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  1. lowell

    420A 704 spinning on the dyno

    Dynojets are notorious for RPM pickup glitches.
  2. lowell

    Transmission cooling

    I left the oil guide in so the trans can still function like stock in the event of a pump failure.
  3. lowell

    EVO 8/9 Pistons in DSM Block

    I ran Evo 9 pistons before with 1G rods, but had the machine shop offset bore the pins to raise the piston 1mm. I also cut the valve reliefs so there were no clearance issues.
  4. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    33% nitro mixed with the methanol.
  5. lowell

    help me identify this manifold

    Post a few other angles?
  6. lowell

    Anyone with a tubular front end.

    NRG? Not sure if they're still around.
  7. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno interesting thing about nitro is it still makes power running rich. Leaning out 0.2 picked up 12whp, and I'm sure there's more power to be had with rpm based boost control.Right now I'm using a MBC and boost goes up 3 psi on the mid range with nitro so I...
  8. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    No correction factor, air temp 11.5c, barometer low 102s. I don't use any weather corrected numbers, and WC number of 653 is dyno jet equivalent.
  9. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    RG's MD500 Mustang dyno. Have done ~1100 pulls on this machine. A 150lb heavier 1g awd did 136mph on 503 whp on this dyno so I'll be looking for 142+ when the track opens in 2015. Does anyone know what the current mph record is on an fp3052?
  10. lowell

    Lets talk bolt on housings

    I went 134mph on a PTE bolt on 50 trim @ 2920lbs. Pump gas + meth injection. 9:1 2.0, ported stock intake mani, HKS 272s, full exhaust. I expect to run well into the 140's next year on the FP3052 in full daily street trim with road race brakes/suspension. Stoptech 355x32 rotors are 19lbs ea!
  11. lowell

    1G FP3052, 565whp Mustang dyno, pump 94 + meth/nitromethane injection

    1/3 nitro mixed with methanol. I've been using meth injection for 11 years now and have never seen gains from injecting any amount of water.
  12. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    Not sure what's changed, but images don't seem to work properly any more. :banghead:
  13. lowell

    1G FP3052, 565whp Mustang dyno, pump 94 + meth/nitromethane injection
  14. lowell

    Please help with what seems to be frame issues

    That shell seems like a good candidate for subframe connectors.
  15. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    The FP3052 is a GT3076R in an FP stainless turbine housing which is around .70 a/r. 52lbs/min compressor flow.2045cc 6 bolt with JE flat tops.
  16. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    Definitely interested to see your results. I test in 3rd gear with no PAU force, so rolling strictly on inertia which gives around 4 seconds on boost. How long does your car see full boost during your dyno pulles?From 02/09/2011 Buschurs dyno on the BR 2.3 and FPGreen HTA73...
  17. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    While I prefer uncorrected numbers, the Dynojet factor has proven accurate on at least 3 other Dynojets, one of which is English Racing's.M3, 234 Mustang, 274 on a Dynojet down the road. 2012 GT-R...
  18. lowell

    Tony's 35R 2G DSM - 624WHP & 476WTQ - Mustang Dyno - Boostin Perfomance Built and Tuned

    I wonder what's holding the power back at 7500 as the extra boost didn't translate into more hp.
  19. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    The difference on my current setup is 12.5%, but would probably be more on a higher flowing turbo. I do have a GTX3076 available for testing, but I'd have to drop it into my FP turbine housing. The car is out of injector though, so I'm looking for a set of ID1000's.
  20. lowell

    1G Evo X - 1G Hybrid Axles for Evo X Hubs

    Have you considered building exactly what you want? I looked at putting Evo 9 parts on my 1G, but decided it's too much work for something that would still be compromised.
  21. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    Torque loss with 272s. This was on a 9:1 ported stock intake 2.0, DNP header and bolt on 50 trim. 497whp on a Mustang with a PTE bolt on 50 trim. HKS intake cam needed retarding to get the best out of it. Compe 100s worked well clost to zero.While searching for these old pulls, I...
  22. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    Always trade offs. The surprising thing about the S3 is no loss of midrange. When I tested Comp 100 vs HKS 272 I lost about 20ft/lbs tq. GSC :applause:Manual for sure, as I'm more into track days than drag racing.2.0, JE 10:1, stock intake, stock size Ferrea exhaust valves, head casting...
  23. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    Still on the FP3052. S90 70mm throttle body, extra wg spring to hold 30psi up top. I have not seen any 3076R make more power than this (622whp Dynojet), but if anyone knows of one, I'd like to hear about their setup.
  24. lowell

    1G Bigger Alternator Pulley

    88mm, vs 63mm for stock. Made by AEM.Some interesting reading:
  25. lowell

    Updated fp red (hta) numbers 501awhp

    ^agreed. The HTA Green with standard hot side easily put down 450whp through an auto on a Mustang dyno.
  26. lowell

    1G What size (how many rows) oil cooler?

    I'm running the oem thermostatic filter housing and temps are never below 90c at light load. The matching stock '90 oil cooler got repurposed to transmission cooling duties on the passenger side.
  27. lowell

    7 Second Build - Red Demon - Boostin Performance Built & Tuned

    At 180mph the car went back in time. ROFL
  28. lowell

    1G What size (how many rows) oil cooler?

    I run a 34 row in the drivers side air duct and it does a pretty good job for track days with ~600hp. Good ducting is essential though.
  29. lowell

    GSC S3, FP3052, 538whp Mustang dyno

    Old cams were Comp 100, -2 -2. Did not try moving the S3's around yet. 10:1 2.0, mild porting, stock intake with custom plenum, FP3052. This is on a stock calibration Mustang MD500. The corrected numbers are Dynojet equivalent.
  30. lowell

    1G Replacing Roof

    Is your roof beyond repair? You could straighten it and wrap with textured vinyl that helps hide imperfections.
  31. lowell

    1G Replacing Roof

    Not a DSM, but changing any roof skin isn't a simple task.
  32. lowell

    Intake Manifold comparison. Jmf street vs ported cyclone.

    A couple of lithium battery threads: for doing a test like this and hope everything goes well at...
  33. lowell

    Head needs valves. Selection? oem, running strong LLC, brian crower?

    I'd recommend spending the extra and get the undercut stems, like the BC link you posted.
  34. lowell

    Transmission cooling

    The only way I'd use the stock drain for a pickup is with a low profile steel fitting or banjo.
  35. lowell

    Ohlins coilovers now available for the 1g

    I don't actually remember the arm lengths but I think there was a thread on this site with all the info. The straight upper arms will hit the frame rail, so I clearanced it with a BFH.
  36. lowell

    Ohlins coilovers now available for the 1g

    ST bar with ball joint links to the trailing arm.
  37. lowell

    Ohlins coilovers now available for the 1g

    Best way to adjust camber, track width and eliminate stock or poly bushings. Saves a couple pounds as well.
  38. lowell

    Filling driveshaft carrier bearings??

    On-line Product Catalog:#3MGive it plenty of time to cure and either support the driveshaft if you're leaving it on the car, or remove it completely so the driveshaft is on center with the brackets.
  39. lowell


    What do you have right now, and what is your budget?
  40. lowell

    Aftermarket ball joints that change the roll center?

    It's unfortunate that this design isn't more common. Would make roll center adjustments so much simpler.
  41. lowell

    World Time Attack Challenge 2013 Sydney, Australia

    Have you considered switching to a Bosch ignitor? Bosch 0 227 100 211 Ignition Control with MegaSquirt-II
  42. lowell

    1G front castor

    I have some custom caster plates now and around 7 degrees.
  43. lowell

    BBRTuning Time Attack/NASA TT 99 GSX

    How is the AEM Infinity doing?
  44. lowell

    This is how you measure exh manifold pressure.

    I'm going to test this soon. I have an FP3052 w/ 44mm wg, and a header mounted wg that I'll run back to back on the dyno. And just to make 100% sure of the results I have an identical header with no wg provisions.
  45. lowell

    World Time Attack Challenge 2013 Sydney, Australia

    For a rear mount turbo you'd have to move the alternator or dry sump stack to the front. A 321 tube header with V band turbine housing is fairly light, and will package much nicer.I moved my front wheels forward to improve weight distribution...
  46. lowell

    Groove in crank shaft end. Normal? Fix? (pics)

    You could machine a spacer but I've never seen that done before.
  47. lowell

    STM AEM Sale !

    Clearing the shelves for Infinity?
  48. lowell

    Best compression ratio for my goals?

    We don't have E85 here, but I run a 10.3:1 2.0 on 94oct and meth injection. Hands down winner everywhere, and I've run 7.8, 8.5 and 9:1 before.
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