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  1. Transmission Noise

    cmon... there has to be some tranny experts out there.
  2. Transmission Noise

    I'm having this exact same problem, and i've also noticed that pushing the shifter more into the gear almost kills the noise as well? did you find a solution?anyone else know what this might be?I recently changed my tranny fluid, and my cables were replaced, but it shifts fine, I just can't...
  3. Noise when moving... transfer case?

    Thanks Andy!The transfer case drained and refilled by me very recently, then topped off again at the dealership after they inspected it. So the transfer case isnt low.As for the transmission -- I thought of this myself too. I'm going to get some fluid on the way home just to be sure...
  4. Noise when moving... transfer case?

    and actually, now that I think about it, maybe the noise wasnt just muffled. I just leave this a bit more open. Could this be in relation to the adjustment of my new shift cables? Should I tighten/loosen them? Could being too tight/loose cause transmission noise? For safety's sake i'm gonna...
  5. Noise when moving... transfer case?

    Alright, sorry about that. My profile is updated.
  6. Noise when moving... transfer case?

    Hey all,So I had to swap out my shift cables today because one of them decided to kink. But anyway... I had all the center console stuff out of the car, and this noise ive been noticing was a lot louder, I believe its just because the center console and all the carpet pieces were muffling...
  7. quick help needed - rear diff drain/fill bolt sizes?

    I searched like crazy, and would rather not spend too much time going back and forth to the parts store to find the right size.ANyone know off hand what size the drain and fill bolts are? on a 92 with the limited slip. It must be 20mm or bigger...thanks!
  8. exhaust sound after EGR remove?

    I really doubt blocking the EGR would make any noticable difference.I believe the SRT-4 jsut has a pretty free flowing exhaust with a few 90 degree bends. It backfires and pops quite frequently. I have a full straight thru 3" turbo back, i'm quite fond of it, but I dunno if it sounds like...
  9. removing 1g trunk trim panels?

    Thanks for the advice!I thought I got all visible screws/fasteners off the back trunk piece... are there non-visible snaps that require me just tugging on the piece to get it off, or should everything be visible?Which side of the belt covers should i pull on, the side near the window or...
  10. removing 1g trunk trim panels?

    Having a hard time figuring out where everything is secured, and I dont want to break or damage anything.Can anyone post a service manual PDF or anything on the subject of removing trunk trim panels in a 92 talon TSi?Thanks!edit:I'm having trouble getting the rear shoulder belt...
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