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  1. Best way to see if a car has been ragged on

    haha thats unreal. How long you been down in california?
  2. Best way to see if a car has been ragged on

    So im lookin at a 91 tsi awd but its about 8 hrs from home. Its got 110k miles on it, completely stock, 1 year mechanical warrenty from a dealership for 4000 CAD. Figure its a pretty decent deal. I'm gonna do a leakdown test, compression test, check turbo for shaftplay, And of course a test...
  3. Bad ISC the problem?

    cool I'll definately check everything out when i get it back. thanks.
  4. Bad ISC the problem?

    I left my car out at the work camp and flew home this time so i haven't been able to check it through. When I'm driving and put the clutch in to shift, my rpms drop right down to idle, it doesn't hold at 2500 or whatever like it used to. Sound like a bad ISC? If so, how big of issues can a bad...
  5. Turbo Spool Trick: Anyone ever heard of this

    the reason you have never heard of warm compressed gas it is impossible. But what about hot expanded air? Gas naturally cools off when it is compressed, but expands as it is heated. For a fixed amount of gas at a constant volume, the volume is directly proportional to the temperature. So if you...
  6. help!! my radio has amnesia!!

    You can find out pretty easilly which is the constant power with a test light, or better yet a multimeter. If you have it hooked up to a constant power, it seems really wierd why it would choose to not be constant every now and then and cause your deck to clear. Maybe its a fried wire or a bad...
  7. help!! my radio has amnesia!!

    If you turn your car off and take the key out...and then turn it back on again right away, all your settings will still be there? But if it sits off for an extended period of time, it will clear?
  8. Found bare block

    The journals are different widths...i suppose if you could get your hands on some bearings you could see how they sit in the journals. Not too sure of the exact specs tho, maybe someone here does and you could just take a set of calipers and measure em up.
  9. TSI daily driver??

    :rolleyes:simply put is way can you make such a narrow statement. Its just not true. To a certain point it is. If you know what you are doing and get ALL the supporting mods, you can still have a reliable car.
  10. Noob Q's

    4 bolt rear end also has stronger axel cups and thicker axels.
  11. Noob Q's

    Ya definately try for a 6/4bolt...if you cant find one however, its probably better to go with a 6 bolt motor and a 3bolt rear end(pre 92), rather than a 7 bolt motor and a 4 bolt rear end (post 92). Your preference just thinking that its going to be much easy to swap in a 4 bolt rear...
  12. Big brake question

    whats so confusing? he wanted to know about big brakes for the rear. I said where big brakes came from and why there aren't any for the rear...:talon: lims :talon:
  13. Are DSM's REALLY that unreliable? or do I only read about the problems...

    DSM's get a bad rap for breaking because they are driven hard. How many people actually sit in their car and let it idle for 2 mins after driving if the dont have a turbo timer? How often is it that before people start modding do they spend a grand or two and get it running like new? Doesn't...
  14. Big brake question

    you bet:talon: lims :talon:
  15. Big brake question

    In the 93, the front brakes on the DSM AWD models were upgraded to the 2-piston calipers and larger rotors from the non-turbo Stealth/3000GT. 2g rear brakes are the same as the rears of the stealth/3kgt. 1g rears are very different. On the stealth brakes the parking brake is a separate drum...
  16. VISUAL difference in 6 and 7 bolt (i searched)

    the best way to tell the difference is the oil pan. this should be a lot of help in telling the difference :rocks::talon: Lims :talon:haha too slow on the draw
  17. Exhaust recommendation

    unless you are trying to to make some serious power, you really shouldn't see much of a difference between a 2.5" and a 3". 400 hp seems to be the generally accepted magic number for switching to a 3" exhaust. Of course, unlike NA cars, it doesn't rob power in turbo cars to go with a bigger...
  18. q on buying a tsi

    Yah I'd have to say thats a pretty steep price for that car. Thats a lot of bodywork to be doing. Plus if the car did overheat at one time, you could have all sorts of other fun problems. If its awd it could have some drivetrain damage from being stacked.
  19. new diff mandatory?

    My car is completely stock right now but im going to start modding it in the next little while once i get a couple more paychecks. I've heard that once you start puttin down some pretty decent power a couple wheel hops later and your center diff is done for. I was just wondering about your...
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