts for...
  43. codym

    Hood came unlatched..

    Yeah ha I'm getting it ready for the summer, and insurance this upcoming Friday :thumb:Still no luck on the hood. I found a couple at one junkyard , both had flew up already because the corners looked the exact same, and both were rusted, different color than mine. They wanted 75 bucks...
  44. codym

    Can't find my squeak

    Check your belts for condition and tension.
  45. codym

    Official Bench Racing Thread (how fast is my car/how much HP can I expect)
  46. codym

    Wrong Computer?

    That's because you don't swap the pins, as clearly underlined above.
  47. codym

    anyone made this work?

    Exactly, I'm not going to be the guy who throws a bunch of parts on in one day, and then expect it to run perfect the next.It takes time to get a good understanding of what exactly your doing when you tune a car, and I've only recently opened that door.:thumb: This is just me, but I'd feel...
  48. codym

    anyone made this work?

    It's called preparation, at least on my part. My car runs perfect with a GM MAF and 450cc injectors, it's actually a lot smoother than it was with the n/t MAF.
  49. codym

    Hood came unlatched..

    Well my car lately only wants to work 2/30 days in the month, money is tight right now, so nope no insurance.
  50. codym

    Hood came unlatched..

    I actually did get a new one put in, they got me done for 210 :thumb:Now I just need a hood :sosad: Bad thing is the local junks don't have any, so I was gonna save up for CF but that's link money right there!
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