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  1. Short Shifter.. B&M or eBay clone?

    Do the B&M Short Shifters have some kind of distinguishing logo? The GSX I just bought has one that LOOKS like a B&M (stainless shaft with anodized blue middle) but no brand markings.. if needed I could take some pics..
  2. Possible Audio Setup... Thoughts? Comments?

    I have those exact component and 3-way speakers in my GSX, and they're fantastic for the price - although I got mine new through eBay for much less. Powered by a 4 channel Kenwood amp though.. and a RF 3001 amp to power a 12" Infinity Perfect 12D sub. You won't be disappointed - just make sure...
  3. VOTE/POLL! Tail light Conversion...

    If you're going to do a custom taillight conversion.. the only way I'd go is with LED's. Not too many available to choose from that would be fitting.. G35/350Z are the only two that immediately come to mind.
  4. Fuel gauge not going above about 60%.

    Here's an odd problem.. searches came up with nothing like it. The last few times I've filled up, the fuel gauge didn't read above 60%, but I'm sure the tank is full. It'll stay at 60% until the actual fuel level goes below that. I've pulled the cluster out and feel no extra resistance when I...
  5. Looking for interior parts.. HELP

    www.mentormitsubishi.comIf you're picky about condition or can't find certain pieces, order new parts here. Otherwise you may be better off just buying a 2g with broken engine/transmission as a parts car.
  6. Carbond Fiber Dash

    It's just carbon fiber applique, and I know I've seen that on one of the sponsors' websites.. maybe MachV? It was around $200..
  7. Idiots

    Sorry but unless you or a trusted performance shop works on your car, you can expect that to happen behind the scenes - you just witnessed it this time. It takes 20 minutes to do an oil change.. less time than it took to drive to that shop and back I bet..
  8. cheap front mount intercooler

    JohnnyRacecar FMIC is around $250.. do a search for the website.Dejon has full FMIC 1g kits with short route piping for a good price..
  9. Should i Buy this

    My GSX had 146k on it when I bought it and it was in great shape. I'd rather have mine at 146k than one with 75k and an irresponsible owner who didn't take care of it.
  10. please clear up confusion!! on amp power and wiring!

    4g isn't very thick for 1500w rms over 16' (assuming the amps are in the trunk and battery in the engine bay).. at 1500w you'll be pushing more than 100A, and with 16' wiring you'd want a minimum of 2g..
  11. Autometer Cobalt A/F Gauge Help

    My 95 GSX had an Autometer A/F gauge in it when I bought it and I removed the gauge and sold it since I'll be getting a wideband O2 anyway.. but from what I remember, there is a positive to the illumination and ground for the light in the gauge, and a constant positive and signal wire. I...
  12. Fuel pump wiring question and what elec. plugs are these? pics

    Do they plug into each other? :)
  13. Performance plugs and wires

    NGK BPR6ES plugs & MSD 8.5mm wires.. :thumb:
  14. aftermarket head unit question

    10g is overkill.. I bet the head unit has a 10A fuse.. 16g would be fine for that. Try turning down the bass to stop the flickering, or buy an external amp & subwoofer.
  15. aftermarket head unit question

    If you're using the stock wiring harness in the GSX, I believe the front and dash speakers are wired in parallel for a total of 2 Ohms. The previous owner of my GSX did some mods to the stereo system but that's how it was wired in my car using the Infinity amp. Try unplugging the dash speakers...
  16. aftermarket head unit question

    That's most likely the temp of the unit overheating..If you're running 2 Ohm speakers (stock?) off the head unit's built-in amp that's made for 4 Ohms, you're overworking the amp. Buy some aftermarket 4 Ohm (most are) speakers..Look at the specs on your head unit and the Infinity amp...
  17. Help me get rid of !@#$ apc "gauges"

    Good job. The old set I took of the GSX when I bought it had play, and the new ones I put on the RS & GSX rotated 1-2* until I taped them down.
  18. MSD wires installation

    They go into the coil pack on the intake manifold beyond the head. Order is 4-1-2-3 from passenger to driver side.
  19. Where did you get your piller from?

    It was $58 shipped and I got it in black.
  20. Greddy oil cooler who has it??

    Make some channels that pull cooler air from the front of the car to the space between the intercooler and radiator. Think of it as an intake pipe for your radiator.
  21. Where did you get your piller from?

    I just bought the Lotek ( triple pillar at ExtremePSI for $50.. I've got no complaints.
  22. Explanation of Drivetrain loss needed

    The majority of it is extra rotating weight. Think of it this way.. You can pedal a bike with normal wheels fairly easily. How much harder would it be if you filled those wheels with lead? It's extra rotating weight and it takes more effort to get moving. However, there's the law of...
  23. Help me get rid of !@#$ apc "gauges"

    MANY people (including myself) use double-sided tape to hold the gauge faces precisely in place. Just sliding them over the faces results in a little play..If someone stuck them on, remove them as good as you can and buy some gauge faces you like - has a bunch of options...
  24. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    I wouldn't call the Evo3 Big 16G a "big" turbo - look at spool comments here:'ll need something like this...
  25. GM MAFS conversion question

    You can put it there if you don't feel like modifying your piping, but don't vent your blow off valve to the atmosphere unless you put the MAF past the BOV in the upper intercooler pipe (blow-through MAF setup). Look for it at
  26. JDM Eclipse Turbo?

    News flash.. Japan didn't make Eclipses. There is no JDM Eclipse.
  27. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    I'm talking about the Evo3 Big 16g for $539 @ ..and yes it will bolt to your exhaust manifold. If you like your 14b, you'll like the Evo3 Big 16g.
  28. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    Well the problem is "spools fast" and "nice top end" are relative. Some people think 4500rpm for full boost isn't bad and others want full boost by 3200rpm. The same goes for top end. Do you want big power over 6000 rpm or good midrange power? What kind of numbers are you aiming for? On...
  29. Choosing a MBC.

    I've got the $50 Slowboy MBC and it's fine.
  30. Which Turbo Should I Get [merged] What Turbo

    Most here would probably say an Evo3 16g. If you're looking for quick spool and good mid-range with respectable hp, you can't go wrong with it.
  31. Got some Noob questions from a TruNoob!

    If you're serious about modding the car and you have to replace the O2 sensor anyway, get a wideband O2.. AEM UEGO is just under $400 there.
  32. Needing help / guidance

    Ah.. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from that site. Took about two weeks to get it but it's a great deal for new parts.
  33. Needing help / guidance $192.34 96-99 Eclipse w/o Turbo
  34. 3 inch intercooler piping?

    Maybe he's got a Magnus SMIM with 75mm (2.93") Mustang TB? :)
  35. Any gauge bezels that go where stereo was??? sells a 3 gauge DIN slot plate for $16. You could probably get two of those and fab the rest to put 6 gauges in there.
  36. I took my Car To a Shop.

    He wasn't racing.. :)
  37. Remote Start/Alarm Install (without remote start)

    I just received an Audiovox APS-786T Remote Start/Alarm System, but just want to use it as an alarm system since I've got a manual transmission and don't need the remote start system. Can I wire this thing up as the instructions state without connecting the output to starter wire (yellow from...
  38. FMIC done! pics inside, descriptions coming soon!

    Wow.. that's the exact same setup I plan on using. How much did that set ya back?
  39. B&M and clone short shifter 2nd gen eBay Megan [Merged 3-7]

    Shifter base for two reasons. 1. They're MUCH easier to install. 2. They're better at tightening the throws.The underhood bushings only have a slight effect on the tightness of the throws and smoothness of the throws (rollerblade ball bearings over the stock rubber/copper bearing).
  40. 2g Shifter Questions.

    The B&M short shifter will not lower the shifter, just shorten the throws. If you want to lower the handle to be lower than the radio slot, you'll have to cut a section out of the shifter and weld the top on lower to keep the threads.
  41. B&M and clone short shifter 2nd gen eBay Megan [Merged 3-7]

    Hmm.. maybe it is the shifter then. Since I installed the shifter & bushings at the same time I couldn't tell you which made the difference, but there is definitely a distinct difference between my GSX with bushings & B&M shifter over my stock RS.
  42. Dynamat?

    Doors, floors, interior side of firewall, roof, walls next to rear seat, under rear seat, trunk, interior side of rear wheel wells, rear body panel.
  43. Jackstand Location?? Need PICS/Advice

    Good to know..Better than the idiot who owned my car before me - thanks to that fool I had a dented oil pan and floor pan on both the driver and passenger footwells. New oil pan & pickup when I did the balance shaft elim kit and about an hour and a half with a 25lb hammer fixed the footwells.
  44. Really loud noise after starting

    I had that problem on my '96 RS back in '99.. it was the starter and it had to be replaced. That might not be the problem for you guys, but it'll give ya one more thing to rule out.
  45. B&M and clone short shifter 2nd gen eBay Megan [Merged 3-7]

    Get the shifter bushings too - easy to install with the short shifter. I also got the underhood bushings for the shifter cable but those were a pain in the ass to press in. (heavy duty C-clamp and some serious strength - after removing the intake pipe to get at the shifter cables)As for the...
  46. Boost leak??

    Throttle body seals can leak.. BOV gasket can leak.. only way to know is to test it - doesn't take too long to find the leaks, but fixing a couple of them can take awhile.When I did my boost leak test, I took some liquid soap and lightly covered all gaskets and couplers. a boost leak will...
  47. I took my Car To a Shop.

    You're buying a 10 year old car. Make sure it's at least in a near-new condition mechanically before modding it. It's not like you just paid the $24,500 MSRP on it. I just spent over $900 on parts alone for my car before beginning any mods. That includes fixing some minor cosmetic things...
  48. Insurance [Merged 10-6]

    I was in the same situation back when I was 16 and the 2g's just came out. The cars were new so their value was much higher, resulting in about twice the insurance cost for a turbo model under my insurance company (USAA) - so I went with the RS.. which still had rediculous premiums for being a...
  49. Intake Manifold Upgrade...Question.

    Yeah I know.. all the links in that thread to the test results are dead.
  50. Non Turbo DSM's WhY???

    That's what I do.Many reasons to own a RS/GS over GSX/GST.. but money is the main reason. Lower initial cost. Lower insurance cost. Lower gas cost. Lower maintenance cost. If you don't care one bit about performance in a car (like my girlfriend) then why spend the extra cash on the...
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